Box office report: 'Rio' grabs year's best opening with $40 mil, 'Scream 4' settles for $19.3 mil


Now we know one of Ghostface’s weaknesses: ornithophobia, or fear of birds. Fox’s tropical-bird cartoon Rio trounced the horror sequel Scream 4 and soared to a $40 million opening, according to studio estimates. That gives Rio the best opening weekend so far this year, beating Rango‘s $38.1 million debut. It also represents another victory for Blue Sky Studios, which has produced such animated hits as Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who and the Ice Age movies. Rio, a Brazil-set adventure about the world’s last two blue macaws (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway), earned 58 percent of its tally from 3-D theaters. The well-reviewed $90 million movie also received an “A” rating from CinemaScore audiences, which bodes well for its staying power over the next few weeks.

Scream 4, the first movie in the horror series in 11 years, had to settle for second place with a disappointing $19.3 million. For any other $40 million horror film, that result would be viewed as a decent start, but most industry experts were expecting much more from the Wes Craven project. The Dimension Films release fell far short of the debuts of Scream 2 ($32.9 million) and Scream 3 ($34.7 million), and well behind projections heading into the weekend. The film will almost certainly finish its run as the lowest-grossing entry in the franchise. Scream 4 apparently had trouble attracting new young fans, as only 54 percent of its audience was under the age of 25 — a low figure for a horror film. And the film’s R rating meant that younger teenagers had to get their scares from the PG-13 Insidious instead. CinemaScore moviegoers gave Scream 4 a mediocre “B-” grade.

The rest of the top five consisted of holdovers. The Easter Bunny comedy Hop, which had topped the box office the last two weeks, dropped to third place with $11.2 million — a 48 percent decline. In fourth was the surfing biopic Soul Surfer, which slipped only 30 percent for $7.4 million. And the teenage-assassin thriller Hanna dropped 41 percent for $7.3 million.

In semi-wide release, Robert Redford’s new historical drama The Conspirator, about the trial of Mary Surratt (Robin Wright) following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, collected a sturdy $3.9 million from 707 locations. And the Ayn Rand adaptation Atlas Shrugged: Part I debuted to a decent $1.7 million from 300 theaters. John Aglialoro, the Cybex fitness equipment CEO who financed the $10 million movie, spent nearly 20 years bringing Rand’s Objectivist novel to the big screen.

Check back next week as the best-selling-novel adaptation Water for Elephants, the comedy Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, and the nature documentary African Cats attempt to wipe that smirk off of Rio‘s feathery face.

1. Rio — $40 mil
2. Scream 4 — $19.3 mil
3. Hop — $11.2 mil
4. Soul Surfer — $7.4 mil
5. Hanna — $7.3 mil

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  • James

    So Scre4m turned out to be a failure. I knew it.

    I love how EW and other sites predicted a $30

    million opening – yeah right! I said it before

    that I knew no one who wanted to see it, except

    the fans who keep telling me about it online.

    And don’t use the “Its rated-R, people like to

    download illegally” argument. This is the

    movies, not the music industry. The movie

    industry is doing fine (not as good as last

    year, but still fine) so its a ridiculous

    argument. Also, you may say that the budget is

    $40 million which isn’t bad. Then consider the

    marketing for this film (estimated at $20-$40

    million), so that is a total of $80 million

    maximum. Also, you have to take into account

    that the studio (Dimension) which made this film

    ONLY gets 90% of the returns for the FIRST

    weekend only. Then it drops more and more the

    subsequent weekends. Same for overseas. The

    studio only takes 40% of the grosses, not more.

    And April is not a terrible time for a horror

    movie. Just look at Nightmare on Elm Street (the

    Truth is, the Scream franchise did not have any

    life left, and the Weinstein brothers kept lying

    to themselves thinking people were still

    interested in it. I guess not.
    Also consider the fact that it dropped on

    Saturday, which is a bad sign for a movie

    because most movies (even rated-R ones) at least

    increase a little on Saturday, THEN drop by

    Lets see how much this lifeless franchise drops

    by next weekend. I’m guessing 50% or more.
    Those of you hopinh for Scream 5, I doubt it will happen.

