Box office report: 'Fast Five' turbocharges box office with record $83.6 mil


Image Credit: Jaimie Trueblood

Hello summer. The street-racing action film Fast Five ignited the box office with a franchise-best $83.6 million opening, according to studio estimates. The PG-13 movie, the fifth in the Fast and the Furious series, broke three major records. First, it crushed Rio‘s $39.2 million debut to score 2011’s largest opening. (Though the record won’t last for long, with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Kung Fu Panda 2, and The Hangover Part II all arriving this month.) Second, it topped The Lost World: Jurassic Park, which debuted to $72.1 million in 1997, to become Universal’s best opening ever. And third, the flick posted the largest April opening of all time, speeding past its 2009 predecessor Fast and Furious ($71 million).

Fast Five, which cost Universal $125 million to produce after tax rebates, attracted a young crowd, with 52 percent under the age of 25. Its audience was also ethnically diverse: 35 percent Caucasian, 33 percent Hispanic, 19 percent African-American, 9 percent Asian, and 4 percent other, according to the studio’s exit polls. And everyone dug what they saw, with CinemaScore audiences handing the film an overall “A” grade, and critics offering generally favorable reviews. Fast Five also played at 243 IMAX locations, contributing $8.3 million to its monster tally.

The weekend’s other new releases, however, barely made it past the starting line. Prom wasn’t the starry, starry night Disney was hoping for, as the high-school drama featuring Friday Night Lights‘ Aimee Teegarden finished fifth with $5 million. The PG-rated movie, the first to be green-lit by Walt Disney Studios chairman Rich Ross, cost $8 million to produce and received a “B+” rating from CinemaScore moviegoers. Faring even worse was the Weinstein Company’s animated fairy-tale sequel Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, which gathered only $4.1 million. The original Hoodwinked, by comparison, grossed $12.4 million in 2005. And with a semi-wide release at 875 theaters, the horror comedy Dylan Dog: Dead of Night summoned just $885,000 for a paltry per-theater average of $1,011.

Holdovers, coming off of Easter weekend, suffered considerable — but not disastrous — declines. The animated Rio, which had topped the charts the last two weeks, dipped 45 percent for $14.4 million. Like Fast Five, the tropical-bird adventure is set in Rio de Janeiro. It’ll cross $100 million today, pushing its three-week total to $103.6 million. The Tyler Perry comedy Madea’s Big Happy Family fell 60 percent for $10.1 million. That’s a typical drop for the filmmaker, whose movies tend to be front-loaded. And the Reese Witherspoon-Robert Pattinson circus romance Water for Elephants took in $9.1 million — a 46 percent decline.

In limited release, Werner Herzog’s 3-D documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams collected a rock-solid $127,000 from five theaters. Check back next week as Thor attempts to pick up his hammer — and your money.

1. Fast Five — $83.6 mil
2. Rio — $14.4 mil
3. Madea’s Big Happy Family — $10.1 mil
4. Water for Elephants — $9.1 mil
5. Prom — $5.0 mil
6. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil — $4.1 mil

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  • Mephysto

    Wow, this is just sad now, Scream is a legit flop. Shows that the franchise was mostly about the hype, rather then quality and substance. Well, that hype is more then dead now, and the few poor zaps that still think this series, and specially 4 was great, need to wake up and realize that Scream was sh!t from the beginning…

    • Duncan

      Their excuse now will be that there was a Royal wedding happening this weekend. Last time it was cause “the target audience” for this movie was in college getting ready for finals… These people, much like the birthers, wont accept the truth. Scream sucks and the general audience is rejecting this tripe

      • Rashy

        Say true, say thankya..

      • Amy

        I’m only speaking for myself, but I was one of those college students buried in exams and papers over the last few weeks. I finally got a chance to see Scream 4 this weekend, and I liked it.

      • Kelly

        I agree with Amy, I’m in college and I’ve barely had time to breathe over the last few weeks, let alone take hours out of my day to go see a movie. I’ll catch up on a lot of movies once I get home for the summer, and Scream 4 will be one of them.

