'Hunger Games' casts Peeta and Gale: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth nab the roles


Image Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos; Tina Gill/PR Photos

Josh Hutcherson (The Kids are All Right) and Liam Hemsworth (The Last Song) have joined the cast of Hunger Games in the roles of Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne, respectively, Lionsgate announced today in a release. Both actors will star opposite Jennifer Lawrence, who will play Katniss Everdeen, the heroine who volunteers to represent her remote district in the brutal annual survival test. Hutcherson, for one, has long thought he was right for the part: Check out his Q&A with EW’s Karen Valby at SXSW, in which the actor talks about his desire to play Peeta.

The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy, will be directed by Gary Ross and released by Lionsgate on March 23, 2012.

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  • HATE


    • PhillyGirl

      I have to agree with you! Just ruined the entire movie!

      • rob

        Totally disagree. At least about Josh. He’s an awesome choice for Peeta. Check out Kids Are Alright. He’ll do a great job!

      • Tom

        Josh is a great young actor and has the right look for Peeta. Liam is neither skilled nor handsome enough to play Gale. Thank god Jennifer is such a perfect choice

      • Alissa

        I don’t know how anyone could have read the books and think that Josh looks like Peeta. and I found him to be bland and unlikeable in TKAA. I don’t think I could hate the casting for Katniss, Peeta, or Gale more. so much hate.

      • Liz Lemon

        @Alissa: I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I’m so bemused by their decisions. It makes no sense. Physically speaking…these three aren’t even remotely compatible, especially Josh. Jennifer and Liam do kind of look alike and Gale and Katniss are supposed to resemble each other. But Josh is just so wrong. He’s not even close to how Peeta is described in the books and he looks about 2-3 years younger than Jennifer and Liam. I’m going to try my best to wait until the movie comes out before I judge too harshly, but if it sucks…then count me out. Way out.

      • heck No

        Peeta has blonde hair and blue eye. Josh looks the exact opposite. Blue contacts on dark eyed people look creepy. Bleaching Josh’s hair is going to look ridiculous. This is so full of fail. Someone really has a big middle finger pointed at us the fans.

      • Shannon

        I’ll see you in line opening day, hater

      • HATE

        LOL “Josh has the right look for Peeta”. So short, scrawny, brunette, brown eyed and unattractive is the right look for Peeta? Really?

      • Tyler

        Sorry but I have to agree with all the Hate comments. Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t my first choice for Katniss, but I saw her great performance in Winter’s Bone so I was prepared to give the benefit of the doubt. These two – Liam and Josh – don’t even come close to her talent much less have great chemistry with her! Awful choices. Feels rushed, like they didn’t take the time to look for the best Peeta and Gale as they did for the search for Katniss.

      • grazi

        yaikes! hate it the gale choice

      • jk

        alyssa ..could not agree with you more

      • Emma

        Well, you never know!!

      • youguysaresostupid

        so much hate. you should just trust Suzanne Collins, after all she was there when they casted Josh. and who are you to say he was a bad choice for the role of Peeta? don’t judge him, you haven’t even seen what he can bring to the table. and okay maybe Josh isn’t blonde, they can dye it. blue eyes? there are contacts you know. and if it doesn’t look that great they can do some adjustments to it thats why people were hired to do these jobs. so just trust the people behind the desk. and stop hating Josh cause he was casted as Peeta. maybe he was just a better actor than the other actors who auditioned. kthanksbye. stop hating on the cast.

      • myra

        Who will they cast as buttercup?
        a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
        b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
        c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
        d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
        e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
        f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
        G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

      • sarah

        anyone who can sit there and critcize the actors behind a computer, shame on you. in every movie ive ever seen josh play in, hes done a marvelous job. stating whether an actor/ actress is an awful choice based on what YOU want them to look like is biased and disrespectful.

      • Jaime

        Peeta is played by Liam, and Gale is played by Josh. If you watch the previews, you’ll see that. You guys have it the wrong way.

