Box office report: 'Hop' holds off four newcomers to win weekend with $21.7 mil


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A billionaire, teenage assassin, champion surfer, and knightly Danny McBride were no match for an animated rabbit with unnaturally large eyes, as Universal’s Hop topped the box office for the second weekend in a row with $21.7 million, according to studio estimates. The PG family film, about a teenage hare who’d rather be a rock band drummer than fulfill his duty as the Easter Bunny, slipped a mild 42 percent its second week. The live-action/animation hybrid cost $63 million to produce, and has already snatched $68.2 million. However, it may take a big hit next week when the CG-animated Rio swoops into theaters.

Russell Brand voiced Hop‘s leporid protagonist, and the British actor also starred in the weekend’s No. 2 movie, the Warner Bros. comedy Arthur. The PG-13 remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore film, about a spoiled playboy who must choose between his inheritance and the woman he loves, opened to a middling $12.6 million. CinemaScore audiences gave the $40 million movie a decent “B” rating. Right behind Arthur was Focus Features’ new thriller Hanna, which captured $12.3 million. The PG-13 movie, about a teenage girl (Saoirse Ronan) who’s trained to be an assassin by her father (Eric Bana), skewed surprisingly young — 64 percent of its audience was under the age of 35. Younger audiences also dug the $30 million film much more than their older counterparts. Hanna received an overall “C+” rating from CinemaScore moviegoers, but those under 18 gave it an “A,” while those 50 and up handed it a horrendous “D+” grade.

Fourth place went to the biopic Soul Surfer, which exceeded expectations with an $11.1 million opening. The sports drama, which cost $18 million, earned a rare “A+” rating from CinemaScore graders — the first movie to do so since last year’s Tangled. The PG movie stars AnnaSophia Robb as the real-life professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, who returned to the sport after losing her left arm in a shark attack at age 13. Soul Surfer also features Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, and singer Carrie Underwood in her film debut. In fifth was the horror holdover Insidious, which bucked the genre’s tradition of steep second-weekend declines by falling only 27 percent for $9.7 million.

The frame’s fourth new release, the R-rated medieval comedy Your Highness, opened to a disappointing $9.5 million. Universal’s $50 million film, starring Danny McBride, James Franco, and Natalie Portman, was plagued by poor reviews and received a discouraging “C+” rating from CinemaScore audiences. Even more alarming was the fact that Your Highness dropped 9 percent from Friday to Saturday, while every other film in the top 10 enjoyed Friday-to-Saturday spikes. Check back next week for what could be a box-office bloodbath between the R-rated Scream 4 and the animated bird comedy Rio.

1. Hop — $21.7 mil
2. Arthur — $12.6 mil
3. Hanna — $12.3 mil
4. Soul Surfer — $11.1 mil
5. Insidious — $9.7 mil
6. Your Highness — $9.5 mil

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  • JWhit

    An A+ for Soul Surfer? What are we coming to…

    • Devin Faraci

      Christian propaganda, the sheep turned out to see it. Baa-aa-aa-aa.

      • Bob

        That’s a bit unfair. I believe the filmmakers are not Christian. The girl is. So they had to include it. Haven’t seen the movie, but her faith helped her get through the ordeal. I don’t think the movie’s preaching.

      • Kris

        But the marketing campaign almost exclusively targeted Christians. It’s not that the movie had an agenda, it’s that the marketing campaign exploited the Christian faith.

      • Razor

        @lover: you POS, saying the Easter Bunny is Christian is like saying Santa is Jesus’ uncle.

      • Cartel

        Actually, I am from a different religion. But out of all the movies this weekend, I’d probably go only for Hanna and Soul-surfer. Hanna because of the positive reviews and soul-surfer because I liked AnnaSophia in the Bridge to Terabithia. I couldn’t care less about marketing and Christianity.

    • Steve

      Most of you don’t have souls and are going to hell anyways.. Why are you concerned about a Christian Movie? That’s the REAL question. ha ha ha..

      • David

        Obnoxious Brand is better in small dozes!!

      • Shaun

        Pretty sure your lord wouldn’t be mocking others for not believing in some magic sky daddy. Jerk.

    • Linda

      We tried it. Didn’t like it. Asked for a refund in about 20 minutes. Kids were mad at me for the rest of the day. Not worth it.

      • Garrett

        mother of the year award!!!!

    • del taco

      Hop is Christian. Hello? Easter bunny?? Again the key word is EASTER !! Easter, which is the entire basis of the Christian faith. People stay away from Soul Surfer cuz they don’t wanna be preached to, but take their kids to see Hop. Can you say hypocrite ???

