'The Hunger Games': District 3 Tributes cast


Image Credit: Prescott

The casting of The Hunger Games, the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ futuristic best-seller about children forced to battle to the death on reality TV, rolls on. Newcomers Ian Nelson and Kalia Prescott have been plucked to play the male and female Tributes from District 3. In the novel, Prescott’s character bids a heartbreaking goodbye to her parents and younger siblings after her name is called. Nelson’s character is skilled in electronics and technology, which the Career Tributes exploit.

The Hunger Games will be in theaters on March 23, 2012.

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  • DK

    the boy looks like a young Logan Lerman

    • lefty

      I was thinking Kyle Chandler…

      • Katie


      • Allie

        me too! could play kyle’s son in a movie

    • Jackie

      I was actually thinking Logan Lerman too. My first thought was really “Wow, he looks like how I pictured Percy Jackson when I first read those books”, followed by “Logan Lerman played Percy in that movie, and this kid looks like a young Logan Lerman”.

      • Tushar

        I love these photos so much. Thank you so much Beau, we finllay have some really beautiful, classic prints that we can look back on for the rest of our life.

  • Kayleigh

    They look so young compared to the other cast members but I love all the casting news coming out.

    • Emily

      But remember they’re supposed to be young. As I recall, tributes can be anywhere from 12-18 in age.

      • Cygnus

        Too bad J.Law will look like a 30 year old compared to these youngsters, and her sister Prim, who is only 4 years younger, but the actress is like 9 years younger than J.Law.

  • tanya

    wow the secondary cast look amazingly like theyre supposed to! shame about the 3 main characters…..haha it amuses me greatly to watch how hollywood mess up hunger games like they did to twilight…

    • Connor

      How are they messing up the Hunger Games? Jennifer and Josh are great choices. Don’t know about Liam though.

      • Anonymous

        Hollywood did not mess up Twilight. Twilight always sucked!

      • Heather P

        I gotta agree with you there anon.

      • Jaime

        Josh is not a “great” actor. He is decent, that’s all. He doesn’t look the part, and doesn’t look like JLaw’s love interest. More like Jlaw’s loser brother. Bad casting there.

      • jane

        not at all Jaime! i think he is a great actor and for the last stinking time they will dye is hair and give him contacts!!!!!!

    • Karen

      Tanya – I agree they *look* good but they’ve never acted in anything before. It seems to me that if it were actually like Twilight they would cast people who looked the part but weren’t great actors. At least we know the actors who will be playing the 3 main characters are all great actors.

      • lefty

        Twilight cast people that did not look the part at all…hence the awful hair and make up.

      • Myra

        Twilight cast was bad except for the two leads (just because their undeniable chemistry) and NONE of them look like their parts. I still can’t believe that anyone can pull off in a believable way such cheesy lines like KS. It’s not me who says, I personally dislike her but you go to rotten tomatoes or metacritic and most of Kristen performances are well rated in all her other movies. I don’t think that Jennifer and Josh have chemistry and I don’t need the movie to come out to tell this.but at least she of all the cast is a good actress.

      • steph

        Nikki Reid’s wig and eyebrows. HORRID!

      • hellodollyllama

        The girl playing Katniss was just nominated for…an Academy Award.

      • charlotte

        Myra – I’m so glad you can tell a person’s chemistry based on a picture. You must be a regular Yenta or something.

      • jane

        wow myra you must have super powers or something and you must also be the only one right, NOT!!!!!!! ok look at any two characters from any movie that are supposed to be in love with each other….. i dont see any chemistry either that is why they MAKE THE MOVIE!!!!!

    • Jenz

      I would rather have the main cast be capable of acting the part than looking exactly like the part. Movies suck when the actors can’t act, not when they don’t look like some fans pictured.

      • Logen

        Yes! 100% Agreed!

      • Allie

        how do you know they can’t act? they were clearly chosen for a reason and suzanne was with them for casting

      • katie

        So true, Jenz!

        Allie – Jenz is saying that Jennifer, Josh, Liam were chosen because they were good actors.

