'Super 8' 'leaked' footage: See the monster('s tentacles)!

A super video for Super 8 fans: Paramount has just released a clip from the film, which shows a government employee named Col. Martin L. Abraham talking about the movie’s mysterious monster. For the most fervent of followers, it might look familiar — short parts of the clip had been previously featured via an alternate reality game online. This clip, the conclusion of the game, is rewarding fans with a brief image of the monster, which attacks an employee. Anyone else find themselves remembering the first scene of Jurassic Park? Also: Who else is waiting for Pierre Chang to show up?

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  • boom

    uh-oh some may not like that spoiler title

    • Henri M.

      Kate, Super 8 comes out in one day. You couldn’t wait at least a week until you spoiled what the creature looks like?

      • ann

        uggh – seriously? you couldn’t wait a day to look @ ew if you didn’t want to know anything?

      • binglib

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      • @ann

        You’re an idiot. The movie hasn’t been released yet. No legitimate entertainment website should be putting spoilers in the headline of an article, especially when the article is listed on the home page plainly for everyone to see, and especially when the movie in question has kept the details of the creature’s appearance a secret for such a long time. Just because people want to avoid spoilers doesn’t mean they should have to avoid the EW homepage. The spoiler should have been written in the article with a spoiler warning, not in the headline on the homepage without any spoiler warning.

      • @ @ann

        You are an idiot. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know. Simple as that. Oh the monster has tentacles. Who cares?

  • Liz Lemon

    Is it the same monster from Cloverfield?

    • Caiti

      That’s what I’ve been thinking. I think JJ is trying to make a connection. Didn’t the video just say the ‘thing’ could withstand EPs and Nuclear weapons?

  • Henri M.

    Seriously EW? Is there any reason to mention tentacles in the story title?

    • ann

      Seriously Henri? Is there any reason for you to post your complaint twice?

    • Mike

      Henri, let me spoil it a little more for you. The monster was terrible. Otherwise, great movie.. but the monster was just not good.

  • jeff

    Way to ruin it ew. Maybe just maybe we’ve waited a year and thought we could find out I’m the theater!!!!

  • Wes

    It’s called ‘Super “8”‘ and is based on some type of creature trying to break out of that cargo boxcar. One could only assume it was some type of tentacled creature (Octopus has 8 tentacles) who is an avid fan of movies anyway.

    • Sheli

      The super 8 refers to the camera, not the creature.

      • barack

        Actually, it refers to Rep. Weiner.

    • Jo

      Why is JJ wasting his time on this Cloverfield-lite crap? I want him to get back into Star Trek mode!

    • tvgirl48

      Lol, cause of course any reference to 8 must equal octopus! Really, Super 8 just makes me think of the motels.

    • Will J

      Your freking retarted. Super 8 is the kind of camera they used back then. Someone get this man some knowledge. (Oh! Super 8, it must be about a flying octopus, rite? F***ing retard.)

  • pickle t1ts

    The only black scientist and he gets killed… Didn’t see that coming.

    • Yabby

      You’re assuming he’s killed in this scene (he’s not) and not an important character seen later on (he is).

      • Yabby

        *SPOILER* oops

      • C.J.

        That’s good. Otherwise it’d be a waste of a great actor (Glynn Turman)

    • Stevex

      As soon as I saw him, I thought “If this was Star Trek, he’d be wearing a red shirt.”

    • SAinSA

      ha! thought the same thing.

  • Kevin


  • Rolo Tomasi

    Of course it’s the only black scientist that gets attacked. Where there black scientists in the 50s?

    • Terri

      You ever heard of George Washington Carver or Charles Drew. That should answer you question to some degree.

      • Shellibelli

        yeah but he had a contemporary hair cut, totally didnt look like the 70’s

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I was joking around. Relax there Terri.

      • Harriet Greenblatt

        Thank you, Mr. Carver, for your wonderfully delicious and creamy creation of peanut butter. The roof of my mouth salutes you.

      • get out

        Albert Bell

      • no u didnt

        @get out i think you meant alexander graham bell. Ablert Belle was a baseball player from back in the 60’s, but i can be wrong.

    • Cara

      LOL! Just like Darwin, in X-men! I thought this rule only applied to horror movies!

  • Dave

    Come on, EW!!! Why would you write tentacles in the f***ing headline!?!?! I’ve been doing my best to avoid any and all spoilers as to the monster’s appearance. Thanks for ruining it. This movie has been shrouded in secrecy over the past year for a reason.

    • Shellibelli

      oh wow tentacles what are the chances of an alien having those? grow up Im sure that one word didnt just ruin everything for you

      • DGH

        like you need to be telling anyone to grow up take your own advice.

      • Steve T

        Did you just ask what are the chances of an alien having tentacles? Could you answer that for me? You obviously have some odd inside information.

    • @Dave

      On the homepage it doesn’t mention anything about tentacles in the headline. Only when you click to-SEE A GLIMPSE OF THE MONSTER. You were asking for it when you clicked on the article dumbass.

      • Jose

        Not true, I was at the movies homepage and it has the tenctacles part.

        i have been trying to avoid spoilers and this gives away the creature (to an extent). No fun

  • Q

    F*ck you, EW.

  • AJ

    Seriously… I’m as p***ed off as the rest of these commenters. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??? HOW DO YOU HAVE THIS JOB?

  • Vickie

    What the hell is wrong with you!!!! – putting spoilers in a title?

  • LOL

    I hope you EW bastards are eaten by a monster for that headline.

  • Mad_Andy

    Aren’t these “alternate reality games” just a little bit overdone now? Is every JJ Abrams project going to be accompanied by one?

  • Kat

    Gotta say that I personally don’t care about the spoiler in the headline because I’m not terribly interested in this movie…but if I were, I’d be pretty irritated. Half the fun is imagining what the thing looks like (I assume) and knowing it has tentacles takes some of that fun away. I don’t know why EW thought it was necessary to say anything other than “See the monster” or “See (part of) the monster” in the headline. I do heart Kate Ward, but this was a weird way to do the headline. Although maybe the writers don’t do the headlines; not sure how it works.

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