'Superman': Michael Shannon set as General Zod


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The Man of Steel now has an enemy: Warner Bros. announced Sunday that they’ve locked in the Oscar-nominated Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road) to play General Zod opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman in the reboot. Director Zack Snyder said in a release from the studio: “Zod is not only one of Superman’s most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman others don’t. Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role.” Shannon joins an already Oscar-friendly cast that includes Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Martha and Jonathan Kent, and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

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  • Jose

    Why Zod?

    • Joseph

      Why do you say such thing, when you know that I will kill you?


      • Mr. Wolfe

        For a guy with such a superiority complex, Zod gets his whiney butt kicked pretty often!

      • True Chizz, this news is Jank!!!!!

        LAME NEWS!!!, the bigger news is that Sam kissed Freddie on iCarly!!!!!!!

      • General Zod

        You will bow down before me True Chizz, I swear it, no matter if it takes an eternity! You will bow down before me..both you…and one day your heirs!!!

      • RPM

        Awesome response. Thanks for that.

      • harry

        YES I will KNeel Befor e ZOD!!!

      • lover

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        ~~Ultimately, why — after all it’s been said and done — do they feel the need to start it all over from day one (Baby Superman’s immigration to Earth)?

      • General Zod

        Lovewealthy, why do you bring your spam here when you know I will destroy you for it?

      • jay

        “I know of one man that will never kneel before you.”

        “Who is this imbecile?”

        My favorite line from Superman II. But will Ursa be in it? She was hot! Of course, no actress would be better than Sarah Douglas, maybe they could CGI her into it.

    • Le HIROSHI

      Michael Shannon seems all right a choice as General Zod. For instance, in his relatively smaller supporting role in the late Sidney Lumet’s Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, he did well as it could be. And – no hatred – he also looks like a bad guy, too.

      – –

      But – do not kill me, SVP – WHY ZOD?. . .

      – –

      . . . To begin with, TERRENCE STAMP already gave us a great performance as this nemesis named General Zod. Secondly, why not doing something else (id est, opting for some OTHER villains NO-ONE has ever laid hands on; I mean no more General Zod and Lex Luther)?

      – –

      Ultimately, why — after all it’s been said and done — do they feel the need to start it all over from day one (Baby Superman’s immigration to Earth)?

      • Jamaaliver

        Agreed, I was hoping for either Brainiac or Bizarro. heck, even Metallo has potential.

        Feels kinda weak to just keep rehashing the same two villains for every Superman movie.

      • Brett

        Batman was successfully rebooted in “Batman Begins” after four feature films. WB is hoping “Man of Steel” has the same effect on the Superman franchise, and just as “The Dark Knight” showed us a new Joker and new Two Face, “Man of Steel” will show us a new Zod. Time to live in the 21st century, folks.

      • Rush

        It’s gotta be a tall order to find a suitable villain for Supes, just as it’s difficult to portray the ultimate perfect hero in an age that calls for a conflicted, reluctant hero. Chris Reeve’s Superman came at just the right time: the dawn of the Regan Era, just as the Superman of the ’50s was the Man of Steel of the Eisenhower era. What kind of hero, or anti-hero do we look to now. And what kind of villian would we need to pair him with? Tough call for this genre and this particular character.

    • Linda

      Let’s recycle another villain from aquaman chronicles

    • Rush

      Lex Luthor is the soap opera villain. Zod is cinematic.

    • Cartel

      Then people can say sod off you nitwit and forget about the whole film!

  • Justin

    Michael Shannon is so intense..you should see him on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ if you’re unfirmiliar with his work.

    • LOL

      He stole “The Runaways.”

    • Dave

      He’s also fantastic in Revolutionary Road, which got him an Oscar nomination.

    • John C.

      Absolutely. He is incredibly creepy in Boardwalk Empire.

    • Quirky

      He’s creepy and dangerous enough in Boardwalk Empire without super powers. His Zod is going to be downright scary.

    • Liz Lemon

      He’s a brilliant actor.

    • Linda

      He sooo belongs in a comicbook story.. that’s about his limit of acting ability.

  • Jobless

    They really needed to avoid Zod for this reboot imo.

    • Love Bug

      No interest in this movie with Zod. For a character that is supposed to be the ‘last survivor of the doomed planet krypton’, Zod is cliche, boring and been there done that.

  • Dave

    While some of the castmembers may not have been my first choices for the characters, this is nevertheless shaping up to be an extremely talented cast. I’m looking forward to this Superman movie.

  • Brock

    Zod? Why? Disappointing to say the least.

  • Mr. Wolfe

    Really? Zod, again? With all the great Superman antagonist we get another recycled villian? First Luthor, now Zod. What’s next, Nuclear Man from “Superman IV?” *sigh*

    • Craig Knox2

      Don’t give them any ideas! Please!

