Ron Howard sidetracked from 'The Dark Tower' by Formula 1 racer?


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Ron Howard is in talks to direct a true-life Formula 1 racing drama by screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon, The Queen), casting further doubt on his planned trilogy and TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s gunslinging fantasy novels The Dark Tower.

But fear not King fans — so says Missy Davy at CAA, which reps Howard. She insists The Dark Tower is still on track for a start early next year.

The racing film, titled Rush, would focus on the rivalry between 1970s-era drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, who survived a horrific, fiery crash that left him seriously burned but did not slow down (so to speak) his competitiveness.

If the deal with Howard is finalized, it would likely shoot in the fall. 

The film is being financed by Cross Creek Pictures, which helped produce Black Swan and George Clooney’s upcoming The Ides of March.

Plans for The Dark Tower series of films began to hit trouble recently over Universal Picture’s concerns about the budget. Both Howard and the studio have stressed that they are trying to reach an accord, but the emergence of new projects such as Rush naturally would make fans fear his attention has begun to shift elsewhere.

With luck, one quest won’t divert the other.

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  • Green

    I’ll put my money down that we wont see this in the next ten years.

    • Jank

      mark my words Mitch was the one who killed Rosie on the Killing – she resented the life she had and when she found out her daughter (whom she sacrificed so much for) was a hooker, she killed her – THAT is why she has been so overcome with grief.

    • thin

      I’d be fine with never seeing it, but that’s probably because I’m fine with never reading the last two books in the series again, either. Better yet would be to forget having read them entirely, but that unfortunately hasn’t happened.

    • thetwilightsown

      Probably a good thing… they should focus on a remake of the Stand (to erase the memory of the TV mini-series they vomited out) before even touching the DT.

    • Dhana

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  • ks

    I would so watch this! but yea too much going on means things will be put on hold for awhile

  • steve

    Imho this could be a good thing. I respect Howard as a film maker and he has made some damn good movies but I never thought he was the right fit for this adaptation. Hopefully this means that he will pass this project to someone else and instead likely stay on exec. Producer. I really thought DT should be a show on cable preferably hbo, but with the huge investment they are making with game of thrones I cant see that happening. Here’s to hoping I will see a DT adaptation in my lifetime

  • Tami McEnerny

    Racing movies are impossible. Balls move, Mr. Howard.

    • Bob

      They said the same thing about a space movie called Apollo 13.

      • thin

        Did they? Because I don’t remember that.

  • heath mcrigsby

    They just need to push this out on HBO ala Game of Thrones.

  • Jack King

    Let Opey do the racing film. He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Dark Tower anyway. Give that film to someone else.

    • SNIKT!

      The Dark Tower movies and televison show I’ll watch when it finally sees the light of day. I’d put the TV on the weather channel (or ANY Houswives show on Bravo) before watching Howards’s racing movie. Just saying…

    • Georgia

      I’m also strugging with the idea of Ron Howard leading DT. Love his films, but I see DT as more like maybe JJAbrams/Damon Lindelof?

      • thin

        That’s pretty much perfect for it, because those guys like to drop the ball before the story is done just the same way that King did with this series.

      • SNIKT!

        Disagree on that. While King is FAMOUS for ending many of his stories anti-climactically (“the Stand” springs to mind as the chief offender in that category), The Dark Tower ended ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY for me. The last two books were excellent, and the final scene more than made up for the lame confrontation with the Crimson King.

        I will agree that I thought Howard an odd choice to direct a action/western/sci-fi film though. Nothing in his repertoire remotely suggests that he has the skills to pull off something in ANY of those three genres, let alone a combination of all three. However, for me the REAL question is will remain true to the source material and not input too many “Hollywooded” revisions? With the unique approach of a MOVIE trilogy combined with a TV series, I’m thinking perhaps so.

      • thin

        No no, let’s be clear on this. There’s a difference between anticlimactic and catastrophic. The Dark Tower didn’t end lamely, it ended terribly, in a big, ugly ball of flame that started rolling when Susanna started eating frogs and ended at a doorway at the top of a staircase. Anticlimactic would be forgivable and would have been, as you say, expected from King. Terrible, rushed, and all around wrong-headed is something else entirely.

      • Shane

        Abrams and Lindelof were going to take it on first, but lost their balls and backed out cuz they didn’t think they could do it justice.

    • JBL

      Oh no! A remake of “Eat my Dust.”

      • walkindude

        ROFL… thanks you made my day!

      • Bob

        No, no, no…Grand Theft Auto! His first “big budget” movie!

  • Joanie

    Howard can do it. He’s got the right stuff. patience.

  • Paul

    Don’t make Dark Tower movies! Those books are legend. Why mess with it? Typical Hollywood trying to cash in on the next hot franchise.

  • WillFerrellStinks

    Javier Bardem as well over 6 foot blue eyed Roland ? Jennifer Carpenter as a WHITE Susannah ? If that’s how Ron Howard is really casting this movie then he should just forget it and keep making awful movies like Angels and Demons ! Two thumbs down on Opie for DT movie .

    • Kurt

      Susannah being black is an important part of her character, I wouldn’t want to see them change that.

    • Drarry

      I agree. Terrible casting choices. I was excited when I first heard about the movies, thinking they’d probably cast someone like Viggo Mortensen. Then I heard Javier Bardem and white Susannah and almost cried.

    • WillFerrellStinks

      Viggo , Josh Brolin ,or Timothy Olyphant are all better choices than Bardem .

  • mungoid

    Leave the DT series alone! You can only ruin it for millions of people!

  • Amor Fati

    I really don’t get the DT love. The series spiralled downwards after the first three books. Massively disappointing. Maybe Potter fans will come back for the snitch ending. *sigh*

    • WillFerrellStinks

      I felt it slipped down when Stephen King wrote himself into the story near the end of book four . It got worse with each remaining book after that .

    • John

      You must mean after 4. Wizards and Glass (at least the flashback parts) is incredible.

    • thin

      Yeah, I agree with the gist here, but Wizard and Glass is the best book bar none that King has written. It’s the biggest part of what made the rest of that crappy series so disappointing. Peaking right in the middle is the wrong place to do it.

      • Phil

        For me W&G is the weakest part of the series, and I usualy skip it when rereading them. The first are my personal favorites.

    • WillFerrellStinks

      Yeah I meant at the end of Wolves not W&G which was great .

      • thin

        I think we’re taking issue more with Amor Fati than with your post. Obviously you didn’t mean the fourth book when you’re talking about King writing himself into the series. On the other hand, I don’t know anyone who has read the series and thought that The Waste Lands was the last good book and that it was all downhill from there.

  • Matt W

    At this point I want HBO to buy up The Dark Tower and make it a series. They did Game of Thrones well, no reason they can’t do the Dark Tower well.

  • J

    I would probably watch Dark Tower movies even if they sucked. I didn’t particularly like Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, or The Dark Tower, but the first four books are really good, and I think they’d be more difficult to screw up than some of King’s stories. I do hope, however, that they make Javier Bardem wear blue contacts and don’t try to turn Blaine the Mono into HAL 9000.

  • jake

    Too bad, I thought he was going to direct the Arrested Development movie first.

  • Mitko Ivanov

    When Peter Morgan decide to make such a movie, I tend to blindly beleive it’s going to be a nice one. Something more: even the result is not 5-star oscar winner, I’ll be stil glad from the fact there is a new Formula 1 movie.

    • Mombasa

      amy August 22, 2011 I just wanted to cmnemot on the goat, they eat clothes! I think the goat was eyeing up those shorts lol.My husband would be in all his glory if he seen a krispycreme donut sandwich

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