    • Latka

      So what’s your point exactly?

      I mean, other than boasting to anonymous posters about how clever you are?

      • Sally

        His point is to highlight how much of a disappointment that $19 million for Scream 4 is. If you can’t understand that then I suggest you don’t comment.
        And if anything, your comment was trying to be clever, while James’s comment was informing.

      • Mike

        Except when he said the movie industry is doing fine. Sure, movies are going to keep coming out but this year has the worst box office numbers in five years. Doesn’t help considering inflation and 3D prices.

      • Jango

        Nobody wanted to see it because the last movie came out 11 years ago.

        It had no resonance for young adults of today, and the older fans (like myself) are content to wait for the DVD release or torrent sites.

        Not a tough one to figure out, really.

      • P7

        Latka, I’m with you. The other commenters who are trying to trounce you are just doing their best to try and place themselves on a higher intellectual tier than you, and it’s failing miserably. There was life left in this franchise, and had you actually seen the film, which I’m guessing you haven’t, you would’ve been making a different comment. $19M is disappointing, there is no way around that, but it’s opening weekend. Let’s see how it plays out. The first in the series only opened to $6M and finished with $103M. While this isn’t likely, it is still sure to turn a profit for TWC. So many people turn their noses up to genre films as if for some reason they are sub par compared to their intellect. Many are, I can’t deny that. But Scream 4, while delivering the laughs and the gore that horror hounds crave, also gave its audience some truly biting social commentary, one that actually forces its audience to sit back and think about what it’s saying. It has much to say about “celebrity” and what gossip and tabloid obsessesd America defines as such. I just wish people would see and know what they were speaking of before they run off at the mouth. It is a disappointing opening, yes. But that shouldn’t be cause to write the film off or the fans who appreciate it.

      • Jojo

        P7 that bull crap you just spewed would have been more relevant for the first scream movie (which is still overrated) but don’t pretend that this new scream is anything but “meaningful” when it comes to “social commentary”. The movie was horrible from beginning to end, with really bad performances too, and laughable dialogue. They became the joke that the first movie was making fun of, and it was not clever at all

      • CaptainDelicious

        Well said P7, I completely agree (and I’m with you Latika). The people who try to act smug and celebrate the downfall of a franchise they have no stake in certainly wouldn’t be singing the same song had they actually bothered to see the movie. Scream 4 proves there is life in the franchise and is a much better finale than Scream 3 was. The film will definitely turn a profit and while the opening is undeniably disappointing, it is hardly a failure. The majority of the people who grew up with Scream, probably took their kids to Rio this weekend.

      • Mike

        Jango you’re not a real fan of Scream or movies. If so, you would go support it at a theater, getting the full experience instead of ripping it off some computer.

      • Jango

        Dude, I was 20 when the first Scream came out. I’m now 35 with two kids under the age of 4. Seeing Scream 4 at the theatre isn’t exactly high on my priority list right now.

        You’ll understand one day…

      • Vince

        Perfectly said Jango. And to all those who are giving Latka a hard time, he was dead on when pointing out what a d-bag James was for his “Look at how right I am” comments when nobody knows what he really predicted nor should we care. Anyone who doesn’t see that is more a snobby a-hole than James.

      • Mike

        I didn’t know that being 35 with two kids gives you a free pass to illegally download movies.

      • Jango

        You’re fixated on the “download” aren’t you? My point is that I (and many others) who wouldve seen Scream 1-3 in their opening weekends are now 15 years older, with different priorities. Seeing Scream4 in the theatre is not chief among them.

      • lover

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        —–@Dahlia – Thanks! I seem to have hot a little too close to home for some here.

      • Aaron

        Well I’m just glad that despite being over the age of 30 and having kids, one of my priorities is still to have a life.

      • Jango

        Yes, because not rushing out to see Scream on its opening weekend = not having a life.

      • Kim

        So I guess different priorities = spending hours online typing multiple comments to every story eh?

      • Jango

        Yes, “Kim”, I see nothing wrong with spending a few minutes each day posting. Is that a problem for you, or would you prefer to simply insult strangers on the Internet?

