'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2' trailer: I. Don't. Want. This. To. Ever. End.

I’ve been staring at my computer screen for the last five minutes trying to come up with the words to describe my reaction to the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. On the one hand, I feel it is my journalistic obligation to note dispassionately that it features foreboding shots of horcruxes, ominous shots of Severus Snape (Alan Rickman), and disquieting voice-over from Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). And on the other hand, OMIGOD, did you SEE that giant pale dragon breaking out of Gringotts, and the fiendfyre attacking Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson), and Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) literally pulling Voldemort into battle with him?!? Harry Potter fans worldwide are now confronted more than ever with the delicious irony of wishing July 15 could be tomorrow and yet never actually wanting this movie to end. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself:

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  • Shannon

    Oh my gosh, will I ever stop crying/squealing during that movie? Easily the best trailer ever.

    • Kim E

      OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! That’s all I’m thinking right now! Please let it be July 15th SOON!!!!

      • Liz Lemon

        That’s all I can think too!! There’s just SO much that I want to talk about, but I can’t form the words!!!

      • n

        Yep. Trailer is EPIC and breathtaking. Literally. But is anyone else as anxious and excited for the Ron/Hermione kiss as I am?!?! Please God let them do it justice; it better be as amazing as it was in the book!!

      • Liz Lemon

        I’m so ready for that kiss. I’ve heard from people who saw screenings of DH Part two that the kiss is hot!

      • Mike

        Although it was very well done, this trailer just reinforced how insular the series has become. I don’t see anyone who isn’t already a huge fan interested in this. The good news for Potter fans, of course, is that there’s quite a lot of them…. but I don’t see DH2 significantly expanding its draw in any way.
        Unless every single fan pays to see the film 4 or 5 times, this won’t significantly outgross the previous one, and it might, just like DHp1, be outgrossed itself by the latest Twilight epic.

      • @Mike

        Your reasoning is kind of dumb. PLENTY of “final” films significantly out-gross films preceding them in the series. Return of the King and Revenge of the Sith come to mind.
        Second, DH1 was out-grossed by, what, like $6 million by Eclipse in the U.S.? Wait to conveniently leave out the fact that DH1 throttled Eclipse globally to the tune of about $250+ million. Makes the domestic loss seem like small potatoes.
        Third, I can’t anyone seriously who refers to Twilight as “epic,” sorry.

      • Liz Lemon

        Mike, please check your facts before you decide to post complete, utter bullsh*t. It will help you look like less of an idiot (you’re still an idiot though), and it will also save those of us who waste their time reading your imbecile posts from having to post the actual FACTS and correct you. Oh and also, please in the future, learn how to make sense. It may help you get somewhere in life. Just Sayin.

      • Liz Lemon

        Oh and the actual numbers: DH Part I worldwide gross=954.5 MILLION dollars. It’s currently the 10th highest grossing film of all time and that’s WITHOUT the help of 3D. I don’t even want to think about what DH Part Two is going to do WITH 3D.

      • Gooogleheim

        This proves the utter lunacy that resides in HP fanboys. Mike was not insulting or condescending, yet two psychotic HP nerds call him “moron” and “idiot”. He actually has a point. HP has in fact lost fans as the series progresses…Note the fluctuating grosses and plumetting attendance, and at this point, it’s not getting any hew fans. The phenomenon is already played out, and although its fans are tons, there’s not a renewed surge of interest from non-HPheads.
        None of the HP films has outgrossed the original, and let’s not even get into attendance. Sorry, fanboy nerds, HP is an insular thing. Sure, that “island” is big, but it’s still an island.

      • @Googleheim

        There series has not lost fans. In fact, I would wager that it has indeed gained them. The decrease in actual audience attendance can be contributed to the increase in ticket prices. The same goes for all movies. Not just Potter. I know quite a few fans of the series, who would have loved to have seen the last HP film in theaters, but couldn’t because they simply can’t afford it. However, that has nothing to do with a wavering fanbase. Not even close. And on another note, the series continues to gain new fans every year, because younger generations are getting older and falling in love with the series. Also, older people are gaining new interest and starting to read/watch the series for the first time. The numbers speak for themselves. Yes, none of the sequels have surpassed the first, but the latest is currently the second highest grossing Potter film worldwide. And the HIGHEST grossing Potter film internationally. If your theory was correct, DH Part I would be the least grossing Potter film at the moment and in terms of audience attendance, DH Part I is number 3 with SS and GOF having the highest attendance. Again, I’m pretty sure ticket prices, the economy, etc play a major role in this.

