Trilogy planned for Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron's 'Snow White and the Huntsman' -- EXCLUSIVE


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Snow White and the Huntsman may have more to overcome than just one clash with the Evil Queen.

Producer Joe Roth tells EW that he plans on making the folktale action-adventure movie into a trilogy. “It’s meant to be the first in a series of films,” he said. “This story will end, but there will be questions remaining for these three characters.”

It’s an ambitious move by the Alice in Wonderland producer, who is in a neck-and-neck competition with a rival Snow White film starring Julia Roberts. Shooting is already underway on that movie, while Roth’s film — which stars Kristen Stewart and Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth as the title characters and Charlize Theron as her wicked royal highness — begins principal photography in August.

The two movies will open roughly two-and-a-half months apart next year. Roth’s movie debuts second, on June 1, but he’s hoping audience’s will be drawn in by a Lord of the Rings-style take on the centuries-old tale.

“We retain the basic story in the same way we retain the basic story of Alice, a young girl meant to be the queen who is cast out,” Roth says. “The Huntsman is a mercenary, in the sense that he’s a guy who is very able in the woods, more able than most anyone. His job is to capture runaway girls, who are all fleeing the kingdom because of the queen. He’s a nondescript bounty hunter, as we first meet him.”

But he’s no killer, Roth stresses. Snow White’s bounty is the first time he has been directed to return with only a part of the missing girl — her heart. When he finds he doesn’t have it within his to cut hers out, the two become unlikely allies — at first fleeing the Queen’s forces, and then mounting a counterattack on her kingdom.

“He’s not a nice guy, but not only that he’s someone who has lost hope and lost faith. He has lost his wife, given up on everything,” the producer says.

This take on the character of Snow White is also different from the sweetly-singing princess we’ve seen before. “She starts out not a damsel in distress, but innocent, and after 11 years of imprisonment by the Evil Queen, she escapes and learns the ways of a warrior in the woods,” according to Roth.

If the previous work of first-time feature director Rupert Sanders is any indication, expect major battle sequences. Sanders is known for harrowing (and sometimes hilarious) live-action ads for videogames Halo 3 and Call of Duty, as well as the NSFW short-film adaptation of the graphic novel Black Hole.

As for casting Stewart in the role: “Frankly, what we did, we searched high and low for an unknown. Which was my want after Alice,” he says. “As we went through it, it just became evident to me that Kristen occupies a space in the universe where she’s a terrific actress only known for one part. I hope this is a movie that will appeal to those who find Twilight appealing, but also [Stewart] is someone who has some piss and vinegar in her.”

If the “fairest of them all” is described that way, imagine how the Evil Queen will be. “She’ll be larger than life,” Roth chuckles. “Evil without any burden of guilt.”

Expect more details when Snow White and the Huntsman makes its presentation at Comic-Con later this month.

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  • jj6

    ha. ha. hahahahahahahahaha

    • Captain


      • gigglygirl

        Robtards are here. K Stew has to support him after Edward goes dead.

      • Robin

        I think Kristen Stewart is going to turn into a real Vampire eventually after doing all these shows.

      • phantom

        What I still don’t understand that if this wilm starts filming in August and Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar wrapped months ago, why did Charlize Theron turned down the latter supposedly in favor of SWATH ? I can understand why she thinks this will be a hit/paycheck etc. but why turn down a baity role in an Eastwood film if you are available anyway ? Or Prometheus kicked in ?

    • steph

      Or: Yawwwwn
      following the trend in publishing to put twists on fairy tales already seems passe. Really tired of sequals and rehashed stories.

      • Robin

        It would be nice if they came up with original story ideas for a change.

      • Copycats

        Really tied of seeing Kristen trying to front a franchise. The Twilight movies are popular because of the books and Rob and Taylor, not Kristen. There’s no Team Bella merchandise, is there? They’re going to turn Snow White into a triangle between the Prince and the Huntsman, just like Twilight. Hollywood is so unoriginal.

      • Hart

        It’s a female-centric franchise, Bella is a stand-in for the author/reader, not an object of lust. Rob and Kristen are the draw, not Taylor (who will get his chance to prove his BO mettle with Abduction).