    • LD

      GO SEE “Atlas Shrugged Part 1″

      • DRG

        There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.

      • Ellen

        DRG, you have posted that same comment on three different threads. To a deafening roar of…silence. Since I feel bad for you, I am replying at least.

      • DRG

        @Ellen — no need to feel sorry for me. I posted it only one other time and got two responses then. Thank you for your concern though.

      • Jojo

        @DRG, and that very much made you feel special right? Poor nerd

      • DRG

        @Jojo — it made me feel no or no less special than anybody else feels when they get a reply.

      • Devin Faraci

        What 14 year old reads Ayn Rand? Give me a fvcking break, idiot.

      • Robin

        Devin — you’d be surprised how many Ayn Rand groupies discovered her and her books as teenagers.

      • Dahlia

        @DRG – You are more right than your critics would like to believe.

      • DRG

        @Dahlia – Thanks! I seem to have hot a little too close to home for some here.

      • Jojo

        Not really. DRG, you’re just not funny

      • Dahlia

        @DRG – You mean like Jojo?

      • K

        It is interesting that folks are slamming DRG for posting the same thing on more than once but are giving LD a pass for posting the same thing more than once.

      • DRG

        @Jojo — that’s fine. I wasn’t trying to be.

        @Dahlia — yeah, exactly like Jojo.

      • David

        Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws are pure pop trash!!!

      • Woot

        I read Atlas Shrugged at age 16 and I knew younger kids who were reading it. Very long and intense read, but it’s not impossible for a teenager to read it. While I loved it, I don’t agree at all with her ideology, and I have NO interest in seeing the movie. It got terrible reviews and honestly the trailer makes it look pretty bad.

      • Crystal

        I’d rather watch the short The Simpson’s made based on Atlas Shrugged. At least that was entertaining and it got the point across.

    • gump

      that’s a xanax you are taking mister

    • Jango

      Dude, I was 20 when the first Scream came out. I’m now 35 with two kids under the age of 4. Seeing Scream 4 at the theatre isn’t exactly high on my priority list right now.

      You’ll understand one day…

      • Jango

        Never mind this – replied in the wrong thread

    • David

      Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws are pure pop trash!!

      • jheron

        Ummm, How to train your dragon was quite good, and so was Kung Fu Panda. You may have been correct 3 or 4 years ago, but there are some pretty descent movies coming from studios other than Pixar.

      • Jose

        David. Stop with this same comment please. It’s ridiculous how you’re calling Megamind a knock-off of the Incredibles when the only thing both films have in common is that they’re both superhero movies. And its not like The Incredibles is that original, its basically a family friendly version of Watchmen.
        and Happy feet as owls? Not even colose considering how Legend of the Guardians is a war movie. And like Jheron said lately a lot of studious have produced animated movies that are as good and maybe better than Pixar movies.

    • Damon

      Are you serious, James? Internet piracy has seriously undercut the numbers when it comes to movies and music. If you don’t think it’s affected the movie industry, I’d have to seriously question if you know what “piracy” is.

    • Teri

      Boy, James. are you a pompous windbag! Any relation to Chris Ford? Write comments not essays. This is a conversation not a lecture.

    • Greg

      Geez Man calm yo tits!

    • Nick

      Scream 4 was awesome. I’m a huge fan and was satisfied with how the movie turned out. The box office will continue to up for the next few weekends, however, I do agree that Scream 5 is probably a no-go. I’m ok with it though.

    • Sid4Ever

      Wow. I am really surprised that so many people are deadpanning Scream 4…and even more amazed that James doesn’t feel that piracy is the very reason our box office numbers are at record lows. It is 99% of the reason. Yes, the movie had some flaws but was a great film for us that were teenagers when the original came out and got to see everyone return for the new one, and I love that Ghostface is no longer a bumbling idiot. I think that we will really see how Scream 4 does when we see the DVD sales and rental numbers because a lot more people do wait for DVD now plus all of the stuff cut from the theatrical release but in the promos and trailers is some pretty good stuff that Wes Craven already confirmed WILL be on the DVD. I saw the movie twice…once by myself because all of my friends with kids were seeing Rio and once with those same friends who got a babysitter and went with me…so I don’t think it is fair to say, “Oh, I have kids now. I can’t see this movie”. You clearly didn’t because you didn’t want to.