      • Ennya

        The trailer may be exciting for fans, but it’s more of the same ole same ole for casual moviegoers. I feel that even Fast Five and Thor will end uo outgrossing this film in the US. As for the rest of the world, let’s just say that Avatar isn’t in danger anytime soon.

      • Marie

        While the number of people seeing the movies in theaters may have decreased, I agree that just reflects current movie-going trends. TO think that HP is played out is laughable! I’m in the currently college age generation that grew up with the books, and now I’ve had to read the books for high school honors English classes, seen many scholarly articles about them, the HP musical has millions of hits on youtube, and my 7 year old cousin and a bunch of other little kids I know are now reading them and watching the films!

      • @anne

        Avatar? You mean the movie about aliens that have sex with their hair with EVERYTHING, and looks like a bad 80’s video, bathed in neon? Seriously? It has dialog that makes your brain rot.

        as for HP grosses, no none of them made as much as the first movie, which grossed over 974 million dollars. Not a single HP movie has grossed under 750 MILLION dollars. Yeah, utter failure that *insert eyeroll here*

    • tina

      thank goodness for 3D glasses …. they’ll at least hide the tears

      • nana

        I’m really hoping they’ll offer a 2D version, b/c I really don’t want to see this in 3D.7 movies of 2D and then the final one in 3D? NO THANK YOU.

      • Jimmy

        Yeah, I don’t have much interest in 3D either… I also heard they might re-release part 1 in 3D (and possibly the others)

      • katie

        It said “and 2D theaters” at the end…so you can see it in 2D.

        I was hoping they might put Part 1 back in theaters before Part 2 comes out. Maybe do a double feature with Part 1 and Part 2? I would definitely pay to see that.

      • RT

        The movie will be in both 3D and 2D theaters.

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    • Color Me Impressed

      Am I the only one who totally got choked up watching this?

      • Dee

        Definitely teared up a little. End of my childhood!

      • @Color Me Impressed

        Choked up. Shocked. Excited. Sad. Blown Away. You name it. I’m feeling it.

      • Karen Winter

        nope…choked me up too. This article sums up my feelings so perfectly. I’m in the “can’t wait” but “don’t end yet” camp.

      • mary q contrary

        No way. A minute in, and I already had two giant tears sliding down my cheeks. Jesus. Is it July yet?

      • Akane

        No, one specific scene made me cry, just a couple of seconds and I am sad.

      • katie

        Not at all! I got chills and then teary.

      • Melanie

        Nope!! I totally teared up!!

      • Jenn

        Akane – I think I know what you mean! I saw a beloved character and tears sprung up.

      • Sue

        Molly vs. Bellatrix!! I’m SO there!!!

      • tommymommy

        I totally got some tears. Seeing Ron crying over his brother, worrying for Snape–I CANNOT WAIT!

      • Heather P

        I really choked up watching it. Especially at 00:59.

        I know who the character is supposed to be, but it does look like Arthur Weasley that Ron and Molly Weasley are crying over.

    • PETER

      Please let this be as good as this trailer hints it could be. PLEASE!!!!

      • Jessica

        MY BABY IS BACK!!

      • oh I think so!

        CHILLS! Standing ovation just for the trailer!!!

      • General Fact

        Jessica, that’s not Oliver Wood on the broomstick. IMDB does not list him as appearing. Rather, it seems to be Percy Weasley.

    • Wambulance

      I know I’ll need a box of tissues. I need one now with just the trailer.

    • Summer Bay

      Yet who’s on the cover?

      • deedeedragons

        Do you mean the cover of EW? Well it should be Smallville but that’s a lost cause.

