New 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2' poster: How can this end well? -- EXCLUSIVE


The one-sheets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 thus far have been exciting, bleak, and awesome all at once. Not to mention inclusive — so far, we’ve seen posters with our leads and some of our favorite supporting characters at Hogwarts. (Click here to see even Maggie Smith’s Minerva McGonagall as an action star.)

Now, EW has the exclusive on the latest Deathly Hallows poster, which, this time around, features the franchise’s three stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. Looking at this fiery poster, it’s hard to believe that all will be well. See the exclusive poster after the jump.

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  • Matt W


    • Yawn

      This poster sucks. Look at Daniel, he’s not scaring anyone. LOL!! Rupert looks more threatening.

      • Bahieh

        you sir are a dumb @ss daniel looks awesome, get a life

      • James

        I don’t think ‘threatening’ was what they were going for. Because that’s just not Harry. He seems mournful here, mourning for all the death and friends he has lost.

      • wandlessmuggle

        LOL. Harry isn’t actually supposed to look threatening in the first place. He does look determined in a grim way, which is what Harry’s about, so I think it fits just fine…

      • Sophie

        Was being scary the objective? I don’t think so.

      • @yawn

      • morgan

        God, I hate it so when people like you just want to piss on everything! You just want to drag everything down. His look is supposed to be “determined, resolute, solid” which is exactly how he looks, not scary. We leave scary to Voldemort. Please quit being a negative blogger.

      • Haley

        exactly, they aren’t suppose to be scaring people, they’re suppose to look battle-worn and tired

      • Liz Lemon

        I don’t think he’s meant to look frightening. He’s supposed to be determined/brave, which is how he looks.

        But I’m so freaking EXCITED for this movie!!!

      • Solomon

        Who cares loser….don’t go see the movie then

      • Tom

        did someone drive by and splash him with gutter water?

      • jj

        i bet he voted for twilight in the last MTV movie awards!

      • Stephan

        Well, then Rupert did a bad job, because they are not supposed to look threatening, they are not Death Eaters.
        Can not wait for July 15th!!!

    • Cygnus

      Is Harry’s face cracking off? Looks like he’s had a severe sunburn and now it’s peeling off like leather.

      • Connor

        It’s the resolution.

      • Jessie Heinz

        he is worn out and tired… but also determined! Stop acting as though its a fashion show! He’s not meant to look stylish, he is meant to look tired, determined, and solid.

      • chris

        What did you expect – glitter?

    • pabina

      my best movie is harry potter i love it

    • n

      I like that your “WOOOOOO” goes out of frame. Your excitement can literally not be contained!!! winning! POTTER 4 eva.

    • Rating

      Daniel R should try for the Hobbit’s role in the Hobbit movie. He looks the part already.

  • Emeri

    I like how they don’t even need to say “Harry Potter” on these posters.

    …Love the ad campaign for this movie, wonderful job!

    • Paige

      I completely agree!

      • Yesenia

        I agree as well. The posters have been perfection

    • conanarama

      Ha, I didn’t even notice! Love it!

    • Dash

      Agreed!!!! I had this movie flagged on my Fandango to let me know when tickets became available in my area. This morning I got the email that they were. I promptly bought two tickets for opening day. Can’t wait!

      • Tess

        Same! I am seeing it at midnight just to say goodbye to the end of an era!

    • Kevin

      That is funny. except that the word harry potter is clearly on this poster at the very bottom. www. is in the front of his name and .com comes after

  • UGH

    It looks like a poster for a zombie movie.

    • Connor


  • tigger851

    my bday! yeah!!!

    • Will J

      The day before mine. So Yay!

  • Brandi

    I’m tearing up already :'(

    • Maaja

      me too :'(

  • Lem

    What’s up with Ron’s stomach?

    • Nath

      He look pregnant lol

    • Diana

      optical ilusion.. by the horizontal lines

    • Alda

      It’s the god awful shirt they dressed him in. I know that Ron is supposed to be a bit schlumpy but lord almighty this is his last chance to look good! Dress him in some solids.

    • Liz Lemon

      He finally got that food he was whining about all throughout Part I (well in the book).

  • pie thrower

    These movies were based on books for children right?????

    Don’t get me wrong I love the Harry Potter books but I never read them as being so dramatically serious and yes violent as the movies have evolved into.

