Will Smith joins son Jaden in M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi film


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Sony Pictures Entertainment announced on Monday that Will Smith will join his son, Jaden, onscreen in an untitled sci-fi film for director M. Night Shyamalan. According to the studio, the film is set 1,000 years in the future, where a young boy navigates an abandoned and sometimes scary Earth to save himself and his estranged father after their ship crashes. Said Shyamalan in a release: “The chance to make a scary, science-fiction film starring Jaden and Will is my dream project.” (The younger Smith first hinted at the prospect of the project to EW last November, when it had the title 1000 A.E.

Shyamalan, most famously the director of 1999’s The Sixth Sense, has had some troubles with critics and at the box office lately (see: The Last Airbender) and could certainly use some of the Smith family’s box-office fire power. Will Smith and Shyamalan will produce the film along with James Lassiter, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Ken Stovitz. The screenplay is by Shyamalan and Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli). The Smiths last costarred in 2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness, and Will Smith produced Jaden’s 2010 remake of The Karate Kid, which grossed more than $350 million worldwide.

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  • Wha’ever

    Hum… It’s risky to still give chances to Shyalaman… I mean, I love the Sixth Sense and actually liked the Village (because of the twist) but the (all) other ones weren’t very good… Wait & see I guess…

    • Cygnus

      The twist ending is even though the Smith family makes $30 mil acting in this, they end up giving it back, as they’re likely producing this bomb. Double-twist, M.Night is converted to Scientology.

      • Johnny

        In spite of the Shyalaman factor, Will Smith + action-packed Sci Fi is as close to a sure thing as you get in Hollywood nowadays, box office-wise. If anything, regardless of quality, I bet Shyamalan is tahnking his lucky stars he got Smith, because this will surely guarantee his string of box office flops will definitely be interrupted.

      • KO

        Last Airbender didnt flop though, it made over 300M ww

      • Derka Derka

        I still don’t understand how Shyamalan can consistently write excellent scripts and manage to direct them into terrible (or occasionally mediocre) movies. It almost scares me to think what will happen to a script he DIDN’T write, as may be the case with this movie.

      • kremzeek!

        why does everyone make fun of scientology?christianity is just as whacky sounding…an invisible man who lives in the sky got a virgin pregnant,the baby groes up to be a man(and his father)who can walk on water,heal the sick,make the blind see,turn water into wine,get crucified and die then come back to life.

      • kake79

        kremzeek!, I can’t speak for everyone else but, for me, it’s not about whether their beliefs are “whacky” but that they are a dangerous cult and money-making scheme cloaking themselves in religion. They are well known to go after detractors by any means necessary. Look up Operation Snow White or Lisa McPherson sometime.

      • notascientologist

        >why does everyone make fun of scientology?

        Because its a “religion” invented by a science-fiction writer in the 1950’s. It’s the same as saying “I believe in ‘the Force’.” It may been fun play as a geeky hobby but you can’t take it seriously.

      • Lolwow

        I live near the scientology center of the world in Florida and it’s one of the most normal and safe places in the world. There have only been rumors made about cults and schemes, and if you actually believe them then you watch a little too much south park.

        christianity was “religion” invented by a bored writer in the BC’s (before christ, how ironic). It’s the same as saying “I believe in ‘scientology’.” It may have been fun play as an undereducated believer but apparently the world took it seriously.

      • tgh

        All of M. Night’s movies have made over $150 million worldwide (except ‘Lady in the Water’). ‘Airbender’ made well over $300 million, how is that a flop even if its budget was well over $100 million? I don’t particularly like M. Night’s films, but the guy is one of the most bankable directors out there.

      • Danno

        “they are a dangerous cult and money-making scheme”

        That’s different from Christianity how exactly?

      • Rosey

        As for the force comment, in Australia, there is an actual religion called Jediism revolving around the force.

      • Mark

        >>Because its a “religion” invented by a science-fiction writer in the 1950′s. It’s the same as saying “I believe in ‘the Force’.” It may been fun play as a geeky hobby but you can’t take it seriously.<<

        Think about it. Is scientology really that different then any other religion?

        Let's compare: a couple thousand years ago some writer puts some random stories about crucifixions, resurrections and floods into a book and people called it a religion. Let's see what becomes of Scientology in a couple hundred years.