    • Clare

      So excited for this film. There is obviously so much love and detail put into these films and it really shows.

      And to those who say that the Potter phenomenon is losing fans that simply doesn’t make sense. They are children’s books. I work in a library, every year more children read them and enter the world of Harry Potter and fall in love. The most attended events we hold at the library are “Harry Potter parties”. It’s just popular. It has an innocent magic and to be honest, the books are actually quite well written. (Unlike the books you seem to insist on comparing them to which I have also read and were enjoyable but not structured as well, often use not very good grammar and are hugely depend on what the fanfiction world calls a “Mary Sue” character– Bella.)

      My greatest sadness is that no one seems to have learned the lesson yet from Harry Potter that taking a YA/Juvenile books series to the screen with love and attention to detail will please the fans. They don’t understand that changing the story, using cheap CGI and aging all the actors to save money will offend people who love a great book series. (And make a bad movie usually. Example: Percy Jackson.) They look at the huge amounts of money Potter made and *want* it but are UNWILLING to do what the Potter producers and directors did to get their success!


      Going to cry so hard at this movie. Better just not wear any makeup at all, pointless really.

  • John

    Crap, pure and simple. Why is this tripe so popular?

    • D

      Oh shut up, you obviously have never read the books, that just makes you bereft of the AWESOMENESS of the world of HP. Get off your high horse.

      • AcaseofGeo

        OMG! That trailer is AWESOME and I cried! I saw Molly Weasley!! John, I can accept you do not like this, but it IS NOT TRIPE. Obviously you know NOTHING about classic literature, archetypal figures and situations, or a well-thought out “bible” that holds true from Book 1 all thru Book 7 (Hello….Did ANYONE have ANY clue when little 11 year-old Harry opened up his Christmas cloak in Book 1 have ANY idea just how important that cloak would be in the fabric of the entire world of HP by Book 7?). John, read up on the classics, see just how informed JKR is by them, and how she put in the twists, characters, and created a world that so many love while holding true to very classic literature.

      • Mike

        God, Dungeons and Dragons nerds are hilarious. They are really comparing a series of fantasy books to the classics? hahahahahaha!!!!

      • M

        Finally saw a shot of Molly battling Bellatrix! I CANNOT WAIT! Where is July already!!!!!!

      • @Mike

        You’re right Mike, there are no elements of fantasy in any classic literature. I mean, just look at Arthurian legend, the Aeneid, and the Odyssey, absolutely zero fantasy…whoops, looks like you might’ve missed something while reading those ones. No big deal though, at least your reply wasn’t rude or anything. By the way, if you can’t see how a comparison of Harry Potter to classic literature is justified, you probably didn’t understand whichever classic books you read (or you didn’t understand Harry Potter??? And, come on, Harry Potter is much easier reading than most classic works).

    • Felix

      Because it annoys you, John. This entire, huge franchise…all the books, the movies, everything…it was all created for the sole purpose of annoying you.

      • Grubi

        THIS. Lol. Awesome Comment.

      • @Felix

        Lol. +10 Felix.

    • Tarc

      Only if you are braindead, heartless, and tasteless.

    • mary q contrary

      Because non-trolls like the rest of us like things of quality every now and again. Got your midnight tickets yet?

      • Peggy Sue

        Right, because HP fans are not trolly little fantasy nerds who have no sex lives. I have never seen a HP fan that is not your typical D&D fanboy nerd, obese, greasy hair, and with tons of comic books in his basement. LMAO!!!

      • Sarah El

        Peggy Sue, I think you need to meet more people. And also open your mind beyond really dumb stereotypes. Because first and foremost, I am a HP fan. And I’m a girl, I’m so not obese, my hair is beautiful and clean, and there are zero comic books in my basement. LMAO AT YOU TOO?

      • n

        Sarah +100 points. Preach, girl!

      • Josh

        Considering Harry Potter is a series cherished by children, as well as adults, I think it may be best if many of their fans don’t have sex lives. I also think Peggy Sue is ignorant and could benefit from a sex life herself.

