Box office report: 'Green Lantern' wins the weekend with a dim $52.7 million


It wasn’t quite the brightest day or the blackest night for Green Lantern, which took in an estimated $52.7 million in its opening weekend. That’s good enough for a first-place finish, but it’s still a disappointing showing — the franchise-baiting film has a $200 million budget, and came equipped with an expensive marketing campaign. According to early estimates, Lantern ticket sales dropped precipitously from Friday ($21.6 million) to Saturday ($16.8 million), which indicates some negative audience buzz to match the harsh reviews. It’s the lowest opening for a superhero film this summer, beneath both X-Men: First Class ($56 million) and Thor ($66 million.)

The film seems to have had a problem expanding beyond the core comic book constituency: According to studio estimates, the Lantern audience skewed male (64%) and older (63% over 25 years old.) The film has a Cinemascore grade of B, although since the under-18 audience gave it a B+, it’s possible that the film’s Sunday grosses will bounce a little from all the teenagers forcing their beleaguered fathers into the theater. It’ll be interesting to see how Green Lantern performs next weekend, when the family-skewing Cars 2 opens, but the film’s box office hopes may now rest squarely on its international grosses. (Good news: the global audience has recently shown a preference for semi-inscrutable 3D fantasias.)

The combined might of Jim Carrey and flightless waterfowl didn’t attract too many audiences to the film’s other new wide release, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, which wound up in third place with $18.2 million. Popper’s earned a A- Cinemascore grade, and it could certainly benefit from a Father’s Day bump, but it’s further proof that Carrey is no longer a sure-thing box office attraction.

Popper’s actually came in second place on Friday, but last weekend’s first-place finisher Super 8 surged ahead to take second place for the weekend. With an estimated $21.3 weekend gross, Super 8 fell only 40% from its opening frame, for a total gross of $72.7 million. (Notably, Super 8 actually expanded into 29 more theaters in its second weekend.)

X-Men: First Class landed in fourth place with $11.5 million, a percentage drop of 52.3 percent. The mutant preboot has earned about $120 million, which makes it the highest-grossing film ever made about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Hangover Part II continued to impress in its fourth weekend, landing in fifth place with $9.6 million. The film has a $232 million domestic total, the largest of the year so far.

In limited release, The Art of Getting By earned an unimpressive $700,000 in 610 theaters, with a $1,148 per-screen average, for a 14th place finish. Conversely, Midnight in Paris continues to impress on the indie scene: the Woody Allen film earned $5.2 million in its fifth weekend in release, with a bountiful $5,045 per-screen average from 1,038 theaters.

Next week, Cars 2 looks to continue Pixar’s unbroken streak of box office domination, and Bad Teacher looks to attract everyone who secretly wants to see Cameron Diaz throw basketballs at the target audience for Cars 2.

1. Green Lantern — $52.7
2. Super 8 — $21.3 mil
3. Mr. Popper’s Penguins — $18.2 mil
4. X-Men: First Class — $11.5 mil
5. The Hangover Part II — $9.6 mil

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  • jpratm

    the film was awful and reynolds was an awful choice stop making crap hollywood its like music nowadays garbage is fluffed up and empty and its surprising when it tanks.

    • Mike

      Scream 4 which was awesome should have made this much money, this was soooo bad.

      • LOL

        Green people suck. Scream 4 was okay but horror never makes a lot of money.

      • Gina

        Scream 4? Yea it was a decent movie but thats a very diffrent movie from Green Lantern

      • LOL

        We need more films like Fast Five. The studios need to stop with all the super hero crap, we want smart and entertaining films that stimulate the mind as well as the senses. Fast Five delivered on that like gangbusters. Stop pandering to the lowest common denominator and give us what we so clearly want.

      • LOL

        And we need more gay people in movies, i love it when there in there.

      • Tom Strong

        Fast 5 is smart? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • jackie d

        Scream 4 should never have been a “summer movie”. It should have been released in the fall. It would have made more money. But Hollywood is delusional when they think their movie is a “summer movie”. “Bad Teacher” and “Larry Crowne” will lose big time. They should have been released in a non-summer slot as well.

