'X-Men: First Class': New poster features moody shot of the full cast

Up until now, the poster art for X-Men: First Class — this summer’s Wolverine-free Cold War era preboot — have kept things pretty mysterious, with shadowy shots of stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as younger incarnations of Professor X and Magneto. A just-released one-sheet emphasizes the rest of the cast, including Katniss-to-be Jennifer Lawrence as a young Mystique, January Jones as a partially-dressed White Queen, and Kevin Bacon as a smirky Sebastian Shaw. It’s a strange-looking poster — everyone is kind of looking vaguely in a different direction, as if posing for a Christian rock album cover – but it’s interesting to see them play up the rest of the mutant ensemble. Check out the full poster after the jump, and tell us what you think about this new peek at the newest chapter in the X saga. (And remember: There’s a lot more where this came from.)

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  • Elin Börjeson

    X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, Tessa and Selene.

    • HPotter

      Fassbender seems to have huge head in comparison to the rest of his body. Other than that the poster looks kinda cool.

      • Mcfly

        Heloooo! Mutant head!! Actually you’re right.

      • Curly

        Good call. He looks like a walking lollypop.

    • deedeedragons

      That poster is pathetic. It looks like they’re about to join Zoolander in a walk-off.

      • Delon

        HAHAHAHAHA. SO true!

  • Larkin

    This movie makes no sense in relation to the history in the comics. It just seems to be a collection of characters lumped together to put a mutant movie out. Can’t wait for Marvel to get the rights back and show some continuity with the source material. Fox keeps getting it wrong every time.

    • Hoboken Mutant

      Absolutely agree. Why oh why does Hollywood need to differentiate from the original source material. I am a die-hard X-Men fan, but have very little interest in this.

      Put this movie out, but use “re-booted” Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Angel. Don’t muck with their ages, continuity or relationships. The comics have been doing it right for 50 years!

      • salvatoreG

        Im a die-hard comic fan but also a die-hard movie fan. They are two totally separate mediums and what works in one might not work in the other. In my view, the writers clearly wanted to focus the movie on prof x and magneto. If they had used the comic “first class” everyone would complain that cyclops or JG or whoever didn’t get enough screentime. By using some leads popular mutants they can better focus the audiences attention on the main 2 characters. I think this movie is a sleeper hit, with must less of the cheese factor than the other 3.

      • salvatoreG

        I meant “less” not leads

      • Dave

        Did X2 really have much cheese factor?

      • MysterWright

        Amen! Amen! Amen! If you want to do a fantastic X-Men movie then what should happen is have the Giant Size X-Men #1 cast be told of the original X-Men team’s history in flashbacks. Then to really immortalize the team onscreen have Thunderbird die. That could be like a backdoor pilot for a franchise sequel that like Superman II is bigger and badder that deals with the Dark Phoenix Saga. It could be kind of like How I Met Your Mother in that the narrator tells stories of the team’s past to newer characters. Maybe in the Dark Phoenix saga one Kitty Pryde could be told what she just walked into joining the team.

    • Brett

      I’m not seeing this. The X-Men First Class is Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast and Angel.

      • John

        Looks like this “first class” is Havok, Beast, Angel (female), and Mystique with Magneto and Prof X. Really they should have inserted Banshee and Psylocke those characters might have worked better than Angel and Azreal.

      • L

        Since when is Angel is a female?

      • MysterWright


      • Samantha

        It’s Angel from Grant Morrison’s run of New X-Men. Different character.

      • Amanda

        I think it’s Pixie. Those are not Angel wings.

      • Rob

        Professor X was in there too.

  • caroline

    well, it’s certainly not as bad as those awful crotch shots of magneto and professor x. I’ll be seeing it regardless!

  • Felix

    Who are the four characters behind Emma Frost? They’re practically microscopic.

    • nykolus

      i believe they are (from left to right) moira, havoc, azazel and angel…

      • YH

        I think the one on the far right rear is Pixie. Angel is a guy. Maybe the guy to the left of her is Exodus? It’s funny that other than Beast, this movie doesn’t have any of the actual first class of X-men. And shouldn’t Mystique have red hair?

      • Brett

        The real Angel is a guy, Warren Worthington III

      • nykolus

        a female angel was added to the x-men a few years ago; trust me…

      • YH

        Now I remember. She’s the girl that went on to marry and have kids with Beak. Her first name was Angel and I guess that stuck as her codename. Wow, with Angel and Azazel, they really plucked some obscure X-men characters. Half expecting to see Hazard and Mondo in there next.

  • JonW

    Mystic(sp?) still looks bad… i was hoping once they touched everything up that she would look better but it still looks like a fail to me… the make up looks like it was done completely different and i think they nailed it in the former films. I’m not saying they should have made them exactly the same but they could have fashioned and handled the costume in the same matter, with the combination of very skilled body make up along with equally skilled, yet subtle, CGI work.

    I hope it turns out fine because all the shots of her I’ve seen of her look terrible.

    • Cygnus

      I agree. Previous pics make her seem chunky. I don’t think they can get past the fact that Jennifer Lawrence still has some baby fat on her, and she has a really large, round head. It’s hard to imagine how you go from curvy to svelte (like Rebecca Romijn). One is a young actress, the other is a hot model.

      • A

        Baby fat? Isn’t she like 18 or 19 years old?

      • bhud

        that’s the point.

    • Strepsi

      Hee Hee “nailed her in the former films”

  • Mike

    Hello January Jones.

  • markinnyc

    this looks like it was made in
    Photoshop: First Class

    • nykolus


    • m

      lol – zing!

    • teekay


    • Buddymoore

      Haha, I completely agree. This poster basically sucks.

    • Devin Faraci

      One of the worst posters I have ever seen.

    • Fish

      Yeah, this poster is surprisingly bad. Michael Fassbender’s head is out of proportion with his body and everyone else looks stiffly posed.

  • Naomi

    The poster for this years Sears clothing line, er I mean the X-Men prequel is complete…

  • Rick

    I’ve never understood why mutants need goofy costumes in the first place.

  • Stacie

    As a non-comics follower but comic book movie fan, this still looks really boring.

  • tigger851


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  • DavidJ

    The movie ITSELF looks cool, but they still can’t seem to create a good poster for it.

    • Maureen

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  • Shadow

    According to Terminator 2, today April 19, 2011 … at 8:11 PM … Skynet became self aware.

    • Nathan

      Cool, I was not aware.

      • Cass

        Skynet was.

      • Skynet

        I am now aware.

        X-Men First Class will be running neck and neck with Green Lantern for Biggest Bomb of 2011.

  • Nathan

    Ugly poster, not as bad as the first few we saw but still very DVD cover art-ish.

  • dan

    Poster looks like an 18 year old college kid is making them in his freshman photoshop class….awful!

    • Loch Ness

      So boring. Couldn’t they do better than this?

    • Nathan

      Same guy that made the new Gaga album cover probably.

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