    • Molly

      Well doesn’t someone sound pretentious?

  • Peggy Sue

    I agree. How is this any different from Twilight? Both are a bunch of hocus pocus fantasy crapola films with bad actors, and even worse special effects. Yet, HP never gets the hatred Twilight gets.

    • WTF

      Please don’t ever compare the awesomeness that is Harry Potter to the utter crap that is Twilight.

    • Matt

      Because the plot was meticulously planned in great detail from the beginning and Rowling tied it together brilliantly in 7 books. Twilight is just erotic fodder for herds of horny teenage cattle that features a brooding chick, a hairless werewolf and a vampire with excess glitter.

      • Vicki Ess

        Hey now, there ain’t nothin wrong with a hairless Jacob every now and again

    • @Peggy Sue

      The difference is that Harry Potter is a detailed world with well-developed and well-loved characters. There are important, empowering themes throughout the book and everything was planned from the start. There’s an actual storyline and we actually care about what happens to these characters. I can’t say the same thing about Twilight, personally.

      • hpwaat


    • Liz Lemon

      Don’t humor this person. Please.
      DID you see the part with Harry grabbing at Lily’s HAND!!! OMG! Alright. I’m going to calm down now….

      • Grubi

        LOL. I love your comments Liz. They always makes me laugh. I like this one cause you scold a person and then immidiately after, you freak out.

      • KC

        I thought that was Lupin and Tonks reaching for each other.

        It looks amazing!! Can’t wait!

      • Liz Lemon

        No at the beginning of the trailer. It’s just two arms. You don’t see their faces. It’s the part when Harry uses the resurrection stone.
        It’s at the 0:10 sec mark.

      • mari

        I have a feeling that wasn’t Harry & Lily. It was Petunia & Lily when they were younger. I think they will tell Snape’s backstory in this movie.

      • n

        Yes, great part Liz. What kills me is when they show Hermione running to Harry with tears in her eyes, and right before that when they show Ron and his family mourning their fallen Weasley…. this movie is going to KILL. ME.

      • jo

        @mari: i’m praying hard that they do Snape’s story justice in the movie. his was the character arc that affected me the most while reading book 7; i couldnt stop thinking about it for days.

    • Erika

      Harry potter producers came up with the Part 1/2 before Twilight.


    • Felix

      Oh, yeah, those bad, awful actors. Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, David Thewlis, Julie Waters, Jason Isaacs….such no-talent hacks! What were they thinking, hiring people who can’t act!

      • D

        Hahahah so true Felix. Not to mention they’ve molded some of the finest young talent in Britain these days!

    • K

      You’re so right, Peggy Sue. Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Gary Oldman, Warwick Davis, Jim Broadbent, Imelda Staunton, and Kenneth Branagh are all TERRIBLE actors. God, why do they even bother?

      • K

        LOL I guess Felix beat me to the sarcastic punch. Well done, sir.

      • Liz Lemon

        Don’t forget Ralph Fiennes, Ciaran Hinds, Bill Nighy, Helena Bonham-Carter, David Thewlis, David Tennant, Michael Gambon, Richard Harris, John Hurt, John Cleese, Robbie Coltrane, Helen McCrory, Peter Mullan, David O’Hara, Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson, Fiona Shaw, Richard Griffiths, Brendan Gleeson, Robert Hardy…all of them dreadful.

      • jo

        ^i was SO psyched when i saw kelly macdonald in the cast list, even though she’s playing a fairly small character (the Grey Lady). i adore her in Boardwalk Empire.

    • ps in seattle

      @ Peggy Sue and John: Millions upon millions of fans of all ages worldwide have forged an emotional connection to the Harry Potter epic. Have you taken the time to read the books? They differ greatly from the movies – I consider the books and movies to be two completely separate entities that need to be evaluated separately. I continue to be SO impressed with the manner in which JKR seamlessly wove together English folklore, Celtic myth and legend, linguistics, fantasy, an epic Hero tale, a mystery, Christianity, the enduring theme of good versus evil, a moral lesson on bigotry, humor, magic, an entirely new mythology, and countless themes including loyalty, the power of friendship and love, fitting in, courage, and so much more. When was the last time millions of people worldwide counted down the minutes to midnight just so they could read a book? There appears to be something for everyone in the Harry Potter story, although it seems you may not have actually read the books and have decided the story is not for you. It’s okay if you don’t like the story, and obviously that’s your opinion, but it just looks petty, adolescent and kind of inflammatory to flatly proclaim HP as “crap.” I personally consider the HP books to be a modern literary classic that will endure for generations.