      I think there will at least be a Scream 5, and I hope they explain where Sid and everyone else has been for 10 years this time around. Has it really been 10 years since Gail and Dewey saw Sidney after everything they have been through? Doubtful in a real life.

  • Rovena

    I’m looking very much forward to seeing Water for Elephants next week. Robert Pattinson is a wonderful guy, extremely handsome, and has an accent. For all you guys out there, be headstrong. Girls like strong men that aren’t afraid to show their true feelings at times. We need to know you’re reliable, say what you mean, and will always take care of us.

    • LOL

      That’s got ‘crap’ written all over it.

      • DRG

        Well then it should be a big hit because America loves crap.

    • @rovena

      You do realize Robert Pattinson is an actor, right? He is not Edward Cullen. You have no idea if he shows his true feelings and would take care of you.

      • @ @rovena

        You do realize that rovena was being sarcastic, I have seen that same snark on other threads related to Cullen/Pattison/Twilight…it’s a joke, looking down on Twilight.

      • Kat

        I think you’re using the term actor a little loosely there.

  • Mairead Holden

    Scream 4 was just another generic and derivative horror movie. This film series was already repetitious and monotonous. Nothing but a cash grab. And suckers gladly ponied up to watch it. Why do they insist on continuing this tired old franchise?? It’s the same old story over and over. Write something new Hollywood! Wonder when they’ll announce Scream 5 and that it will feature the entire casts of Glee, Gossip Girl, Jersey Shore, One Tree Hill and The Only Way Is Essex. Should be a cinch! More cash!

    • jango

      a) Since you labelled it “generic and derivative” I’m assuming you must have gone to see it?

      b) Are you then one of the “suckers” who “gladly ponied up to watch it”?

  • LM

    I’m sure the Weinstens will try to offset the disappointing opening weekend for Scream 4 by putting a PG-13 version in theters.

    • Ahab

      Yeah, that joke was already used on the Friday box office report.

      Funnier the first time I read it.

  • m1

    Bring on Water for Elephants!

  • Ray

    wow James if you were in Scream 4 they would have killed you off for sure..LMAO..I loved the movie!

    • DTO

      Snap . . . not!

  • barney

    So now EW puts flops on their cover?

    • Megster


      • Loch Ness


    • Lisa

      It’s THE EW CURSE! Reese Witherspoon was on the cover and her softball rom com was a bomb!

    • DTO

      To be fair, they don’t have a crystal ball that foretells the future, and if they do, they need to spring for a new one.

    • Liz Lemon

      I’m quite sure Deathly Hallows won’t flop…that was the last cover. But 20 mil isn’t too bad an opening for a horror film. I’m glad Rio made so much though, considering it’s ratings are so good.

      • Ogran

        Yes, 20 m IS bad for a massively-marketed sequel to a historically profitable franchise.

  • Dave

    Actually, teenagers probably got their scares from Scream 4…they just bought a ticket to ‘Rio’ instead…

    • whatevs

      Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

  • Jason

    Wow…James and Mairead Holden are a couple of killjoys, arent they. “Scream 4″ was probably the most purely FUN movie I’ve seen in a good long while. The thing that makes it DIFFERENT from your run of the mill horror flick is the clever dialogue, returning likeable characters and good direction from Wes Craven. In regards to it’s relatively low box office opening, i think it can be blamed on a few things. 1. Wrong time of year…Same thing happened to the amazing “Grindhouse” three years ago…Easter time is NOT when you open a horror flick…did Dimension forget this?! 2. Passage of time. I think a lot of the fans of the original trilogy consider themselves TOO OLD to go see a movie like this now and younger teens might not even KNOW the original trilogy that well. 3. I think horror might be on its way out again for a while…even Paranormal Activity 2 and Saw 3-D didnt exactly do HUGE numbers back at Halloween. Nor did Piranha which was EXTREMELY entertaining.

