Evangeline Lilly joins 'The Hobbit'

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Though The Hobbit has been in production since March, the cast continues to expand. Director Peter Jackson took to Facebook Sunday to announce that Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly and Barry Humphries (a.k.a. Dame Edna) had been added to J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe. “Lilly will be playing a new character — the Woodland Elf, Tauriel,” Jackson wrote. “Her name means ‘daughter of Mirkwood’ and, beyond that, we must leave you guessing! (No, there is no romantic connection to Legolas.) What is not a secret is how talented and compelling an actress Evangeline is; we are thrilled and excited she will be the one to bring our first true Sylvan Elf to life.

“I’m also highly excited that Barry Humphries will be portraying the Goblin King, in much the way Andy Serkis created Gollum. Barry is perhaps best known for his business and social connections as the long-time manager of Dame Edna Everage. He has also been an ardent supporter of the rather misunderstood and unfairly maligned Australian politician, Sir Les Patterson. However, in his spare time, Barry is also a fine actor, and we’re looking forward to seeing him invest the Goblin King with the delicate sensitivity and emotional depth this character deserves.”

Welsh actor Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch were added to the cast last week, and Jackson said that yesterday’s announcement concludes the films’ major casting.

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  • UGH

    Isn’t she about to pop out a baby?

    • Michael

      She already did! Last month, I think.

      • shane

        Yes, she had a baby boy.

  • MD


  • gaga

    “What is not a secret is how talented and compelling an actress Evangeline is”


    • UGH

      One could laugh about the same thing about Lady Gaga and her career….

      • shane

        Except one is a superstar who will be remembered and the other is…well…Evangeline.

      • UGH


      • KC

        Leif Garrett was once considered to be a superstar. Keyword there, ONCE.

    • Ellen

      She’s a very good actress. She just got a silly character on LOST. But watch the scenes where she has to give Aaron up to the grandmother and talk about that. She can act

      • tipsy

        She played Kate the mom well, I`ll give her that. It was Kate the warrior Sue and everyone`s love interest Sue who sucked and Tauriel is a warrior Sue with some romance subplot according to casting call when she was called Itaril.

      • Ian

        So tipsy, you’re talking about someone named Sue.

  • Debbie

    Love Barry Humphries!

  • Stacie

    What a weird write-up. Still, pretty cool!

  • J-Mac

    Finally, she can put that whole “LOST thing” behind her and redeem herself of that 6 year waste of time.

    • K

      One man’s garbage is another man’s gold.

      • LOSTY396


    • Mike

      I seriously doubt Evangeline would call the show that took her our of obscurity and made her a successful actress a “6 year waste of time” nor would a lot of LOST fans out there, including myself. But yeah, those SINGLES Phone Chat ads may have been a good way to make a living too.

    • Heidi

      wait – isn’t Dominic Monaghan going to be in the Hobbitt?
      That could be awkward!
      She’ll make a beautiful elf, though.

      • zeo

        umm I doubt Dom is going to be in The Hobbit. I don’t think there would truly be a realistic way to bring Merry and Pippin into the story.

  • jason

    funny, she used to date a hobbit and now she is in the hobbit

    • Marie

      Your attempt at that joke was lame and made no sense, and certainly not funny. She’s playing an elf.

      • Chelsea

        How doesn’t it make sense, though? She dated Dominic Monaghan who played Merry the hobbit in all three LOTR, and now, she’s going to be in “The Hobbit”.

      • jul

        Wow. Marie, there’s a giant stick up your butt.

      • JFWilder

        Now jul…that actually made me laugh! Nicely said.

      • hooch

        It made total sense. Not sure what “she’s playing an elf” had to do with the original comment, so really who is not making sense?

      • Mike

        In Marie’s defense, for some reason the first time I read it I thought it said “she IS A hobbit”…..not sure why I read it that way, but I’m guessing she must have too. Anyway, pretty funny either way. And I must say and this has nothing to do with the hooch that posted something here. “HOOCH IS CRAAAAAZY!!!”

  • Pslightly Psycho

    Good gracious I’d tickle that flap any day.

  • Joe

    People are pretty harsh on Lilly, which I don’t really understand. Kate wasn’t exactly the most well-written character on Lost, so she did about as well as she could.

    • jones

      I think that is a fair point.

  • yin and yang

    why do i feel like they made a mistake..?

    • John

      Because you’re dumb?

      • Elle

        ^No because s/ he might be right! Watching lost I never liked her as Kate she was beyond boring.