    • Mac

      “… [Snow White] learns the ways of the warrior in the wooods… ” Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahaahaha

      • tipsy

        I know, right? Every retelling of a fairytale now has a warrior chick. Other Snow White is also a warrior chick. There`s Sleeping beauty in works where she is a warrior chick. Alice was a warrior chick. The Hobbit got a made-up warrior chick. Warrior chick = new damsel in Distress. Boring cliche.

      • Ro

        I’d rather see a fighting woman as the new cliche. How many action heroines are there anyway? Only Angelina comes to mind.

      • Robin

        Doc get your weapon! We are going to get the evil queen. Snow, you stay here with dopey while the rest of us get up on a point.

      • Raaj

        Hmm… honestly I didn’t have a major pobrlem with any of the actors except for Kristin. I didn’t like Taylor at first, but he’s begin to grow on me. Infact, I liked Kristin at first to be honest… but since the movie, and seeing her reaction to it, her interviews & what not, I’m just like ugh! about her now.As for a new actress for Bella, I’ll have to think. My brain is mush at the moment and no one is coming to mind.

    • ghsth

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      s h o e s -35

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  • noa

    I am very happy for this movie. I support Kristen and I love her movies.

    • RunawayBride

      I support Julia Roberts and love her movies. They’ve made billions. Kristen’s never been in a hit outside of the Twilight franchise, none of her indies have ever made a profit. If SWATH really has a $300 million budget, it won’t make a profit either. Julia’s Snow White movie comes out first, it will be the hit.

      • noa

        whatever, support who ever you like, that are two diffrent story. I support Charize to.

      • Hart

        SWATH has a $100M-150M budget. Indies almost never make a profit in theaters. Movies like Black Swan are not the norm (The Art of Getting By is).

      • Eileen

        Indies generally have small budgets, so they don’t have to make 9-figures to be profitable. The Art of Getting By – I can’t find a budget for it, but apparently it was very cheap. So far it has made over $1,000,000, which could very well be profitable.

        If Indies were rarely profitable, they wouldn’t get made.

    • Chanbi

      ifonlyuknewme on June 24, 2011 i am glad u all made this my life has been a ulgsgrte i have attempted suicide a few times i got help and feel like there is hope it gets better i swear !!

  • mellie

    sounds cool :)

  • Irene

    Kristen FTW!!! She’s so much more than Twilight.

    • She_Is_Bella

      If Kristen is so much more than Twilight, then why did the producer of this just say she’s known for one role? It’s not Joan Jett is it? No, it’s for Twilight, which is why they want to make SWATH into a trilogy. Team Huntsman vs. Team Prince.

      Ever wonder why there’s no Team Bella? Because anyone could play that part and no one likes her. She’s not the reason people buy tickets to see those movies, they want to see Rob and Taylor. All her indies are massive flops, audiences don’t like Kristen, she’s got the kind of personality that repels people.

      • District 12

        and by personality you mean no personality, she can’t convey emotion to save her life

      • JoeBob

        Wow, look at you spamming the same pathetic propaganda all over these comments like a lunatic. You are seriously deranged. Get some help.

      • shella

        kristen is a great actress…and we believe that she will conquer again the universe ones the snow white and the hunts man hits the theater…
        we love you kristen…(philippines)

      • LK

        GREAT ACTRESS?! seriously? did you hit her head? she has zero chemistry with any of her leading men, and has the same constipated face in every scene. yuck. the only reason anyone goes to see twilight is for all the other actors, not her. Says something about her when she’s the main character, yet know gives a flying f*ck about her.

      • JoeBob

        @LK Wow, listen to how bitter you sound… SO much venom in your words. I think you need some perspective. Ask yourself, why are you going out of your way to so nastily attack an actress like this? Very strange, unhealthy behavior…

        ps. Did Joe Roth hit “her” head saying she is a great actress? Did all those Directors and Critics hit her heads too? All her countless fans hit her heads? Yea, you must be right, all those people who love her must have concussions and brain damage. /endsarcasm

      • ash

        All those directors are only hiring her because they hope she’ll draw the Twilight fans and therefore the money! Joe Roth is hardly going to diss his actress before the movie has even been made and nobody’s being bitter or venomous. It’s just that she can’t act. She’s sullen and mopey in everything.