      • jane

        AMEN! finally someone who gets it!!!! jeez people all of them are great actors and how easy would it be for them to change their hair and eyes!!!!!

  • Russell

    I think Ian is perfect. I think he’s supposed to be younger than the Careers, seeing as they exploit him for his knowledge. They need to have some edge over him, that being age.

    • Myra

      I like when they cast newcomers. That’s what they should’ve done since the beggining.

    • katie

      Yep, he looks great. I think he’ll look really vulnerable next to the Careers, which he should.

      I don’t remember them describing the girl from 3 at all….so this girl is fine with me.

  • F

    Know what’s funny? HG fans are constantly claiming to be so fat above Twilight fans. Yet, they are proving themselves greater than or equal to Twilight fans when it comes to whining about casting.

    • Kelly


    • L

      @F I know!!! This is EXACTLY what happened when Twilight was cast. Every article I see on HG casting has nothing but complaints from fans.

    • Jasmine

      Strongly Agree

    • Myra

      Twilight fans whined less. The whole controversy with RPatz- and KS wasn’t as huge as Josh Hush and JLaw. I haven’t read the books back then and I hated that everyone was talking about that but after a week or so everyone started to like at least the two leads. This time the whining will be longer because the HG books is way better than twilight and people had bigger expectations.

      • F

        See…Twilight may suck, but the complaints about the cast make sense, as it’s a romance before anything else. HG, on the other hand, is about the story, characters, and world, with the romance part happening on the side. So it’s really annoying to see shallow, Twitard-level griping about how the hired manflesh doesn’t match someone’s personal fantasy.

      • charlotte

        @F particularly when they are complaining that Haymitch is not the hunky fantasy they wanted him to be, when he is anything but in the book!

      • Jasmine

        @Charlotte Thank you for the whole Haymitch comment. I kept reading comments about how he is suppose to be so hunky and have this nice body with a little gut. I thought I completely skip by his description in the book because that is nothing like I pictured him.

      • katie

        Totally agree with you Charlotte. I’m a huge HG fan, and I probably would have picked others for some roles if it was up to me….but it’s obviously not up to me. The people were chosen for a reason. Some people are wanting RDJ, Johnny Depp or Gerard Butler for Haymitch….um, did they even read the books? John C. Reilly IS Haymitch. So silly.

      • Jaime

        Myra is right. The chemistry between JLaw and Josh is important. Katniss and Peeta sell their romance to the capitol viewers to get sponsors. Having two actors like Josh and JLaw who don’t look like they have any chemistry is going to ruin that part of the movie. Josh is a short, small, unattractive guy that looks too young for JLaw. You can’t fool the audience with weak romantic chemistry.

      • jane

        ok wow jaime seriously you cannot tell wether they have chemistry or not because you have never seen how they can act with each other. also this movie is more about the actually games and staying alive and the rebellion and ok maybe a little about the whole lovey dovey thing. if it was all about their chemistry then this movie would be like twilight!!!

      • Myra

        @Jamie exactly, you can’t act chemistry, either you have it or not.

    • charlotte

      Very much agreed.

    • jane

      yes!!! totally true myra glad you mentioned that because what is with all the complaining anyway? they will make this movie epic! i dont think that suzanne collins would just change the characters in the movie so the “fans” would be happy! stay true and faithful to her she will not let you down!

      • Myra

        I actually believe that just picking Jennifer (in my opinion an OK choice for Katniss IF we had a different Peeta and possibly a different Gale) and Josh as leads means that they will downplay the romance and make Peeta a very vulnerable character when in the book he is very strong, he excels in hand to hand combat and is good handing knives . They are not a believable couple. I thought when they picked JLaw that they will search an age appropiateactor for her. Or at least a pair to her acting chops.



    Just WHOM are they going to cast for CATO and CLOVE?

