Natalie Portman loves stoner comedies, but not getting stoned -- EXCLUSIVE


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Black Swan star Natalie Portman makes her first post-Oscar movie appearance this Friday in the stoner comedy Your Highness. She’s also developing Best Buds, a buddy comedy about a marijuana-laced road trip, with her production company Handsomecharlie Films. But just because Portman is taking the high road in her work doesn’t mean she’s doing so in real life, too.

“I love stoner comedies. I smoked weed in college, but I haven’t smoked in years,” Portman told EW in December, a few weeks before announcing her pregnancy. “I’m too old. I wish I was that cool, but I’m like an old lady now. I’m in bed by 10 p.m. I can’t do that anymore.”

Portman explained that her interest in Your Highness was sparked when director David Gordon Green assured her that her role, an arrow-slinging female warrior, wouldn’t just be window dressing. “When I sat down with David, he was like, ‘The girl’s going to be funny here,'” said Portman. “To have him be able to think of me in that way was so lucky, because [the role] is a real departure from anything I’ve done on film.”

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  • Krystal

    I think the movie looks funny. Hopefully its more observe and report/pineapple express than crappy land of the lost.

    • Tom

      not a stoner… riiiiight

      • Romantic Fool

        It’s a good thing her publicist told her to retract or rephrase her prior comment because endangering an unborn child by doing drugs is unlawful and reprehensible. Weed has more chemicals and pollutants than cigs.

      • samsneed

        Romantic Fool, you are just that a Fool, are you still stuck in the 40’s to think weed has more chemicals and pollutants than cigerettes. idiot

      • hossss

        my mmj is nice and clean.if your want to see somthing dirty test a apple

    • Jerry

      Ms Perfect Jewish Princess smoked pot in college…..yeah right and I got a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. I believe this latest claim as much as her claim that she did all her dancing in Black Swan.

      • Emma

        She probably means she just did it occasionally, on weekend evenings or something. I go to a college with very, very smart students (some would say as smart as those at a certain Ivy), and I know plenty of my classmates who light up instead of drinking before a party, or who sneak it behind the dorm on a lazy afternoon-it’s really not that big a deal in college. My dad smoked weed in college and now he’s your normal, middle-class, family-man and a lawyer.

      • deedeedragons

        It’s sad as she used to be one of my favorite actresses, but the more i hear from her the less i like her.

      • okay

        she’s such a fraud she had to hire a pro to do it for her.

  • jk

    Can’t wait for Your Highness. Looks awful, but I’ll watch Natalie Portman and Danny McBride in just about anything.

    • Kim

      Same here.

  • jets

    Wish I were with her in college. …she still has her head on straight. College is the time for stuff like that, then you stop.

    • Jay

      Right, becaule ALL fun ends after college.
      If you live a busy high-profile life like Natalie does, I can see why you might have to stop.
      I still toke up every day after work.

      Notice I said “after work”… Its no worse than cracking open a beer. In fact, cracking open a beer is worse

      • Kevin

        Its no better either, you are still an addict

      • Jay

        Wow, making a diagnosis without ever meeting me, or even KNOWING WHO I AM!?!?
        Is your name Dr. Drew?

      • Renaton

        so if you drink a beer every now and then, you’re automatically an alcoholic?
        Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

      • B.Rich

        Yes if you get drunk after work every day you are an alcoholic. Of course you are an addict if you get high after work every day.

      • Harry Potter

        I’m sure you have a high-power job and you’re just taking the world by a storm, Jay. No wait, you’re still the stoner loser you were in school as a kid.

      • Wottadoosh

        But what if I like having a toke AND a beer? Will I need 24 steps to fix my wretched junkie-alkie life?
        People calling pot smokers “addicts” really have no idea what they are talking about, it is the new “premarital sex is bad for you”.

      • Ian

        So if someone has coffee every morning also an addict, since they enjoy caffeine in the morning? Get off your pedestals people. People who think there’s such thing as weed addicts have obviously never smoked it, lol.

      • Jay

        There is no such thing as a pot “addict”.
        I have smoked regularly for over 20 years now.
        but I still stopped for 4 years when I went into the military without any problems. Does that sound like an addict to you?

        I also have stopped for various other reasons over the years, but I have always considered myself a pot smoker.

        I challenge your average daily coffee drinker to do the same.

