'Hunger Games' casts its Glimmer and Marvel


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Jack Quaid, son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, and Leven Rambin (Grey’s Anatomy, All My Children) have been cast as two of the Career Tributes in the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games. Making his acting debut, Quaid will play Marvel, the brutal male tribute from District 1. Ramblin will play his female counterpart Glimmer, the emerald-eyed vixen who nabs the bow and arrow set at the Cornucopia. Quaid and Ramblins’ casting comes on the heels of yesterday’s news of newcomers Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg landing the respective roles of District 11 Tributes Thresh and Rue, and today’s revelation that Elizabeth Banks is all but signed on to play tinny handler Effie Trinket.

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  • Steven

    Did anyone else expect someone a little more…buff for Marvel?

    • K

      They can get him buff through training.

      • crispy

        Or HGH

    • mia

      Yeah they’ll buff him up for the picture. This is all fine and well but what about Haymitch??? that’s who I’m interested in.

      • Kieleigh

        I agree. Hes a bit.. small. And its going to be interesting to see who plays Haymitch.

      • Beauty

        John Goodman for Haymtch.

      • AB

        Are you serious? John Goodman is waaaay too old.

  • Ben Badgley

    Love Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Leven Rambin, very attractive and sexy.

    • Chelsea

      Leven Rambin is an amazing actress. I saw some of her work on All My Children (as the autistic Lily) and she blew me away.

      • Kalie

        She is a good actress. She was also in “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. I’m sure she’ll be great in the movie, even though it’s not a very big role.

      • Kris

        She was really good on One Tree Hill. She just finished her run on that last night. Such a sad episode.

  • Kelly

    He looks like the guy you’d want fixing your computer, not a brutal Tribute trained to kill.

    • Amy

      Hahahah this is the perfect description.

    • Rachel


    • Myra

      So does Josh Hutcherson

  • lefty

    hahaha a) I think that’s an old picture of him…but I saw a more recent one and he looked a bit chubby. and b) took ya long enough to report it EW.

    • lefty

      yay! an updated picture!

  • Kate

    I must confess, past the vague idea of the last one other than Peeta and Katniss standing and some vague notion of the foursome that Peeta globs onto initially, I really only remember Rue and Thresh from the first book. Even reading the book when we would run into someone in the arena, I had to think, who is this where are they from again, or as the book went on…didn’t that person die already…or when the slide show or whatever happened, I couldn’t keep count.

    • lefty

      I remember Foxface too but yeah…

    • cheri

      Glimmer is the one who gets stung very badly by the tracker jackets and Katniss takes back the bow and arrow. I am pretty sure Marvel is the one who kills Rue, then Katniss kills him.

    • crispy

      I have a hard time remembering them too, but I do recall pretty well that the first four districts are supposed to be hardcore into the games including breeding and trainings “career” tributes to win. That little runt is not at all what I’d picture District 1 sending to the games.

      • Jenn

        I think he’s actually pretty tall.

      • AB

        How can you tell he’s a “little runt” from a headshot? Seriously. That’s just way too critical. I’m sure he’ll be fine – he’s got an excellent pedigree for such a small part!

      • crispy

        It’s funny to me that Willow Smith, who also has “an excellent pedigree” and more importantly actually looks the part of Rue, drew so much disdain. Yet this kid doesn’t even have an IMDB page(!), and people barely bat an eyelash. And PS: I google-image searched him before I commented. He’s a toothpick.

      • Eve

        Maybe that’s the problem.We have seen Willow’s work and that’s why there is so much disdain. We have no reason to disapprove of this kid yet since we haven’t seen his work. Also Rue is such an important and beloved character that people are more protective of who is cast as her. Willow Smith couldn’t be more annoying!

    • katie

      Yeah, I agree with you Kate. They describe Cato pretty well, and of course Rue and Thresh. But I don’t remember much description of Marvel…so I think Jack Quaid will be fine.

  • Katie

    I’m not ok with who’s playing glimmer, she was on wizards of waverly place playing a angle… That shows a lot of talent…

    • lefty

      she was an angel…and yeah, I wasn’t a big fan of hers.