    • Jay

      What?!?! you actually LIKED the twist in The Village??
      The twist was what RUINED the whole thing!!
      I mean the movie was good until you realized the parents were simply lying to children about “monsters” in the “woods” and there really wasn’t any suspense or danger coming from anywhere

      • Richy

        Yeah, I know, cos if there had been real monsters in the woods it would have been much better and more realistic. Not! The twist was great. Parents lie to us all the time (Santa, God, the Tooth Fairy).

      • Jessica

        My husband and I called The Village twist watching the trailer. I loved The Sixth Sense, really liked Unbreakable and I didn’t hate Signs or The Village, and I even kind of liked Lady in the Water. I appreciate his efforts to create mythology and surprise his audience, but he’s trying too darn hard, and it got embarrassing (The Happening).

      • Jenny

        I agree with Jessica! I liked all his movies up until The Happening. That was just awful! But I’m always gonna give him another chance because of how brilliant The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were! I know he has potential to make another masterpiece.

      • Brian

        I liked all of his movies except Airbender. How can anyone seriously NOT like Signs? It was one of his best ones… The only thing that dragged The Happening down, IMO, was Wahlberg’s shltty acting. He should never be cast into a role that requires anything other than mundane character development.

      • Abernathy

        It is a great movie, but Richie hace Santaitis. He doesn’t beileve in God because his parents and society lied to him about the existence of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Now embittered and hard-hearted, he refuses to accept the evidence for God nor to have a genuine encounter with Him which can only happen once Jesus Christ is ones’ Lord.

      • hecep

        What’s the use of a twist if you can see it coming from 50 milllion miles away.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I saw the twist coming but still thought it was a good twist and the movie itself is good just slow moving.

      • I’m Melting…

        @Brian – Lots of people hated SIGNS, including me. It was slow, pompous, and ultimately ridiculous.

      • Anya

        I figured out the twist to the Village from the trailer. And for some reason, I was still disappointed when it turned out I was right.

      • jj

        The plot twist in The Village was the whole movie!!!!!

      • KO

        The Sixth Sense 85%
        Unbreakable 68%
        Signs 74%

        3 good movies 1 mediocre and 3 bad, lets see how this goes, best case scenario I Am Legend, worst case Pandorum.

      • jim

        Thanks for ruining it for me Jay.

      • Richy

        Abernathy: exactly what evidence is there for God? If there was such evidence, we’d all believe (apart from the conspiracy theorists who, refuse to believe that we landed on the moon, for example, despite all the hard evidence). Show me the evidence, I will believe. Just like if you show me the evidence for Santa, I will believe.

      • Richy

        The Sixth Sense 8/10
        Unbreakable 8/10
        Signs 7/10
        The Village 7/10
        The Lady in the Water 6/10
        The Happening 5/10
        The Last Airbender (not viewed yet)

        Is The Last Airbender really THAT bad? The Happening was watchable but just a bit dull and silly, not embarrassingly bad or unwatchable.

      • Tom

        You liked the twist? I wanted there to be cheesy stupid monsters eatting people like a cheap horror film. (sarcasum)

        Now you know why films stink today. That is exactly what they want. It’s called crap.

    • Color Me Impressed

      I love Will Smith, and I loved M. Night’s first two films, but this sounds like it is going to blow. Shyamalan hasn’t made a good film in about 10 years, Jaden kindof annoys me, Will hasn’t really been in anything good for a few years either, and the whole child-centered plot just sounds lame. We all know how Shyamalan’s last kid-centric film turned out!

    • Mike

      Signs was awesome dude. And Will Smith is the MAN, we need more of him in our culture these days.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Signs was awesome and Will Smith is charismatic but that kid needs a slapping.

      • JJ

        The world would be a lot better off without that monkey

      • I’m Melting…

        SIGNS was terrible. Mel Gibson at his savior/martyr worst, and a plot that is completely ridiculous. There’s suspension of disbelief, and then there is WTF? SIGNS falls into the latter category.

      • KO

        How about he aliens had never known about water???

    • Jack Mehoof

      The Village was so dumb. Why would the adults send a blind girl to get the antibiotics instead of just getting them themselves??

      • cody

        because they wanted to keep the secret alive man. the village way of life was too important to them. plus they gave her a chance to grow and be the lady hero. She was blined show she wouldnt be able to pysically see the lie but since she was on walker ranch the authorities inside the villiage communicated witht he ones outside saying there was a girl coming to get anti’b’s man. it was a behind the scenes thing. you noticed that when m.knights charecther saw that guy take the anti’b’s but didnt say anything.