      • Rob

        Yeah, also in college, also buried in finals. Still want to see Scream 4, but apparently I don’t count. Whatever. The odd thing is that those trying to pretend that college finals DON’T exist are the same people charging others with conspiracy theories. Whatever.

      • Ampersand

        I saw Scream 4 and was hugely disappointed. It had some great parts but over the movie was a hot mess with gaping plot holes.

      • GeeMoney

        I was buried in college work this weekend, yet still managed to see Scream 4 two weeks ago (which sucked) and Fast Five this Friday (which rocked). Honestly, if people really wanted to see Scream 4 they would have turned out for it.

        And save your money folks – Scream 4 blew.

      • Q

        @GeeMoney, why is it so hard for you to fathom that maybe some people are different from you? Just because you were able to make time to see a movie doesn’t mean everyone can. Do you personally know what Amy’s, Kelly’s, or Rob’s schedules are like? Not everyone’s college experience is exactly like yours.

      • lover

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        ~~Oops, misread the headline. Fast Five is awesome!!!! Vin Diesel is so HAWT!!!! Way to go America!!!

      • GeeMoney

        Whatever, Q. Don’t you have some homework to do?

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

      • LOL

        Oops, misread the headline. Fast Five is awesome!!!! Vin Diesel is so HAWT!!!! Way to go America!!!

      • Sure

        So why then is this movie doing so well in overseas markets? Could it be the many other parts of the world also love crap?

      • LOL

        I expect more out of America.

      • Liz Lemon

        Clearly, the international audience loves it too since the movie also made 80+ million overseas this pass weekend.

      • LOL

        Let me clarify, I love Fast Five, but those Madea movies suck.

      • Chuck

        Proving only that the world is full of idiots, morons, and useless d-bags, no matter what your nationality.

      • Bebe

        Do Vin Diesel and The Rock make out in Fast 5? I’ve seen a few stills from the film where they’re face to face, and they look like they’re ready to jump each other’s bones.

      • LOL

        I wish Bebe, it would have made a fantastic movie even better! Then again, I would pay to watch Vin Diesel and The Rock read the phone book, in between make out sessions.

    • Dave

      The fact of the matter is that Scream 4, regardless of its performance at the box office, is one of the better horror movies to come out in a while, and it is easily the best slasher movie to have come out in a long time.

      • Duncan

        Living in denial!

      • Dave

        Living in denial? I’m living in denial because I liked a movie? Okay.

      • God

        No, you’re not in denial… You are just retarded

      • Dave

        Wow, you’re a clever one, especially for posting that comment as God. I wish I could be as clever and cool as you.

      • Flip

        Scream 4 was awesome. I’m not sure why people are bashing it, especially on this website—it wasn’t even mentioned in the article!

      • JD

        @Dave. I’m guessing people bashing the movie haven’t even seen it. Scream 4 was actually pretty great, it got a bit messy and didn’t really hold up by the end, but still it was entertaining and pretty hilarious. And “God” ‘retarded’ is an offensive term, get a grip.

      • Rob

        I don’t know but those bashing it sure seem to have a lot against college. Geesh. Like it or not it just doesn’t make sense to release a movie targeted at young people in the middle of finals, any more than it makes sense to release a movie targeted at 40 year-olds in the middle of tax season.

      • Ampersand

        One of the better horror movies to come out? Have you seen Insidious? That movie was actually good fun and had actual moments of terror. I’ll grant you the fact that it is a good slasher movie but let’s not pretend the bar for slasher films is raised really high

      • T

        “god” your comment was sickening. It’s sad to think that there are people with your attitude in the world

      • Dave

        @Ampersand…Yeah, I did see Insidious and I really liked it too. But other than Insidious, most of the horror movies that have come out lately have sucked big time. That’s why I said Scream 4 is one of the better horror movies to come out lately. I didn’t say it was the best, just one of the better ones. Besides Insidious and Scream 4, the only other horror movie that I thought was worth seeing recently was Let Me In.

    • Ethan

      Actually, Scream 4 was really good. The problem was that it didn’t get enough promotion to get younger audiences to it. People like me–the now over 25 crowd who saw some of the original three in theaters–are busy and don’t rush to the theater on opening weekends.

