Theaters to host 'The Host' in spring 2013


Jeff Probst’s new talk show isn’t the only piece of host news today. Open Road Films announced that Andrew Niccol’s adaptation of The Host — Stephenie Meyer’s 2008 sci-fi novel — will be at your local cineplex on March 29, 2013. The film stars Saoirse Ronan as a twentysomething whose body is taken over by the soul of an alien. It will begin shooting in Louisiana and New Mexico in February. Will the film be infected by the same fever that surrounded the adaptation of Meyer’s other hit novel, Twilight?

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Saoirse Ronan cast in film of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’

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  • Ryan

    Does the world really need to suffer more of Stephanie Meyer?

    • Dave

      Evidently you haven’t read this book. It isn’t teenage girl vampire porn. And it was well written, if it was a bit long.

      • Ryan

        Actually, I have read the book and I know it’s nothing like Twilight. However, it still retains Stephanie Meyer’s trademark of creating a derivative and contrived mess of a novel.

      • Sara

        Agree with Ryan. Stephenie Meyer is a terrible writer. Period.

      • John T.

        I tried reading the book but it felt like a chore. I could barely get past the first chapter.

      • Anthony

        It is definitely better than Twilight and having Saoirse play the part already means it’ll be a better movie I think. Regardless of what you may think of her writing skills, Stephanie should really do a sequel.

      • Sue

        Stephanie Meyer is a bad writer. Yeah, the Host is better than Twilight but it’s comparing garbage to sewer water.

      • The Dark Lord

        ryan is correct. have you not heard stephen king bashing her for ages on her pathetic prose. and not just him but other well established writers. but anyways cruico u muggle fools!! read harry potter instead of twilight

      • Sally

        Definitely written better than the Twilight drivel, but I would not consider it well written. Sue’s analogy of comparing garbage to sewer water is about accurate.

      • Mo

        I have read the book, and it’s dreck. From the good-ole-timey stock characters to the annoying language (all those “slender” cracks in the rock were driving me nuts, and the “sapphire, snow and ink” to describe a guy was just awesomely floridly hilarious) to the idiot character who loooooooooves her/her host’s boyfriend so much that she wants/loves/adores him with no change or nuance even when he’s beating the crap out of her (even if she understands “why”, any normal person would be just a tad miffed, you would think), to the lame, lame, lame way she depicts desire, to the ickily barely-legal undertones at the end, this is one crapfest of a book. I had to finish it because somebody close, who loves this book, gave it to me, and I had to pretend it was all right (I couldn’t pretend about the part with the beatings, though, that made me sick.)

      • Stephanie

        The Host is an awesome book and so were the Twilight novels. Anyone saying otherwise is just jealous. Who’s making millions, not you, negative, pathetic people, but Stephenie Meyer!! Guess she does know what she’s doing when it comes to writing and you don’t!! I’m sick of all the haters, go find a life! I can’t wait for the Host movie and Stepheni’s next book!

    • Kate

      I have to agree. I thought the Host was much better than Twilight, both writing style and plot.

      • Carrie

        Yes, “The Host” was definitely better than “Twilight” in just about every way.

      • mark

        in the sense that cancer is better than aids

      • Brad H

        1- The Host was better written than Twilight. I feel that the people trashing it, have most likely NOT read this book, and are just jumping on the trashing Meyer bandwagon. She made a lot of money… deal with it.
        2- This book NEEDS to be made into a movie. Everything in the book was very visual. It basically read like a screenplay. Twilight was all about the emotions, etc. But this will be much easier to make into a quality film. I was just hoping for some bigger names. (What happened to Ian Somerhalder???)

      • Morgan

        @ Brad H.: bigger names for the male leads you mean? They haven’t cast them yet.

    • Selina

      This book was way better than the Twilight series not that that was hard to do lol. I am disappointed in casting of Saoirse as the character is supposed to be in her twenties not a teenager. I really hope they dont rape this movie with the casting~

      • GOmez

        Melanie is 20 when Wanda infects, 17 during flashbacks and 21 at the end of the book. There is no big physical difference between an 18 yrd old (the age that Ronan will be when filming starts) and a 20 yr. If people did their homework on the very beginning – every since Inferno Productions persuaded Meyer to sell the rights – complaining about the cast is a weak campaign. Casting Ronan is probably one the best thing this movie has going for it, well, besides having Niccol write the script and direct it.

  • Angie

    I was not a big fan of this book, I kind of struggled through it because I kept thinking it would get better but it didn’t. No need for a movie…

    • stickittotheman

      I thought this article was about the American remake of the Korean horror flick, The Host.

      • Brad

        So did I stickittotheman… was sort of like Peter in the lesbian bar… Oh! OH!!! Oh…

      • waya

        Me too! *LOL* The Korean film “The Host” was a marvelous monster-on-the-loose flick that should have had more play in the US.