    • Alex

      The standard of each book is that you’re supposed to be around Harry’s age. So this film (and the corresponding book) are intended for 17 year olds.

    • thedoctor

      no, they are books for all ages, and its just as violent in the book, sometimes worse… read douche

    • Nick

      You have to realize, many of those who were kids when Sorcerer’s Stone came out are now in their late teens to early 20s (like myself).

      Sure, these books were/are for children, but the series gets much darker as it goes along. Did you really read the 7th book? This is the Battle of Hogwarts we’re talking about. It’s war. It’s desperate, a fight for survival. The school crumbles as everyone fights inside and out. These posters (and movies) have captured the essence of what Rowling did with the series wonderfully.

      • Maaja

        exactly! i hate it how people just diss it as children’s story.

      • Dash

        Seriously. I can’t believe people take their young kids to see the later movies. I would never ever let my 7 year old see this movie let alone read the 7th book. It’s an all out war movie at this point. When I was in high school I wrote an entire paper on how Harry Potter was great literature for all ages. At that point only 4 books had been released (remember having to wait two years between each book? Kids these days are so lucky). These book are serious and dark and violent once Voldemort comes back. Billing Harry Potter as just for kids is not correct.

      • Marie

        I find it unfortunate that people won’t yet younger kids see/read the last few HP because of their violence. One, I’m sure those kids are exposed to just as much violence in other entertainment options that have nowhere near HP’s quality. And two, you want your kids to understand war and death, don’t you? Literature and movies are how kids in this modern world come to understand the horrors and heroes of our world before they learn history.

      • pie thrower

        People I am not dissing it as a “children’s book” a la Dr Seuss. However, you look at a comparable saga like Star Wars and those films have all out battles that keep people (of all ages) on their edge of their seats and still it does not look like people were massacered into bloody pulps.

        This looks like a horror movie, not an adventure of fantasy.

        Yes, I have read book 7, and one’s perception is completely different from that of a film when you compare with what is read in a book. It is often why you hear people recommending reading over television. It allows the imagination to soar.

        The last few films (and I was absolutely entertained) seem to pound away at the gore and fear instead of delivering heightened suspense like Rowling’s books have done.

    • Matthew Rosales

      Really? The books were MORE violent. If you dont agree, go back and reread the 6th.

    • Steven

      @ pie thrower, Well, the books evolved into serious and semi-violent, so the movies are just following along. Though the books always had the dark theme to them from the very start. I would never have said they were necessarily for children. More for pre-teens +

      • Jenna

        Except for the fact that everyone of the “Harry Potter generation,” aka current college students and young 20-somethings, read the first books starting in elementary school. I remember all my classmates reading them in 3rd or 4th grade, when they first came to the U.S. And now my little cousins and neighbors, even as young as 7, are reading them.

      • Nothing Can Keep Us Together

        i was 7 years of age when these books 1st came out. the 1st novels are lighter but as i grew up so to did the novels aka ron and hermionie being in love was never apparent to me until the 6th book when they really had to spell it out. even though it was present as early as the 2nd book according to J.K.

    • Julie Schmidt

      You didn’t read the “good vs evil,” Harry, Ron and Hermoine losing all those friends during the battle as scary?

    • William Coppernoll

      I’m not sure where the idea that the HP series was a children’s series. I never thought it was. It transcends age brackets. It is instead a series about a boy wizard as he grows up, and faces obstacles that no child/adolescent/young adult should have to face. It is not now, nor was it ever, a children’s series.

    • mason

      look the book came out and targeted an audience. every book after it targeted the audience of the previous book. that is how the movies followed. i have been with harry potter since i was 7 years old. this is my childhood

      • Alda

        I hav known Harry since I was 13. I was 21 I believe when the final book was released. I was ripped up about it. I can’t imagine being a child and reading the 7th book. A ton of people die and it deals with concepts of love and loyalty that kids that young may not understand. I don’t think I would have valued Harry Potter as much if I had read them all at 13. I like that I grew up with Harry and he grew up with me, kind of like a pen pal.

      • Flashter

        You said it, when they came out I was 12, last one was 20. I grew up with this series. I am not a huge fan of the films though, I think the movies should have been made after the 7th book was released as they left out a few characters such as Peeves who is one of my favorites. And not photoshopping Daniels blue eyes to green really annoyed me a little. But I will go see it anyway, because it is Harry.