      • Tony

        I Didnt Know The Green Lantern was a Horror movie…

      • Natalie

        @jackie d

        You are wrong. Scream 4 haven’t did well because people are moving on of these 90’s horror films. Should have release in theaters sooner than latter. Also, Bad Teacher and Larry Crowe will make some money. They are both summer movies. Not all movies aren’t stupid superheroes like the awful Green Lantern

      • Ronan Atreides

        Lol this is the most epic fail of a comic movie to date.

        Like another poster said this movie had 3 strikes and probably more working against it.

        Strike 1: Ryan Reynolds. The guy is just pure ham. Not a credible actor at all.

        Strike 2: Useless 3D

        Strike 3: Yet another comic book movie.

        Its quite telling that this film made LESS than X-Men First Class which I fully expected to BOMB and be a terrible movie.

        Surprisingly I actually ENJOYED X-Men which quite honestly scared me.

        Oh well Hollywood give it about 3 or 4 years and then “rebook” The Green Lantern….cuz lets be honest. That’s ALL you guys are capable of doing nowadays.

      • Gino

        Scream 4 was crap and audience caught on.

      • Jo

        This does not bode well for “Captain America”. Every superhero film released this summer has opened to less money and made a smaller total than the previous one. And seems like reviews mean nothing, “First Class” actually got better reviews than “Thor” and yet has grossed less. At this rate, CA will open to 45-50 million…

      • SteveStrifeX

        When has an over $50 million opening been a bomb? Even with a $200 mil budget, it’ll easily pass $100 mil and make that same number overseas

      • STFU

        LOL, you love it when they’re in there. If you are going to be a sarcastic ass, get the spelling right.

      • Shaun

        @ Steve, $50 mil (obviously) sounds big, but it’s not that simple. The budget, from what I’ve read, was anywhere from $200-$300 mil, but that doesn’t count the massive marketing campaign. That cost the studio a ton more. Now, consider that that the $50 mil gross is just that. The studio splits that with the theatres (I don’t know what that split is, it’s probably different from theatre to theatre). I’ve heard it said that a movie basically needs to DOUBLE its budget to break even. Given that, GL might not pull that off. It might come down to DVD in order to make its money back. But only if people like the movie will that happen… It didn’t save Superman Returns. I see that particular DVD in budget bins all over the place.

        Next, if the word of mouth is bad, expect a huge drop for GL next weekend. If the word of mouth is bad, it could drop like a rock next week and fade fast. Cars 2 will certainly crush it, and both Harry Potter and Captain America are coming soon. GL might be this year’s Superman Returns: A disappointing film that underperforms compared to the budget and marketing.

      • tim

        Agree Mike, Scream 4 was awesome, should have made way more money…it would have if it was released during the fall.

      • vickil03

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      • Cris


        “this is the most epic fail of a comic movie to date”

        While I’m not in any way defending the drek that was GL, I will say that Daredevil, both Fantastic Four movies and Superman Returns would like to have a word with you to dispute that claim.

      • Jank

        you people are nuts, it was decent entertainment, for what it is, it was a fun movie.

      • SteveStrifeX

        @Shaun, I see your point. And I did read somewhere that a movie needs to make double it’s budget to break even. I guess I just get upset that we have such high expectations for movies nowadays.

    • Pitchy Dawg

      This one had everything stacked against it – sequel (strike 1), forced 3-D (strike 2) and Ryan Reynolds (strike 3 … sorry EW hype machine, but he is nothing more than what Seinfeld would call a ‘mimbo’ – washboard abs and cardboard personality)

      • Darrin

        And what exactly was Green Lantern a sequel to?

      • One

        Green Hornet?

      • SteveStrifeX

        Yes, Green Lantern was a sequel to the Green Hornet. They changed the lead actor (Seth Rogen -> Ryan Reynolds)/lead actor’s profession (Newspaper owner -> Test pilot)/lost the sidekick (Kato)/changed the whole story line (ordinary man pretending to be villain to fight crime -> superhero with magic ring). This may seem farfetched, but it’s not as many changes as they made when Green Hornet was the sequel to the Green Mile (Tom Hanks was immortal, bought a newspaper, and became Seth Rogen’s dad after he left the nursing home)

      • moviefan99

        @SteveStrifeX I laughed out loud at your post. Hilarious!

        Also, I think the Green Mile was a sequel to Soylent Green. (The people who ate the Soylent Green had children who ended up being immortal = Tom Hanks’ character for example.)