      • Sasha

        Your reponse is everything and more!

        And its completely true!

        JKR penned these books over a 17 year period so its not a TRIVIAL piece of tripe or whatever people are calling it.

        She worked really hard to bring to life the world she created so people shouldn’t just sh!t on it

      • Marie

        I so agree! All my friends and classmates read the books when they first came to U.S., when we were about 8 years old, and now all the little kids I know are reading them too!

    • Tarc


    • Baco Noir


    • Steve

      NEVER EVER COMAPRE that stupid Twilight crap to Harry Potter.

    • BG 17

      Careful, I think that Harry Potter has been known to mess up a troll on occasion…

      • kate


    • welshgirl

      HP never gets the hatred that Twilight gets because the HP movies (with possible exceptions of 1 and 2) are actually really well done, with competent actors and the stories are extremely well told. Twilight is a bunch of crap, and I have read all of them and seen the movies. JKR did something extremely special with her work – created an entire world from start to finish where everything matters. Twilight has sparkly vampires and a girl heroine SO FREAKING annoying that it would have been a blessing if she just got killed off. The storytelling and film work of the HP movies is something that will be looked at for years. Twilight already had a movie parody made of it.

      • Juan

        I didn’t see the Baby Ava Benefit Yard Sale in Frederick, MD listed for 2/25 and just waetnd to check in to see that you received my info about this event. I can resend info if needed. Thanks so much! Tracy

    • Lissa

      I’ve read both series and can tell you that HP is by far superior to Twilight. HP is and amazingly detailed and well developed story while Twilight read like bad Mary Sue fan fiction. I would never knock anyone over being a fangirl of anything, but the poor quality of story, characterization and writing of Twilight was just shameful.

    • Daniela

      Bad actors? Oh Peggy Sue you are a joke! Alan Rickman a bad actor? Ralph Fiennes a bad actor? Helena Boham-Carter a bad actor? In what world and in what universe?

    • dee123

      HP is a treasured series of books that will last many generations, the other isn’t fit to line my little sister Guinea Pig cage.

  • Mary

    “Come on, Tom. Let’s finish this the way we started it. Together.”
    lol what? Still the best trailer I’ve ever seen

    • Jordan

      Yeah haha what scene is that?

      • Jose

        It’s a scene that was added and an article in EW explained what happened. Or at least the people in the comments were discussing what was going on, someone posted what was going on from the test screening but it got taken down.

    • Sarah El

      Haha, seriously, but after seven movies of questionable novel-faithfulness there’s really no reaction besides “BAMF” for that moment.

    • kimmy

      actually, i thought it looked pretty bad a**!

    • Kevin

      When he said that I got goose bumps. I love when Harry calls him by his proper name…

  • MissMel

    Is that Mrs. Weasley fighting Bellatrix around the 1:25 mark? Please God let them have kept the line from the book!

    • Amy

      They better have. One of the best lines of the series. I love that this is in the trailer!

      • Jason

        They did keep it!

    • D

      Not happy about this! HUGE Bellatrix fan right here. Yes, bracing for hate mail now.

      • Mrs. Bellatrix Riddle

        no, I’ll save you. Im caught in the middle. I enjoy Bellatrix and her Hooligan ways and pure lunacy. But that line that IS IN THE MOVIE!!! is pure epic, but yes I have conflicted feelings cause Bella is such a bad/cool arse.

    • Roland

      Can’t wait for that battle. Been hoping someone would take care of that witch Bellatrix for ages!

      • Liz Lemon

        Did you read the book? Do you know who finally takes that b*tch out?