    • JC

      Hahahaha I knew people would hate this. Josh is a great actor, Liam…not so much.

      • Julia


      • Lex

        same here. I won’t judge until I see it, but I was already a bit iffy on Lawrence as Katniss (was really hoping for Saoirse Ronan, Hailee Steinfeld, or most of all Kaya Scodelario) and now Hemsworth… eh. I do love Hutcherson, though, and I was actually hoping he’d play Gale.

      • Sadie

        Agreed. I’m okay with Lawrence as Katniss now (Playing her like Ree in Winter’s Bone would be cool) and I’m totally fine with Josh Hutcherson but Liam Hensworth as Gale… don’t see it, not in acting ability or in appearance. Won’t hold judgement until I see the movie, but just now… eh.

      • Katie

        Remember gale is only in the beginning of the book so we don’t have to worry about until catching fire

      • Selena

        I think Josh is a great pick. Much better than Hunter Parrish!
        But Liam Hemsworth almost seems like a completely random choice…

    • HATE

      and just because I got in first I’m going to add that Josh will look ridiculous as a blond, he does not have the coloring for it, oh and he’s shorter than Jennifer. Just like we all pictured him, right?

      • Erica

        I just want to say the height thing isn’t really a big deal, people never notice how short Tom Cruise is in movies…

      • gail

        He IS totally how I pictured – just with brown hair. Love the Peeta casting! Gale isn’t quite as I pictured, but – he does kinda look like he could be related to Jennifer Lawrence, so good there. But then again, I’m not TOTALLY CRAZY so I’m willing to see how the movie actually is before I judge it.

      • lesfull

        Woah, woah, woah Gail. Let’s not go completely off the handle and WATCH the movie before we judge. That’s just ridiculous.

      • distraught

        i don’t get how the blonde guy whatever his name is plays Gale and the kinda dark guy plays Peeta…i was hoping for some new faces in this 1, reading the book gives u some ideas about how the character looks and how they are so when u cast ppl we’ve been seeing kinda takes away a lot from the movie especially when they are nowhere near who you thought they should be, having an actor i loath play my favourite character is just not right

      • lionsgate hater!


      • C

        Do people really think they can’t fix the dark hari/blond hair thing and make it work… seriously? Look at any famous actor/actress and see how they have remade them totally for roles. It is the acting ability that will matter here.

      • Cleo58

        To u who said peeta has blue eyes and Blonde hair and josh looks nothin like that well he’s gunna wear a wig and contacts (which will look fine on him) if anyone is wrong for a part though is katniss, she is definitely not the katniss I imagined but watevr so if u guys hate the casting choice so much why don’t u get off ur lazy butt and make the movie urself otherwise shutup about it

      • Kayla

        It works for me. I think it’s going to be really good. I think Josh is really handsome as a blond.

    • Kimberly


      • Megan

        Absolutley agreed.

    • angelcop74

      Agreed. DISLIKE! Josh Hutcherson is awesome, but i don’t see this…MAYBE as Gale..?? And Liam Hemsworth is NOTHING like Gale AT ALL. He’s not chiseled, he’s not dark, he’s not attractive.. what is happening?? Is this a late April Fools joke???

      • HATE

        We all wish!

      • Jesse

        “We all wish”? No, we don’t ALL wish. Some of us are *gasp* willing to wait and see the movie before making such absolute statements. So please don’t pretend to speak for all fans when you’re only speaking for yourself.

      • tara

        i am so dissapointed! seems like twilight again as far as the CASTING goes (twilight storyline is nothing like HG dont get me started)! i wanted a man to play peeta and a chiseled hunk to play gale. why that is hard to do im not really sure.

      • Sadie

        Thank you Jesse. I’ll make my pre-movie bets on how they’ll do, but I’m not going to go out and boycott the movie just ’cause of a few people playing a few roles.