        THEN we will see who is an addict

        The alcohol argument is simply pointing out the hypocrisy of American laws. Niether is “good” for you. but Alcohol is literally a POISON, not a drug, and much worse on your body than pot.

        Why, then, is alcohol (which kills) legal, and pot (which is relatively harmless) illegal??

      • spags

        Jay, there is such a thing as a behavioral addiction. Just because a person doesn’t have a chemical dependency doesn’t mean they’re not an addict. Ever heard of a gambling addiction? A gambling addict doesn’t go through signs of physical withdrawal when they can’t gamble, but they’re still an addict.

      • Renaton

        I love how B. Rich’s answers was “get drunk”. Who anything about getting drunk? Or you actually lose your mind over a couple of beers?
        Same thing with pot, just because you smoke it, doesn’t mean you do it to get so far out stoned.
        It’s really ridiculous. People have villanized pot in such an absurd way.
        I don’t even like pot, but here I am defending it (not a probably with pot speifically, but with smoking, I don’t like the act to bring smoke into my lungs, whatever it is)

      • @RENATON

        No one said “every now and then” either, the issue was every day, and if you are drinking daily then most likely you are an alcoholic.

      • The REAl Jay

        Nothing more annoying than a stoner with a soapbox. Stop typing and get back to making Jumbo Jacks!

      • Jay

        @spags: you are right. behavioral addiction is possible. So lets point out a few of the the hoorible things that can cause it:
        Video Games

        Are any of those things illegal?

        Now do you see my point?

      • Cari

        “…if you are drinking daily then most likely you are an alcoholic.”
        Some people like a glass of wine or a beer with dinner every night. That doesn’t make them alcoholics.

      • Nicole

        @Jay: I agree drinking a beer a day is much worse than smoking after work everyday. However, I’m in the same boat as you. I come home everyday after work/school and smoke weed. I want to stop but I have been smoking since I was about 14 years old. I’ve told myself I will quit, yet it never seems to happen. Now I’m 21 going on 22, in college, trying to do math hw that is beyond hard and I feel like I could do much better if I would just quit smoking pot It’s a catch 22, because I know I’m not addicted yet I talk myself out of how it controls me. It’s true, people who don’t smoke have no idea what they’re talking about. They demonize it to ridiculous levels. I don’t think it should be illegal, in fact I think we should tax it because we’d probably get the country out of debt. However, do I think I need to stop at some point? Obviously. It’s been 7 years of daily use (with a few breaks) and I know it hasn’t helped me. Look at what it’s done to James Franco’s career. Has it hurt me? No. Has it hurt James Franco? Not really. But has it prevented me from being all I can be, and doing all I can do? Probably. Who knows maybe I’d be the same lazy piece of crap without it, but I’d like to give myself the opportunity find out. I have come to depend on it, for relaxation at the very least.

      • spags

        @Jay, I’m not saying anything about the legality of it. Maybe you have an argument there. But you just keep touting the fact that there’s no such thing as a pot addict, so I’m trying to tell you that there is.

      • Jay

        @spags: as a follow up: I choose not to acknowledge “behavioral” addiction, when using the term “addict”
        Hell…. stamp collecting can become a behaviorial addiction. Just about ANYTHING can form a behaviorial addiction.

        So to use that argument to label a pot smoker an “addict” is just weak. That is why I am defaulting to the definition of a physical addict. In which case, does not apply to marijuana as it has been proven to have no physically addictive qualities

      • Bebe

        There seems to be a really large subculture here in the U.S. of people who started getting high in college and never stopped. The kind of person Judd Apatow, Jason Segal and their group write movies for. And people who like Judah Freidlander. Is this pot culture a new thing? I don’t think smoking pot is all that bad, but I know a few people who smoke every day. And they’re not exactly the most productive people I’ve ever met. You may not become “addicted” to pot, but I’ve definitely seen people “affected” by it.

      • spags

        @Jay It’s not a weak argument. Behavioral addictions, whether to pot, sex or stamp collecting are just as damaging to individuals’ lives as chemical addictions. We can agree to disagree, but I absolutely think that a habitual pot smoker who needs marijuana to feel relaxed and may make detrimental decisions because of it can certainly be termed an addict.

      • Jay

        @spags: well then you have basically termed every person alive as an addict.
        I could find a “behaviorial addiction” in just about every human being I have ever met.

        As an example… most people I know like to watch TV before bed. They do it every night. They claim it “relaxes” them.

        Those damn “addicts” and their late night TV, they will destroy the world, wont they?