      • HD

        I agree, I had to wait until the 2nd weekend and even then I was squeezing it into my schedule but I said I better work fast because it’s already left my theater. It was a good effort, the movie I mean.

    • Jose

      And what does Scream 4 have to do with this Myphesto?

      • Desmo

        I told you to go back to mexico ese..

      • Jose

        Ah yes, when people can’t answer a question or don’t bring much to the discussion they act as idiotic as you. Typical.

    • ryan

      Well It will do fine with overseas totals, but it will be the worst of the series. Another one? AS for all you college people…..that is why you should go online, and then just hit the parties when you are done with your hour homework. The test are no sweat, and it is just as good as a traditional college. Now if you are going for a job that you need actual training on then that is different. Good luck! Liz freaking lemon liked something other than The kids are alright!!!! What the hell is going on here? I was surprised by hoodwinked!

    • Tom

      The entire lineup of movies available to go and see is a complete joke. Maybe for little kids, and stuff. But as for something worth that kind of money to spend on myself alone? no way.. only if there was nothing else to do. I will take my 30 dollars and spend it on something useful.

    • Rip

      Scream 4 sucked. Period. Fast five rocks.

  • xav

    So people really will go see any crap you shovel at them as long as enough stuff crashes.

    • CaptainDelicious

      Sad but true. Explosions + Hot Girls + Guns= Box office gold. It could be called “Big Pile of Crap” and it still would top the box office.

      • tickles

        Sorry CaptainDelicious, if they took out all the hot girls, explosions, and guns I would still be excited to see this movie. Vin Diesel is so fricking hot. Heck, I would stand in line to get tickets to hear him growl the phone book. Add The Rock, Paul Walker, and Tyrese and you have got lots of pretty, pretty, eye candy for the ladies! Yum!

    • Liz Lemon

      I wasn’t going to go see it until I saw all the good reviews it was getting. It was a great film.

    • GS

      It wasn’t crap at all. It was a great movie and after the teaser that came after the credits, I really can’t wait for the next one!

  • Rashy

    Not too shabby for the first big action movie of the summer. I enjoyed its loud boom boom effects but I enjoyed Hanna on a whole much better with its euro feel and thrills and the chemical bros.

    • sp

      Yes, Rashy , I adored ‘ Hanna ‘. It definitely has that New Wave French Cinema feel ( reminded me of the classic 80’s thriller flick, ‘ Diva ‘ ) to that wonderful flick- so unique to see in a popular film.

      • tickles

        I haven’t seen Hanna but I will as soon as it is available on Netflix. Just wanted to chime in with I think that little girl Soarsie (?) is one of the best young actresses I have ever seen. If that little girl does not win a few Oscars in the future I would be very surprised. So, so disappointed she is not going to be Katniss.

  • StewyFan

    I keep reading comments in relation to the fact that “America loves Crap” if they go see Fast Five. I really don’t get this. I feel that everyone that goes and sees Fast Five knows exactly what they are going to watch, and the makers of Fast Five are aware of what they made and understand their audience. It is supposed to be entertaining and fun. That is it. Take it for what it is. I enjoy my snobby sh*t just as much as my cheesy sh*t. Lighten up a little and don’t take everything so seriously.

    • erin

      The “America loves crap” mantra was tired five minutes after the first idiot posted it. Ignore it. It’s trolls at their laziest.

    • korri

      I went to see Fast Five and it was great for what it was. Escapism. The cars were hot, the guys were hot and it was pretty awesome. And they only majorly failed at physics once

    • Amanda

      Thank you for logic in a sea of trolls. I am over 25, educated and I love these movies. When I want thought-provoking, I read a book. Last night, I wanted to be entertained and Fast Five was great entertainment.

      • Ghost of Quality

        How sad that you can’t be entertained by quality.

      • Tommy Marx

        How sad that Ghost of Quality can’t accept that sometimes you feel like something deep and absorbing and sometimes you want something fun and entertaining. Are you a spambot, ’cause obviously you aren’t human.

      • Tommy loves crap

        Quality can be fun and entertaining. Why do you settle for garbage?

