Bradley Cooper in talks for 'The Crow' remake


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As soon as he’s over his next Hangover, Bradley Cooper may be taking the lead in a remake of The Crow.

A source close to the production confirms the actor is in negotiations to star in the film, which will be released by Relativity Media. Mark Wahlberg was previously in talks for the part of the murdered man who comes back as an avenging angel, but that eventually fell through.

Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, Intacto) signed on to the project last week, and Relativity and producing partner Apaches Entertainment are aiming to start production this fall. 

The 1994 cult-hit, directed by Alex Proyas (who went on to helm Dark City and I, Robot), was notable for introducing a brooding, gothic, white-faced hero who was in stark contrast to other colorfully costumed superheroes populating pop culture. It was adapted from the 1980s comic books by James O’Barr, which was a way for O’Barr to unleash his grief over the death of his fiance, killed in the late 1970s by a drunk driver.

In the comics, a young man named Eric Draven and his girlfriend are assaulted, and he his shot, while she is raped and murdered. He believes he is resurrected to exact vengeance on the killers. The comics inspired four movies and a TV series. On the original film, star Brandon Lee died when a prop gun misfired.

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  • barney

    no need for a remake

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      I had the RUNS when I heard constipated Marky Mark was remaking the Crow. No one will ever be able to upstage Brandon Lee. Bradley Cooper or fat Donald Trump could be the Crow, it wouldn’t make a difference. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tarc

        The Brandon Lee version was kind of an ‘F”-grade movie that found some cult status. I’ve seen it a couple times, and there really isn’t much to be concerned about with a remake. In fact, it’s safe to say that with a good actor and today’s SFX, it will be better than the original.

      • LoveWgfh

        He told me I was his Cinderella !! It’ s not a fairy tale,it’s true.
        I’m a normal girl, not very beautiful or sexy. I never think anyone will love me until I met him in

        ~~ Lo ve Wealt hy * c0 m~~ a place connecting millionaire admirers and wealthy people. He said he had a special feeling for me! He want me to be his Queen!

        OH my god! It’s a dream? He is a certified millionare!!
        I totally believe this after our first date.

        Don’t wait, you will be the next !

      • baraka28

        I think Brandon lee played the best Eric Draven the lead part and remaking it would be a insault to Brandon and to his family . I think the should make one of a girl playing the crow.

      • harry


      • Sverige

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      • Jacob Carberry

        F-Grade? “Some” cult status?!? The movie cost 15 million and made 144 million! Nothing will ever top the Original Crow with Brandon Lee. If you think so…go to rehab. Becuz you have to be on crack

      • Lyssa

        This is insulting to me. Brandon Lee was the best ever crow ever. However I do agree that they should make The Crow with a female playing the main role. If they remake this amazing movie with someone other than who they started it with, there will be problems. :/ Rest in Peace, Brandon Lee.

    • Jason C.

      Considering it’s a comic series, I don’t think remake is the right word. After all a different person comes back with the help of the crow each time. If they don’t call him Eric Draven, it’s not a remake.

      • KP

        If you read the article, it says remake, not sequel. They want to re-do the original movie, not make a 4th one in the series.

        That being said, I think a remake is a horrible idea and Bradley Cooper is really bad casting. Mark Wahlberg would have been worse casting though. The original is timeless and a remake will just ruin the luster of the story.

    • Shameless

      Correction, it wasn’t that a prop gun misfired. The untrained propmaster purchased real bullets because they didn’t want to wait for a shipment of blanks. He emptied the powder out of the rounds, thinking he could “create” his own blanks, not realizing that the firing cap would still detonate the bullet and kill Brandon Lee.

      • Hinkus

        Nope. That’s not right at all. There was still a fragment from a dummy bullet from some close up shots left in the end of the gun. It shot out when the regular blanks were fired, hit Brandon Lee in the side, and fatally wounded him. You’re quoting an urban legend.

    • Mike


    • Johnathan /thorn

      Trying to remake ‘The Crow’? I think any trial of remake would be a parody, not a remake… they could try to do it justice, but the only thing they can make it is a bad joke… travesty… tragic…

    • pvaz

      If they must make a re-make, it should be johnny depp.He is the only one that can pull it off. Also, he could play the joker.hmmm

    • Tanatie

      kill it with fire

  • Who Craig?

    If were lucky, Bradley will get killed by a prop aa well. I can’t stand him. Even if they had a different actor I wouldn’t see a remake. Leave as is

    • Who Craig?


    • Kiki

      That’s really unnecessary.

