'Scream 5' not in Wes Craven's immediate future: 'I'm taking the summer off.' -- EXCLUSIVE


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Wes Craven has told EW he has no immediate plans to make Scream 5. Last week, Scream series executive producer Harvey Weinstein informed MTV news that he was "sure" the director would oversee a fifth entry in the meta-slasher franchise. But Craven says that he is in no rush to direct a follow-up to Scream 4, which was released last month. "I’m taking the summer off," he insists. "I directed and produced, and my wife [Iya Labunka]

produced, both Scream 4 and the previous film, My Soul to Take, and they were both very difficult films. So we just decided, ‘You know what? We’re going to spend the summer someplace nice and not think about film for a while.’”

The good news for Ghostface fans? Craven confirms the Weinstein Company is contractually obliged to give him “first dibs” on Scream 5 and that it is “entirely possible” he would make another movie in the series “if they get a script I’m interested in directing. The best situation would be if Kevin (Williamson, longtime Scream scribe) would come back.” Earlier this year, Williamson told EW that while he had gotten into a “massive fight” with Bob Weinstein during the production of Scream 4, he did indeed have ideas for “more twists and turns” that the franchise could take.

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  • Jay

    Well, at least is good to know that Scream 5 could still happen.
    I would really like for the whole cast, Wes Craven and K. Williamson to come back.
    Scream 4 was very good, it exceeded my expectations (and they were pretty high).

    • Brian

      I absolutely agree. I’d like to see everyone back for another film and I liked Scream 4 a lot.
      But even if they don’t make Scream 5, I think Scream 4 found a great ending to the franchise.

      • stu

        ahhhh wasn’t 4 a bust $ wise?

    • KEVIN

      Agree, Scream 4 was the best sequel in the franchise, so if they are capable of making another good one, however if it doesn’t happen Scream 4 is a worthy last chapter.

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    • Jory

      This info is the cat’s pjaaams!

  • Sidney Prescott

    I think we’re missing one thing from this article…will there even be a Scream 5 (or 5cream) since the box office wasn’t that great? Personally, I would love to see it made and I thought Scre4m was great, but I’m surprised to hear it even has a future at this point!

    • Jay

      It’s made close to $100 million when you add up the international sales.
      Apparently that’s enough to consider making a sequel.

    • Rob

      Yeah Scream 4 made over $94 million and counting. Ignore everyone who tries to tell you it was some massive flop. Many people came on here and tried to point it out, but they were drowned out by the chorus yelling and complaining about “college kids” not flocking to see the movie.

    • sean

      Scream 1 was the best “SCREAM” ever. I think it would have been best if was left at 1,2, and 3. SCREAM 1 Was 100 percent “AWESOME”!

  • Flip

    I am all for a fifth film, written by Williamson and directed by Craven as long as our original trio survives and is not the killer.

  • Mr.Floppy

    If Kevin and Wes are not back, there’s no Scream for me.

    • Niels

      Nor if Cox, Arquette or Campbell decline…

  • :)

    Sream 4 didn’t do bad at the box office. It didn’t do as good domestically but, it did really good in forgein countries! I am also happy to hear Scream 5 will most likely happen!!! I love the Scream films!

  • dman

    i bed the fight was over the ending… as anyone who has seen it knows… it could have ended a wee bit earlier and changed the whole thing and woulda been awesome… what they ended up doing seemed added on and unnatural to the story

    • KEVIN

      so you think the movie should have ended with Jill being loaded up in the ambulance and being portrayed as the new Sydney? It would have made for an interesting new trilogy for sure, but there is no Scream without Sydney. I don’t feel the ending was “added on” as you say because from the moment Jill stabbed Sydney it was very obvious to me they wanted to make it look like a wound she could live with.

  • Radzinsky

    Haha, wow. He’s clearly very sour that his last film bombed so hard like that. Doesn’t want to admit it, of course. Defeat hurts.

    • Michael

      Yes VERY sour. You’re a dope.

  • graeme

    Yeah, I’m surprised that Scream 5 might happen. I loved seeing the characters again…but at the same time, I felt sorry for them that they were going through this again. Just let them be.

  • underthefan

    I really hope Scream 5 happens. Scream 4 was excellent and a true successor to the genius of the original. But, of course, it has to be with Wes and Kevin at the helm.

  • MM

    Great news! I still don’t understand what happened with the box office on the last film. I saw it twice and it was excellent and I’m a huge Scream fan. I think it will do really well on video and that could add a lot to interest in more sequels.

    • Mike

      I think the timing was all wrong for Scre4m. People are tired of all these remakes and reboots drowning multiplexes. Then the fact that Scream 3 was really disappointing didn’t help the drive for a fourth chapter. And the three opening kills was just a little annoying. The first and the ACTUAL opening kill were good. Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell, both fine actors in themselves, should’ve been left on the cutting room floor.

  • Niels

    I don’t mind they’re taking a break for a while. They shouldn’t rush the next film, wait a few years – not a whole decade, but a few years are fine. Really think it through, you know. Scream 4 was awesome and if they take their time to create the next installment thoroughly, Scream 5 will be great too! I’m rooting for 5cream to happen (although I dislike that stylized title).

    PS: I’m from one of the foreign countries where Scre4m did quite well… I really hate that it wasn’t a success in the US, jeopardising a next production.

  • Timbo1718

    I dont want the Scream films to die….I get to live in my youth again when a new one is released. LOL….I prefer these types of films over films like Saw and Hostel…..Give us Scream 5 and 6.

  • Scream 4

    Glad to hear he has first dibs. If he fights for Kevin to be back, this will be another legendary movie.

  • Realangst

    I keep saying this about this film year. If it aint a cartoon, say goodbye to the expected grosses. For some reason, people don’t even care if a movie is good. They just aint buying. I have been a matinee hound for quite a few years but was literally shocked how much a full priced film costs these days. And they actually check your bags to make sure you’re not bringing in outside food and drink. Sorry, but $25 for a movie and a SMALL popcorn and drink is a rip! Even if it is a good movie, I would not pay those prices. I prefer the theatre experience, so I’ll stick to matinees. Scream 4 was a very good movie. I think it does quite well standing on it’s own if you’ve never seen the series that preceded it. I want 5. and I DO want it it helped by West and Kevin TOGETHER! But remember, this not the year to judge quality by the numbers. 2011 film is just not enticing enough to forego the gasoline, food, medicine or the rent. No matter how good the movie is.

    • Tom

      I agree. I love the theater experience, but I have to pay $12.50 just to get into the movie these days (Yay for San Francisco!) It’s insane.

    • Mike

      DVD and Blu-ray has spoiled me now. There’s no way a theater screen can outdo the picture quality on these discs.

  • dee123

    I only JUST realize the other day that the killer is a relative of a famous person wanting to step out of their shadow being played by a relative of a famous person who does indeed cast a long shadow.

    • Brian

      I didn’t notice that either. Great catch!

    • LP

      Look at you, Film School! That is a pretty good catch.
      Anyway, I thought Scream 4 was pretty good with a strong hook. It might not be such a bad thing to sit on 5 for a smidge, allowing the audience to find it at home. I think the twist is good enough to reel in that demo that avoided it in theaters.

      • PJ

        I agree they should sit on Scream 5 for a little. One of the great things about Scream 4 was the pokes at how horror has changed into a mess thanks to Saw. They should see what else comes out of horror for a few years until they make a new one.

    • jsun

      It’s just like in the first Scream when Jamie Kennedy is on the couch watching Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween and shouting, “Turn around Jamie!” b/c Michael Meyers was standing behind her….just like Ghostface was standing behind him. It was a very meta moment.

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