      • Lacey

        Jesse, I tried to do the same thing when Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella. However, not only does she have the ugliest pig-face I’ve ever seen, she completely murdered the character of Bella. Robert Pattison, too. I liked him as Cedric Diggory, but he was too old to play Edward. I’m still haunted by that digusting, hairy, pasty chest of his. Now whenever I think of Twilight, I picture those two very awful people instead of the amazing story. I surely hope this won’t happen to The Hunger Games, too.

      • HATE

        When I said “we all” I meant 90% of the fans and posters on here. Bluh.

      • LouisseC

        Lacey, I COMPLETELY and UNDENIABLY agree with you. Well said.

    • Tokkinim

      Agreed! Nothing but loathing from me. Blond Katniss was bad enough.

      • Kita

        Katniss is blonde in the book.

      • Kita

        At least, I remember something mentioned about her blonde braid. That threw me, because I had been picturing her with dark hair.

      • Say Whaaat?

        Katniss is NOT blond in the book.

      • Ellen

        She’s brunette. Learn to read.

      • Amber

        Ha. You have heard of hair dye right? I mean seriously, do you think that Orlando Bloom has long blonde locks?

        Grow up.

      • ashley

        the director specifically said on this website they would be dying her hair.

      • Very Disappointed

        Kita, false. Katniss has straight black hair. Fact, you need to remember detail better.
        Everyone else, Josh Hutcherson is totes wrong for Peeta. Fact, her will look super HORRIBLE as a blonde. And Liam is totes wrong for Gale.

      • WhiteLighting

        Katniss is a brunette. Perhaps you’re confusing her with Prim, who is blonde?

      • um

        UH NO
        You idiots should think before you tell people to “learn to read”
        Katniss was described as having BLACK hair in the books.

      • Carley

        The actress playing Katniss is blonde, but for the role of Katniss, her hair is being dyed.

      • Carley

        Also, if you see who is playing Katniss, she looks awesome and is a good actress.

    • Liz Lemon

      Agreed. WTF! Josh is a great actor. Loved him in The Kids are All Right, but SERIOUSLY!! He’s not even remotely close to how Peeta is described. He’s not blond, nor does he have blue eyes, and he looks WAY younger than Jennifer Lawrence! Peeta and Katniss are the same age.
      And LIAM HEMSWORTH?! WTF! Random…I thought he was up for Peeta. He actually looks like a Peeta. I don’t get it. Confused!

      • rob

        I don’t get why people are getting caught up in hair and eye color. Ever hear of hair dye or contacts?

      • Amber


        You can only fake it so well, look at Twilight.

      • Liz Lemon

        Contacts are always so fake in movies. And while I can see Liam with dark brown hair…I can’t see Josh with blond hair and I certainly can’t see him with blue eyes. I’m thinking they won’t change Josh’s look at all in the film. Peeta will have brown hair and brown eyes.

      • kimmy

        ha, actually i can see liam as peeta and josh as gale.

      • Maddy

        I also don’t get why people get so caught up in things like hair/ eye color, height, and the like. In fact, I don’t even think they should dye his hair at all. In the Harry Potter books, it is a HUGE deal that Harry has his mother’s GREEN eyes–mentioned several times throughout the series. Guess who doesn’t have green eyes? Dan Radcliffe.

        I’ll take talented actors who can accurately portray the spirit of the characters and the series over look alikes any day.

    • Sarah

      Love that first comment. Those were my thoughts exactly. I’d really been hoping that at least one major role would go to a complete newcomer. My hopes for an incredible Hunger Games movie are continually spiralling downwards.

      • Sam I.

        Why in God’s name would you want inexperienced newcomers doing this movie? Look what it did to Twilight? I’d rather the movie be backed by people with track records for quality.

        That said, putting shallow physical appearances aside (come on people, think outside the box!), I think Josh has the perfect embodiment of Peeta, a stocky guy that just exhudes kindness. Whereas Liam looks like the knucklehead jock, and is far from being Gale. Worst Gale ever.