    • Eric

      The Village was a beautiful movie, in that it was pretty but hollow. Perfect scenes, perfect shots, perfect light, lousy story. If the adults had been using modern antibiotics, they would have kept a ‘supply line’ to maintain stock. One might suppose that the root of the ‘adults’ problem was a fear of the outside, so much so that they would dare step outside of the wall themselves, even to save a beloved child, but that was only partly rooted in story line.

      Plus the distances were too small, it would have almost been better if she found out they lived in a holo-deck.

      • Eric

        my comment above should read:
        ‘…wouldn’t dare step outside…’ of course.

        Also, for an decades long isolated community, they were really well stocked with fine cloth. I got no real feeling of isolation from the story besides a principal character speaking of the issue. It was well delivered, but only it and the lack of antibiotics showed any of what was the main drive of the story. If I remember correctly, every one else and everything was doing just fine except for the ‘hero’. If there was more broken stuff getting in the way, it might have have helped the story.

      • I’m Melting…

        Among many other things,I wanted to know how the adults explained the airplane contrails in the sky. Because, no matter where you are in the US, there will at some point be airplane contrails in the sky.

      • jim

        They explained the airplanes by saying they had some sort of an agreement that the area was a no fly zone.

    • Lucy

      yeah, Devil sucked big time!

    • ashlee

      I agree. Other than 6S, all of MNS films are disasters. Book of Eli was one of the worst films ever to hit cable; script & production values appear to have been written in a men’s toilet. Smith doesn’t need the money, is a talented, charismatic actor. Why risk his & his son carreers with such an untalented, one-note director who could n’t make a kindergarten play appealing.

      • Matt1

        Everything you just said is wrong on so many levels…
        What the hell does Book of Eli have to do with anything???

      • Richy

        I think perhaps Ashlee thinks that Will Smith was in Book of Eli (maybe Ashlee can’t tell black people apart?).

      • leah

        you just made me laugh. It would take something like destorying the world for Will Smith or his son to hurt any work that they do!! I LOVE M NIGHT!!

    • pk

      @Lolwow I can’t tell if you’re new to this subject or you’re just a plant playing games, but if it’s the latter, you should know by now you’re in WAY over your head.

      If you’re the former here’s where you can find what’s wrong with Scientology, and it’s more than dogma.

      ON YOUTUBE look up:
      Tanya + Scientology
      Astra Woodcraft + Scientology
      Graham Berry + 2008 + Germany + SCientology
      John Duignan + Scientology
      Aaron Saxton + Scientology

      Everyone can decide for themselves if they’re *just* disgruntled members or if they’re all lying (The “church* will claim both).
      Of course the invariable question always emerges, “How many churches in the western world do you have to escape from to get out?

      Then GOOGLE: “study tech” and “applied scholastics” + critical analysis (not that the inherent problems are not obvious.) Then tell me that ANY bright person who was NOT themselves brainwashed would choose to teach children this way.

  • EC

    I thought Signs was really good, but all downhill sense then *shudders at “the happening”*. We’ll see…

  • Hoboken Fresh Prince

    Is Will Smith trying to flush his career down the toilet?

    First he pimps out his kids like a Caulkin or a Lohan.
    Next he is teaming up with M. Night, who has disaster written all over him the past five years.
    Third, he is playing second fiddle to his infinitely unlikeable, pompous 12 year old?

    What happened to the likeable action hero that gave us ID4 and MIB? His star is falling. Fast.

    • Your Queen

      Whiny moron.

      • ruben

        whiny b#tch

      • Kevin

        His role in The Day the Earth Stood Still was a whiny kid that ruined the movie for me.

    • Johnny

      Jaden is so unlikeable his Karate Kid remake grossed 359 million on a 40 million budget, in spite of the fact that plenty of eighties fans and plenty of fans of the original KK were grumbling about how they would not see this “travesty”. Gimme a break, just because you don’t like the kid, does not mean he is unliekable. And guess what? Will may be pimping them out, but they have actually turned out to be talented kids. Whether you liek it or not.

      • miss k

        They are talented and I really don’t get the intense hate for a bunch of children. Has the world really come to that?! The only thing I’m concerned about in this movie is that Shyamalan is included. The Last Airbender was god awful.

      • lorena

        he’s not really pimping his kids out. he’s not using them for their money. if you read above, he PRODUCED kk and he is producing the new film. he doesn’t need the money, he’s making sure his kid is successfull. what parent wouldn’t?

      • John

        Inane Quote of the Day: “Just because you don’t like him doesn’t make him unlikeable.” Of course it does, to that reviewer anyway. To me, the kid just comes off as a spoiled little have-it-all. Sadly, just like his sister.