      • Mike

        @Elle, that’s like saying Natalie Portman is a bad actress because she was awful in the star wars prequel trilogy. You gotta work with the material and the direction. That being said, I had no problem with her in LOST. I never understood all of the hate. Even if she wasn’t my favorite character, she didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the show.

      • Ian

        I am a huge Lost fan, and Kate was definitely the Gilligan of Craphole Island. She was always screwing things up and putting people in danger, because she had a need to be involved and to pretend she was tough. When she had got all of their weapons taken away early on, I would have told Mr. Friendly to just kill her and save the rest of us the headache of constantly having to rescue her ass.

      • B

        Ian, how is that Lilly’s fault? The writers/producers screwed up the character. She did a good job with what she was given.

  • tipsy

    From talent like Ronan to this? Anyway, this made-up character shouldn`t be in the movie.Let me guess, a warrior chick slaying Smaug or some made-up villain to upstage Smaug-slaying cause it`s OMG warrior chick!

  • Anna

    She is perfect for that role. I’m glad to see her in something new since Lost!

  • marc gnesin

    Lily is pretty perfect for this part.. one thing for sure is she has the looks (perfect human being) to play an Elf in Tolkien’s world. As far as people hating on here, it has been that way throughout all of lost. Personally think her portrayal of Kate was pretty excellent. Always was able to hit the emotional highs and lows and always seemed real which is pretty impressive for what was a first time actress. I consider all the haters are those odd fanboys who would prefer more screen time of sawyer with his shirt off..

    • tipsy

      Kate haters prefer Sawyer with his shirt off? Well why would we hate Kate for that since he was shirtless when she was around? The problem with the character is that she was a complete Mary Sue. Every Sue cliche rolled in one. Abused childhood? Check. ecomes some kind of a warrior chick? Check. Main men fall in love with her? Check. Knows stuff she isn`t supposed to know thus becoming bigger doctor than a docter,etc? Check. Everyone around her dying but she always coming out unharmed (until finale that revealed everyone to be dead including her)? Check. Annoying, unsimpathetic personality? Check.

      Kate sucked.

      • marc

        The point is that just because you might hate Kate Austen, does not mean that Evagaline Lily did not do a good job portraying the character or is a bad actress. I feel most people are too stupid to differentiate between hating a character and the actor that plays them. My comment about the shirt off meant that majority of “fan boys” or basically nerds or however you want to define them are more interested in male characters.

      • marc

        also if you are one of these people who somehow didnt understand the finale and what it meant in relation to the rest of the show i obviously shoud not bother having this conversation with you.

      • ol

        Completely agree with you marc about Evangeline. I thought she acted the Kate very well, even if I didn’t really care for her character. While Lost was still on, almost every single complaint I heard about Evangeline was about the character of Kate (e.g., Kate is so indecisive about Sawyer and Jack, Kate is always crying, it’s annoying, Kate is always screwing things up, etc.). Practically nothing about Evangeline’s acting. I too think a lot of people mix up their hate of the character with hate of the actress.

      • tipsy

        I know what I`m saying just fine. Kate was supposed to be the character people are rooting for and she just wasn`t. So you can`t blame the script entirely for her coming off as completely unlikable when there was considerable effort to make her the opposite, flawed but someone you can relate too. yet she was annoying beyond measure. I`d say it`s fare to say both scriptwriters and the actress are to blame.

      • marc

        Personally liked the character of Kate and thought for the most part her arc was solid so I never really got the hate on either the actress or the character.

  • Shaun

    “…What is not a secret is how talented and compelling an actress Evangeline is,”

    It’s a secret to ME! Even before Lost completely fell apart in its final season, Lilly was easily the weakest link in that cast. I’m still looking forward to The Hobbit, but this is not a good move.

    • me


    • Ana

      No, Josh Holloway was easily the weakest link in the cast although he got better as time went on. I think what you mean to say is that Kate was the weakest link among the show’s characters.

    • Mike

      I can only imagine that people questioned Peter Jackson’s choice to cast Liv Tyler in LOTR, so it’s not a shocker to me that this is getting everyone’s panties in a bunch too. I’m sure she’ll be fine everyone! And for the record, I’d say the weakest link on LOST was probably Malcom David Kelly (aka Walt), and fortunately he aged too quickly for the part and they were able to write him off! I would have liked a better resolution to his arc, but I never complained about him not being on the show that much. Whew it was painful!

  • OnionKnight

    I’m waiting for the announcement that this is some kind of a joke.
    Any chance that 6/20 is the New Zealand version of April Fool’s Day?

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