    • Lore

      they did!! the movie has the best line of the book

    • Joey

      I am happy to report that according to a test screening, Mrs. Weasley does say her crowd-pleasing line!

      • n

        When she yells that line can you imagine what theater crowds are going to do?! Especially at the midnight showings?!? I guarantee there is going to be cheers, applause, possible standing ovation. As there should be.

      • AcaseofGeo

        I’ve been posting for months asking if the movie stays true to Mrs. Weasley taking out Bellatrix. When I saw that flash of their fight on the trailer I literally cried. That is one of the best most heartfelt moments of battle I’ve ever seen. The archetypal nurturing mother protecting her young. I can’t wait.

    • LizP

      If they change from this particular thing from book, I will be absolutely and utterly bereft. Most satisfying line EVER.

      • Pat Williams

        I’m hoping they kept the remaining brief dialogue when Bella asks Molly what will happen to her children after she kills her. Molly’s reply was magnificent.

    • Hater

      It most certainly is Mrs. Weasley! It’s the scene that I’ve been waiting for!

  • amie

    Holy Great Goodness! I can’t wait for this movie but it will be heartbreaking once its over. What a ride it’s been though.

  • Hannah

    Epic. As. Hell. I just watched it in 1080P so I could stop and see what all was what (I’m a dork, I know). Absolutely awesome.

    • Sarah

      I’m glad I’m not the only dork in the world, then!

  • Robert

    Cant wait to see this movie. Looks awesome.

  • MoonShoesPotter

    0:52, Oliver Wood or Percy Weasley???

    • Hannah

      It’s Oliver.

      • Kelly

        I Love Oliver Wood!!!!!

      • General Fact

        No, Oliver does not appear in this movie according to IMDB. It’s definately Percy.

    • Lore

      im shocked, the tiara, lily and petunia, snape disapearing, molly and bella fighting, the armor in one knee, tonks and lupin holding hands, and the line

    • Liz Lemon

      It’s definitely Oliver Wood.
      And Did you guys see the scene where a bunch of people are running and a spell is EVAPORATING THEM? What is that?!

      • Hannah

        I think it’s Death Eaters running into the makeshift shield that McGonagall and Flitwick put up.

  • Joanna

    OMG. I was legit shaking and couldn’t catch my breath. It is going to be good.

    • Liz Lemon

      SAME HERE!! I’m so blown away right now!!! The trailer is so freaking EPIC!!! I don’t even know where to start with it. How about the shot of the giant or the STATUES COMING TO LIFE!!! AHHHH!!!

  • tvaddict

    CANNOT. WAIT. This is the only must see movie this summer to me!

  • Ally

    i’ll admit that i wasn’t a fan of the movies at all at first, i especially hated the fifth movie but they’ve been getting better. i really liked the half-blood prince and the deathly hallows part 1 was so good and i really hope this last one will be the best yet because i love this series and it deserves to go out with a bang.

    • Lo

      What are you talking about? The 6th movie was awful! Completely cut out the huge ending battle scenes, and robbed us of a good funeral. Total fail. 7 part 1 was good though, and 5 was also okay, even though I’m still bitter that they left out Neville’s Christmas hospital scene.

  • AmberK.

    Ok, so this reviewer “dispassionately” notes the ominous scenes with Snape?! That was my favorite part!! I mean I loved the whole trailer, but I’m overjoyed to see that they have kept Snape’s memories in the movie. I was afraid they would cut it like they have cut all of Snape’s best stuff from the other movies! Anyway, yes I wish July 15 would come tomorrow.

    • Monty

      The author of the post is simply pointing out that the trailer gives away several plot details. Granted, most people who will see the movie have read the books, but I have a few friends that are waiting until the movies are over to read the books, and they have already pointed out that they now have an idea of what is going to happen based on what the trailer shows.

  • G.

    Can’t wait…best movie of the summer for sure

  • Amy

    I think I held my breath during the entire trailer! I cannot wait and like Adam said I don’t want it to be over either. I love how much new footage is included: Tonks and Lupin, Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix. Wow. Just wow.

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