      • Matt

        It should have been called the Kung Fu Kid.

      • Not A Smith


    • Lola Davidson

      I was beginning to think that I was the only one who felt that way. A little humility goes a long way and unfortunately, though the Smith kids are rich in bank balances, they are poor in this regard. I’ve seen them interviewed several times and I’ve tried so hard to like them, because I’d always liked Will and Jada so much. But the more I see them and hear them speak, the less likely I am to see any of their movies or pay for anything they have a part of.

      • Alvin

        They are KIDS! Name any kid at their ages who are humble in this day and age? Your comment lacks common sense!

      • tony

        how can you not like a kid ,,theres something else under the surface with you.Maybe you,re just a hater.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Alvin, I call BS on what you’re saying. I can name a bunch of kids who aren’t arrogant and are humble. I think your lacking common sense and one of those apologists for the crappy way a lot of kids are brought up today. You contribute to the problem by making excuses. That Smith kid is full of himself and is lacking his father’s grace and charisma (and I’m not even a Will Smith fan but the man carries himself well, not one of these scandal ridden stars).

      • mallah

        Hey Blackie, name the kids! Oh that’s right you can’t, if you knew some you would have said so. I don’t need to be an apologist since I am not here to impress anyone, unlike you. Compensating much?

    • Alvin

      D**che Bag!

    • Eric

      Kids will always be in movies. Will Smith knows a thing or two about be a movie star and has seemed to navigate is life in a truely enviable way. I would suspect that he’s a great ‘stage parent’. Besides, what a great way to spend time with you children than work with them.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Oh yeah that’s much better than just, y’know, spending time with them in a normal way. People are idiotic and those Smith kids are both turning out to be arrogant unlikeable kids pushed down the public’s throats by their parents who buy them parts.

      • Aly

        How can anyone push someone down your throat? You don’t have to watch TV, go to the movies, etc. Take responsibility for your own decisions and shut off the TV it it causes you that much angst to so much as see a commercial.

  • Matt1

    I actually own The Happening. Watch that movie drunk and it is the funniest thing since The Room!! Last Airbender really was just an atrocity though. I literally couldn’t sit through it and I’m VERY patient when it comes to bad movies.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Maybe you weren’t drunk enough. Hey, we’ve all had those movies.

    • Eric

      It’s not about the movie, but the people you’re getting drunk with. Since you know the plot and it’s a slower pace movie with intermittent action, smart ass comments can be made with ease, right? I’ll bet that you were a big fan of mystery science theater 2000, or perhaps you should be.

      • Rifftrax

        The MST3K dudes now do ‘Rifftrax’… I have ‘The Happening’ version and its one of the best by far.

  • crispy

    So now I have 3 reasons not to see this movie.

  • JT

    Drop Jaden and I will go.

    • Jmgone

      Naw. Keep Jaden. Nobody wants
      JT to go.

      • JT

        Amazing comeback!

    • tony

      who cares ,try not every going to a movie anymore ,,,lol

  • Desmo

    I miss the days when whites were the only ones making movies

    • Wha’ever

      That’s really not funny.

    • Jay

      Nobody really talks or thinks like that. Maybe if you had a friend or two, you’d realize that.

    • stwebb

      Blacks have always been in movies, I think you mean you prefer when they were given menial stereotypical roles.

      • pedro

        I think he means the director, not the stars. Still trailer trash redneck comment, tho.

    • Not A Smith


    • tony

      now thats your issue with the smiths ,african americans with big money ,,,lmao now that makes me laugh ,,thanks

      • BlackIrish4094

        Yeah ok Tony, it’s race, of course it is. Dude was looking for a reaction with that comment and you went straight to the race card like he probably wanted you to. Those Smith kids are unlikeable to a lot of people regardless of their color.

      • Aly

        Is it really going to the race card when the OP specifically stated race? Clearly a troll, but it’s not playing the race card when race is already on the table.

    • Eric

      Hey look, it’s a conserva-troll. One should never directly address any type of troll, as direct conversation stimulates them.

      • Kowalski

        Well said, sir.

    • leah

      Then only watch movies from the good old days. We dont mind.

  • JJ

    I just read Jaden Smith’s resume! It says “Daddy!! Buy me that!!!” just like any spoiled entitled child’s reads. As if it’s not enough vanity to name your children after yourself but to buy them movies and singles/music videos is just a whole other thing. Somewhere Tatum O’Neal is saying “Best of luck kids!”.