      • nat

        Kirsten is 21. Twillight lasted 4 years. How much of a repertoire, someone will have as an actress at 21. And even big names they will be known for 1-3 movies in a lifetime. All actors and actresses stared in good and bad movies, as long as you are getting paid. Ask Sandra Bullock! The same year she got an oscar, she also wwas name worst actress in another movie. Hollywood is full of actresses and Kirsten for a 21 years old girl has done wonderful. She needed to be sullen and mopey as Bella that was her role. People love to bash succesful actress. For her to get into a movie that has 300 million dollar budget and that’s suppose to be a trilogy is wonderful. I want her agent! Way to capitalize on twillight success. She is an hard worker! I love her!

      • ron dymond

        your an idiot, all the movie critics said she cared the move. A large number of actress were look at for the part including Ashley Greene. Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Megan Fox, Emma Stone

      • Caesya

        I agree. I honestly don’t think anynoe under the age of 16 should be reading these books, let alone seeing the movies. I was well out of high school by the time Twilight was published. And even then I couldn’t understand why it had been marked as a Young Adult’ book.There’s a little girl I know who I used to babysit. She’s 10 now and guess what her mother is taking her to see? Yeah, Breaking Dawn. Personally, I think letting a child watch this is just wrong.

  • RiseOfGotham

    I’m loving the cast so far, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron should be great. But I feel like Kristen Stewart should maybe take a break ?. She been filming the ‘Twilight Saga’ back-to-back since 2008 and if ‘Snow White’ does good she could be looking a another 3 part series, let the girl rest already. lol

    • Irene

      Add her independent films and this is a big commitment.

      • KFed

        Oh yes, I’m very worried about her. Being employed must be awful. I hear she has to work almost half of the year! Lucky she is full of “piss and vinegar”.

      • Jenifer

        I have to admit, I’m surprised by how many yuengor kids read and watch Twilight. Even if the sex isn’t graphic, it is said that Bella and Edward have sex all night long, every night until their daughter wakes up. I wouldn’t let my kids read the books until they were in their late teens.

    • Box_Office_Poison

      Kristen needs a break alright, too many Twilight movies and all of her indies flop, the ticket buying audience is sick of her. She has a tiny teen fanbase that can’t support her R rated indies and adults are repulsed by her personality and don’t want to see her. If SWATH is a hit it will be because of Hemmsworth and in spite of Kristen. She can’t act and has the same blank expression or scowl in every movie.

      • allison

        she can act…kristen is great…

      • Lil

        I’m an adult and I love her personality. Give me honest and real over manufactured sweetness. It’s “Hemsworth” by the way, those two will spark on screen, she’s had chemistry with her co-stars and he had chemistry with everyone in Thor.

      • Charliegurl

        Funny they used a photo of the beautiful Charlize and not Kristen, even though she’s the title character (but not the bigger star). Casting Kristen was a huge mistake. They think they’ll get grab Twilight fans but they didn’t go see Red Riding Hood, did they? Hemsworth better bring his fans because Kristen hardly has any. They couldn’t even make The Runaways a hit.

      • Kevin

        I’m just a kid, and I don’t understand why you guys watch kids shows.

      • Amitaf

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      • Kean

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    • loa

      you get rest. If you don’t like her, don’t watch. I am fan of her work and I am happy for new movies.

  • Stan Marsh

    There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can’t tell the difference between this movie synopsis and a piece of crap in a microwave…

    • RiseOfGotham

      Is that really necessary Stan ? if you’re not interested in the film for whatever reason then why bother leaving a negative comment about it ?.

      • Cuz

        Because if no one leaves negative comments then it just looks like 100% of people online think its amazing.

        Why do critics write bad reviews? Why cant they just not say anything? People have opinions, they like to voice them

      • KFed

        If you’re not interested in Stan’s comment, why not just click elsewhere?

    • allie


    • Dake

      I just love tiwhiglt, all the books and the whole tiwhiglt world. Stephenie meyer is a goddam genius, I just watched the latest (breaking dawn 2) and WOW all i can say is im blown away, dont wanna ruin it for anyone so if you want to see it for yourself check it out here bit.lyBreakingDawnPT2

      • Ahmad

        Liked on FB. I need this book. I took a class to learn how to use my camera, and while I ueornstdod it in theory, I haven’t been able to apply it how I want. Hopefully KD can help!

  • Ness

    Come on stp torturing us with four movies of boring one note bella and now three snow whites!!!!! Stab my eyes

    • Uhhh

      Who is torturing you? No one is making you watch it.

      • Yo Uhhh

        No one’s making you read these comments either. You reacted negativly…so did Ness. You both have that right.