      • spags

        @Jay you’re really stretching what I’m saying. Just because you have a routine doesn’t mean you’re an addict. When it crosses into the territory of affecting your life in a negative way and stopping it causes pain or discomfort, you have an addiction. All you have to do is look up the definition of “addiction” in the dictionary. If you want to define it in your own way, that’s your prerogative, but behavioral addictions are real and valid, whether you choose to acknowledge them or not.

    • scroo yoo

      I still smoke but I find its more boring as you age.

      I do wish they would stop making a big deal out of smoking pot though.It really isnt anything to glamorize or demonize.Its just pot-alcohol is much worse.

      • Jay

        Thank You!!
        I love how all the hypocrites will post on here about how bad pot is, when every Sunday we see beer commercial after beer commercial, which is worse for your body & mind… also has a tendency to make violent minded peeople to beat on their wives & kids. Oh and kill others behind the wheel.

        There has never been ONE… not even ONE death due to pot use or overdose.
        Can you say the same about beer?


        What is pot prohibition supposed to protect us from again?

      • Bobby

        Give me a toke of weed over a beer anyday. Oh, and this movie looks wretched.

      • Kris

        It’s not like pot is good for you though. Whether beer or pot is worse for you, theyre both still unhealthy and there’s isn’t really a case to routinely use either.

      • Lil Jo

        Jay… you have the PROOF that there has NEVER BEEN a single death from smoking pot. You mean in ALL the years not one person was killed because of it. Really, I can’t imagine that there hasn’t been one car crash that has killed someone when the driver was high.

        I’m not saying it’s bad, and I agree with you it’s not. But to categorically say there has never been a death due to smoking pot is a little naive

      • Jay

        @Lil Jo: you have a small point. Let me re-phrase.

        I have personally known a person who died from alcohol poisoning. I also have known a person who lost his family becasue he was an abusive drunk. I also know a few people who have lost loved ones from drunk drivers.

        However, I have never met, heard about or known anyone who was even even injured from smoking pot.

        Does that statement suit you better?

      • Cash

        My brother lost his wife because he smoked too much and wouldn’t stop. I don’t personally know anyone who was a killed by alcohol or a drunk driver. Would it be right for me to claim that pot ruins lives and alcohol is safer? NO. Personal stories are not proof.

      • Kevin

        Jay, your need to compare your addiction against others and saying it “isn’t as bad” is a classic indication of an addict.

      • Kevin

        My brother has spent nearly all of his adult life in prison on drug charges from pot alone, his life has certainly been ruined

      • Jay

        @Kevin: I’ll say it again for the hearing impaired… There is no such thing as a pot “addict”.
        It is non-addictive. This has been proven in medical studies.

        Do you have anything relevant to add to this conversation?

      • Jay

        @Kevin: Your brother is a poster child for my argument. Thank you fro bringing up yet another valid argument as to why the US law on pot prohibition needs to be changed.

        Pot smokers are not criminals.

      • spags

        Jay, there is such a thing as a behavioral addiction. Just because a person doesn’t have a chemical dependency doesn’t mean they’re not an addict. Ever heard of a gambling addiction?

      • Kevin

        You are a bit irritable jay, perhaps it is because you are a drug addict

      • Jay

        @Kevin: I was hoping to be irritable to you. I like irritating ignorant people who think they know it all.

      • Menchy

        @spags But behavior addictions aren’t illegal. They haven’t outlawed shopping, gambling, or videogames because people can become addicted to them.

      • Marie

        I agree. I’m from CA and it almost got voted into legality here last year, and probably will soon. Plus I go to a top college with a very affluent study body who will probably all go on to lead our generation, and almost everyone I know at my school thinks it should be legal.

      • Chris

        i enjoyed reading this “pot addiction” banter. lot of good points by both sides but ultimately i think the stoners won. heres my bullet point views on the matter.

        – people don’t get addicted to weed. behaviorally yes but we get addicted behaviorally to much more than that. trust me, real addiction is stopping using something and for days, vomiting, sweating, aching, and etc. THAT is real addiction i dont care what the dictionary says.

        – i know millionares that smoke and dishwashers at your local denny’s who smoke. it truly has no bearing on ones ambition, or intellect. the trend may lean towards losers smoking, but that’s just a cultural similarity.

