'The Dark Knight Rises' officially adds Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt to cast


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Warner Bros. has announced the official casting of Oscar winner Marion Cotillard and Joseph-Gordon Levitt in Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Cotillard will play Miranda Tate, described as "a Wayne Industries board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne [played by Christian Bale] resume his father's philanthropic endeavors for Gotham." Gordon-Levitt will play John Blake, described as "a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon [played by Gary Oldman]

.” Both actors appeared in Nolan’s 2010 smash Inception. They’ll join Anne Hathaway (playing Selina Kyle) and fellow Inception alum Tom Hardy (playing the villain Bane), who were formally cast in January.

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  • James Kragen

    Love Marion Cotillard, very attractive and sexy. French perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

    • Sergiu

      I agree she’s almost perfect, but why would she be a small role in this movie instead of an whole movie with her in the main role.

      • bungalow bill

        Maybe because it’s arguably the most anticipated movie ever and it’s being directed by Christopher Nolan.

      • bungalow bill

        And what makes you think the role is small?

      • Just Sayin’

        I think it’s a bit of an overstatement to say it’s the most anticipated movie ever.

      • bungalow bill

        I said “arguably” the most anticipated ever — i.e., you could certainly make a case that it is. Remember that Dark Knight had the biggest opening weekend in b.o. history.

      • Sergiu

        Well she’s not playing Batman so it’s going to be a supporting role. And since Anne Hathaway was cast before her, Anne’s part is going to be bigger.

      • DRG

        @Just Sayin’ — of course it is an overstatement. The Nolan fanboys are the kings of hyperbole and overstatement. How else can they push the work of a totally unremarkable director?

      • Le HIROSHI

        Re La Cotillard, I think more or less the language barrier (at NATIVE level) should be factored in. Hollywood is in essence about English-speaking film productions. Good luck to her, though.

        By the way, the title The Dark Knight Rises could have been better.

      • Josh

        Something tells me that Miranda Tate isn’t who she seems. I’m calling it, she’s Talia Al Ghul.

      • Blake

        I don’t know who this woman is, but she’s probably taking the role in exchange for a hefty salary. I would argue with the “anticipation” remark. I wasn’t impressed with any of Nolan’s Batman. Bale’s voice was horrible and that’s Nolan’s fault. The Dark Knight wouldn not have been so apparently popular at the box office if it hadn’t been for Ledger’s demise. I may rent this from Redbox if it is recommended to me, but will be in no hurry to do so.

      • bill lumbergh

        And yet here you are posting about it.

      • Jeff C.

        @Blake – So, your main barometer for how good TDK was, was Bale’s voice? Riiight. I agree that it most certainly got a BO boost from Ledger’s untimely death, but the movie was still tremendous, as was Batman Begins. I am not normally one for definitive statements about art, but the praise for these movies is fairly universal (or at least was, until the inevitable vocal minority backlash that comes along with EVERY obscenely popular film, album, TV show or book.)

        Either way, since you don’t even know who OSCAR WINNER Marion Cotillard is, I’m not sure you’re exactly a reliable source for cinematic critique.

      • Ryan

        Any new Nolan movie is seen the way new Star Wars movies were before the prequels (I dont personally count those as actual star wars movies, more straight to dvd knock offs). So basically at this point ANY new Nolan movie could be argued is the most anticipated ever, because it has what even star wars didn’t; the interest of the ENTIRE art world, not just film lovers and fan boys.

      • Your Queen

        Blake = whiny beeeatch

      • frank

        His voice was fine who cares the acting was good the story was good and the entertainment value was incredible … to make a statement that a movie is defined by hte voice of an actor is asinine.

    • DRG

      Marion Cotillard is an exceptional actress, but it is such a pity she’s gotten drawn into Nolan’s web again since he seems totally incapable of writing a compelling female character.

      • bill lumbergh

        Nah. I disagree. She was compelling in Inception.

      • DRG

        Her performance in the movie was fine (and, indeed, the only thing decent in it) but the character was not well written. Nolan has never written a multi dimensional character.

      • Mole

        Have you even seen Memento?