    • mary

      your retarded NESS!!!
      kristen stewart is a great actress…and we all know that ROTH make her more popular…

    • Lil

      I don’t get it. Is someone dragging you to see Twilight against your will?

  • Flip

    They’re going to stretch Snow White out into a trilogy?! Ridiculous! I just like the part where she eats the apple and ends up in the glass coffin—now I have to wait til the THIRD movie for that??? Ugh!

    • mellie


    • Lil

      That should be resolved in the first movie. There will be other stories.

  • C

    So…no dwarves?

    • Dr. Lola Spratt

      No there are dwarves. Ian McShane has already been cast as one.

  • NIN

    Another trilogy? About Snow White?

  • voiceofreason

    Chris Hemsworth is in two trilogies. Thor and The Avengers. Count him out. I take this to mean the Snow White world may be featured in other fairy tale movies that Joe Roth plans to produce.

  • Valmee

    Wait, they really believe that someone will actually pay to see this thing??

    • Liz Lemon

      Lol. I know. I think they’re getting ahead of themselves. They haven’t even started filming yet. The other Snow White has been filming for weeks now.

      • tipsy

        Well, there are quite a few movies that were supposed to be franchise starters and didn`t start.

        SW&TH must be a total crap (and those who rad the script before re-write say it is) so they are trying to show confidence by announcing the trilogy. Old trick. Not gonna happen.

      • AV

        That’s why they hired an Oscar-nominated screenwriter to rewrite it. Any problems will be resolved.

      • Dejeey

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  • ouch

    i would see it.

    • One

      As long as it is well made, I am all for it.

  • The Dude

    Seems particularly odd that we are just now hearing about this project actually being a planned trilogy, and not just a single film. I honestly can’t really fathom HOW they would be able to stretch this story without substantially changing the central plot. The original animated movie told the story to perfection in a little over an hour…this new adaptation, at THREE movies, may turn out to be overkill. I’ll def check this out (along with the Tarsem adaptation coming out before it, which to me sounds a little bit more intriguing), but I’m not expecting big things.

    • lola

      the disney animated feature didn’t tell the story actually, it was a very watered down version that took away the edge of the darker tale.

      • Christopher

        Posted on I’ve read several elxcelent stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create this kind of wonderful informative site.

    • Of_thee_I-Singh

      The other Snow White movie will be visually stunning, we know that, with Tarsem directing, and it comes out first, with little competition. By the time SWATH opens it will be facing 9 other summer blockbusters. They have to working on the hype now, but with Kristen as SW, they’re going to have to work overtime to attract an audience. Notice how they have to prop her up with Hemmsworth and Sam Claflin? She can’t carry a movie on her own, she’s proved that by all of her indie bombs.

      • JoeBob

        The above poster is spamming their psychotic propaganda all over here. They are all posted around the same time, with similar names and have the same, spiteful message. Honestly, who takes the time to write so many comments just to slander an actress? Not someone who is mentally sound.

      • Ryan

        @joe yeah i know right. I guess she/he(?) is the same person who also spread the bull on the other sites to bash kristen(either about her movie/project or her personal life) in any way possible.

      • kimmi

        Maybe the obnoxious basher is confusing Kristen Stewart with Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) from Smallville! Allison Mack’s (Chloe Sullivan) abusive fans have been unfairly bashing Kristin K for years – maybe they can’t get past the fist name?! They really are that deranged, lol!!

      • Karen

        Tarsem’s Snow White will be up against Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and The Hunger Games. Rupert Sanders also has a unique visual style but is much more than a mere stylist (Tarsem’s movies leave me emotionally cold). He can tell a story in the space of a commercial. I can’t wait to see what he can do with the resources of a full-length film.

    • tipsy

      “I honestly can’t really fathom HOW they would be able to stretch this story without substantially changing the central plot.”

      Snow White will be a warrior (like other Snow White, Katniss Everdeen, Brave`s princess Merida, The Hobbit`s Tauriel, JCoM`s Dejah Thoris,etc). That`s a huge change. So expect training montage (in which she starts falling in love with The Huntsman), big battles and Huntsman dying at the end of the thrid movie cause he still loves his dead wife and SW must have an excuse to marry the prince. Total garbage.

  • bruno

    noooooo trilogy! noooo!!!

    • noa

      yesss!!! triology! yess

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