    • Garrett

      it also shows a lot of talent to spell angel right

      • Amanda

        So what if She put angle instead of angel still making a point

      • Katie

        Oooh I put angle instead of angel. It’s a entertainment site not a spelling test who gives a rats ass

      • Moron

        *an entertainment site

      • HPotter

        We all do. Btw, they should handout better pics to post on these news articles.

    • allie

      Was her angle obtuse or acute? And how does her ability to portray an “angle” make her casting in Hunger Games any less legit? Also, she may have been on Wizards, but she’s been in a whole lot since then. But I’m not an expert on angles, so what do I know….

      • lefty

        I understand your point, but she was just on Wizards in the last month or two…so…she hasn’t really been in that much since then (and I reaaaaally wouldn’t rely on One Tree Hill for credibility).

      • Katie

        Usually actresses on Disney shows don’t bring much to the table, in about 3 months she’ll have her own Disney show

      • MissMel

        You guys know that she was on All My Children for years right? She played Lily Montgomery, a young autistic girl who was the daughter of one of the shoes long-running characters, Jackson Montgomery.

      • Becs

        She was also on Sarah Connor Chronicles. She was actually really good on there. I think she will do well.

    • Tara

      a.) spelling is hard apparently b.) people get their starts in all kinds of places, George Clooney got his start way back in the day on cheesy sitcoms now he’s a celebrated actor. You can’t really judge an actress based on one crappy role on a show written for pre-teens.

      • Laura

        Guess will have to wait until the film

      • AB

        a) I heart u, Tara. LOL b) Tara’s right. Tom Hanks got his start on a cheesy sitcom too. So did alot of other big stars.
        Again, you people are waaaay to critical. And you CAN’T SPELL!!

    • Chelsea

      Have you seen any of her work on All My Children? She’s MEGA talented. She played dual roles, one of which was a young girl with autism and she knocked it out of the park.

    • Ralphie

      And since angel starts with an A you need to say “an angel.”

      between your poor grammar and copping to watching Wizards I’d guess you’re what…12? Shouldn’t you be doing school work and not spending hours posting comments about every last HG casting choice?

    • Kris

      She was also on One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami and Terminater: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Just cause she was on a Disney show, doesn’t mean she’s a bad actress.

  • Anonymous

    I think she also played Sloans daughter on Greys. She is not bad.

  • Steve

    I approve of this casting – liking the idea of having relative unknowns play the rest of the Tributes.

  • Makeith

    Her best role was on Terminator, the tv show.

  • Myra

    Not bad. Not as perfect as Thresh and Rue but they are just fine but not as bad as Peeta and Gale. Have you seen the facebook tribute page? It gives you the feeling that you are really really watching the reaping.

    • Jenn

      I like how confrontational a marketing plan it is! It’s kinda Brechtian – turning the mirror on the audience already.

    • lefty

      I know, I really like how they’ve set it up!

  • Kristen

    He’s got dad’s chin! A little time with a personal trainer and he’ll go all Taylor Lautner. I think he looks Aryan enough for the tribute from District 1. Not the Capital but still in line with the evil empire.

  • tjj50

    Holy crap, when did Jack Quaid grow up?!?!

  • tjj50

    Holy crap! When did Jack Quaid grow up?

  • Hanna

    This guy should play Peeta instead. He just needs to work out a little.

  • Kim

    Glimmer and Marvel were the tributes Katniss sorta’ made fun of intially for their names… She thought the richer districts gave the kids weird names. And she thought that Glimmer was playing up the sex angle. I don’t remember Marvel much… And a lot of the other tributes, as sad as this sounds are glorified extras. A lot die within the first couple pages of the game… Hopefully they won’t do a “breaking news!” for each pair…

    • Ralphie

      She’s the one who was in that photo shoot with Alex Pettyfer recently. I’m sure she can do sexes up just fine! Totally the kind of girl I pictured as Glimmer.

    • WI Fan

      I don’t think Rue’s killer is a glorified extra. This is the gang Katniss thought Peeta betrayed her for and they drove her up a tree. This group is significant to the plot-along with the Dist. 2 tributes-a lot of time is spent on how there tributes live and die. I agree that the guy looks scrawny, but has time to bulk up. They’re all supposed to be teenagers, so I doubt we’ll see huge names for any tribute. Haymitch casting please!

    • Jason

      Glimmer yes, but she says in the second book (I think during the victory tour) that she did not actually learn Marvel’s name until after the Games.

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