    I’d be interested to see these two.


      oops, these should prob be ‘I’d be interested to see WHO WILL BE CHOSEN FOR THOSE two (roles) … ‘

    • katie

      I agree – I am really interested in Cato and Clove. And then they need to confirm Haymitch (likely John C. Reilly) and cast Cinna. Those should be the only major roles left, for Movie 1 at least. I mean, we only glimpse President Snow in Book 1, but that’s important as well.

    • jane

      yeah me too, especially clove because they have to find a young actress who looks quite large in stature and has a certian feirce like look to her!

  • Ralphie

    That girl is stunningly beautiful. And given that the tributes can range in age from 12 to 18, younger actors in a few roles make sense.

  • w

    She looks a little like a young Kristen Stewart. And I’m going to have to reread the Hunger Games. I don’t remember the female District 3 tribute saying good bye to her family. I know Cecilia from District 8 said a heartbreaking good bye to her family in Catching Fire.

    • katie

      Yeah, I didn’t remember them mentioning her at all either. If so, I guess it was glanced over when Katniss and Peeta watched the reapings on the train. But, I just remember them talking about Rue/Thresh and the careers/volunteering.

  • AAR

    I’m also trying to remember these two. Which district was “Foxface” from- Seven? I’m interested to see who they cast as her.

    • KatieBell

      Wasn’t Foxface from 5?

    • lefty

      Emma Stone’s too big for the role but I picture something along those lines. Or Jessica Lowndes or Danielle Panabaker.

      • katie

        Cassi Thomsen (Big Love) has expressed interest in Foxface, and I think she’d be great. She’s really little, like Foxface is described. We shall see!

    • Sarah El

      Foxface was from Five.
      I don’t think the District 3 girl makes it past the Cornucopia, but the boy is the one responsible for mining the Careers’ supplies.

    • jane

      yeah im pretty sure she was from 7. she was one of my favorites in the books! some people suggest foxface be played my jennie from harry potter. still unsure if i like that suggestion

  • KatieBell

    ACK! Enough already, just tell us who who is going to play Haymitch!

    • katie

      It’s looking like John C. Reilly for Haymitch. It was leaked that he was in talks but didn’t have an offer yet. All the leaks so far have been 100% accurate, so I’m thinking it will be him and will be announced soon. BTW, I think he will be PERFECTION. If anyone thinks he can’t do the dramatic aspects of Haymitch, they should check out his earlier dramatic (and Oscar nominated) work.

      • jane

        finally someone who agrees with me! i think he will be sooooooooooo perfect! i can just imagine him drinking away his life and saying stay alive sweetheart!!

      • katie

        Yay Jane! Glad we’re on the same wavelength with John C. Reilly. I really think he will be perfect. I got tired of hearing RDJ or Hugh Laurie all the time – they weren’t even available and RDJ would cost half the film’s budget even if he had the time. Then people were saying Johnny Depp…not gonna happen. Then E! suggested Brad Pitt. Um, what? Did they even read Haymitch’s description. JCR is really perfect.

  • Tor

    I don’t remember the District 3 girl doing a tearful goodbye. Do we ever learn her name?

    • katie

      No, we defintiely don’t learn her name. I don’t remember her saying goodbye to her family either.

    • Jaime

      I don’t remember her having a tearful good-bye to her family either. Just remember her dying quickly as soon as the games started. I think EW is making this up. They are right about the boy helping the careers using his electronics knowledge.

    • Karthikeyan

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  • andrea

    who r those people

  • bacon

    i don’t remember who they were in the book.

  • mm

    The cast looks great aside from Jennifer Lawrence and Liam hemsworth. Josh is perfect for peeta- build wise and of course they’ll die his hair. Hemsowrth on the other hand… are you kidding? it’s the worst casting. Just like J.L. she’s cute and a good actor… just not right for this part. AT ALL. They will probably mess it up, they always do. Namely because there are always too many cooks in the kitchen. If they can cast younger kids for the other tributes, I don’t see why they couldn’t cast Katniss with a younger actress, Chloe Moretz, anyone???!!! just saying.

    who knows- maybe it won’t totally fail, they could pull it off right???

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