    • Yup

      Agree, awful movie, but disagree, Reynolds was not the most awful – Blake Lively was – she made January Jones look animated and Shakespearean in comparison. When will we get smart women w/ personalities again like Natalie Portman’s character in Thor? I’m sick of brainless and devoid of any personality or character actors – male or female.

      • darksiren

        OMG, Ryan Reynolds was a great Hal Jordan. He fit the bill. Blake Lively, however, this film could have done without. I liked the movie, it didn’t hack up the comic which I appreciated. But there were some serious opportunities for really displaying the rings power that were missed and the writing definitely suffered towards the climax of the film. His training with Kilowog was incredibly rushed as well as the time he spent on OA. Really, had the writing been better this movie could have soared.

        What does Scream 4 have to do with anything? Two completely different genres and horror films are just horrible.

        Yes, Fantastic 4 mos def beats ANY movie for worst ever. Take that back: Airbender does.

      • jj

        Ryan Reynolds? That is clearly Will Ferrell in the photo!

    • Abraham

      America loves crap

      • David

        The mutant preboot has earned about $120 million, which makes it the highest-grossing film ever made about the Cuban Missile Crisis. – BWAHAHAAHAHAAHA!!

      • TC Cam

        Yes, look at all of the crap movies they are willing to fork out to see. Fine with me, I’m smart enough to know which ones to see and which ones suck. Green Lantern rocked. All these other crap comic movies need to reflect on what makes a good movie. And people, get your heads out of your arses.


      TELL ME ABOUT IT, Reynolds was not a good choice, Hal jordan is a serious character, not some school boy whimisical quarterback type jock …typical hollywood waste

    • Roguescot

      Actually WE thought the movie was Great and they couldn’t have picked a better person to play the leading part.

  • Gino

    Blake Lively should’ve released a sex tape. It would’ve attracted more people to see the Green thing.

    • Liza

      Blake Lively is such a terrible actress. Although I must say that someone must have taught her to enunciate when they filmed Green Lantern because I understood almost 75% of what she was saying. Old marble mouth usually mumbles so much I only catch a couple words. Can I also say that this movie just seemed to me that it was made to stun you with it’s 3D effects (I didn’t see it in 3D) rather than actually tell a story? Everytime something happened on screen it just felt like it was trying to force me to want to start seeing 3D movies. I know it was summer fluff so I wasn’t expecting the next great film but really it was not good. The critics got it right.

      • Abraham

        I am sure she is better looking than u

      • Crystal

        Abraham, that comment makes you sound like a teenybopper. It’s also irrelevant to Liza’s comment. She was criticizing Blake’s acting and habit of mumbling not her looks. Those two topics have absolutely nothing to do with one another. An actress or actor can be attractive but talentless, Megan Fox is a perfect example of that.

      • Will

        @ Liza…that’s what it was. She was enunciating some lines so much it was unnatural: “This job, it’s important.”….Also, who wrote this movies dialogue, it’s garbage. “There’s water in the tap.” I didn’t get why that was supposed to be so funny.

  • me too

    When is the DVD coming out?

    • Johnny D

      At this rate? August.

      • Jael

        LMAO! I had to write something that was hilarious… I didn’t see the movie personally not a big fan of GL X-Men First Class Was Good Though…

      • Viv

        @Jael, we went to the Drive-In last night and say Green Lantern and then Xmen:First Class. Green Lantern looked like some kids high school project in comparison to X-men.

    • Silentboy741

      Even the theater bootleggeres won’t film it because it would represent such a significant financial loss to them.

  • Woot

    You can tell there is bias here… I mean it’s not terrible, but I did raise a few eyebrows. They are really trying to soften the disappointment of Green Lantern, I don’t know why. They were way harsher to X-men two weeks ago. Also, I almost laughed when it said “Hangover Part II continues to impress.” It’s barely beating Bridesmaids at this point, and it will probably not match the gross of its predecessor, despite its insane opening weekend.

    • D’s Advocate

      Hangover is “barely beating Bridesmaids”?
      Domestic gross: Hangover II-232 million, Bridesmaids-136 million.
      Worldwide gross: Hangover II-449 million, Bridesmaids-144 million.

