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Forget about who’s the fairest of them all, the real question is who’s going to play the huntsman in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman? EW has confirmed that Chris Hemsworth is the latest actor to currently be in talks with the studio for the role.

To recap:  Viggo Mortensen was originally circling the part in the Rupert Sanders-directed film, but walked away from negotiations in late March. Then the role was offered to Hugh Jackman, recently freed up after Darren Aronofsky unattached himself from The Wolverine, but after just a week of discussion, Jackman declined. 

Hemsworth, at 27, is a much younger choice than either Mortensen (52) or Jackman (42) for the part, but is riding some good advance buzz for his breakout role in Thor. (Plus, look at him! He certainly has that whole strapping thing down.)

As for the rest of the cast, Kristen Stewart told EW she was “almost positive” that she’d be playing Snow White (she’s currently reading different versions of the fairy tale in preparation) and Charlize Theron is committed to playing the Evil Queen.

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  • A

    I can’t get on board with this movie. In what universe would someone as gorgeous as Charlize Theron be jealous of Kristen Stewart?

    • Marissa

      Ugh, same. I want so much to be excited about all the buzz for this movie but I just can’t see Kristen Stewart as Snow White. And I’m not a Twilight hater…I just think she’s wrong for the part. Charlize is a goddess!

      • tipsy

        Yep, Charlize is a goddess which is this movie`s major downfall. SW is supposed to be a goddess and K-Stew just ain`t, though she is very pretty. At least Tarsem`s SW has Lily Collins who is more beautiful than Horseface.

      • Rip

        I think you guys are missing the point. It will be cartoonish and easy to make the evil queen look ugly. But, the mirror has consistently said that she is the fairest for a long time. That means the role would be ideal for a real beauty like Charlize Theron.

  • Yo

    I say YES to Chris Hemsworth and NO to Kristen Stewart.

    • Pam

      There is already this movie out, which suits your requirements and its called Thor.

  • anti

    lay off kristen, its the story thats count, now who will be the prince?

    • Stephanie’s not just the story that counts but also the acting, in order to make that story believable. And Stewart has a very limited range in acting, thus she shall, to put it bluntly- suck.

      • rose

        i agree, i thought that her acting abilities in twilight were sucky to say the least. i think the only thing going for her is that she is very pale

    • BRETT

      Stupid comment of the day goes to…

      • H

        … you.

  • alyss.hearts_anime

    This totally sucks! I was so going to write this movie!!!! They totally took MY IDEA!!!!!! I had a plan to write an adaption to Snow White, where it’s kinda dark and gothic. The huntsman is supposed to take Snow White into the woods and try to tear her heart out…I was just about to write a screenplay and EVERYTHING! I’m going to cry (seriously)! I can’t believe this…Well, when I’m rich and famous I’ll make another version (my version!!!!) and it will so so awsome and way better than this one! (this sucks!) and I will play Snow White and NOT Kristin Stewart (ughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!) This is so unbelievable!!!!!! (and Coleen Atwood will design the costumes =3) I feel so sick right now!

    • Bee

      Calm yo’ tits, woman.

  • alyss.hearts_anime

    I”m reading a review and this one sounds just like the classic tale…nothing original…myabe I still have a chance!

  • alyss.hearts_anime

    It’s sounds like it should be a cartoon or animated movie…

  • creativkook

    To Alyss.hearts_anime
    There are actually 2 or 3 different versions of the story in pre-production right now. In the other, Lily Collins is Snow White and Julia Roberts is the queen.
    Also, who else thinks Viggo walked away because Kristen Stewart was cast? It was pretty coincidental timing.

    • tipsy

      Viggo, Hugh,etc don`t want to be in the movie with someone who will be the focus of media attention for all the wrong reasons. You cna bet your a$$ that if this movie ever gets made, all media will be all over K-Stew exclusively, at the expense of everyone else (remember Katie Holmes during TomKat and Batman begins marketing blitz? Terrible time).Because it`s her first big role since Twilight and especially because R Pattz is her bf.

      I`m sure she`s a nice person to work with and all but I can imagine that other actors don`t want to be the part of extended Twi media circus if they can help it.

      • Erin

        Or maybe the script/movie plain ole sucked! I agree with you regarding OTT exposure and the media treatment of certin stars however I very much doubt Viggo & Hugh would have turned down a role merely because someone else will get all the attention.

      • Helen

        I seriously doubt that. Kristen’s already worked with Viggo not too long ago and I don’t think Hugh or Viggo would turn a role down purely for ‘media attention’ alone. Maybe the script wasn’t to their liking or the timing was off. Who knows?

  • mari

    They should have cast a young, not quite known actress in the role of Snow White. That way, Charlize would still be the prettiest but the young princess has the potential to be prettier once she’s older.

  • tipsy

    Wow, this movie sounds bad. They cast most beautiful actress as the runner up in beauty contest, who`s gonna buy that? K-Stew is very beautiful but she is no Charlize, c`mon now!

    Then they want to cast a gorgeous breakout male star as Huntsman and we are expected to believe that Snow White would totlaly not fall in love with him? Lol.

    Finally, lets get this straight. Actors are dropping out of this movie ebcause they know that all media attention will be on K-Stew. Who is stupid to want that? Run, Chis, run! This is TomKat all over again.

  • Ruby

    Don’t do it Chris! You’re much too good an actor to be trapped in a movie with KS.

  • ME

    I doubt he’ll do it either. There’s clearly something about this project that keeps driving actors away.

  • ScaredToSay

    I’m almost scared to say that I like KS, I think she brings a naturalness to her roles that’s refreshing. In the Runaways, for instance, she reminded me totally of one of my friends … I don’t think Viggo or Jackman would have been in talks for the movie if they didn’t like Stewart to begin with. They may be too old for the role though since Stewart is so young. So an actor Chris’s age might be more appropriate.

    • Neyui

      She falls in love with a 19 year old Prince not the Huntsman. CH is too young to play the Huntsman.

  • Michelle

    Two questions: Why do we need THREE versions of this at the same time? And in what universe would KStew be prettier than Charlize?

    • Focus

      1.) To answer your first question: If Universal Studios keeps the age of the Huntsman character older in age than Kristen Stewart’s Snow White character then there continues to be a situation, or more appropriately ‘a life understanding’ that some young ladies could relate to in this world. I could give specifics, but that goes against what some U.S. art observers describe as art. I am all for this movie being a discussion point in the media rather than a silent piece of art to look at and not discuss.
      2.) To answer your second question: Both, Kristen and Charlize, are pretty. I would be happy to work with both of them, with pleasure, in this and any other Universal Studios feature film.
      3.) And thirdly, which is my commendation: The Box Office release date is perfect for this movie in regards to families being together at that time of year and having the opportunity to discuss such issues in person.

  • Barb

    Chris Hemsworth do not take this role! There is a reason that Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen and Hugh Jackman turned it down. Everyone says it is the money but I doubt that just think of all the baggage that comes with working with Kristen Stewart!(can you say danger this movie will lose millions to match all the other millions Kristen has lost non twilight films) Chris will be offered better roles so please hold out for those!

  • CiCi

    Did you know that Tom Hardy was the first one offered the role? That means 4 guys have turned it down.Plus the director is the same guy who did Alice In Wonderland. There is no way Universal thought this was going to be a low budget film. Plus, youi know they didn’t offer Johnny Depp a low figure when he was offered the part. I really don’t think all these actors turned this down because of money.(So, why are all these actors turning it down?) Chris should pass and wait for a better movie.

    • Helen

      Tom Hardy wasn’t offered the role, he was only considered.

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