Saoirse Ronan cast in film of Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'


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Saoirse Ronan, most recently seen kicking ass to techno music in Hanna, is set to be invaded. Ronan has been cast as Melanie, a young woman whose mind is besieged by a parasitic alien, in the film adaptation of The Host — a.k.a. that one Stephenie Meyer book that doesn’t involve pouty vampires.

The bestselling sci-fi novel follows Melanie and Wanderer, the extraterrestrial “soul” that has taken over her brain, as they experience a sort of paranormal Stockholm Syndrome. Ronan would play both roles, or more specifically, a role within a role, a daunting task that I’m sure the Oscar-nominated actress is more than up to. The film’s producers may be looking to make the character a bit younger: In the book, Melanie is 20 years old, while Ronan is 17.

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  • CY

    I was wondering if they were ever going to make this movie. I like Saoirse Ronan and can definitely see her in the part (even though she physically does not look anything like the way Melanie is described in the book.) Obviously, acting trumps physical traits in this case.

    • Cristin

      Ditto on all accounts!

      • lover

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    • Alisa

      i cant agree with this more. i envisioned Melanie to be much prettier and older, but Saoirse is SUCH a talent, i cant be anything but glad they gave the role to such a great actress.

      • Ally

        Saoirse is very pretty too, and she IS a good actress, so I agree with you Alisa.

    • Elissa

      Exactly my thoughts.

  • Amy

    I think that Saoirse looks older than her age, especially in this picture. I actually really enjoyed this book and was excited to hear that they were making a movie based on it. I look forward to seeing it.

  • Tommie

    For some reason I just can not stand this girl. Last movie I’ll go to see.

    • Dave

      Apparently your in the minority though. And what is the last movie you’ll go see?

      • Reece

        Listen to what Ally has to say, she’s down the bottom, last page. I’ll be a great movie, I do agree with her.

    • John

      She’s the least exposed working, young actress today. I’m not sure how you can’t stand her since she’s actually known for her acting chops. The attention is about her acting. Not her bust, not her open-mouth poses, but for her acting.

      • Reece

        Sorry, Ally’s on the 4th page. Listen to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amy

      Sorry, but how can you not stand her? Even with all the other up-and-coming young actresses, I’d have to say I think Saoirse Ronan is the most promising.

    • Green

      I still can’t forgive her for falsely accusing James McEvoy of rape that one time.

      • My Name Is Earl

        @ Green

        LOL. That means she did her job as an actress!

      • tipsy

        Lol, but she totally overshadowed Keira Knightley in that movie which is a huge bonus don`t you think? Now Knightley is the actress I totally cannot stand.

      • Ally

        That’s no fair on Saoirse, what if she really beliebd she was raped. That’s different.

  • Zo

    I love Saoirse, and am interested to see how her career develops.

    I would love to see her play “Jean” in the planned film adaptation of “August: Osage County”. I know they’ve cast some of the roles already, but I hadn’t heard if that one was filled yet. She’d be perfect!

    • Eve

      OH MY GOD! I never even thought of that, she would be totally perfect for that role.

  • laurab

    Melanie was supposed to be muscular and dark. Saoirse is amazing but looks more like a Wanda than a Melanie to me.

    • Athena1

      Did you see her transformation in HANNA? If they can cast Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Saoirse can definitely pull off Melanie.

      • MichaelG

        Atherna1, you are spot on. People are saying that Saaoirse is too young (Jared does not bed her because she is not of age…did these people read the book?)…she is not masculin enough (as you mentioned, have these people seen Hanna?). Jennifer Lawrence is no Katniss but there she is.

      • JoannaE

        @MichaelG – you seem to forget, that was a memory of Melanie’s when she met Jared. She has a few years under her belt before she gets caught and Wanderer comes on the scene. So Melanie was in her 20’s, not 17.

    • JoannaE

      What makes you think Saoirse can’t hit the gym and bulk up a bit and become athletic for the part? Many actors have done it, and she’s got time to work on it, only takes a few months hitting the gym hard to start bulking up. I’m just hoping it’s done well, not crappy. Too many crappy movies out there.

  • Carrie

    She’s a talented actress, but never in a million years would I have guessed she’d be playing Melanie. I’m curious to see who the rest of the cast will be. I actually thought this book was a lot better than the “Twilight” series.

