Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Dictator': See the first official photo!


Image Credit: Paramount

Paramount has released the first official photo of Sacha Baron Cohen in costume as the title character of The Dictator (coming May 2012), his upcoming spoof about a deposed foreign despot. Baron Cohen — of Brüno fame and Borat infamy — will also play a goat-herder in the movie, which reteams him with director Larry Charles. Check out the full image below: 

We’re getting a definite Gaddafi vibe, what with the unruly hair and Sgt. Pepper jacket. Plus, Baron Cohen’s stone-faced glare promises more of the comedian’s trademark deadpan antics. And the sunglasses… are those a plot clue? Could he be headed for the wilds of Los Angeles, perhaps? We’ll just have to wait and see. What do you make of it?

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  • Chet Rubens

    Looks hilarious! Can’t wait! I know he has his critics but I think Baron Cohen is one of the last true orignals we have in comedy.

    • Anonymous

      Was it original for Mickey Rooney to stereotype and denegrate the Chinese, and South East Asians overall, with his performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? NO! It’s not original in 2011 just because xenophobia exists.

      • Ching Ping

        It’s funny because it’s racist.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. Same way internment camps were hilarious!

      • Godzilla

        Rooney’s character was Japanese btw, portraying a distinctly Japanese stereotype, as of course, there are distinct differences between the Japanese and Chinese.

  • hannibal


  • Anonymous

    I’m getting tired of this guy only quasi-comedic talent to parody the Arab and Muslim world. Nobody is allowed to parody the respected people of the Jewish faith, except Jews.

    • magda

      oy, there you go again, being all jewish.

    • Jason C.

      Your entire comment doesn’t make sense. First off, Cohen is Jewish (in Borat when he was speaking in a supposed Russian type language he was speaking Yiddish in a Kazakh like accent), and if anything he’s been parodying Americans by playing foreigners. Obviously you just don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    I think this dude has a serious hard-on for wishing he was a real Arab.

  • Anonymous

    It’s no coincidence he chose Kazakhstan as a country to parody. Kazakhstan is a predominantly Muslim country with over 90% of their population practicing Islam. Meanwhile they failed to point out that it is in the top 25 nations for per capita GDP and overall standard of living.

    • Janice

      Still, I ain’t moving there.

      • Anonymous

        I ain’t moving to Mexico either, but I still don’t feel compelled to create a mainstream canvas to dehumanize it’s people, degrade their culture and cast aspersions on their traditions and norms.

      • Jason C.

        It’s unfortunate that people like you choose to try to sound intelligent spewing facts while your true lack of intelligence causes you to miss the entire point of Borat. The movie was showing how we as Americans reject other people’s culture thinking that our way is the only way, when in reality we show our ignorance in doing so. You pointing out that he is parodying Kazakhstan shows your ignorance as to the message and view of the movie.

      • Anonymous

        Lack of intelligence? I think it’s you who has blinders on. Do all Kazakhs have sex with their sisters? or drink horse urine ceremonially? None of that is related to the US scenes. It’s a multi-tiered attempt to stereotype and make fun of multiple cultures.

  • Anonymous

    The only compliment I can give this guy is he’s a better actor than his wife. But that’s not saying much. Although, Confessions of a Shopaholic did provide many insights that would have served to limit the spread of the economic decay begun in 2008.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an interesting plot to a movie. Israelis defecating in their pants because they don’t a dictator to their West to sell them natural gas at 1/3 the price he charges his own people. Too realistic I guess.

    • Jason C.

      Try proofreading your comments before you post to make sure they make sense…

  • Joe_D

    He shud make a movie about chinese and how they cant drive right because its hard for them to see over the wheel when theyre driving and thats why they have to drive so slow. also they eat rice and noodles.

    • Jason C.

      I feel dumber for having read this comment.

    • Anonymous

      And they own all the dry cleaners and urban convenience stores…sorry that’s Koreans.

      He could be middle-aged local Vietnamese fisherman who’s mind is switched with 70 yr-old white-bred Vietnam vet…and hijinks ensue. Sounds like a movie Adam Sandler would do if Sasha Cohen (purposely misspelled)passes.

  • Anonymous

    You know what movie was really blatantly, overtly offensive. Miral. That was so offensive to use factual evidence to dissuade people from the mis-information that has become the accepted fiction of our mainstream reality.

  • joel

    Is this a remake of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator?

  • Ben

    Just what we need: another unfunny variation on the same old character. This guy is so one-note, it is pathetic.

  • CyborgMan

    Um…Cohen made fun of the Jews in the Borat movie. FYI, I have never seen a country that was not xenophobic to one degree or another.

  • Pedro Henrique Gomes

    Sounds nice.

  • w g alvira

    I bet this is what the next U S republican president will look like.

  • tresorparis

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