      • DRG

        Yes, I’ve seen Memento a movie so in love with its own sense of smug cleverness that it borders on the unwatchable — just more Noaln fanboy fodder.

      • Jack

        Dude, you are a smug idiot. Memento was a great movie, and it was great long before Nolan became famous as the best Batman movie director ever. And for an awful director propped up by fanboys, Nolan sure gets his share of raves from critics and acknowledgement from the Academy Awards, and I don’t think either of those are full of fanboys. It’s fine if you don’t like him, but why do you have to pee on everybody else’s fun?! You’re full of snarky comments, but nothing you have to say is remotely true; just mean-spirited, subjective opinions. Go away!

      • JaySin420

        I agree, I like the Batman movies but I think Nolan is ridiculously overrated.

        Ledger made TDK a great movie, not Nolan. And I can’t believe people went crazy over Inception. It was a decent movie, that’s about it. I can’t imagine ever watching it again.

      • DRS

        Acknowledgement from the Academy? It was just a couple of months ago that all the Nolan fanboys were outraged that he was not nominated for “Inception.”

      • adam

        @DRS…He wasn’t nominated for Best Director, but he was nominated for his screenplay, as well as for the film itself (he was a producer). So yes, he certainly was acknowledged by the Academy.

      • Ryan

        AHAHAH, a vast majority of critics and film lovers in general agree Memento was one of the greatest screenplays of all time. Not as great a movie, but arguably the literal BEST screenplay ever. But I cave, “guy on message board with only opinions and no logic to them” is obviously foremost expert on the matter, not BO receipts and praise from EVERY corner of the art world.

      • Phil

        DRS, that’s a really silly comment.

        There is only one winner in each category. So are all movies, screenwriters, actors, etc. unrecognized by the academy if they fail to win the award? No.

        His film was nominated in several categories. And less than 1/10th of 1 percent of films are nominated for anything by the academy. So, yes, he was recognized.

      • Mike

        Wow, Marion’s character wasn’t “compelling” in your sense because she was intentionally 2-dimensional. Did you watch the movie? She was Leonardo’s projection of her, and he clearly states towards the end “I can’t recreate all your perfections and imperfections.” There should be a law stating you must be able to comprehend spoon fed information before you can offer critiques. As for Ellen page, she was no less compelling than any of the other supporting roles.

      • ABC

        For the record DRG, contrarian anti-fanboys are no worse than actual diehard fanboys. Your as blinded by your wannabe anti-conformity, pretentious attitude as fanboys are blinded by butterflies for Nolan.

      • Jack

        Get your facts straight amateur: he was nominated for Inception–Best Original Screenplay/Best Picture!

      • Jack

        Jaysin420 go smoke another bowl dude: without Nolan, Heath Ledger wouldn’t have given that great performance in TDK!

    • Le HIROSHI

      Re La Cotillard, I think more or less the language barrier (at NATIVE level) should be factored in. Hollywood is in essence about English-speaking film productions. Good luck to her, though.

      – –

      By the way, the title The Dark Knight Rises could have been better.

      • t-bone

        I agree. How about “The Dark Knight Strikes Back” or wait, “Revenge Of The Dark Knight”.

      • Justin

        The Dark Knight Rises is a great title regardless of what you think!

      • Le HIROSHI

        Sighing. “t-bone,” what’s the point for dissin’ Lucas’ movies(?). “Justin,” I’m just thinking out loud, and so are you. Peace.

      • dj wood

        Le Hiroshi I totally agree about the title. I know this is lame but maybe they could have called it The Caped Crusader?

      • Le HIROSHI

        “dj Wood”: Thanks for being sports. I like the alliteration gimmicks, but. . .

        – –

        Anyway, come to think about it, at least, you’ve come up with “A NAME” while I’m just basically being NON-productive (and according to t-bone, and Justin; whining too). : (

      • Ryan

        Stop it already. TDKR is a bad title compared to WHAT?? THE PHANTOM MENACE or ATTACK OF THE CLONES?? When Ewon was told the title of AOTC at a press conference, his exact words were “you gotta be kidding me”. You have no sense objectivity. Great title Chris.

