John Cho signs on for 'Total Recall' -- EXCLUSIVE


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John Cho (Star Trek) has joined Total Recall, Sony’s remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action film that begins shooting Monday in Toronto. Cho will play McClane, the smooth-talking rep for the mind-messing company that tempts Colin Farrell’s Douglas Quaid to implant fantastic memories into his brain. Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, as the Hollywood Reporter and reported, will play Quaid’s wife and his revolutionary girlfriend, respectively. Bryan Cranston has been cast as the futuristic villain played by Ronny Cox in the original film, and Ethan Hawke will have a small role as well. Bill Nighy, who worked with Recall‘s director Len Wiseman on the Underworld franchise, remains in talks, reportedly to play the revolutionary hero, Kuato.

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  • alex

    You know you’re old when they’re remaking movies of your teen years.

    • Cassie

      “…and Ethan Hawke will have a small role as well.”

      Kiss of Doom.

      • Jay

        I felt the same way when I read Jessica Biel’s name. The original is still great. PASS!

      • Tom

        You know you’re old when you think this is a great new idea.

      • yahmgilr

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      • Liz

        Jay: Yes, exactly. I immediately lose interest whenever I hear her name mentioned. It’s like that scene in Scrubs: “shoe shopping…”

    • JoeC

      I was in my 20’s(albeit early 20’s) when the original came out! Lol!

      • DTO

        This came out the summer or fall after I graduated high school. Could they have at least waited another decade or so before doing this?

      • Tom

        I vote to return to 1990. Let’s go.

      • yahmgilr

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      • Voodoo

        I’m with ya, Tom!

    • josh

      That’s messed up because,even though this movie wasn’t quiet part of my teens,it was a part of my late adolescence.

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      • Retta

        Yo, that’s what’s up trtuhuflly.

    • jason

      No kidding!

  • jobobspecial2

    hey yall it’s the unfunneh one from the white kastle movies!

    • Carrie

      Whatever jobob, John Cho is hot as hell.

      • Tom

        it’s that kid from goonies all grown up

  • brett

    will there be the woman with 3 tits?

    • dmc

      yes there will be. snookie.

      • DTO

        Why? Are they counting belly rolls as cleavage now? LOL meanly.

      • pie thrower

        Too funny DMC. It could very well be Snookie, but my vote is for Kim Kardashian.

  • RJ

    See you at the pah-tee, Richter!

    • LFMAO

      Screw Youuuuuu!!

      • Aldair

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  • Sam Snead

    is hollywood officially out of new ideas yet again?

    • blinkone

      When did it ever have original ideas,Sam?

      • therealeverton

        Almost never. Is this film still flipping flipping between remake (not terrible, but not the best idea) and new adaptation of the book, (much better idea and more room for improvement.) ???

        It feels like Carpenter’s The THing to me. That wasn’t really a remake of the 1950s movie, although it used an association (title, Font etc) for publicity. It was much more of a very faithful adapation of the source novella. It was also a better film (I own both versions) as this could be if it focuses more on the book than the Total Recall script.

    • Linda

      Commenters sure are.

    • Tom

      Spiderman in on Broadway. Sorry to burst your bubble but; They are ALL out of ideas.

  • amelia in portland

    LUV HIM but Jessica Biel? I dunno ….

  • Avie

    Jessica Biel AND Kate Beckinsale? Well, I’m at the very least intrigued.

  • jc

    WTF! they’re remaking this….wow. they really have run out of ideas haven’t they

  • Josh

    The orginal Total Recall movie wasn’t an orginal idea either you morons. It was based off a scifi novel, and i hear this one is going to be following the book a lot more that arnolds version did

    • CarrieMae

      Philip K. D*ck. We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. His stories are the basis for many science fiction movies, including Blade Runner. Great author. Can’t believe EW is censoring his name!

  • ted

    Josh, the original Total Recall was an original idea that arnold came up with…You are the moron.

    • thin

      Are you being serious? I can’t tell if I should laugh at your sarcasm or be disgusted at your stupidity.

  • deedeedragons

    I know they’re rare but this is an actually GOOD Schwarzenegger film, remake the bad ones & see if you can do better.

    • Prince William

      NOTHING that Arnold appears in is good. He is officially banned in our house.

    • thin

      Sorry, but I disagree. I walked out of the theater after seeing it hoping for a better remake someday. It’s a fantastic concept that was made mediocre by hamfisted, overwrought filmmaking.

    • Woods

      None can doubt the veracity of this artcile.

  • steph

    John Cho is so freaking hot.

    • Liz Lemon

      That he most certainly is.
      I loved him in Star Trek.

  • ted

    He was also great in that 70’s show.

    • Kenne

      What are you talking about -.-‘ He didn’t play in a single episode of That 70’s Show…

      • JMB in FL

        ted seems to be a little confused throughout this message board. Perhaps he needs to sober up before posting.

  • del taco

    Total Recall 1990 Arnold is either dreaming the whole thing, or he saves Mars. Whoops, did I give away the ending ??????

  • Bob

    So this definitely means the Star Trek sequel won’t be filming for another few months (also given the fact they don’t have a full script or director). How then does Paramount expect them to get the sequel ready for June 2012?

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