      • Meeka


      • Tori

        Twilight newcomers like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner? Um, wait, no they all were in many films before Twilight. But yeah, they did ruin it.

      • Megan

        I totally agreed with Maddy

      • shelby

        i think josh hutcherson is PERFECT as petta! gale is okay… but just not what i expected… KATNISS is okay too, but she is underfed in the books and jenifer lawrence is (not fat) husky….

    • Jack Bauer

      How about we wait to see the movie before we judge it already shall we? Wait….That’d be rational.

      • Caroline

        Yeah, too bad we can’t just be rational about this? I’ll see the movie before I feel the need to hate on casting decisions.

      • issabel

        Nah. I’m not going to see the movie in theaters. not going to support a company that doesn’t even care about what the people who they’re making the movie for want. I can’t picture Josh at all as Peeta, and I don’t even care to try. Hunger Games fans are the ones who will be buying the tickets, so they should have listened to us. We made our dissaproval for these casting choices loud and clear. I’ll just stick to the books.

      • Caroline

        You don’t seriously expect the people behind a movie to make casting decisions based solely on what people want, do you? We haven’t seen any audition tapes or anything. These actors may actually be great fits for their parts, and besides, the casting team has a million other factors in casting decisions. If fans controlled the casting decisions in movies, do you think Daniel Radcliffe would have played Harry Potter?

      • HATE

        Caroline, I at least expect them to try. Who are they making these movies for, if not fans of the books? If this movie had no book and was just a studio output the general audience would have no interest and would fade into DVD in a week. The fans of the book are their main audience. To ignore 90% of their opinions is to say screw you our main audience we just don’t care what you think, and I think that’s effed up.

      • Mel

        Every fan voted against these two? You guys are nuts. If directors listened to every fan they would never get a single thing done. Get over yourselves people.

        And hey, if you don’t want to see the movie, I’m so fine with it, that means I won’t have to wait in line behind a billion weirdos chanting “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale”. AWESOME.

      • Carley

        Right? I think their decisions are bad, but I have yet to see audition tapes and such. People say “He is totally nothing like Peeta/Gale!” They call it ACTING for a reason. And you wouldn’t believe what they can do with make up and photoshop nowadays.

    • Genae

      agree agree agree agree. I am so disappointed.

    • myprettypony


    • Al

      I just yelled NOOOOOOO!

      • Jamie

        Hunter Parrish for me was the best choice for Peeta. I guess the prayer circle for TheHunterGames wasn’t enough…

    • Cygnus


    • kittykat

      Agreed. I’m officially not watching this movie.

      • Joe

        THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM!

      • n

        Oh brother. You’ll be at the midnight showing and we all know it. Cry me a river.

    • Andrea

      Agreed. It basically just ruined the movie for me. I fell in love with the character of Peeta, and I can’t fall in love at all with Josh as Peeta. It just doesn’t work at all for me. Might have to boycott these movies and just stick to the books.

    • sash fan

      Peeta has blond curly hair! What? I thought the kid from Weeds was the frontrunner. He would hav been perfect! Kind of bummed here…

      • Alissa

        I was so beyond sold on the idea of Hunter Parrish as Peeta that this is such a ridiculous letdown.

      • sarah

        i was so sure he would get it and now i’m fit to like get sick over this. hoooooly crap. i will always imagine peeta as hunter parrish.

      • Drew

        I was really hoping for Hunter too! He was the perfect physical fit. Kind of boy next door, but cuter. Blond and kind, yet can still pull off surviving the arena, and can act. Josh probably fits from an acting and personality standpoint, but he is tiny,almost shorter than Jennifer, and definitely looks younger. I don’t buy him as beating anyone up, or competing with the hottie Liam.