    • Erica

      I really wish she was going to be Selina Kyle instead though. Wouldn’t she make the perfect Catwoman? The woman is so gorgeous & sensual, she would be a natural fit for that role…

      • Um

        Totally agree. She’d be way better for it than Anne Hathaway.

      • kimmy

        i totally agree. i was hoping marion would be cast as selina!

    • Bruce Wayne

      John Blake = Joker.
      Miranda Tate = Talia al Ghul.

      just watch..

      • dj wood

        Um that’s stupid

    • Tom

      I like comicbooks. And turtles.

    • todd

      weirdo. . .

  • Isabella

    Woooo! Christopher Nolan is the undisputed best and greatest director in the world! The Dark Knight Rises will be the biggest movie ever! Watch out Avatar!

    • bill

      Sorry, but Avatar does not need to worry about TDKR stealing it’s crown. Let’s not forget TDK box office was helped by the untimely death of Heath Ledger, and that obviously won’t help this time out. And when has the third chapter of a trilogy ever made more money than the either of the first two?

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I think Avatar was helped along by a little something called 3D sales…

      • Shawn

        Spiderman 3 – but I hope that’s where the comparisons end.

      • Swifty

        Return of the King earned more than the other two LOTR movies.

      • Shawn

        Also X-Men: The Last Stand – the trend with superhero hero movies seems to be a very successful but subpar third installment.

      • Shakespeare

        The Return of the KING made more money then the two previous films! + More people are waiting to see this movie more so than the avengers! As far as your Heath Ledger comment, it has no merit. Heath Ledger was never a box office star, people who were curious to see his last performance showed up on opening weekend! The remainder of its theatrical run is credited to it just being a mile-stone of a film! + if The Dark Knight was in 3D it would have surpassed AVATAR, thank god it wasn’t though!

      • Jackson

        I’ll add Bourne Ultimatum. Come on Bill – we’re talking about movies here, not Planned Parenthood. Let’s try to get our facts straight.

      • Swifty

        Also Toy Story 3.

      • Janet

        Toy Story and Jackass – though 3D probably helped a bit, they all had higher ticket sales.

      • Swifty

        Also, the third Star Wars movie of the second trilogy earned more than the other two, although now I feel we’re just piling on poor old Bill.

      • Matt1

        Spiderman 3 was the lowest grossing of the series bro.

      • Ryan

        I believe Toy Story 3 smoked 1 & 2

      • Greg

        umm hello? Pirates of the Caribean III at worlds end grossed the most of the 3 movies

        Dark Knight Rises will surpass Avatar, Rumor has it there’s “Joker” footage that was for the prologue of this movie.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if the first trailer features the joker intro in some way…

        not to mention Avatar was a terrible movie and only made soo much because the tickets were 4-8$ more expensive then regular tickets.

        Avatar plot and special affects weren’t that great The movie was a video game + Dances with wolves + Jurassic park + Robisons

      • Janet

        @Matt1 – you’re right about US Gross, but I was looking at worldwide numbers – Spiderman 3 made $890,871,626 around the globe.

      • Buddymoore

        I think it’s a possibility that TDKR could pass Avatar in in the US, but there’s not a chance worldwide. Let me say first off that I am a bigger man of the Batman movies than Avatar, so there’s no bias toards Avatar here. What Avatar did was basically unheard of and we’re not likely to see anything do that again until quite a few years down the road. TDK made close to 500 million worldwide, Avatar made 2 billion. Rack your brain around those numbers and tell me if TDKR has a chance.

      • Buddymoore

        I misspelled a ton of things, sorry about that.

      • bill

        OK, I admit I forgot about a few of those (ROTK, TS3 and X-men Last Stand). Spidey 3 and Pirates 3 did not make more money than either of the first two. (I am talking domestic box office, BTW). Sorry for missing those few, but still my point is fairly valid… third chapters typically do not make bank like the first or second.

      • bill

        To Buddymoore: TDK made a billion worldwide, and Avatar made something like 2.7 billion worldwide

      • Buddymoore

        Yeah, I got that mixed up and actually meant foreign instead of worldwide.