  • Shh

    I think this adaptation will have a better leading actress, a better director, a somewhat better story but unfortunately won’t be a successful as Twilight since Meyer hasn’t really bother to write the sequels or bothered encouraging the fandom for the book.

    • Morgan

      I would take one quality film with Niccol and Ronan over the entire Twilight saga any day. It may not gross as much as Twilight but that kinda means little when a quality film is on the verge of being made. If this movie succeeds critically, I think Meyer should be assigned to laundry duty to Niccol and Ronan for the remainder of 2013.

  • Kevin

    The Host is much better than Twilight Saga could hope to be, although I will admit the whole love triangle thing was too annoying and took me right back to the stupid Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle.. and for those who didn’t like it, don’t see the movie. pretty simple

    • mayra

      so true it is that simple

  • Stewart

    I have absolutely no interest in anything related to Stephanie Meyer. I’ve never read anything from her and don’t plan to, but if people will pay for it then more power to her.

    Unfortunately, I’m also a big fan of Andrew Niccol (Gattaca!), and Saoirse Ronan is one of the best young actresses around at the moment, so I may end up seeing this.

    • Morgan

      But yes I believe Niccol has written a solid screenplay. I don’t he’ll let Meyer’s average writing bring his talent down.

  • jodipo

    well seeing as the screenwriter is not a total hack this may end up an interesting alien movie. As for the book, yes it was better written than Twilight. Instead of seeming like it was written by a 12 year old it came off like the author was 15 or 16. Vast improvement, but still not anywhere near a good writer.

  • lefty

    Isn’t Ronan still a teenager?

    • Andrea


  • liz

    Seems like they lowered the main character’s age to appeal to the tween girl Twilight crowd. Too bad. Though I did read it when it came out and if I remember correctly she spent most of her life in hiding or something, so the age doesn’t matter as much as if she was in school/working.

    • Megan

      Your comment is like complaining about an action thriller being receiving a PG 13 rating instead of a rate R. There are action thrillers with R ratings that suck, and there are action thrillers with PG 13 rating that are actually good. Lowering the characters age to attract teens maybe the last priority of Ronan’s casting. When it comes to caliber of talent I’m not sure who would they pick when it comes to choosing an older actress. Jennifer Lawrence comes to mind but she’s currently busy with The Hunger Games, but even then Lawrence kinda pales in comparison to Ronan’s talent.

    • Selina

      Agreed they shouldnt have casted someone so young no matter how good an actress she is. This movie is gonna be another teeny bopper adventure-such a bummer

      • GOmez

        stop commenting Selina because you are embarrassing yourself

  • Smallville

    I enjoyed the book. But will every best seller be adapted into a film? Jeez. How about we get some movies for John Sandfords Prey Series. Lucas Davenport baby!

  • Captain

    So I guess the casting directors didn’t pay attention to the mass petitions and campaigns to get Sophia Bush/Jensen Ackles to star in this. They’ve only been going on for like 5 years now.

    • Morgan

      Good, because mass petitions on casting rarely, if ever, propose a halfway decent choice.

    • Darrin

      So the petitions started 2 years before the book came out? That is impressive.

  • vomit

    Enough with this werewolf/monster/vampire/Meyer crap. Enough with catering to idiot teenage girls. Enough with this garbage. Why is EW turning into Tiger Beat? Canceling my subscription. Enough already.

  • Isabella

    Well if your not interested in Stephenie Meyer’s works then don’t go and trash about it. If you don’t like the book don’t see the movie. Simple. But I actually love the book and will definitely see the movie. I just hope that they don’t ruin the book with a horrible movie. Saoirse Ronan should do a good job as Melanie.

  • spidergirl

    I tried to read this book. I honestly did. I threw aside all Twilight bias. It was slow but I was like hey, maybe it’ll get better. But it took too long and it couldn’t hold my interest. I rarely give up on a book but this one became too much of a chore to read. I don’t mind waiting for a story to pick up but The Host took too long to get there and there was not enough to make we want to sick around and see how it turned out. Was it better than Twilight? Sure. But I don’t think that means it’s a great book. But maybe I’ll give it another try. Maybe see the movie if I care enough.

    • anon

      I think the story picked up around 100 pages. When it does pick up, it gets pretty good. You should definitely give it another try.

      • Sally

        Agree. The book takes WAY to long to get going, but when it does it is pretty good. Only reason I stuck with it was because a friend insisted it really did get better.

        Problem with Stephanie Meyers is she has these good ideas – Twilight was a good idea, Host a good idea. But she is not a good writer. Cannot edit herself at all (and her editor doesn’t do a great job of that either).

  • Tracey79

    I loved the book as much as the twilight ones and was gripped from the beginning, I guess for all those dishing it your imagination is obvisously dull and unable to create a picture/world in your mind !! Good pick for Melanie but not so sure on the rumored Jared he’s needs to be far more hunky with golden long hair Jensen would be good but I think his supernatural brother Jared Padalecki would fit this part the best !

  • rnlbj

    This was a really good book. I hope the adaption does it justice

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