      • Andrew

        You have to realize that THEY DID audition! It’s not like they’re just going to hand it to just somebody! I mean seriously, looks are just a shallow part of acting, it’s the actual TALENT that gets you a part! Hunter Parrish obviously wasn’t what Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins wanted!
        Personally I was rooting for Josh ever since the beginning! He has that stockiness and that kind look that i always imagined Peeta to have!

      • HATE

        Andrew, stockiness? He looks like he weighs 90lbs wet!

      • Jamie

        Such a let down that he didn’t get the part…

      • um

        I think it’s cute how Hutcherson is so enthusiastic about this project. If the director and author of the books like him too, I’d say give him a chance

    • jk

      i am stunned

    • Emma

      i won’t see the movie now. i hate everyone they’ve casted so far. (not the actors particularly, with the exception of liam) they’ve totally mis-cast everyone.

    • laym

      only watching this movie if the trailer absolutely blows me away. i hate all the casting choices so far.

    • yvette

      I agree about Liam Hemsworth. I don’t know what it is about him but I can’t stand the guy. I love Josh Hutcherson, though.

    • sarah

      loved jennifer lawrence but HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE THIS. i like j.hutch but he is not peeta. what i envisioned as peeta in my head was LITERALLY hunter parrish without me even knowing who he was. liam is a babe, but he is a terribleee actor and anyone who dated miley cyrus cannot incite a rebellion, yo.

    • Joe

      oh my god calm down nerds!

    • bacon

      guys! who cares if they don’t have the right features. It only depends on talent so just wait and see if they’re good or not. Have faith with the casting. Anyways, Josh Hutcherson is who i thought should be Peeta from the first place.

    • lacey


    • Unicorn_Grl

      I totally agree!! Josh isnt even blonde so how will he work as peeta?? i always imagined Gale as a tall strong guy with dark brown hair. UGG!! im sooo disapointed…
      Oh ya and Katniss. Disappointed in that one too…

    • Kristen

      when i was reading the hunger games i thought of Alex Pettyfer and thought that josh huttcherson would act as Gale

    • Ina

      Alex Pettyfer is an awful actor..so glad he didnt get cast as peeta. Those of you who think the movie is ruined because Josh doesnt have blonde hair? Isn’t acting more important? You’d rather have some kind of good looking guy who cant act worth his salt like Alex play him because he fits the description over Josh who is an incredibly talented actor who can dye his hair and is far better looking? It’s clear that those of you who disagree with the castings so vehemently care only about looks. I can’t take any of you seriously. And a good point that was brought up was that Collins was part of this decision! She obviously knows best and said Josh was so good it didnt matter what he looked like. Shame on you all. Hes a great guy and he really deserves this big break. Besides, no one is forcing you to watch this movie..but I know you still will.

    • nick

      i love this movie and katniss but i thing gal should have been in the movie a bit more

  • Taylor

    Are you kidding me? Liam is a sucky actor and Hunter Parrish was basically perfect for Peeta.

    • Scott

      Hunter Parrish is NOT God! Get over it already, he’s not that attractive at all, he’s got a HUGE mouth and a funny nose.

      So sick of all the “Hunter Parrish is amazing!” talk from all the little teeny bopper fangirls

      • sash fan

        Hunter Parrish all the way! I wonder why it didn’t work out. I see Hutcherson as more of a Gale…

      • Matt P.

        We’re upset Hunter was not cast because Hunter was the best for the part, and certainly a much better fit than Josh. Not because we’re teeybopper fangirls. I’m 26, and a guy.

      • Chelsea

        I was never sold on Hunter Parrish. So happy he wasn’t cast.

      • Ralphie

        So glad I’m not the only one who could care less about Hunter Parrish. Mediocre actor and gives off a total gay vibe to me. He’s not Peeta and I’m so glad casting agreed.

      • bacon

        Thank you!!

      • Ina

        Agree with the Hunter Parrish is not that attractive comment. Hes not..so glad he wasnt cast.