        – i love all these anti-weed posters. who the F are you to point your finger? pot calling the kettle black. your not perfect. my grandma was perfect but she was a 85 year old italian immigrant they dont make those anymore. fact of the matter is you dont know anything about true addiction unless you have experienced it. which clearly you have not.

        -@ nicole…stop making excuses. your not a lazy piece of crap because of weed. your just a lazy piece of crap. whatever it is you think your should be doing stop being a lazy bum and do it.

        then go home, and puff.

      • LMAO

        “i dont care what the dictionary says.”

        You’re not doing the perceived intelligence level of the pro drug crowd any service with this comment. In fact, you’re fitting the druggie stereotype of not caring about anything except what makes you feel good. If you don’t use drugs, you sure sound like somebody who does.

    • Tom

      I think about half of the entire population of los angeles is on some kind of drug

      • who cares

        not sure about LA but 1 out of 8 new yorkers have oxycontin prescriptions….way more dangerous than pot or alcohol

  • Renaton

    Oh, isn’t it nice how she such a great exemple for little girls? How she feels she has to sell herself as a role model?

    She’s like a care bear with an Oscar.

    • Kris

      How many young girls look up to Natalie Portman? She’s not on the Disney channel and if you let your little girl watch Black Swan then you have bigger problems. The notion that all celebrities are role models is ridiculous. She doesn’t market herself as an example for kids, she doesn’t do projects that appeal to kids, don’t try to make her something she’s not. All she said in this interview is “I use to smoke weed but I don’t anymore” how is that even being a bad role model? Good role models are people who never make mistakes?

    • Renaton

      Kris doesn’t get sarcasm…

      What I meant is that I don’t know why she feels this need to downplay the fact that she did (may do it again after pregnancy) smoke pot.

      It feels like a calculated answer. And it doesn’t make sense she does it since, like you said, she’s not exactly on the Disney Channel. But then again, Portman does have this need to present herself as the perfect girl always. She’s a good actress, but her need to be seem as perfect is starting to really annoy me.

      • Nicole

        She does try to act perfect. No one cares about your ballerina boyfriend either Natalie. Go have your baby, listen to your indie rock, and smoke a joint already. Women like her irritate me. “I have to be a good role model for my child, I’m so responsible!” Eventually she will get tired of trying to be perfect and do something really stupid. I can’t wait for that day!

      • That Day Came And Went

        “Eventually she will get tired of trying to be perfect and do something really stupid. I can’t wait for that day!” I thought signing a petition for a rapist, announcing during an acceptance speech that her boyfriend really likes screwing her, and comparing eating meat to rape were all pretty stupid, and that’s only the recent stuff. But these people have publicists and stuff to deflect attention from all their mistakes. Besides, she’s pretty and that’s all some people care about.

  • stuart

    in one of the trailers, she’s sporting a thong … mmmmmmm

  • kyle korver

    strobbledy bobbledy boo!

  • Jerry

    Maybe She will get the new Cover to make up for the Has Been Schwarzenegger last Week.

  • ben

    I’d watch Your Highness because I loved Pineapple Express and Natalie just looks good in the movie.

  • Jeff

    I think it’s hysterical how everyone believes whatever they hear in an interview…of course she still smokes weed on occasion…I’m sure she doesn’t on a regular basis, and hasn’t since she’s gotten pregnant, but let’s be realistic here…it’s an interview with EW…you think her publicist would let her reveal anything that could get misconstrued in today’s social networking world?

    • Ned

      You certainly seem to know a lot about her, Jeff. Inside sources?

    • okay

      yeah she’s obviously doing a little cya move with this “i USED to” stuff. just makes her more obnoxious.

  • UGH


  • Kris

    Kind of reminds me of her song…”When I went to Harvard I smoked weed every day, I cheated every test…”

  • Stacie

    When I was at Harvard, I smoked weed everyday. I cheated every test and snorted all the yay.

  • Melissa Romero

    You’re just giving more ammo to Mike Huckabee, Ms. Portman.

  • Kimberly

    Legalize pot, tax it and end this recession already!!!

    • lol no

      you can’t tax pot. if it’s legal, people will just grow it themselves.

      • Dusty

        So does that mean you grow all your own vegetables? Brew your own beer? build your own furniture? People will pay for convenience, and then you can tax them for that convenience.

      • To Dusty

        Pot is easier to “make” than all of the things you listed, but never underestimate the laziness of a pothead. Maybe potheads really are dumb enough to pay a premium for something they can easily grow themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Andrew

    Well said!!

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