Jason Bateman on an 'Arrested Development' movie: 'Of course I would want to jump back in there again'


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Jason Bateman might be a familiar face this summer with his two big comedies -- Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up -- in theaters, but many of his fans just want to know one thing: what the heck is up with the long-rumored Arrested Development movie? "I have no update at all," says Bateman. "As far as I know, [creator]

Mitchell Hurwitz is working on the script and he wants to start shooting at some point this year. So while I haven’t heard anything new, I haven’t heard anything that would contradict that.”

The television series, which starred Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter as a dysfunctional family, has had a devoted following amongst critics (landing on Time magazine’s list of 100 best TV shows) and fans since it debuted in 2003. And since its cancellation in 2006 fans have been clamoring for all things Bluth — Bateman among them. “The show was a career saver for me,” he says. “And also happened to be the job I’m most proud of, so of course I would want to jump back in there again.”

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  • Woot

    Portia de Rossi* I’m not usually that guy… but this time I feel it’s necessary.

    • KFP’s mother

      I love headlines like “Jason Bateman: ‘Development’ in ’11?” that are completely misleading and have a one-word answer: “no.”

    • John

      After “Serenity” proved that a rabid online community of fans won’t make a film based on a TV ratings flop succeed in theatres, I doubt this will ever happen. Why spend time and money on a film based on a ratings flop like AD?
      Unless you are gonna cast Robert Pattison, Angelina Jolie, Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp, and Meryl Streep, and have Katy Perry and Lady Gaga do the theme song, this is a box office flop waiting to happen…

      • KFP’s mother

        Of course, if it’s a good movie—then it will do well. But the problem is the multi-story arc that the series is known for is going to be VERY hard to translate to a 90-120 minute movie.

      • Stevo

        I disagree. The problem with the show while it was on the air was that it was so hard for it to gain a following due to the amount of jokes that stretched across an entire season and that Fox has no clue how to establish followings for its shows (See Family Guy and Futurama being cancelled. They kept changing the timeslots so it was impossible to know when they would show new episodes). AD has enough of a following now so that the film would do well.

      • @Stevo

        “AD has enough of a following now so that the film would do well.”

        You have no idea how many times FIREFLY fans said the same thing right before Serenity opened in theatres domestically. Then the film flopped, and after blaming Universal for it (just like they blamed Fox for Firefly flopping), fans then said that internationally would be a different story because “Joss is huge abroad”. Then the film flopped internationally too, and in fact, had such a bad box office run abroad, that several openings were altogether canceled. AD was not a hit, and the film won’t be a hit. Admit it,it has no hook. Quirky, weird family? That’s the same plot and premise of a million indie films. Learn from SERENITY and be happy with just a TV flop. Why would you wanna add “film flop” to AD’ list of accomplishments?

      • just saying

        I think you’d be surprised at how many fans this show picked up after the fact. Not saying it’s billions of folks, but i do know people who found the show after it was cancelled and now love it. If the cast did it as a labor of love and not for huge paychecks it could be a smaller hit. The premise of the show doesn’t require huge budget stuff and they don’t mind shameless promotion to help pay the bills. You can’t compare AD and Firefly. Firefly’s problem was that it was a sci fi western. People understandably scratched their heads at that. Sci Fi is a very specific genre that not everyone enjoys. Making it something different (the western theme) makes it even more specific when it comes to a target audience. You had to be a Joss fan and trust that he knew what he was doing. I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the series until AFTER i saw and LOVED the movie and I’m a Joss fan.

      • aaron

        It would do fine. They have a loyal fanbase. The cast has become big, so that will attract people. Not to mention, the fanbase has most definitely grown thanks to Netflix and word of mouth. It won’t be Hangover 2 or anything, but then again, it will be remembered in 10 years…unlike Hangover 2.

  • Rick G

    I AM that guy, especially when it’s two misspellings in one tiny post. Bleuth? Really?

    • erin

      Yeah, the “Bleuth” got me too.

    • Michael

      COME ON!

      • MarcHon

        She made a huge mistake.

      • Gupta


  • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

    & it’s Alia Shawkat…

  • Sam J

    “Its not magic. Its my illUUUsion.”

    -Gob Blueth

    • Sam J

      Charlize Theron’s “childlike” character and Michael are having a “sleep over” and Michael goes to turn off the lights: CT “Keep the lights on. I want to see if you have a monster.”

  • Anth

    Yeah, like the EW.com writer in the $4000 suit is gonna fix her typos. COME ON!

    • nick


    • Corey


    • hutchy

      “I call it F*ck City!!”

      • Dgently

        How do we weed out the teases?

      • Kari G

        We don’t let them in!

      • Trish

        With wireless *crapability*–that speaks for itself…


    “kaw kaw kaw”, ~gob~
    “chickens don’t clap”, ~buster~
    ” i just blue myself” ~tobias~

    • E

      “Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?”

    • hutchy

      “I’ve had Pop Pop in the attic”….”Just the fact that you call it that shows you arent ready”

  • bigpooper

    Fat people on toilets. Just picture it for a moment. Ewwwwwww…..

  • The Red Awesome

    “Because you’re the big marriage expert, Michael…Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, your wife is dead.”
    -Tobias Funke

    • Dgently

      The first analrapist…

  • Dana Kaminski – Hollywood Actor Prep

    I know for certain that there IS an Arrested Development film being scripted, currently. (I know one of the writers and asked him about it, recently.)

    The team has other projects simultaneously. They had another show, a Network primetime series, just this past season. That, other projects; as well as substantial pressure to create a film for a fan base of the TV show that they had success with; is what they are juggling.

    Same as for everyone in the world, I guess. There’s only so much time in each day…

    • NMO

      I just find it funny that they cranked out 50+ shows in three seasons and now it takes years to write one 90 minute script.

      • Brigette


      • BG 17

        As long as it doesn’t take as long as the Simpsons Movie…

  • Dusty

    I just recently watched the entire series on netflix and LOVED it. An Arrested Development movie is one of the few movies I would rush out and see opening weekend.

    • Ramey

      I still do Arrested Development weekend marathons, especially when I’m on call and have to stay at the house. It never gets old. I may be 90 years old when this movie finally comes out, but I’ll be there.

  • NMO

    “As far as I know, [creator] Mitchell Hurwitz is working on the script and he wants to start shooting at some point this year.”

    They’ve been saying this for how many years now?

  • stickittotheman

    I would love to see an Arrested Development movie. But, until I see it at my local multiplex, I will continue to enjoy weekend marathons.

  • Karina

    quite teasing us with these illusions! yes or no??

  • MarcHon

    Say good-bye to these
    -Judy Greer is a comedic genius

  • Amy

    I will believe it when I see it but will never give up hoping.

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