    • Will

      Agreed. Incredibly entertaining. Scary?…not really, but a ton of fun. Saw it twice this weekend. Another factor would be the rating, and I would have to agree with other posters who said that a lot of teens bought tickets to Rio and Saw Scream 4 instead. If I were under 17 I would.

    • *V*

      I loved Scream 4! It maintained my expectations: fun, snarky, some jumps, and comical. Doubtful there will be 5th one due to low box office $$$

  • dman

    scream 4 was great!

    i saw both this weekend… one with my niece and the other with my horror friends…

    rio was just ok… not pixar… not drramworks but a smidge below that. she liked it though.

    Scream4 on the other hand was awesome. i know 15 people who’ve seen it so far. everyone loved it. except 1 guy. the rest all had so much fun.

    i was so surprised. was funny. gory. not too gory. if it ends on this at least it is a good ending and 1000 times better than 3.

    • Flip

      I agree! I loved Scream 4 and thought it was great. It’ll make its budget back. And if it’s the final entry in the series, well I’m satisfied with how it ended! It certainly washed the bad taste of Scream 3 out of my mouth.

      • adam

        Totally agree, Flip! Scream 4 was great. It may not have been super scary, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. The theater I was in was probably about 3/4 full ,and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Very fun and entertaining movie-going experience.

    • Ken

      Totally agree!

    • Brian

      Totally agree. Loved it. I think Scream 4 is the second best in the series, after the first one (and I loved Scream 2 as well and thought Scream 3 is easily the worst, but somewhat underrated).
      I do think they’ve found a great ending here, but if they’ve got a plan in place, I’d be game for Scream 5.

  • fbdbpw

    Being a huge fan of the original trilogy, i was afraid the franchise wouldve lost steam but i was pleasantly surprised with scream4. This year i have seen the green hornet, the rite, i am number four(which i thought was ok), Battle los angeles( which i thought was just ok as well), paul, sucker punch, rubber( one of the worst films ive ever seen), and your highness. For me scream 4 was the 1st good film ive seen this year. I’ll give it 3 stars out of 4. I really enjoyed the opening scene although im not sure i completely bought the killer’s identity

    • Jason

      Wow. You seem to exclusively watch crap in theaters. Good luck with that.

      • DTO

        I agree with Jason. You may as well have written: “Out of all the turds, I like this one most. This turd has CHARACTER!”

      • fbdbpw

        Jason i wont try to deny that most of the films ive seen this year were garbage, but believe me when i say when im going to see a movie im almost positive on whether or not i know if i will like it. That being said, being a movie freak like myself i pretty much hav 2 c something at least once a week regardless of whether or not it will suck. Im not making any excuses but thats just how it is and i can safely say that most of the time im fine paying my 8bucks 2 go see something even if it may turn out to be the worst thing ive ever seen. That may not be how you decide what to watch but as for yourself you’ll never know unless u c for yourself

      • Eileen

        fbdbpw – I did just that in high school because there was nothing else to do for dates in my tiny town. I saw a lot of turds.

        Things are different now, and I don’t have to pay $8 to see an awful movie for entertainment. That same $8 can get you unlimited streaming for a month on certain movie rental websites you have probably heard of. For a few bucks more, you can get DVDs and movies sent straight to your home. There are a lot of wonderful movies out there that will never make it to your local theater. If you are truly a movie freak, this is something you should seriously consider.

  • Megster

    Rio was a very fun film. Animation was colorful and well done, musical numbers were fantastic, but that had to be the most generic plot for a movie I’ve seen in awhile. A bird that cant fly. Really?

  • scre4mer

    I loved Scream 4! I’m not into cartoons & animated stuff. I think its boring.

  • efrain

    Scream 4 is in 2nd place because they waited 2 long to release it. It would have made more money if it was released @ least 2 years earlier. Wes Craven will get desperate & put Freddy Krueger in scream 5 lol ha ha!!

    • Ed

      As I stated yesterday, only a massive $200 million/$300 million-level franchise can wait 10 years between installments.

      Scream was always an “of the moment” success.

      It doesn’t boast the massive brand name and hype of films like Toy Story or Star Wars that can weather many years between installments.

  • Diane

    I’m not surprised to see Arthur drop out of the top 5 after one week

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