    • Your Queen

      JJ = Pathetic envious failure.

    • stwebb

      How about the Ford family, the Anheuser Busch family, and numerous other family businesses. It isn’t wrong to help your family (unless they’re black?)!

      • CTEd

        Give me a Nicholas Cage any day – who at least tries to make it on his own chops. Sure, Will Smith’s kid will have his foot in the door and will get roles based on that over other more talented kids without a famous dad, but producing your kids movies….

      • Hamchuck

        You mean, Nicholas Coppola?

    • Alvin

      At least he has a resume!

    • ozzi

      Well that’s why it’s Nic Cage rather than Nicolas Coppola. He did want to be noticed for himself rather than the family.

    • mike v

      The jealousy is just amazing! Successful people I guess bring the worst out of some of us. Then the color seen just is the frosting on the cake! I just say good for Will Smith and his family. It’s good to see a group of Americans doing well and enjoying life! God Bless em. BTY…I’m White and Italian!

  • vinnie

    This helps M. Knight more than it helps Will Smith. I’m no huge Will Smith fan, but there’s no denying he gets people to the box office. However, I am sick of him dragging his kids into show buisines. Will Smith is quite likable…his kids…not so much.

  • Lisa Simpson

    For some reason, the phrase “those three deserve each other” comes to mind.

  • RyanK

    I have no problem with Shyamalan still directing movies, as long as he doesn’t write the script. In this case, he had a partner to help write the script, so we’ll see…

    • Eric

      The movie with the twisty ended has been done to it’s current apex, he should know, he did it. Seemingly he tried to create a franchise from it. Still, I might see that movie, as Will Smith knows what people like in a movie, and M Knight has a great eye for a shot. I’m rooting for them but as nearly always, I’ll check the reviews first.

  • Mick

    Everytime someone mentions Jaden or Willow there is always a massive amount of hate like is it necessary. They are children its one thing to say something about an adult another to say something about a child.

    • marylou

      See that’s the problem. First, my 11 year old wants to be an astronaut. Do I get NASA to sign them up now? Second, it’s a parent’s job to protect their children. By helping them to get into the limelight at such a young age they had to know they were going to expose them to the kind of hatred that we see in some of these comments. Third, children belong in school with other children. It’s not like the Smiths need the money. If, after completing school, they are still interested in the entertainment industry, fine, help them. And to all the people who say this is what they want, I say this is the only thing that they know since they’re isolated from other children and exposure to new ideas/different professions that they’d get in school. Shame on the Smiths.

      • Swell

        So all the parents of child actors are wrong for letting their kids into the entertainment business? Also, I know plenty of kids who did not go to school with other children that turned out fine. Your whole post is ridiculous and smacks of hidden envy and resentment of the Smith family like all the other haters.

      • Aly

        Pretty sure the kids still find time for an education. It’s not a 365 day, 24 hour operation.

        Also, I take it you’re opposed to home schooling…even though it’s an increasingly viable alternative to public school where teachers aren’t even allowed to expose kids to new ideas half the time. They spend more time managing behavior than teaching because children in general are brattier due to absentee parents, poor diets, lack of sleep, whatever else. There’s plenty of other ways to interact with others and be exposed to new ideas outside of school…even more so, especially in the case of people who are fortunate enough to travel and see the world. Talk about exposure to new ideas. As a former teacher, I plan to home school my sons because I can devote all my time to teaching and give them a more well-rounded education in a shorter amount of time, and give them plenty of opportunities to interact with kids their own age in a positive, productive way.

  • Nagger

    That kid looks like a deformed Klingon…

    • Jamaaliver

      your screen name concerns me.

    • Randy Marsh

      Nagger, your people annoy me so much…

      • Ruby

        Lol gotta love South Park

    • Jmgone

      Whew. Glad that comment came from you. Otherwise we all would have to take a second look at he kid. Now your full name is Nagger Dumass, right? Right.

    • Not A Smith

      nagger, he’s not that cute!!!

  • Wow.

    What a conglomeration of talent.

    • Helena

      Don’t you mean ‘a conflagration of talent’?

      • fish eye no miko

        Oh, God… I LOL’ed, for real. That was awesome.

  • Helena

    This should FINALLY put the final nail in the coffin of all three careers. The suspense is unbearable. I hope it lasts.

    • Jmgone

      Yes. And you’ve been right before with your other predictions. Your certainly a horse to bet on. Ok, maybe the first part is wrong and betting on you as well. But the middle part…fits you like a glove.

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