      • Kris

        No for several reasons. First of all, the movie itself has nothing to do with Christianity. Easter is fundamentally a Christian holiday but the Easter bunny is a corperate invention meant to entice kids and sell chocolate. There’s nothing Christian about a jellybean pooping bunny. Also, it’s the way Christians have been targeted by Soul Surfer’s marketing that has put off the majority of people, not the movie itself.

      • Linda

        It’s based on a true story. So someone believes in god, that makes it some Christian conspiracy to watch their films? You guys need to stop drinking your bong water for a change.

      • LOL

        You’re the one drinking bong water if you think Hop is based on a true story. It is a delightful film that I highly reccomend, but no, it is not based on a true story.

      • Jose

        LOL, I’m pretty sure that Linda is talking about Soul Surfer.

      • LOL

        I’m pretty sure she’s not.

      • steve

        I think Linda meant soul surfer and obviously not Hop

      • LOL

        Linda was clearly referring to Hop.

    • Chris

      Your Highness really flopped. This generation of stars just doesn’t seem to have what the past movie stars had.

    • Cygnus

      The fact the article says it’s the first A+ since Tangled. from CinemaScore, pretty much shows the unreliability of CinemaScope. I saw Hanna this weekend, I’m over 35, and I thought it was a really good film. I’m thinking the younger crowd GOT IT, while the older crowd just thought it was some artsy assassin flick.

  • Michael

    Bland films lately. I Hope that Hop is really good when I get to see it.

    • MomC

      Michael – I really like children’s movies (have a 5 year old) and usually enjoy them even if they are not great. To me, Hop was pure torture, and that is from a woman who would pay $10 to watch James Marsden mop floors. Actually, watching him mop floors would be better than watching this drivel. However, it might make him more marketable and since we are not going to get to see nailed, more power to him.

    • Linda

      They aren’t just bland. They are terrible.

  • LOL

    America still loves crap.

    • Arabang


    • DRG

      Just wait until next week when Scream 4 opens then we will see just how much America really loves crap.

      • tom

        contrary to popular belief….scream was fun….yes the first was the best….but give it a chance…..”liver alone”

      • Linda

        They should have stopped after the first scream.

      • @Linda

        And your parents should have stopped after the BJ. But they didn’t, and now we’re stuck with you.

      • Cartel

        Scream is a pointless piece of slasher gore.

    • Steve

      Not only do they like crap. They like gay crap.

    • LOL

      Drat, I misread the headline, sorry. The wonderful Hop won again, way to go America!!!

  • barney

    Your Highness flopped bad…I guess Portman and Franco aren’t draws….Thor and Rise of the Apes may be in trouble

    • Darrin

      I don’t think anyone is going to see Thor simply because N. Portman is in it, she’s really just “the girl.”

      • Steve

        Thor and Portman. Now there is a couple.

    • Sam

      Its not that they aren’t draws. Its that a movie like that generally doesn’t do well at theaters and cgi family films are doing really well.

      • Menchy

        True. It’s generally frowned upon to show up to movie theatres stoned. Those types of movies do way better on DVD (Harold and Kumar anyone?)

    • Sith Lord J

      Neither Danny Mcbride nor Natalie Portman’s rear were able to draw people in the theater.

      • Linda

        Tell us something we don’t know.

      • Jon

        Natalie proved herself to be a box office draw this year with No Strings Attached and Black Swan. She wasn’t the star of Your Highness, she was more of a supporting role. This was more Franco and McBride.

    • Kris

      I don’t get this idea that if one movie a star is in flops, they aren’t a draw. Natalie Portman wasn’t even the star of this film. People went to see No Strings Attached and Black Swan because of her yet You Highness flopped so she’s not a draw? This movie wont break her career.

    • dom

      I love Natalie Portman, but there’s nothing that could get me to see Your Higness. I sat through Brothers for her, and endured the Star Wars prequels, but I will only go so far to show my devotion.

  • Fatima

    I’m still convinced CinemaScores mean absolutely nothing.

    • Thom

      Agreed. It’s worthless.

    • Linda

      Ding ding ding

    • Shelby Coman

      No, it just means the people who wanted to see that particular movie enjoyed it. It says nothing about how good it is overall. I’m sure lots of 5-year-olds enjoyed Hop, mine did, but I loathed the movie. That said… where does CinemaScore get their ratings? A website?? A poll of, like, 3 cinemas???

      • Fatima

        Just funny that EW still thinks that it spells doom for a movie.

    • Cygnus

      Totally agree. Hanna was a great movie, and hope word of mouth will make it stick around longer than those other stiff movies.

  • Geoff

    YOur Highness was hilarious. Most of the jokes were somewhat vulgar but James Franco is amazing and what do people expect from a rated R comedy.