      • Ciaran

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    • mary q contrary

      I agree. There shouldn’t be a remake, and if they really just HAVE to do it, please for the love of all that’s right and good, don’t cast this tool. If someone had asked me who I thought should play the lead in a remake of The Crow, the first thing I would have said was, “Anyone but that Bradley Cooper as*hat”. Not really, but you get the picture.

      • angelcop74

        haha Who’s Craig!
        Bradley Cooper in The Crow?!?!? You can say it was a “cult fav” but the cult is pretty Big! It’s a modern classic with an iconic star, and soundtrack which still sells well today.
        It’s also a gothic story, and getting today’s smarmy it-boy, is NOT an improvement.
        I’d be for them trying a redux if they took it seriously and tried casting someone who’d be right for the part, rather than just a flash in the pan box office draw.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Who’s Craig you took the words right out of my mouth!!

    • Jason C.

      WhoCraig: You are an idiot, as are you Rolo Tomasi. And people need to stop throwing around the word remake! The Crow is based on a comic book series, different people come back with the help of the crow to avenge their loved ones. This most likely will not be a remake!

      • Tarc

        Rolo’s seeming only job in life is to post like a flaming _ss here on EW.

    • Kasey

      You shouldn’t joke about anybody being killed. Douchebag!

  • Cass

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  • Amy

    Is it just me, or is there nothing appealing about Bradley Cooper?

    • lettergirl

      it’s just you…he is hot as FIRE. but, that doesn’t mean this is a good idea.

      • Angie

        Absolutely agreed to both points.

      • Amy

        I’m not talking about his looks. I agree he is an attractive guy. But I find nothing appealing about him as an actor.

    • Liz Lemon

      I think he’s hot and I loved him on Alias.

    • Love Bug

      She’s a lesbien.

      • angelcop74

        @ Love Bug: You’re retarded.
        Not all grown women like greasy, hair gelled, fake tanned, assembly line dude bro’s.
        Grow up.

    • angelcop74

      I recently voiced my confusion as to why i seemed to be the only woman in the US who doesnt think he’s attractive AT ALL.
      Aside from that, he is wrong for this role. I haven’t seen any evidence that he could pull off this kind of tormented anti-hero role.

    • Mike D

      What about Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Brandon Routh

  • Peyton

    Ugh! When is Hollywood going to stop making these second-rate remakes? And it’s especially insulting when the original film is perfect and does not need to be remade. I think that the role of Eric Draven should always belong to Brandon Lee and to no one else. No remake. And definitely no remake with Bradley Cooper.

    • Sue1

      Couldn’t agree more. I try to keep an open mind about remakes, a practice I dislike more and more- this defies explanation and reason.

    • Peter

      I agree…Brandon Lee owns Eric Draven. While I personally don’t have anything against Bradley Cooper, I would never want to see this film remade.

      • what the what

        How does the character belong to Lee when there were a billion sequels and a tv show?

      • Eric Draven

        It belongs to him because every single “version” after his was pathetic.

    • Jeannie Lee

      I agree 100%!!!

      • Jeannie Lee

        I agree with Peyton’s comment.

    • Summer

      You said it girl. Does Hollywood even have screen writers anymore? Seems to me they take 10-20 year old movies, drop their names in a hat and pull. Maybe a movie boycott to remakes would help but doubtful.

  • jen

    no need for a remake but since they are going through with it get another actor

    • sunsetsnow81

      I agree. I like Bradley but not as The Crow. A remake really isn’t a good idea but go with another choice.

  • CM

    I’ve come to accept that they’re never going to give up on this remake. But seriously, Bradley Cooper? In what scenario could this be considered a good idea? This is almost as bad as that Mark Wahlberg rumor awhile back. Either way, In the end, there should only be one Eric Draven.

  • Valley Girl

    No, no, no…

  • BG 17

    C’mon, it’s not as though he has had any remakes that he has made previously end up as horrific bombs – oh wait, The A-Team… Scratch that last thought.

  • Chris

    What a travesty….is nothing sacred anymore?

    • Summer

      Apparently not.

  • Jose

    The director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed 28 WEEKS Later, not Days. And not only does this film not need to be remade, this is a bad casting idea. I mean the only good I can see coming from it is a lot of shirtless scenes from Cooper, but that’s it.

  • CK

    Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS Later, Intacto)

    And I don’t think Cooper is a good choice…

  • Chris

    Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed 28 WEEKS later, not Days. That was Danny Boyle.

  • Sam J

    They need to remake the first three episodes of Star Wars, not this. Brandon Lee lives forever.

  • t.g. pierson

    Does anyone in Hollywood have an original idea? All these remakes have made moviegoing redundant.

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