    • ann

      agreed (with all of the above).

    • Alisa

      thats because it IS a lot better than the Twilight series. I fell so much harder for this book than I did Twilight.

  • Eve

    I hate Twilight, but I actually quite enjoyed the Host. I think the main thing was that Stephanie Meyer wrote it for adults, or at “her own level” where as she wrote Twilight for 16 year olds, which ended up coming off really gooshy and condescending and with 10 year old-esque language. The Host may not be groundbreaking literature, but its a lot less guilty of a pleasure than I expected from an author with her track record. I’m actually quite excited for this movie, I like Saoirse Ronan too. Who knows? It may not end up being half bad!

    • Jen

      You can go through every interview Stephenie Meyer ever gave and nowhere does it say that she “wrote Twilight for 16 year olds”. That’s just how they decided to market it. I won’t argue that the subject matter of the Host definitely has a more “adult” vibe, but most of your claims are not true.

  • Bob

    Saoirse should trade roles with Jennifer Lawrence

    • ann

      that’s actually not a bad idea!

    • tipsy

      Lol, I thought so too.

      That said, she`ll be awesome. It`s tough to pull of a character within character but she`ll shine for sure.

    • Maureen


  • whatevs

    She’s grown up so much since Atonement!

  • Amy

    I haven’t read the book, so I’m not familiar with the plot, but I’m one of those avid Twilight haters, so I feel rather ambivalent about this. I remember seeing in an interview that Saoirse Ronan either dislikes Twilight or hasn’t read it (she didn’t say so outright, but it was obvious from her body language). Still, I trust Saoirse Ronan’s judgment and if they get a good writer and director, this could be good.

    • Jose

      They got the writer from The Truman Show and Gataca to pen the movie.

  • I lied to you the minute i said i do

    still think she should have been cast as snow white opposite armie hammer

    • John

      They cast Lily Collins instead who is older than Ronan.

      I can’t believe people are complaining that she doesn’t look the part. I understand, but how many books to movie adaptions suffered from bad/mediocre acting even when the actors resembled their characters? I can name two franchises: HP and Twilight. So, f*ck resembling the character and get some real talent.

    • Shh

      I think Lily Collins looks the part of Snow White tho, I have no interest in watching the movie. Collins or Kspews one.

  • Sia

    Pouty vampires ? Shut up. Why don’t you guys write an article without being snarky. And I love this book and think the casting is great.

  • Annie

    Wow! Briony is all grown up!!! Hope The Host is a better film adaptation then the Twilight films.

  • chris

    Saoirse Ronan. That’s all I needed to know. A very unappreciated young actress in Hollywood.

  • Helena

    a shame she’s getting involved with anything related to Meyer

    • John

      You must remember the screenplay is written by Andrew Niccol (Truman Show, Gattaca, The Terminal all solid movies with solid scripts). If a screenwriter was to elevate anything Meyer writes, and it’s said The Host is her best work, Niccol might be just the person. All is not lost with Ronan and Niccol.

      • Lex

        I totally agreed with Helena, but John has me tentatively interested in this. Niccol is a great writer (I loved Gattaca), and Ronan is an amazing actress. Plus, I heard The Host is not as a bad as Twilight, so I might watch this movie.

      • Morgan

        Ooh, good to know. This gives me hope that I might like this movie better than the Twilight ones, despite feeling the opposite way about the books. I like the Twilight series, but as a novel, The Host didn’t do a lot for me. Maybe this’ll be a case where the movie pulls me in even though the book never did.

      • John

        @ Morgan

        Right off the bat this production seems a lot different the way Twilight was handled. I did some research and the caliber of producers that will pitch for investors during Cannes next week tells you the uphill battle will be leveled a bit. Due to the Twilight movie franchise, Meyer’s reputation to film goers has been sour. I mean, the producers that are backing this film helped make The Road, Revolutionary Road and The Tree of Life among other films. They must have seen something of great promise that can be turn into reality once Niccol wrote the script. Again, this production is headed into the right path, all they have to do is cast talent that complements Ronan and fill out the rest of the crew with top caliber talent.

        It can be A LOT worse and disappointing.

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