    • Brian Wallace

      Geoff, you’re an idiot. You must be mesmerized by bright, shiny thigns. “Your Highness” was completely devoid of any sort of humor or originality. It’s like it was written and filmed in a weekend. Scenes went nowhere. EVERYTHING that was even REMOTELY funny in that film was in the trailer. To quote a critic “‘Your Highness is so bad and unfunny you’re not even sure what joke they were TRYING to make.” Honestly, I watched it with about a dozen people Firday night and seven of them walked out before it was over.


      • Ed

        What?! People having different opinions?!

        Dude, get over yourself. You hated it. Geoff liked it.

        Seriously, there’s no need for name calling.

      • Kris

        Brian, you’re the idiot since you clearly can’t understand the simlicity of a difference of opinion. People have different senses of humour, just because it wasn’t yours doesn’t mean that anyone who likes it is stupid.

  • Arabang

    The bad omen of winning an Oscar and hosting one.

    • Steve

      The worst is winning one.

      • DRG

        Oscar curses:

        Adrian Brody wins one and ends up doing Diet Coke commercials (and rather cheesy ones at that)

        Cuba Gooding, Jr. wins won and ends up….well, the less said about that the better.

      • Linda

        Or Tori Amos videos.. Take your pick.

  • James

    How is making more than twice your nearst competition “holding them off”? I say Hop smashed the competition. Oscar curse just started sooner for Portman I guess.

    • Dave

      I understand your point, but you need better math skills because 21.7 is not more than twice 12.6

    • Woot

      Oscar curse? It’s called “Your Highness” having 0 appeal. Thor will do fine.

      • Steve

        I want more comicbook movies. I’m lame.

      • Cartel

        Thor will be lucky to make back the production costs. The trailers look like another clash of the titans and the lead actor looks like a pornstar.

  • John C.

    Those high concept comedies just don’t work. Especially a stoner high concept comedy. It had I’ll wait for On Demand written all over it the minute I saw the trailer.

  • Marie

    I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 and it was hilarious! I’m 17 and it was really refeshing to not have raunchy jokes and references thrown at you every two seconds. Just good, clean, cute humor.

    • JPX

      You know what? I agree. I saw it too and thought it was hilarious.

  • Reba

    I really wanted to see Hanna but haven’t had the time yet. However, I am shocked by how horribly the older crowd voted for it. I wonder why people my age liked it better. Has anyone here seen it – if so, what are your thoughts?

    • Jose

      I thought it was ok. The trailers make it seem like its a hard core action packed ride but the film has a lot of quiet scenes (normally I don’t mind quiet scenes, but in the film it just didn’t work, it made it feel pretentious). And the handheld camerawork in some of the action scenes was obnoxious.

      The acting was good and the score was amazing though.

      and I’m 19, don’t know if I’m around you’re age.

    • m1

      I personally enjoyed it, but you’ll be frustrated because it easily could have been a better film. It’s still worth seeing, though.

      • Linda

        I took my kids to see it, and they were begging me to leave early. What a dog film.

      • Jose

        Why would one take their kids to see a film like Hanna?

      • Garrett

        shut up linda you just pulled them out of soul surfer for your own comfort and the took the to a movie they didnt want to go see. you cant base a movie on your childrens opinions of a movie they didnt want to see. i think your the dog

  • Woot

    I can’t trust cinemascore ever. I feel like the only people they ask are traditional Christian families. No way does Soul Surfer deserve an A+, and Hanna a C+.

    • Linda

      Soul surfer actually has an original story unlike most of these crap films lately. I mean, how many comicbook movies are going to rip off ????

    • Cygnus

      I managed to see both this weekend. Soul Surfer was quite bland, but decent for the material. Hanna was an excellent work of art. Great performances by Ronan, great soundtrack, some really neat visual sequences.

  • Buffy Freak

    Though I know that it’s made less than they thought, but I can’t believe Arthur made even that much money. I can’t imagine anyone was lured in by the terrible previews/TV commercials…and the reviews were almost unanimously bad. I like Russell Brand and love Jennifer Garner and Helen Mirren but have zero desire to see this movie.

    • Linda

      Don’t see it.

      • m1

        You don’t have to tell me twice. But was it actually that horrible?

  • Darrin

    Hanna was pretty good, part of the reason for bad scores might be that the film is much more of a “European-style” film, in terms of pacing and overall mood. All the great locations definitely made it stand out though.

  • fbdbpw

    Dont waste your time on your highness i give it 1 1/2 stars its the 5th worst film of the year. There were definitely sum laughs, but most of the humor isnt very funny

    • mark

      Please fbdbpw, tell us the 4 films that were worse. I await your answer.

      • fbdbpw

        sure thing mark in 4th place the green hornet, 3rd- sucker punch, 2nd- the rite, 1st- rubber

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