'The Hunger Games': Paula Malcomson cast as Katniss Everdeen's mother


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Paula Malcomson has officially been cast as the mother of Katniss and Prim Everdeen in The Hunger Games, according to a press release from Lionsgate. The widowed and down-trodden Mrs. Everdeen — a victim of the totalitarian government of Games‘ dystopian future — required “an actress with some gravitas,” said producer Nina Jacobson, “someone who could really transport herself, and audiences, to a place as tough as District 12.” Malcomson has an impressive TV resume, including starring roles in Caprica and Deadwood and a recurring part on Sons of Anarchy, but Games marks her first major movie role. Malcomson joins a cast that already includes Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, and Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne.

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  • elcamino

    She is good. I like they are pulling from television at times for the cast.It will be a fine series.

    • Stace

      Elizabeth Banks is officially Effie!! It’s listed on the IMDB website!

      • elcamino

        Good stuff. Thanks for the info. Another win cast.

      • Ralphie

        While I hope it’s true, IMDB isn’t always 100% reliable. They post rumors as soon as they leak.

    • elcamino

      I’m sure its just a her people posting,and being Good Friday people being off that day.But this is Paula thread.We will see Elizabeth stuff come Monday.I hope also a Clove/Cato also.

    • myra

      Who will they cast as buttercup?
      a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
      b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
      c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
      d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
      e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
      f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
      G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

  • wsugar

    Good choice.

  • Sarah El

    I’ve seen her as Amanda on Caprica and I can completely see her as Mrs. Everdeen after her performance there. Good choice!

  • gazmo

    Yes she’s a very good actress . . . but is anyone else bothered by the fact that she’s in freaking EVERYTHING??
    I just feel like every time she steps into a scene in the Hunger Games my brain will have to take a beat and try to decide whether I’m watching Caprica, Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, Private Practice, Lie to Me, The Event, E. R., John from Cincinati, Lost, Deadwood or a couple of dozen OTHER TV shows or movies!!

    • Felix

      It’s called being a highly successful character actress. And her reward is this role, where she’ll be introduced to a whole new audience of filmgoers.

      • Ralphie

        Agreed Felix. Character actors make you remember them in every part…like JT Walsh.

    • Ralphie

      That is the stupidest complaint yet.

      • gazmo


        Thanks for the award Ralphie!! (I love your work on The Simpsons, by the way!!)

      • charlotte

        Part and parcel for the Hunger Games.

    • Lelia

      That’s funny, I’ve only ever seen her in Deadwood and Caprica. She’s perfect for this role-the not-so-slightly unhinged mother.

    • Myra

      But still she is somehow unknown. I wish we had oscar nominees or winners for the adult roles and unknowns for the three leads.

  • omg who cares!

    naming every actor that is going to be in this movie is not news, and it is not interesting. stop trying to make these movies into something bigger than they are. let the audience decide if these movies are even worth it.

    • Ralphie

      You obviously cared enough to click comment.

      Go back to your mother’s basement troll.

      • gazmo

        Ralphie – you’re being mean. Don’t make me tell your Daddy, Chief Wiggum.

    • Mary

      Disagree. It’s exciting to read each day who will be cast in these pivotal roles.

  • Laura

    Good choice, I can really see her as Mrs. Everdeen.

  • Trixie

    I think this is a really interesting choice… I didn’t imagine Mrs. Everdeen looking like her, but I can definitely see her excelling in this role.

  • katie

    I haven’t seen her acting, but I think she definitely fits the part physically. I pictured someone like Robin Wright (although knew Robin probably wouldn’t be available bc of Girl w/ Dragon Tattoo), and she definitely has that same look.

  • Christina

    I’m pleased with this casting decision. She is an excellent actress.

  • Abe

    I haveny really seen her in anything. I hope she does a great job. I find it funny how many people wanted unknowns for the main 3, and knowns for the rest of the cast but now it’s the opposite.

    • Ralphie

      I’m glad they’re going with borderline unknowns for most of the casting…really, when you think about it, Jennifer Lawrence is only “known” now bc of her Oscar nom.

      I think Haymitch and President Snow will be big names. I think they need to be too.

      • DK

        most definitely. read somewhere that John C. Reilly is in talks for Haymitch?

  • Tonya

    Excellent choice! She was great on Sons!

  • mia

    I always imagined Mrs E, as younger, like in her mid-30’s. And not as pale, and darker blonde hair. But whatever. Have you seen Primrose? She has a unibrow

    • JC

      Why are so many Hunger Games fans caught up with physical descriptions? Movies are not cast base upon headshots, they are cast based upon the talent of the actor. People need to move beyond the hair color, eye color, she’s too tall arguments.

      • Ralphie


        Tommy Girl Cruise is shorter than almost all his leading ladies…and you never seen to notice thanks to crafty camera work.

      • Myra

        Because the books described the characters in a certain way. I don’t mind the looks that much but at the same time it’s not as though you can have Jennifer Hudson playing Katniss just because she is a good actrees, adding the make up and everything And I disagree with your based upon the talent of an actor Hollywood approach. They obviusly casted Liam and Josh for their fanbase or the buzz media potential they are not like the greatest actors. With all due respect to the casting process, Jennifer L., Liam H. and Josh H.like a trio that tested better in an executive’s office than on a movie set. Total lack of chemistry.

      • JC

        Wow, you know more about the auditions of the actors, than the people who actually saw the auditions. How did you get so smart?

      • Articmonkey

        Your sacarsm doesn’t make your point any stronger. It’s known in all THG blogs and forums that the auditions were very limited, very quick, very closed and secretive. How many people they auditioned for the three leads? 25? 46?58? People don’t need to be as oh! smart as you are to notice that timing, budget and executive decisions more than dedication played a key role to this decisions.

        I stand corrected. The three leads seem more like tested in an amateur executive office than on a respectable casting office. look at how the three leads turn out Oscar nominee Gary Ross Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence teamup with ………Last song’s Liam Hemsworth? and two guys from Cirque du freak that look more suited for comedy roles than epic roles. Oh female adult audiences will love the couple! The guy from bridges to theribitha and the girl from winter’s bone.Obviously they are not aiming for a romantic movie but the few romance they might be considering won’t be believable.

        I hate to say this since but summit was lucky to have Robert Pattison and Kristen stewart as leads. They compensate how badly the other actors were casted they pull out such laughable lines believable and they made women of all ages fall in love with them that even boys had to clench their teeth and get their wives and girlfriends to their movies. How many girls will fall for Josh Hutcherson? Not even Liam is eye candy enough to be accepted by the books fans.
        Lionsgate is biting more than they can chew. If they were thinking that they could repeat Summit’s success with twilight and get the next franquise by telling the fans “you’ll see the movie anyway so get over yourselves and accept how we handle your beloved characters” they are deluding themselves. They are pushing the fanbase so much that their plan can backfire. Yet I believe they will get their projected income and revenue. Good for them!

      • Myra

        I answer below. I posted as artic monkey

  • Steve

    I like this casting choice. I too was imagining Robin Wright as Mrs. Everdeen, but the publicity shot for Paula Malcomson fits my idea for what Katniss and Prim’s mom would look like.

  • rich

    Adored her in Caprica and Fringe! She truley is FANTASTIC! I hope she will get a lot of press for this!

  • Suua P.

    I think she’s perfect for the role. I love how this casting is going!

    • Liz Lemon

      I like the recent casting. It’s all been very good. I just heard JOHN C. REILLY may be cast as Haymtich!

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