  • sadie Thomas

    are you honestly kidding me
    way to ruin the book

    • Lauren

      Why? The book hasn’t changed.

      • Jaded


      • MollyS

        Lol thank you for that

      • Casey

        Yeah, but there’s a possibility that with actors that obviously don’t fit the role looks-wise, they will be so terrible that it forever ruins the way you think about the story in generel. Just look at what that snot head Kristen Stewart did to Bella. It made me completely wish they hadn’t made those movies at all.

      • Sara

        Okay, if you seriously believe Kristen Stewart ruined Bella, you’re an idiot. Bella was a horrible character, Kristen played her exactly how she was written. Reread the books. Bella is the least likeable heroine in literary history.

      • Ina

        Definitely agree on that Bella comment..bella is an awful character and Kristen Stewart did us all of favor by destroying her character. Anyway, looks will not make or break the story! Josh and Jennifer are great actors and they will make you believe they are their respective characters. I guarantee you will be regretting this hate when you see them. I don’t know enough about Liam but I’m sure he had to be good to be cast. If you feel that strongly that it will forever ruin the books for you, you dont have to watch it. Simple as that.

    • crispy

      I know how fans of this series love to argue that these books are better than Twilight (they are, but only marginally)… but the truth is that the filmmakers, the studio marketing it, and perhaps more than anyone Entertainment Weekly would love for these films to become the next Twilight. So all this shock and outrage that they’ve cast actors who are pretty and marketable is just sorta silly.

      • Deena

        “marginally” better than twilight? Are you freaking kidding me? Have you READ those books? Twilight has petty romance, no character development, and it’s cheesy. HG has substance. No comparison. I don’t like the choice of hutcherson. He may be a great actor, but putting him next to Lawrence I don’t find any physical complement between them and as “shallow” as that may sounds, you forget that we’re going to see these two cuddling and kissing and being pretty close. Josh looks younger than Lawrence, obviously, and I hope there is at least *some* chemistry there.

      • crispy

        Sorry, fangirl, but HG has all of those things… though not as abundant as Twilight.

      • Deena

        Haha okay it may have some cheesiness at times but nothing in comparison to Twilight. Nothing.

      • PeopleNeedToLoveMore

        Better then Twilight ? Maybe to you and others but I’ve read both series and I love Twilight more.
        And character development ? Are you sure you read Twilight ?
        And Twilight is cheesy so what ? It’s a love story and that’s why Twilight is popular because women like me love that stuff.
        Don’t make judgements when they aren’t fact !

      • Ina

        Hahahahahaha i surely hope you are joking that Twilight is better. Twilight is crap. To be fair, I liked it while I was reading it but after I finished it, I realize what a complete waste of time it was. As far off from reality as it was with vampires and werewolves, she couldve added some substance through characters, emotions, or action but she didnt. She decided to use it as one big soapbox for her Mormon views.

    • Meco

      That is a GREAT eightday!! We are nrinaeg the end of our first round of six and I can’t wait to see it go! Well, as long as it comes with an improvement in behavior! Terrible twos have nothing on Six! I can’t wait to get to those Excellent Eights! Enjoy your Nineyear!

  • Lena


  • anikes

    As long as that Liam doesn’t bring Miley Cyrus to the premiere, I’m cool.

    • Jenn

      Oh, they’ll have broken up by then.

    • Reality

      Why would you even give a f—? If it matters to you whom an actor takes to a premiere, then you need professional help.

      • anikes

        Miley? Is that you?

      • Jamie

        Wow. Anikes is an idiot.

      • jk

        @Reality: It’s a joke. @Jamie: I think you might, in fact, be the idiot.

    • Sam

      I’m laughing because 11 months later and he totally did

      are you psychic or something

  • jamie cee

    So glad it’s not Hunter Parrish… he’s just too pretty for Peeta, I think. I haven’t seen either of these actors in anything, happy that they are not well-know/over-exposed types…

  • Nicole

    Based on the casting, I’m afraid this movie is going to be an awful rendition of a very good book. I don’t want to take anything away from the actors, but everyone is a little too pretty, don’t you think??