      • Ogram

        Hey, sometimes you want a quality, porterhouse steak – other times, you just want a Big Mac. Depends what you’re in the mood for.

      • b

        I enjoy both a fine steak and a hot dog.

    • Serena


  • joe

    XAV…this movie was pretty badass, i wouldnt call it crap. it got excellent reviews from just about every legitimate reviewer in the business. dont knock it unless u seen it

  • Wil

    E-Nuff about sream it was all about fast 5 if u haven’t seen it,don’t know wat ur waiting for get ur lazy azz up & go get ut money’s werth.

  • donna

    it’s sucked nothing like the other ones….one race and one chase! oh boy!!

  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

    Wohooo!! Fast Five is absolutely breathtaking! One of the year’s best films! Really epic!

    The fight between Vin Diesel/Dwayne Johnson knocked everyone on their ass and were so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world were left breathless.

    Oh, God, the only thing that’s going through my head to describe this movie, it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it! Whereas the first four movies were like you have sex but you never get the orgasm. A lot of stopping and starting but… oh, I wish I hadn’t said that.

  • del taco

    Fast Five was cool. Best moment, Vin and Paul going over the cliff in the car, in slo mo.

    • Liz Lemon

      My favorite was when they got together the crew and all the old characters returned. I also loved the shocker at the end of the credits. There’s definitely going to be a 6th one.

  • The Donald

    The dumbing down of this once great nation continues. Pathetic.

    • katie

      You’re an idiot. This movie got good reviews! A 69 on Metacritic for an action movie is practically unheard of. I think it’s great it did so well – Fast & Furious are fun movies and everyone knows what to expect of them.

      • Zing

        There’s a real ringing endorsement! “Everyone knows what to expect of them?” Wow. What low standards you have.

    • matt

      also contributed by donald

  • katina

    dylan dog should win best picture! and brandon routh should win best actor! it is an amazing movie!

    • katina

      and i thinc everi1 should c it

    • tickles

      I was wanting to see Dylan Dog of Night until I learned that pretty, perfect plastic Ken doll was the star.
      (Ok. I admit it. I do have issues ever since Shaw tried to break up Chuck and Sarah!) But Brandon is pretty plastic all the same.

  • Sith Lord J

    Now if Thor takes in any less than 100 Million it will be considered a disappointment.

    • Eric

      Fast and Furious is a well established franchise. Thor is a comic book movie about a superhero most people have never heard of. To expect a $100+ million opening is for Thor is insane

    • adam

      Why would that be the case? Is anyone expecting Thor to make 100 million in its first weekend? It’s not a sequel (which generally tend to do really well opening weekend because of the built-in audience), and Thor isn’t as popular a name as Spider-Man. The first Iron Man movie made about 100 million its first weekend, and that was considered a huge surprise. But that movie had Robert Downey Jr. and I don’t think Chris Hemsworth is as big of a draw as RDJ. Thor will probably gross in the 75-85 million range opening weekend, and that will be considered successful and certainly not a disappointment.

    • Rob

      Thor looks terrible to me, but that’s just my opinion. Wouldn’t be shocked if it flopped. Also, Natalie Portman looks miscast in that movie based on the previews.

    • Thom

      I think they’re hoping for a $60 million opening, which seems reasonable, as it’s not an established franchise.

  • jason

    Can’t wait to see Fast Five!

  • frastfrive

    I think the boxoffice overall will still take a hit this summer from the cost of living increasing so fast that going to the movies seems less likely. It’s the same old line-up of movie types this summer: more tired looking sequels and comic book heroes. These types of movies are so easily wait until they come out on video lately.

  • Korey

    I don’t understand all the snobs on here bit**ing about a movie that haven’t even seen. This is the time of year for fun, popcorn flicks. If you can’t handle that, lay low at the theater until Oscar season.

    • m1


    • GS

      I totally agree! I loved the movie and can’t wait for the next one! I am picky about which movies I see in the theater b/c it cost $26.50 for me, my husband, and our 11 yr old son to get in the doors and $5 bucks for a drink we shared. Got a free popcorn with our Regal card. Who can afford $30 – 40 every weekend to see movies?? This was one to see on the big screen! LOVED IT!

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