    • Devin Faraci

      Superman has a lot of terrible villains. Zod is one of the best. Would you rather have “Toyman”??? Idiot.

      • fish eye no miko

        There’s Brainiac and Darkseid, neither of whom have even been mentioned in the movies yet.

      • topoopon

        This has NOTHING to do with any other movie or TV show. So this Zod will exist from the new DC Nolanverse.

      • Mr. Wolfe

        Wowsers! Idiot because I don’t want Zod? And Toyman is the only other Superman villain you can think of? Get out of your mom’s basement, ya little tool.

  • Meg

    God, Zod again? So, the first reboot had Luthor and the real estate plot, just like the first film, and the second reboot will have Zod, just like the second film?

    • Mr. Wolfe

      And with Richard Pryor being dead and all, they’ll probably use Eddie Murphy for the next one.

      • Elle

        He could use the work. Last thing he did was another Shrek sequel.

    • Androidsdungeon

      This is not a sequel to Superman Returns.

    • meme

      urm, not a fanboy here but even i know that Superman Returns wasn’t a reboot, it was a ‘slip in’ set between reeves’ 2nd and 3rd film. DUH! Brilliant casting for the woman who was the good/bad, dumb/smart girl in the supermachine film (3) – great look and act alike for the character i thought. seamless.

      • Michelle

        It’s actually a loose follow up to the first two films and ignores the third and fourth films completely.

  • John

    Would it have killed them to use Brainiac or The Parasite? Heck, I would even settle fro Maxima. Anything BUT Zod again…

    • Mr. Wolfe

      They can only use Maxima if it’s rated “R.” Otherwise, what’s the point in squeezing some DD’s into that outfit?

      • Angie

        What an idiot you are, Wolfe. You are the typical “fanboy” that gives all comic book fans a bad rep…You know the kind…the kind oversexed, underlaid fratboy jerk who only sees women in comics as wank material. If Maxima were in a Superman film, it would be an awesome dynamic for Supes to face. You don’t need to make her a walking “sex bomb” cliche to have her as a villain…

      • Fred

        But Angie, Maxima IS a walking sexbomb fanwank cliche. That’s the point of the character.

      • Mr. Wolfe

        Gee, Angie. Project much? You apparently don’t understand sarcasm when you read it, and, as Fred said, Maxima was MEANT as a cliche. I’m no drooling fanboy who complains about every little change from comic to film, but you obviously read everything as either an attack or in support of your feminist ideas. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t make assumptions about others based on those ideas.

  • jeff

    speak for yourself…..I think Zod is Superman’s best villian. If you read the comics, he is basically Krypton’s Captain America…..gone bad! Bascially Hitler with Superman’s powers.

    • sam

      when i read the title of this article i first thought it said MOLLY SHANNON. BAhHAHAHA

      • Superstar


  • cici

    what happened to viggo mortensen?

    • tipsy

      TDKR`s new Ra`s if rumours prove correct.

  • selma

    michael shannon is a great actor, he totaly steals every scenes on boardwalk empire

  • Sina

    I really hope he’s good because I would hate to compare him to Terrance Stamp’s superb General Zod. His Zod was so quotable.

    • Mr. Wolfe

      But will it have Ursela calling Kal-El “Zooperman?” Priceless!

  • jd

    great choice to play zod. but WHY ZOD!!!

    superman has a litany of villains yet to make it to the big screen. try someone new for once.

    livewire, parasite, metallo, toyman, mr. myxtplk, conduit, darkseid, COME ON!!!

    • Devin Faraci

      Every one of the villains you mentioned are idiotic, geeky, and characters only dorks would care to see on the silver screen. WB wants to actually make money on this!

      • Brian

        Brainiac, Parasite, Mxy, Metallo, Bizarro, and Darkseid can all be used as excellent foils to Superman in terms of his interaction with humans, his struggle with his dual heritage, how he uses his powers, etc. “Smallville” updated and used them all very well (and made them credible threats), so there’s no reason these movies couldn’t mix those characterizations (or something similar) with a bigger budget than SV has to give us a new threat for Superman to face in the films instead of rehashing Zod again.

  • Michelle

    If he can say “Kneel before Zod” half as well as Terrance Stamp and Callum Blue, he’ll do alright.

    • Brett

      PLEASE don’t mention that callow, uncharismatic Callum Blue. He’s been one of the worst casting choices from “Smallville.”

      • bhm1304

        What a hater. Callum Blue was an excellent “Zod”.

  • Are there no other villains?

    six films over 30 years and they’ve only ever used Lex Luthor or General Zod and a Lex Luthor knock-off.

    • Devin Faraci

      Superman has a lot of terrible villains. Zod is one of the best. Would you rather have “Toyman”?? Idiot.

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