    • angelcop74

      No…i actually dont think any of them are pretty ENOUGH. It’s like they’re purposely hiring people that look NOTHING like the characters they’re playing..as some kind of weird experiment, or something..? LOL

      • rob

        I disagree. Blonde Josh’s hair and he’s exacyly as described. Check out Kids Are Alright. He’s got to be a contrast to Gale.

      • Gina

        NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BEAUTY QUEENS. Jesus. These are starving people who eke out a marginal existence in a harsh dictatorship, and people are shrieking because they “aren’t pretty enough.” THIS IS WHY NOBODY LISTENS TO YOU.

      • MollyS

        Gina, THANK YOU. I mean jeez people, did you read the books and imagine that Katniss, Gale and Peeta all look clean, well fed and rested? It’s called the makeup department and special effects, by the time the movie is made these actors won’t look at all like they do now.

      • Seriously?

        YOu have a problem with them being too pretty? IT IS HOLLYWOOD. Ugly people don’t make it to Hollywood. Of COURSE everyone is going to be beautiful. It is called MAKEUP. And COSTUMES. Seriously…this whole comment thread is a bunch of 12 year olds who don’t understand how movies are made. People can dye their hair, lose or gain weight, and change some appearance factors

    • ashley

      No one can ever be too pretty to be in a movie. That’s just silly. Not pretty enough? yes. But never too pretty.

    • Liz Lemon

      Same here. The actors aren’t terrible (at least they can act), but based on overall character description…they don’t fit the part. I’m confused, because I know the author is involved in this process, so I’m assuming they must’ve been chosen for a good reason. Neither of these guys are leading men material IMO. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Now I’m scared to see who they cast in the other roles.

    • Cash

      I think everyone is too big and too old. Except for the guy playing Peeta but that might just point out how far from under nourished Katniss and Gale are.

    • Lexi

      Too pretty? Are you kidding me? They’re not pretty enough!

  • Nadia

    The fan girls are totally going to flip when they see Hunter Parrish wasn’t cast. They are all in school right now. Give them like an hour and a half.

    • anikes

      Also, I’m not sure Josh Hutchinson will look good as a blondie. They’re going to have to be real careful with that. Even Angelina Jolie doesn’t look good blond.

      • JC

        Disagree Angelina’s hot as hell as a blond.

      • Liz Lemon

        Angelina Jolie is a natural blond…so….

      • Amber

        No she isn’t, her hair is brown.

      • James

        I like Angelina, but not as an adult blonde. She was born with blonde hair, which over the years darkened. Many people make the same comment, but when she is pregnant and her roots start showing because she does not put any color in her hair, they are definitely dark brown.

    • an

      HAHA!! true that..although i really imagined lucas till to be peeta and matt lanter as gale…liam’s not bad though..josh on the other hand..grrrr..totally do not see him as peeta.

    • Tom

      It’s not just fangirls wanting Parrish, I’m a 23 year old straight male. He simply seemed perfect for the part. Josh is probably a great actor, but not Peeta and picturing him and Jennifer together doesn’t seem to fit.

  • Mae

    I’m absolutely heartsick right now. Gary Ross and Nina Jacobson have completely ruined this amazing book with such horrible casting. Josh will never be my Peeta! What a disappointment! I have no enthusiasm for this movie at all anymore!

    • candice

      hey Mae,
      Are you “Mae” from EW post or “Carrie” from Deadline Post. Nice work on not being obvious.

    • Al

      Ummm,can’t ruin the BOOK because of casting a MOVIE. Really……

  • RJC

    Absolutely thrilled about Josh Hutcherson (so long as the blond dye job they give him is convincing) – jury is still out on Liam Hemsworth (don’t think I really want to sit through The Last Song…).