      • Ryan

        AVATAR was helped by audiences no longer caring about good dialog, end of discussion.

      • Ryan

        Also if you count inflation, AVATAR didn’t even gross as much as TITANIC, even with all the gimmicks, 3D, and outrageously (even offensively) manipulative plot and characters. The only reason TDKR wont gross as much as AVATAR is you can’t bring really young kids to it, which was appropriate for AVATAR bc even a 2 year old could have followed that plot: Military and corporations EVIL! Sexy blue people with kitten faces GOOD!

  • CW

    Anne Hathaway as the least sexiest catwoman in history!

    • whatevs

      I agree.

    • K

      She wasn’t catwoman during her first appearance. She didn’t have a cat looking costume. She was just a highly skilled burgler named Selina Kyle not catwoman. This is the way Hathaway’s role will be in the new film.

      • Brian

        Wasn’t there a report about her being fitted for the Catwoman suit?
        No need to fear Catwoman…Batman’s a superhero story and supervillains should be included.

    • graeme

      Still wish they had gotten Rachel Weisz.

      • pacino

        graemeTue 04/19/11 3:09 PM
        Still wish they had gotten Rachel Weisz.

        weisz and bale would have been perfect together. what was weisz thinking when she decided not to do this movie and great shape for someone who is 35.

      • Skip182

        Weisz couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. I’ve never once seen her give a good performance. Though to be fair, she also can’t choose a good movie to be in either, so it’s not entirely her fault when the dialogue is so poor.

    • Flip

      Word. Yuck!

    • Jane Baker

      Agreed. They have it soooo backwards. Marion Cotillard should have played Catwoman. What is it with this series of films and their female lead choices? At least Maggie Gyllenhall could act.

    • jen

      Can I read a post without people trashing Anne Hathaway? At least have the common courtesy to wait for the final product and then give an educated opinion. This is the same ridiculousness that Heath Ledger faced before ‘ Dark Knight’ was released. I actually trust Chris Nolan, especially after The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Hathaway ( and the other actresses) screen tested opposite Christian Bale. And, recently , Nolan’s cinematographer Wallly Pfister ( he filmed the screen tests for the actresses) praised her screen test and how she looked in her costume. Obviously, Anne had to fight for this role, and she had to prove to Nolan and Bale that she has the goods to pull-off the role. Give the woman a chance.

      • Jane Baker

        Like the chance everyone gave Katie Holmes?

      • Alex

        Katie Holmes was different. I’ve read she was cast due to the studio. When “Begins” was a success and Nolan was given more freedom…enter Maggie Gylenhall.

      • kimmy

        i have nothing against anne hathaway and i actually think she is a talented actress. i would love to have seen marion cast as selina b/c omg….that woman just oozes mysterious sexiness which would have been perfect for that role. anne is a more “girl-next-door” and a tad bit over-exposed at the moment.

    • kiki kiddo

      All Nolan Girls in Batman sucks, Katie Holmes, Maggie Gylenhall, Anne Hathaway….Except for Marion Cotillard she’s gorgeous

  • tvgirl48

    Finally. After Katie Holmes and Maggie Gylenhaal, I’d love to see someone as equally beautiful and talented as Cotillard in a leading role in the Batman movies. Let’s see, JGL, Cotillard, Michael Caine, Hardy, Cillian Murphy (in the first movie), can we just bring Leo over too? Make this Batman movie even more awesome?

    • RK

      When I read that, I thought you meant Maggie Gylenhaaaaal was beautiful. Whew.

      • tvgirl48

        lol no, beauty and talent in equal supplies

    • Airhead

      And what part would Melissa Leo play?

      • KCC

        Omg!!! I thought you were serious thinking it was Melissa Leo they were talking about, but then i read your name…but then at the sametime i do hope your joking??

    • Crystal

      Anne Hathaway and Maggie Gyllenhaal are both beautiful (“perfect” face does not equal beauty) and talented (both have received Oscar nominations and much critical praise). I don’t understand why people are so critical of these two.

  • melissa

    Yesssss I love Marion Cotillard. And JGL.

