Box office update: 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' nets $13.5 mil from Tuesday late-night shows


Image Credit: Jaimie Trueblood

Transformers: Dark of the Moon collected $13.5 million from late-night showings on Tuesday, according to Paramount. Of that amount, $5.5 million came from 9 p.m. “sneak previews” at about 2,700 3-D locations, while the remaining $8 million came from midnight showings on both 3-D and 2-D screens.

That places Michael Bay’s $195 million alien-robot threequel in between its two predecessors. Dark of the Moon outgrossed 2007’s original Transformers, which earned $8.8 million from its Monday night preview screenings and midnight shows. But Dark of the Moon fell quite a bit short of 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen, which consumed a colossal $16.6 million from midnight showings alone.

The largest midnight opening so far this year belongs to The Hangover Part II, which took in $10.4 million from midnight screenings. Dark of the Moon expands into 4,011 theaters today.

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  • LOL

    Really loved this one,It was the best one yet.

    • Jay

      LOL loves crap

      • Cain

        Transformers 3 gas great effects, action, 3D… terrible everything else. It’s 2 hours of action set pieces with the rest being beauty shots and cliche badly acted scenes…. so a Michael Bay movie. And nearly 3 HOURS!

    • EL

      Who are you and what have you done with *our* LOL?! Give him back, you monster!

      • Optimus Borg

        Resistance is futile.

    • LOL

      Don’t get me wrong, it was no Fast Five, but still solid entertainment.

      • JD

        Haha I love how Fast Five is like your go-to movie for comparison…go watch some real movies.

      • Tariq

        Those pasties look wofndreul.I have been keen and wondering how to make pasties.Thank you for sharing and pointing us in a useful direction.By the way I shall be up in Scotland from the 12th February onwards.

    • Michael Bay’s coke dealer

      I am rich b!tch!

      • Matt1


  • jasoss

    ha!, unfortunately i went to the midnight showing for the second transformers and it SUCKED so bad. it was torture wondering when it would ever end. im not surprised it didnt do too great at midnight showings. i am going to pass on this one….

    • Jermaih

      - OMGosh! So many amazing phtoos. WOW!! and just when you think you couldn’t have any more knock me off my socks phtoos the post goes for another 2 minutes Awesome year fo’sho!

  • Tammy

    Glee is the best show ever!

    • eminem


    • M&M

      I loved this movie’s inclusion of the Optimus Glee robot that sang and danced periodically throughout the film.

      • heartum

        … and bubblebee and optimus finally kissed!!! after they won at sectionals!

    • Abdurrasheed

      When I went to live away from my childhood home for the first time, I meermber pouring over the photographs, names and home towns of all the freshmen, wondering who they were and who might be one to whom my vibrant connection would occur. Because my college was a 2-year college I graduated and left with what felt like imperfectly formed connections. My unfinished business (in my memoir and in the present moment) is to realize how those connections were just right for me and to celebrate their vibrance.

  • Kelsey

    That’s actually pretty blah, considering how well the second film did ($16 million in midnights ALONE). TF3 couldn’t even top that when adding in previews.
    I think it’s a combination of 3D fatigue, confusing marketing (a lot of promos still say it opens July 1) and people just hating the second one.

  • Dominic

    It really speaks volumes about the moviegoing public when a film that’s all about loud noises and explosions makes millions of dollars. I’ll definately be skipping this one. I’m glad that I spend my money on better sci-fi films, such as Inception, X-Men: First Class and Super 8. It’s hard to believe that mindlessness still trumps quality on many occasions. How sad.

    • Lola

      Inception was a nightmare.

      • Doc

        Inception was the best movie of the year BY FAR!

      • crispy

        No, it was a nightmare WITHIN a nightmare.

      • m1

        @Doc: Actually, that title goes to the modern masterpiece that is The Social Network. The Kids Are All Right comes in at a very close second.

      • JD

        Inception is incredible…most people who don’t like it are just over-analyzing. The Social Network was great but Inception is more enjoyable IMO, just more unique and engaging. Kids Are Alright…yeah….

      • Mike

        The Social Network was a good movie but not a masterpiece in my opinion. In fact, I found it disappointing after all the critical praise it received. Also, I am still upset that it’s dull soundtrack won an Oscar over How To Train Your Dragon and Inception.

