'The Help' moves up its release date to Aug. 10


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It tends to be a healthy sign when a movie bumps up its release date, even by a couple of days, showing confidence in not just the film, but also the audience. That’s just what DreamWorks has done with its much-anticipated adaptation of the best-selling novel The Help, about the lives of black maids serving largely white families in pre-civil rights Mississippi.

Originally set for Friday, Aug. 12, the movie will now come out on Wednesday, Aug. 10, in the hope fans of the Kathryn Stockett book will turn out early and help build momentum through word-of-mouth leading into the weekend, according to a source at DreamWorks.

It stars Easy A‘s Emma Stone as a forward-thinking young journalist who decides to write a book about the lives of black maids, who are at once an integral part of the families employing them while also getting little respect as individuals in the racially divided South. Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis star as two of the maids, while Bryce Dallas Howard co-stars as a callous socialite scandalized by their revelations.

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  • Menlo Boy

    Why does the trailer for The Help make it look less like a prestigious literary adaptation and more like a Wayans-brother spoof of the Merchat Ivory genre (with Emma Stone playing the Anna Faris role)?

    • KEaton

      Umm…. what? Where would you get the slightest idea it is anything like that? Have you even seen the trailer?

    • John

      Yeah, not sure what you’re talking about here, but I would say the trailer makes it seem like a huge chick flick. Even though it’s about women, it’s a great story to be enjoyed by everyone.

    • Nicole

      I thought the trailer looked awful, too. The book was wonderful, but not a light hearted comedy, which is the vibe I got from the trailer.

  • Jason

    Saw an advanced screening of this. It’s a very entertaining, heartfelt film carried by great performances from all the lead actresses.

    • Mark

      I saw it last night and, no offense, it’s horrible. Overly sentimental, white-person-to-the-rescue drivel. I hate this passively racist crap where the poor ol’ minorties always need them saintly white folk to come save them.

      • tvlover

        Thanks Mark for your comments – that’s exactly what I feared from this film.

      • Pink Lemonade

        Exactly Mark. The book and the movie is a bunch of stereotyping Step N’ Fetcchit crap. I read the book was horrified and refuse to see the moview. I’m sorry I even looked at the trailers.

      • SM

        That’s the whole point… this book is set in the pre-Civil Rights South when “The Help” had no voice.

      • lois

        Yeah, unfortunately your assessment suggests that the film adaptation is a very faithful adaptation of this very troubling book.

      • thin

        Yeah, you guys are right to be bothered by this. There was definitely no help for the minorities from saintly white folk in the Civil Rights movement.

  • Kevin Johnson

    Checked out “The Help” twice at screenings in St. Louis and I am truly in love with this film!

    • annie

      Okay, Dreamworks employee!

      • Tye-Grr

        LOL! My thoughts exactly, though I still want to see the film. I love Emma Stone and Viola Davis.

  • Helena

    the book was good, although predictable. Looking forward to the movie! Love seeing women in substantial, lead roles instead of just the girl or the wife.

  • fancypants

    Viola Davis is so good that I’ll see this film b/c of her but I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those nauseating white-people-to-the-rescue movies where the minorities are marginalized.

  • Barry

    The type of movie where the black hired help goes around saying “Yes’M”

    • ty

      Well that’s what black hired help, had to do back then. But I hope it isn’t as patronizing as the trailer leads me to believe. I hate movies like this. The Blindside was more racist than Birth of a Nation, and had worse acting.

      • Exactly

        Hands down the best comment I have ever read on an EW board, I just lizzed a little. Yes, The Blindside was awful. I am white, and still found it offensive. I read The Help, and found it to be cut from the same cloth. I believe the trailer is probably a good indicator of what the movie will be like, so I would say don’t waste your money.

  • jfms777

    Meryl Streep said long ago “Will someone please give Viola Davis a leading role?” This is the summer movie I am most excited about. And Viola is a major reason.

  • atim

    Both the book and the movie are insults to my great grandmother and countless others memory. They didn’t go around saying yes ma’am and they surely was not content with their jobs. They might not have ever gone to school(my great grandfather went til the sixth grade when his father was lynched) but they still spoke decent English. The entire thing is plain ignorance.

    • Evie Kane

      Have you even read the book?

    • jill

      The book is not a history book. Its one womens story of her experience with her nanny in mississippi. Its not your familiws story. Write a book about your great grandmothera experience.

    • Beauty

      Sounds like you didn’t even read the book! If you DID you would know that these ladies were the revenge type not the yes m type! So do yourself a favor and READ the book!!!

      • chris

        exactly…….read the book before making judgements about these characters,some of it is very funny & enlightening……very…

    • Jen

      The characters in the book are in NO WAY “content with their jobs.” That’s the whole POINT!

  • Caitlin

    I really want to see this movie. I haven’t read the book, but it looks good. I might see it with my family.

    • chris

      read the book, you won’t put it down until you’ve finished it, as its a great read & very entertaining……

      • Di

        Definitely read the book! I have a feeling the movie wont capture you the way the book will. you wont be able to put it down.

  • Beauty

    I can’t wait to see this! I LOVED the book. So sick of seeing ignorant people criticize a book they never read and movie they never seen! The book is actually very funny, heart warming, makes you root for “the help”. Plus VIOLA DAVIS is the star, what more do you need? That lady is pure gold!

  • Dee Jones

    I want to see this film because of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. I`ve been hearing good things about both especially Octavia Spencer. When I first heard her name I didn`t know who this was until I saw her picture. She`s one of those actresses who you don`t know the name but you recognize the face. I hooe that change after this movie.

  • Gwendolyn

    I am so excited about this movie… The Help was one of the best books I have ever read!!!!

  • abadstroller

    Just read “The Help”. I was also concerned it was one of those “white girl to the rescue” stories, but it wasn’t. The book’s true heroines–and even Skeeter (the white girl in question)declares it within the novel–are the courageous women who told their stories despite fears of job loss and lynching. With Viola Davis and Octavia Spencers as the movie’s leads, I have hope that the movie portrays the book that I read.

    • ty

      The book was puerile mainstream trash, that they sell at the walmart check out line. I wish someone would adapt an intelligent novel on the subject.

    • not abadstroller

      The book that you read must have been a different book than I read.

  • chris

    loved this book, read it several times & listened to it on c.d. & also let other friends borrow this book & we’re all going to the movies on the premiere night, can’t wait to see faces to these characters, its an awesome read & anyone who hasn’t read it, should……its very,very good……..top 10 in my book….

  • Seen it

    Black maids saying “YesM” is the least of it. They are called the “N” word in this movie. The white Skeeter character is fleshed out (family, love life, career) the two black leads are not. Davis gives a fine performance because that is what she does. But tell me, why does and Academy Award-nominated actress have to be degraded in a movie and saved by a white girl to make a point about racism. The desegregation of the south was determined by strong-willed African Americas who withstood beatings, lynchings and murder and organized marches, boycotts and demonstrations to attain equal rights. A little white woman who wanted to become a journalist didn’t cause social change. This is a very dated approach to examining an important era in American history and the comic elements make the whole process unsettling. Discrimination wasn’t a joke.

    • Di

      Did you read the book? This is based on the authors life. The things that happen in this book are actually a very close portrayal of what actually happened. Im pretty sure you werent around for the civil rights movement so you really shouldnt say anything

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