      • Shadowlands

        Pretty sure Woot meant weekend gross, not overall (aka indicating that Bridesmaids is a more popular choice as it has legs, whereas Hangover 2 is depreciating faster). Still not a great comparison

      • Stephen Hawking

        Yeah, Woot confirmed that for me below. I personally don’t find it terribly relevant, but I get the point.

      • Will

        Also good news Bridesmaids beat out Pirates this week. Good job Bridesmaids!

    • Ian

      Considering that it’s truly terrible, Hangover 2 has made TOO much money if anything.

      • Larry David

        All these movies sucked this year, Hangover 2, Scream 4, X-men 4, blahhh, anything with black people in it is gonna suck.

      • Woot

        Larry! You’ve been gone so long! I’ve missed ya and your trolling ways.

      • Butters

        Oh Larry! I’m so upset with you! You really riled me up! How dare you! You’ve really caused a stir in the online community, and dammit, we can’t do anything about it! There, did you get the attention you needed?

    • Woot

      At this point in it’s run, as in “This weekend The Hangover II made 9.6 million and Bridesmaids made 7.5 million.” Obviously overall, The Hangover II is crushing.

      • D’s Advocate

        Oh, as soon as I posted that, it occurred to me that you might mean just this week, Woot.

    • Larry David

      My name is Larry David and I’m a troll.

      • STFU

        The 1st step is admitting that you’re an ass***e. You’re on your way. Cheers!

      • alice carroll

        What are black people? I thought the movie was about green ones. Who cares how much money a movie makes? Like this has some great bearing on our lives. Unless of course your involved in the making of the movie.

    • Silentboy741

      After that imbecilic line about it being “the highest-grossing film ever made about the Cuban Missile Crisis”, I expected him to point out that “Hangover Part II” is the highest grossing film of all time about a hangover with “Part II” in the title.

  • Mike

    How did this make that much money??? Scream 4 was wayyyy better and should have made that amount.

    • Feverishkin

      First, how did we come to compare Sceam 4 with Green Lantern? Second, i was excited to see GL months ago when i read an article in ew. Then, i saw the trailer. And it reminded me of those trailers they use for a video game. And i lost all intrest. From what i am reading i’m glad i saved my money.

    • IKilledJennySchecter

      I’m so happy to see so much love for Scream 4!!! I had an awful release date and could have used some of that inescapable Green Lantern marketing. I saw Scream 4 five times and can’t believe such a fun and entertaining movie could flop. Not surprised about Green Lantern, though. It looks awful, and Ryan Reynolds always comes across as so smug and obnoxious.

  • Simon

    Best movies so far this summer: X-Men, Super 8, Scream 4, Bridesmaids, Insidious, Limitless, The Lincoln Lawyer, and thats about it…everything else sucks!

    • Radzinsky

      Try seeing “The Tree of Life” and “Midnight in Paris.”

    • Spring

      Which summer did Scream 4, Insidious, Limitless and The Lincoln Lawyer come out in?

    • Milo

      why do people keep saying scream 4 was a summer movie? SPRING people! and so was the lincoln lawyer, limitless, and insiduous. I don’t know which part of the world you live, but summer (the hollywood kind at least) starts in may, no april or march.

      • Jon

        Scream 4 was a summer movie.

      • AvnerRoth

        Scream 4 was such a fun movie! I wish more people would’ve given it a chance. I can’t wait for Scream 5!!!

  • Kevin

    Scream 4 and Insidious are the best horror movies in a long time. Good choices!

    • Will

      I agree. Insidious was really great for a packed theater environment. I’m so glad I saw it with a crowded theater, so scary, and Scream 4 was just solid entertainment. Loved it

  • Matt1

    Insidious should’ve made more. Saw it with a packed theater of people who were jumping and screaming every few mins. Fun time at the movies and the best horror movie I’ve seen in a looong time!

    • jenelle clark

      Insidious was awesome. It was creepy and good. I knew it would be. I haven’t seen Green Lantern yet but I knew it would be a bust just by the previews. I will probably wait for it to come on DVD.

    • Feverishkin

      Insidious made a ton of money compared to its budget.

    • Milo

      if you thought insidious was scary (which it was) get yourself a copy of the book: violet hill or the mad diaries of nicholas rampling, cuz that’s the creepiest, scariest book about a haunted house that I’ve read in a while.

  • Eric

    How is Scream 4 still trending on this site?

