Jennifer Aniston gets randy in 'Horrible Bosses': Watch the trailer here!

Say goodbye to Rachel Green, folks. Once you’ve watched Jennifer Aniston as a hilariously randy dentist in the new trailer for the comedy Horrible Bosses (out July 8), you might never see the Friends star quite the same way again.

The movie centers on three working guys (played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day) who decide to knock off their awful employers: A drug-addled brat (Colin Farrell), a white collar sadist (Kevin Spacey), and a sexual predator (Jennifer Aniston). The characters may be out for blood, but director Seth Gordon (Four Christmases) insists his movie is strictly going for laughs. “It’s a big comedy,” he tells EW. “Hopefully anybody who’s ever had a boss that they didn’t like will relate.”

Gordon also assures us that Aniston’s antics in the trailer — including a raunchy iPad slideshow — are just the tip of the iceberg for her character. “There’s a whole bunch of things she does that couldn’t be put in this trailer. Stuff you won’t believe,” he says. “It’s really exciting to see her do something a bit further… afield, if you will.”

Check out the slightly NSFW trailer below, then let us know your thoughts after the jump!

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  • Danson

    A Miami Vice reunion! I hope Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx have scenes together!
    Is Kevin Spacey reprising his role from Swimming With Sharks (1994)?
    Jennifer Aniston looks really beautiful and gorgeous dressed up in her sexy lingerie.

    • LOL

      9 to 5 for the new millenium. And it looks quite funny.

    • Joe

      How in the hell is being sexually harrassed by a woman who looks like Jeniffer Aniston a bad thing?

      • norman

        Consider that a gay screen writer came up with that, then it makes sense.

      • buddy

        from a gay writers perspective.

      • tomm

        Double standards

      • Wendy

        So if a good-looking man like Bradley Cooper was harassing a woman who was not interested, would you say that it was because of lesbian screen writers?

      • Howard Stern

        yummmmy… Lesbians

      • tom

        looks funny…..and i will let bradley cooper (not in this movie but brought up below) toss my salad anytime….and vice versa! YUMMY

      • tony

        Well, considering that she’s trying to ruin his relationship with his fiance, i can’t imagine that would be a good thing.

      • Johnny D

        Umm, maybe because his character is in a relationship? Some men genuinely love their girlfriends, and don’t wanna be hit on regardless of what the women looks like. Why can’t we portrayed on screen without being the fiction of a gay screenwriter? (and who caresif he’s gay anyway?)

      • Johnny D

        Also…Jennifer Aniston is so not sexy…

  • LOLZ

    I already saw this at a screening. This movie is epic.

    • Michael

      I can’t wait! It looks hilarious!!!

    • Liz Lemon

      It looks funny and Aniston is actually playing a different role for once.

    • I. AM. EPIC

      PLEASE STOP using the word epic to describe every butt scratch that comes along.

      • LMFAO


  • the_girl

    “I was drag racing.” “In a Prius?” …….. “I don’t win a lot.”
    That was honestly my fave part of the trailer. I will totally rent this when it comes out on DVD.

    • gv

      Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Colin Farrell in the SAME movie?!!? I’m totally in.

    • alan of montreal

      Jason Bateman does the best line readings.

  • Angela

    Really like that cast, though that combover might take some getting used to. It’s nice to see Jennifer Aniston with a different role. But as with pretty much any comedy, especially mainstream, blockbuster ones, I’m not going to fully commit to this one. The trailer had some funny lines, but there’s always the possibility that they put almost all the funny bits in the trailer.

    • SaraS

      “I’m not going to fully commit to this one…” What a weenie!! Go see it, don’t go see it, who cares!
      If you go go see the movie and it’s not as funny as you “committed to”, will it really affect you that much?

      • Also Sarah

        It’s just someone’s opinion. No need to go mental on him.

      • Garrett

        btw the name said angela i doubt its a him


    Comedy GOLD!

  • Brynna

    looks hilarious. Can’t wait.

  • Emma

    No one is going comment on the BANGS?! Seriously?! Come on, Jen, you know better than that.

    • Fred

      I had a nice looooong naughty post about bangsing….. but alas, it was censored.

  • Jon

    Bunk. From. The. Wire.

  • schaden

    I LOVE IT.

  • Whatever

    Ughh, pass. I didn’t find the trailer that funny at all. Talk about trying too hard. It sounds like a 9 to 5 rip-off but not funny.

    • PJ

      Yeah, because 9 to 5 was HILARIOUS.

      • Whatever

        Unfortunately, this one looks like a non hilarious rip-off. Just my opinion.

    • i agree with whatever

      i agree with whatever. bleh. not funny, a non funny remake style of 9-5. And Jen can be as cute as she is, but the girl can NOT act

      • Kayjee

        It would be great if Jennifer Aniston would quit her underwhelming attempts to be an actress and just model. Then the people who think she’s pretty could look at her and the rest of us wouldn’t have to.

  • jerome

    9 TO 5 with males and separate bosses. And Spacey better reference that he’s playing the same role as Swimming with the Sharks.

  • amanda

    2 words, jason sudeikis

  • DTO

    Well, Aniston should be getting more dates after this movie trailer makes the rounds.

    • JB

      I’m sure she gets plenty of dates now…

    • Professor

      Aniston should be getting more macaroons after this

  • Fresh

    Why is it that only Jennifer Aniston is getting attention for this? I’m pretty sure there are a heck of a lot of famous people in the movie–don’t know why she gets a call out. It’s not HER movie. It’s an Ensemble.

    • Alison

      I think it’s her PR team that does this. When she did JUST GO WITH IT,
      she was EVERYWHERE like it was HER movie. Adam Sandler didn’t do all that much. Aniston also talked about Bruce Almight as HER movie. That’s how she keeps going, taking all the credit for anything that does well.

      • whatevs

        Who from her team is saying this is her movie? Do they own EW?

      • chantal

        She has a HUGE PR machine behind her, likely more than any actress. The public doesn’t seem to like her acting much, she can’t open a movie and everyone says she’s Rachel in everything, complain that she needs bigger costars to be watchable, yet EW is under her PR spell too despite her bad acting (and this looks like a version of Raunchy Rachel, no more than that).

    • Kiki

      Because Aniston is an A-list star and everyone else in this movie is not. Or, it’s because she’s naked again? I don’t know. It seems like she gets a lot of attention for something. I don’t think it’s talent though. But she gets attention. Maybe, it’s her PR. I don’t know.

  • Jon

    What a horrible thing having Jennifer Aniston wanting to have sex with you. GEEEEEZZZZZZ she must die!

    • Michael

      Seriously, she’s gorgeous!

      • Elton

        unless one is gay!! how insensitve of you, expect to hear from GLAAD lawyers

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