      • JPX

        You’re a dope, Inception was terrific! Did you graduate high school?

    • nick

      Agreed. there are still movies out there with plots and great acting with no 3D. x-men and super 8 are by far the best movies out this summer.

      • Ian

        They’re the only movies I’ve enjoyed this summer so far, along with Thor. Pirates, Hangover, and Green Lantern have all disappointed.

      • Jose

        I’d add Midnight in Paris and Kung Fu Panda 2.
        Although the last one was in 3D though.
        Oh and Bridesmaids

    • Jose

      I really didn’t find Inception to be that engaging or that it had characters worth rooting for, but I will agree that Social Network shouldn’t have won best score (that should’ve gone to How to Train Your Dragon)

      Why are we talking about a movie that’s almost a year old anyway? Plus Rabbit Hole was the best movie od 2010 anyway.

      • Trent Reznor

        Am I the only one who liked Reznor’s soundtrack to The Social Network? The music just worked perfectly with the movie. The atmosphere, cinematography, and editing blended so well with the music, so what else would you want from it? It was very unconventional for a drama movie and I thought it was well deserved.

  • Greg

    T3 will break records because people know whats up Michael Bay is box office gold. Forget those cheesy comic movies.

    • procto

      “whats up Michael Bay is box office gold”?? I always wondered what was up Michael Bay.

      • Miney 49er

        Time fer me to do some gold diggin’!

      • Lol


      • Idris

        Lee speaks the truth about the eeuxpncted gifts we exchange through human connection. I recently found myself in an airport, my head firmly bowed into a book on Adolescent Literacy, my highligher and ballpoint at the ready in my hand, and generally oblivious to anyone around me. But there was an insistent cry that kept interrupting my concentration, and the cry was getting louder. I looked up from my text to see a disheveled mother, cell phone in one hand, the other dragging her two-year-old girl by the arm. The little girl in a green plaid dress with curly hair in pigtails was inconsolable. Her mother plopped down onto a seat at gate D12, now crowded with other travelers, and let go of her daughter, using both hands at last to furiously text on her phone. The little girl took advantage of the freedom, flinging herself down on the floor, wailing, kicking off her shoes and squirming from one area on the carpet to another. The mother watched her daughter with an if-you-dare look out of the corner of her eye. I know because I peeked from behind the covers of my book.My heart stirred. That mother. She is me. I recalled with disturbing vividness my own mothering moments of desperation where insanity was just around the corner. An elderly lady, you know, the friendly grand-mothering type, with a cross-word and pencil in her hand, shifted in her seat to avoid coming into contact with the squirming child. No one wants to touch a leper.The girl ended up a short distance from my chair, and further than ever from her mother. The child’s hands were covering her face, and the cry, the cry was mournful. It wasn’t the I-want-that-ice-cream-now kind of cry. It was the cry of a wounded animal. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to heal her. But this is a land of litigation. This is a land where people don’t touch other people’s children. This is a land where toughness is rewarded. I hesitated. But the impulse to be with that little girl in her grief was too strong. I dropped to all fours and crawled slowly across the brown carpet at gate D12, stopping short of the little girl who hadn’t spotted me yet. I reached out my hand and softly tickled her bare feet, brushing my fingers back and forth over her soft toes. She was so deep into her sorrow that it took her a while to notice me, but she uncovered her grey eyes and looked slowly into mine. I hope that my face was arranged in a way that would be pleasing to a two-year-old. She didn’t smile. She simply crept slowly back to her mother’s chair.I knew that it wasn’t over. I had to go over and sit next to her mother. I needed to tell her that I know that fear, the fear that the anger will swallow me whole. I could communicate that through a glance…but then she might think I was judging her. The last thing I wanted to do. I could move and sit by her, but then she might find me too forward. I might be invading her space. And besides, she was still busy texting. I decided to wait for an opportune moment to make my move. I waited too long. The mother stood, grabbed her now whimpering child by the arm and walked away. My stomach churned.I missed a moment to experience what Lee calls “that deep human connection which comes from just being there for another person”. I also happen to believe that I missed God’s call, and I mourn.