    • Kathy

      ‘Cauuuuse it’s awesome.

      • Neo

        Scream 4 was awesome…i really hope they make a scream 5.

      • magnoliafreak6

        I have to agree with all the Scream 4 love. The second weekend it was out (and, sadly, already a domestic financial failure) I finally saw it. The theatre was packed and it was such fun, audience participation type film. I hope they make a part 5 and release it in the fall, near Halloween!

  • Thom

    Incredibly, (quality of each aside)all of the movies in 3D would have performed better if they WEREN’T in 3D!

    Hopefully this means this is the last summer with the glut of this nonsense.

    • Stephen Hawking


      • Thom

        I can’t speak for the Green Lantern, but the movies in 3D are making only a fraction of their gross from the 3D showings as opposed to their 2D showings. The problem with this? Their 3D showings outnumber their 2D showings 4 to 1, meaning those 3D showings are playing to nearly empty theaters and the 2D showings are packing them in.

        It makes no business sense to keep releasing movies in 3D and have them play to empty houses seeing as audiences are rejecting them.

      • Jo

        Say what you want about AVATAR, but you can’t deny that it was the best use of the 3D gimmick in like, forever, and so far, no film in 3D released after it has even come close in terms of being improved by the technology. Conversely, a film as perfect as Toy Story 3 had no business being in 3D, since it really didn’t add anything to it.

      • moviefan99

        why would anyone pay extra money to see the same movie one screen over in 3D? The only movie that used 3D well was Avatar and that movie looked great in 2D. 3D is not worth it.

  • Rashy

    I only liked XFC and Tree of Life, took my parents to see Super 8 and it was msturbatory Speilbergian schlock. Soo bad, no innovation or awe or sense of discovery, so totally lame and predictable with a horrible third act.. Screw this movie season, I am ready for next year.

    • Anna

      Hold your horses, we’re not even into the Oscar-sprint season yet.

  • jets

    I laughed at the “highest grossing movie about the Cuban missle crisis” line. Finally, some postive X-Men Box Office spin!

  • glenn(scotland)

    It was quite a good movie though couldve benefited from more action and special effects and also a tie into the Justice League maybe with christian bale as bruce wayne coming in after the credits though highlighting sinestro turning evil was good though no villian has been cast to oppose the justice league at the moment. If you like superhero movies this is good but it aint the best. Oh and why didnt they include the martian manhunter jonn jonzz as a small cameo at the end as this was supposed to be intergalactic. go see and judge for yourself. dont listen to critics make your mind up.

  • joe

    Ahhh man. I really hoped Green Lantern did better but its still passable and could hold up well since the audience liked it:)

    • Ogram

      Don’t hold your breath for Green Lantern 2.

      • darksiren

        I will… if there’s a second movie perhaps we will get a shot at a great story!!

  • MWeyer

    I don’t know, I thought GL was rather good, nowhere near as horrible as critics make it sound and hope word of mouth helps it stay steady a bit longer as it’s a good comic book adaptation.

    • LMFAO

      America is rejecting crap? Who’d a thunk it? USA! USA! USA!

    • Janfar

      Ryan Reynolds is box office poison.

      Other than the Proposal (thanks to Sandra Bullock), all the movies he headlines (and no, 5 minutes in Wolverine doesn’t count) flop. Why is Hollywood so bullish on him?

      • Anna

        I really liked Ryan Reynolds until this year. Now he seems to be in everything and his characters are always the same, womanizer playboy turned flawed hero. Ryan, you can do better.

      • anti

        thanks his agent and his publicist , when their strategy is selling his abs, shirtless picture to gossip media, thats what america mktg is all about. RR is souless caricature

      • Lisa

        Absolutely. He hasn’t really opened a movie, heck I had no idea he was in the Proposal until the beginning if the movie. I think RR still has a lot to prove, I guess we will see with the Switch movie. I think he is more suited to comedies anyway. Just like Daredevil, Superman, etc., GL appears to be doa, at least in the US.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      I agree with MWeyer, Green Lantern was a good movie. Not great. Not Shakespeare.
      Flawed, yes. However, still entertaining. I’ve read a lot of the reviews. I wonder if they saw they same film I did. It’s like they went in with the review pre-written.
      Or you can stay part of the herd… baa

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