      • Haley

        agreed- I have read the books since I was in second grade, when I got 1-4, and I’m 16 now. The books are pretty much my childhood, my life, and I was completely depressed at the end of the seventh book, I can’t imagine how I’ll be during the movie. I can’t see kids watching the movies- I think they should read them first and then read the books- I think the violence in the book is much less dramatic (though still extreme) than the books. It’s the whole visual aspect of it.

    • Truck

      Whoever said these were “kids books”? I started reading them when my SIL gave my step-son a copy of “Chamber of Secrets”, and the day after I finished reading it, I went out and got all the rest of the books, up to Goblet of Fire, which had just come out, and then stood waiting, at midnight, for each of the last 3 books as they were released!, BTW, I’m 48.. now having read all the books, more then once even, I don’t like the movies, they leave too much out, but what movie from a book hasn’t…

      • elr

        My sentiments exactly! I always find little things left out of the movies that are hugely impactful in the books. For example in the 1st part of Deathly Hallows,the way Harry, Ron and Hermione changed their attitude toward Creature is portrayed sooooo much better in the book, and because of this changed attitude Creature starts taking better care of them and himself. In the movie they get the information they want through intimidation without showing any of this change in attitude. All the film needed was one more quick scene to show this.

      • rughfd

        Also the sixth movie was so wrong, they left the trio without knowing any of the other horcruxes, i agree aswell about kreature, they treated him better in the book, and dobbys death was so much more emotional in the book, in the movie it was just silly

      • Gumby

        True, there are plenty of details left out of the movies. I would like to ask this though. Have you noticed how certain details that may have brought things together, still appear in the movies, but you would never catch them if you had not read the books? For example, in Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid storms into Dumbledore’s office in defense of Harry, carrying dead chickens. Only those who read the book would notice them and know what they meant.

    • Liz Lemon

      You clearly haven’t read the books. They actually have toned the movies compared to what happens in the books, especially books 4-7.

    • Mindy

      I actually think the books are scarier and more violent than the movies. Consider that the movies have all but left out Fenrir. And I find Bellatrix far scarier in the books than the movies. Books 4-7 are a lot darker in tone than the movies.

    • Nothing Can Keep Us Together

      uh J.K Rowling wrote these as a childrens series but the themes are more adult like as the series progresses. the death eaters and voldermort are a correlation between hitler and the nazi. voldermort despises anything that isn’t pure blood and his followers are much the same, even though he himself is no pure blood. again like hitler he had jewish in him. also malfoy is the perfect description of the “nordic race” and notice that the great wizard gindelwald disappears in 1945. this is all about something much bigger. the book is schooling kids against hate/indoctrination of dictators. the dark mark is much like the tattoo required by every officer in the SS.

  • Liz

    That is amazing!! I love the crowd in the background and on the right you can see Neville, is he holding the sword? The look on Hermione’s face is heartbreaking…

    • rughfd

      he is on the left, on the right of hermione. The Weasley family looks cool, did any one else notice McGonnagle?

  • Nik

    looooove the weasley family in the background!

  • Vivian

    Just bought my midnight showing tickets online. A great day.

    • Sherri

      I’m still waiting for our local theatre to start selling the Midnight tickets. I think the poster shows each character’s approach to “the end”. FANTASTIC!

  • lucero

    x nada de nada me la pienso perder la 2 parte de harry poter mmmmmmm

  • Casi

    Stripes are not so flattering on Ron. Hhahaa Yet he can still make it work.

  • Kati

    I am exited that the movie is coming so sooon. But to the poster I just can say: not at all what I expected. It does not show the misery, the sadness that is described in the book it more looks I don’t know …. a scarry movie =) And Daniel looks defenitly not like 17!!!

    • Sophie

      would you prefer another actor? irrelevent comment on the poster. of course he doesn’t look 17… he’s 22?… 23? lol..

      • Brad H

        He is only 21! Could be worse… Tom Felton is BALD already.
        Just sayin’.

      • Liz Lemon

        LOL @ the Tom Felton comment.
        But DanRad was only 20 when he shot this. That’s pretty good considering you have 26 years old playing 17 year olds these days.
        And technically Harry is about to turn 18 when the have the battle.

  • angel

    ojala y sigan asiendo peliculas tan buenas

  • Sherri

    I think the poster is WONDERFUL!! It shows everyone’s different levels of determination and intensity! Can’t wait … but also sad to see it come to an “end”!

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