  • Matt

    Inception 2: The Dark Knight Rises seems to be progressing well.

    • bill

      Good call.

    • Jane Baker

      LOL. All we need now is for Batman to fight Bane in a dream sequence.

      • tina p.

        Jane Baker, stop instigating. You sound very childish. Grow-up ! Besides, Katie Holmes wishes she had Anne Hathaway’s triple threat talent. You can’t put Hathaway in the same category with Holmes. Anne will have a long career. I can’t say that about Katie.

  • Anne

    Wow, we actually got confirmations of the characters they are playing – as well as descriptions of said characters?? Color me surprised, but also pleasantly surprised that they won’t be playing villains, which would have overstuffed the film with four villains. Though, I’m sure the fanboys will be disappointed that Cotillard isn’t Talia, and JGL isn’t Hugo Strange/Riddler/Falcone’s son/some other villain. Though, I suppose it’s still possible they could turn out to be villains…

    • Anne

      Ok, so I just saw the news that Josh Pence was cast as a “Young Ra’s Al Ghul” for flashback scenes. So I’m calling it now: Cottilard’s character turns out to be Talia Al Ghul in disguise.

      • Alainna


      • Brian

        Good call. And if it’s true, all the better. They’re both good actors, but yet another cop and another businesswoman were the last characters I wanted to see in major roles. Well, maybe another street-level mobster would’ve been worse.

    • kimmy

      i don’t think for one second that nolan would waste JGL and Marion for lame supporting characters. i’m sure he will surprise us.

  • Marie

    JGL is coming to Pittsburgh?! YES! Well, I know who I’ll be stalking this summer…

    • Dani C

      ROTFL! Stalk him for me too, ok!!

  • crispy

    I think if I was an actor, I’d be very satisfied being a part of Nolan’s menagerie.

  • Johanna Börjeson

    Wohooo!! Let me tell you, this will be an Anne Hathaway you’ve never seen, and she’s going to knock everyone’s socks off in The Dark Knight Rises! You are going to be so killed by her performance. I can’t tell you how good she is going to be as a strong, independent, sexy Catwoman. Oh, she is going to be so good in this. It’s unbelievable the performance she is going to give. It’s amazing. Hahah.. freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Man! I feel like a woman!

    • who cares

      you’re silly

    • Jane Baker

      Bahahahahaha….Anne Hathaway is Katie Holmes with bigger boobs. Their taste in men is about the same, though.

      • Crystal

        That’s the stupidest comment I’ve ever read. How so? Did Katie Holmes ever get an Oscar nomination, a bunch of critical praise, or even have an acting career? Once again, I don’t understand all this criticism of Anne Hathaway, other than a few silly girly movies (which were pretty good for silly girly movies), she’s had a solid career.

      • em

        Right, because female actors should be judged on who they date instead of their talent. Wow. And yes, Anne Hathaway is talented, even if you don’t personally like her. Quit being such a misogynist. (And no, I don’t care if you’re a woman yourself, you can still make misogynistic comments)

      • djg

        Katie Holmes with a gigantic nose, maybe.

  • Monty

    These are two very good actors, so I’m sure that they will do their jobs well. Its too bad that neither character is a recognisible name that fans can get behind…but without knowing who these characters are until we see the movie, this can’t be seen as anything but a good thing.

  • Stretch

    Huh? Didn’t see that coming. Still, glad they didn’t cast Marion Cotillard as Talia, the way the rumors were suggesting. I didn’t want to see another white-washed character. Should be interesting to see these new characters.

  • JJ

    Want to bet Miranda Tate ends up turning out to be Talia by the end of the movie?

  • A-K87

    Miranda Tate will do a ‘Ra’s and end up being Talia trying to rerecruit Bruce to the League whilst he is down and out.

    Blake will work out that Gordon knows more (about Two Face/Batman murders) than he lets on.

    • harry

      Hmmmmm sounds like fun!!!

    • save your servant

      and you know this how?

      • A-K87

        pure educated speculation… that’s why we’re here, right? Non of us are ‘in the loop’.

  • shirley

    I can’t wait for this film, bring on 2012. This is great casting.

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