  • Greg

    Going to see it tonight..can’t wait..Bring on the Summer Movies

  • Ian

    A shame the movie is still terrible.

    Amazing action and effects towards the end, but those first 2 hours (!!) were like watching the single worst comedy I’ve seen in a long time. It made Bride Wars look like genius.

    Between this and Hangover 2, no amount of Community goodwill could make me like Ken Jeong again.

    Just a dreadful movie. Eye-popping action, too bad everything else is dreadful.

    • britney

      OUCH. tell us how you really feel. LOL. mite just wait for the dvd..

      • Ian

        I almost want to recommend it solely for the last 30 minutes of action, which is quite spectacular.

        But, boy, is the rest tough to sit through!

    • Observation

      Sounds like you’re Ken Jeong ill.

      • Bfleet

        I hate that I laughed at this.

      • Raghunath

        Sounds like a marvelous reommy, Shirley. I’m happy to discover your blog and many thanks for dropping by SunnyRoomStudio to visit the summer literary journal. I have a memoir on my to-do list; will let you know how that goes. And, yes, in looking at your bio, we are indeed kindred spirits. If you read Advancing Philanthropy, I publish in that quite a bit. Have an article coming soon called The Poetry of Philanthropy. I’m sure you discovered the pages dedicated to nonprofits while you browsed around Sunny Room. Best of luck with your Foundation work it’s a challenging world, but so rewarding. It’s great to meet you, and I’ll be sure our paths cross again soon. Best, Daisy

  • Jay

    “It’s all bull s***t folks, and it’s bad for ya.” – George Carlin

  • barack

    This movie is missing the best robot from the 1st 2 movies: Megan Fox.

    • Janka

      ages ago about its proficiency, and also about the empitness of it all. Mainly, though, I was bored. Two hours of nonstop butchery evidently isn’t my thing.And white blood on a sleeve just looks like a seagull’s been busy.

  • Shannon8

    I’ll skip it and stay home to watch “So You Think You Can Priss.”

  • RuAppalled

    Ooh, girl, I seen this last night and I was all like, what they doing on the moon with them robots? They aint no robots up there. They be trippin in space. And why they aint got more bruthahs up in this movie. What happen them two little bruthah robots that got all up in they grills with they grills? Then they got to show off this Victoria Secretes fish for Shia to play with and when she come swimmin on the screen acting like she all that and I’m like, girl, please, dim your headlights. Why dont my theater be showing Jumpin the Broom in IMAX?

    • Greg

      LOL I love it when white folks try to imitate stuff and stiff F it sounding white…lol

      • Greg

        still sorry about the typo

      • DGH

        You are correct the white folk can never imitate the black folk it takes years to sound that retarded when they speak!

      • Greg

        @ DGH you’d really be surprised at how many white folk sound like that I never said he imitated blk people..I clearly said stuff

  • canadian

    EW get rid of the pic of January Jones from X-men…even half naked she is totally boring. I’m sick of looking at it.

  • fleas

    Without Megan Fox = epic fail movie .
    I was extremely disappointed to find out she is not in the movie anymore . The girl they introduced in the movie is like a man with long hair . She looks like someone just sucked her life out of her aka zombie . She can NOT act and something is wrong with her face. Michael Bay , please pick a better ACTRESS next time .

    • PJ

      Oh come on, don’t be jealous because she’s prettier than you.

    • DGH

      Funny you think Megan Fox is a good ACTRESS she is nothing more than eye candy.

    • Tony

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds her face creepy and distracting instead of pretty

    • Reid Wright

      wasn’t she voted no1 sexiest in the world or somethiing ? Her face isn’t like a bucket full of smashed crabs. Ya may be being a little picky. Megan fox is starting to look like one of the blue Avatar people, it’d be nice if they got a wholesome buxom wench to play the role. Though Shia wouldn’t be enough man to pull it off.

  • Corey

    All the guys I saw coming into work today, that actually went to the midnight show, said it was better than the first and 2nd Transformer movies put together. Just prepare to be blown away by the awesomeness of it. No way I would have made it to work today had I gone last night, but I will be seeing it with the family on the 4th!

    • Jester

      You work for a special ed-sponsored program huh?

      • LOL

        Crap called. They want their crap back.

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