    • Cat

      I agree whole-heartedly.

      • Cat


    • Lizzie

      I completely agree!

    • Ems


      It could work since they cast someone with the same coloring as Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss and Gale are supposed to appear as if they could be related.

      Sucks that they went with Viking good looks as opposed to small dark and olive skinned but I’m still willing to give it a chance.

    • Mia

      Agree, Josh Hutcherson was great in The Kids Are Alright. I trust in the fact that they picked actors that could portray the characters and that have the right chemistry. Liam I am not sure but will wait to judge.

    • Wes

      Watch Triangle. It’s an interesting movie and he’s mysterious and intense in it. Not fantastic by any means, but he has Gale potential.

  • Will

    Yay! Just read this, and I really like the idea of The Hutch as Peeta. The first book is Gale-lite so I’ve no opinion on that.

  • Kate

    Alright. Josh Hutcherson is fine.. I can handle that. But Liam Hemsworth!?! What in the world were they thinking?! Gale is not supposed to be tall and ripped and blonde. Ugh. This is just wrong.

    • an

      Gale is supposed to be ripped..but yeah..not blond…

      • Nick

        I love how you all get hung up on hair color. Jeesh… Can you be more ignorant?

      • Kacie

        They died his hair for the movie

    • Liz Lemon

      Well Liam’s hair can easily be changed. I think Liam may actually look better with long, dark hair. However, in Josh’s case. I don’t think they’re going to make him grow taller…get blue eyes…and he will look ridiculous with blond hair.

      • Rebekah

        THANK YOU! excuse me while i gag at the thought of fan girls squealing at josh-as-peeta

      • a fan

        Don’t know if anybody saw “Alexander” with Collin Farrell as a “natural” blonde. He was beyond ridiculous. Some ppl just don’t bleach well. I’m also in that category and I think Josh would not be convincing either. They should just leave him as is or maybe go for a lighter chestnut if he is going to look natural. Also unless they touch up his roots weekly it’s gonna be strange how a guy from an empoverished backwards district can afford the vanity to dye his hair. I don’t hate him for Peeta though.

    • anonymous

      Hutcherson might be ok. He’s talented enough, but Hemsworth is an AWFUL actor. I have a feeling these movies are going to be really bad.

      • Liz Lemon

        Is he really that bad an actor? I haven’t seen him act, so I can’t judge. His brother, Chris, is good though. Loved him in Star Trek.

      • Wes

        He’s not that bad. Most people on here saying that are probably going by The Last Song (and just the trailer at that), he was solid in Triangle and nobody really got out of Song unmarked, so can’t blame him. Might blow it, but would wait to make judgment.

  • Briana

    I approve of Josh’s casting because he is pretty amazing. But Liam. Um. Yeah. About that. Well. Yeah.

    • jr

      yeah, I think Josh can take Peeta to a really interesting place because of that nuttiness in the 3rd book…should be very interesting to watch…but Liam..come on…Gale isn’t just a pretty face, I’m kinda disappointed with that choice

  • Arielle

    i can no longer be excited for/see this movie any longer. its forever ruined for me now.

    • Ina

      Don’t watch it and pretend it doesnt exist. There.

  • lefty

    I was kind of hoping the roles would be reversed…that’s weird. I don’t know why people were so into Josh Hutcherson being Peeta (I really like Josh, but it just didn’t seem right).

    • Donna

      Agreed! I’m not overly crazy about either one but I definitely pictured the roles reversed. I can see Liam as Peeta and Josh as Gale. WAY BETTER.

      • District 12

        I completely agree, the first thing when I saw the pictures were that the roles were reversed. They are the complete opposites from what I thought they would be.

      • jk


      • Ginger

        Me 2! It took a while to figure that out. I hope they have a realy good make-up buget.

      • Ness

        Also agree

      • KH

        My thoughts EXACTLY!!! Switch the roles and then the actors make much more sense (appearance-wise)…

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