'Harry Potter': Can 'Deathly Hallows -- Part 2' snag a Best Picture nomination?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 is the talk of Hollywood right now. But will Oscar voters remember it in six months when they’re filling out their nomination ballots? The seven previous Potter films earned a total of only nine Oscar nods — four fewer than the first Lord of the Rings movie scored all on its own. My hunch is that’s because in the eyes of the Academy, Potter has mostly been seen as a kids’ franchise. But that could certainly change with the final film, which has earned fantastic reviews. It had its official Academy screening yesterday, and one voter who was in attendance tells me, “They loved it, as did I. Almost everyone stayed until the end of the credits. I do think it has a shot. How high on the ballot will depend on what else is out there, but it’s a really good movie.” How high are the operative words here — the Academy’s new rules dictate that a film must receive five percent of the overall No. 1 votes in order to qualify for a Best Picture nod. The cast does boast seven previous acting winners or nominees, and although Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes were impressive as always, I’m not sure either one has that undeniable “Oscar scene” here. While nominations for visual effects and art direction seem likely, in the Best Picture race, it may be tough for Deathly Hallows to compete with the onslaught of Oscar bait coming at the end of the year. But if there ever was a Potter film that could make the cut, it’s this one.

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  • Juanjo

    Fiennes oscar moment is when he announces when Harry is dead and Rickman’s the last time he talks to Harry.

    • It depends on the guilds

      The only way Alan Rickman or Ralph Fiennes or any other actor in the final HP film will get an Oscar nom is to snag a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) nomination in the appropriate acting category. Statistics had shown that nominations in the Oscar acting categories almost always mirror those of SAG. So it’s up to their fellow actors to nominate Alan Rickman and co. for the SAG awards. As for Best Picture, if final HP film is able to snag one of the ten Best Picture slots of the Producers Guild, then it stands a greater chance of getting an Oscar Best Picture nom.

  • Laura

    Rickman’s Oscar moment is in the pensieve… the shot of him holding Lily was the most heartbreaking moment in the film.

    • Crimson Kisses

      I have to agree with this. I cried during the entire scene but that moment make me actually break down. I dont care that people may think that is lame but it truely was a heartwrenching moment.

    • Molly

      Exactly, Laura. Heartbreaking and beautiful.

    • Iron

      I agree completely. I went and saw it a second time just to watch Alan Rickman’s performance.

    • Woot

      YES! I could barely hide the tears during that scene.

    • Jason

      Yes, when Snape cried and rocked Lily’s dead body my heart too broke. So did my tears, they were just spilling all over the theater floor.

      Also, Snape’s last line, “You have your mother’s eyes” made my cry.

    • chris

      Definitely! That was so gut-wrenching – solid Rickman.

    • Pash

      I totally agree, The Princes Tale was the only portion of this movie that pretty much stayed true to the book in the emotional sense. I never knew how to feel about Snape and even though I had just spent 6 and 3/4 books hating him, that scene ripped my heart out. Rickman did a fantastic job and I cried my eyes out for his Snape.

    • Erin

      That moment was so intense. I saw it at the midnight premier and again on Sunday. I was crying the whole last hour the first time, but the only moment that brought me to tears the second time around was when Snape was showing Dumbledore his patronus. Alan Rickman did such a amazing job, and I think he deserves a nomination just as a nod to the fantastic work he has done since the start of the movie series.

    • irishjc820

      Absolutely – that anguish was heartbreaking. I don’t really care if anything related to Harry Potter ever wins an award because I just love the movies so much regardless. But Alan Rickman’s work as he was dying and through the scenes in the pensieve had me sobbing.

      • debadwolff

        truly beautiful scene – i was crying my eyes out at that scene of Snape holding Lily with little Harry in the background.

    • cristina

      To not give Alan Rickman (an amazing actor even before Harry Potter) a nomination would be a travesty! Even having read the books, his stunning acting of the revelation of his love for Lily really brought ALL the movies together in a way most never thought of!!

  • John

    It won’t be nominated for an Oscar. You have to see the previous 7 films to really appreciate it, and because of that, it doesn’t stand on it’s own.

    • Mike

      It could be argued that Return of the King doesn’t stand on its own either but it swept the Oscars! In fact, it was largely viewed that it won everything based on the quality and effort that went into the entire trilogy. Whether that says anything about the HP franchise, I dunno. I would agree this movie has the best shot but even if nominated, I don’t think it would win over other films.

      • kale

        The previous two Lord of the Rings movies where also nominated. They gave them the Oscar for the third one as a cumulative Oscar for the whole series. HP has never been nominated for best picture. LOTR was also much more prestigious and artsy than HP.

      • Chad

        But unlike the situation with the Harry Potter films, with Return of the King, its predecessors were also nominated for Best Picture.

      • Paul

        The Lord of the Rings is three movies released out in 3 years.

        The Harry Potter films are 8 films released in the span of 11 years.

        It’s so much more easy to nominate 3 films, than it is to nominate 8 films everytime one is released.

    • CJ

      The last Lord of The Rings film was nominated and won despite being part of a series.

      • Ian

        I think it deserves the nomination, but the difference with LOTR is that all 3 were nominated for best picture, so it was viewed as best pic material from start to finish. I’d nominate it for best pic, and I’d nominate Rickman for supporting actor for what he did with the character over the entire franchise. If they can give Oscars to people like Jack Palance, James Coburn, and Martin Landau simply because they were old and never won one, they can give it to Rickman for a decade of great performances with the same character. There are certainly no rules about why you vote the way you vote.

  • Connor

    Rickman’s moment was during the memories.

  • Jenny

    I don’t see it being nominated for Best Picture. As another comment said, it’s not a stand alone film not only because it doesn’t make sense without the other films, but it doesn’t even have a beginning since it’s a continuation of part 1. I think you’d have to watch both of them to give it a nomination. Also, I just don’t see enough academy voters giving it number 1 votes. I could see it being in many people’s top 5 for the year, but not number 1.

  • Andrea D

    Rickman deserves consideration. The movie does not. Those that know the books know the movie did not capture the true spirit. Break the Elder wand??? don’t get me started…

    • ugh

      When will peopel realize the success of the movie has NOTHING to do with the books. It is source material. You dont have to like it but your point isnt relevant.

      • Andrea D

        My point is that it made Harry look childish. Yates could easily have shortened that ridiculous battle(read running around) between Harry and Voldemort and given us an ending befitting a great character.

      • Mike

        I don’t think shortening that sequence would have made Yates/Kloves/Heyman feel like they could make the POST CLIMACTIC moments longer. If that was the case, Movies 4-6 would have had much longer dialogues at the end as well. The books definitely had the material and it was the most emotional moments of the series. Breaking the wand wasn’t a big deal, it served the same purpose but he should have repaired his wand first! And I’m just going to go ahead and assume this happened “off” camera. lol

      • John

        Come on Andrea, take off the glasses, rub off the lightning scar, let Harry Potter go and try talking to 3 dimensional people.

      • Harrypotter78676745

        That was a really mean comment.

    • Pash

      I was more upset that he didn’t even fix the Phoenix feather wand before snapping the Elder Wand. WTF?!

      • Hannah

        Here here!

      • RCB

        Hear hear!

  • Potter fan

    It really deserves a nomination, it was an incredible film. Beautiful and heart-wrenching.

  • Woot

    This movie should get a best picture nomination. It won’t because it’s not Oscar bait. If the final battle had taken place in Auschwitz then it would have a shot.

    • Mike

      I think Frodo still went to Mordor to destroy the ring, didn’t he?

      • Desmo

        No he went to Auschwitz, aren’t you paying attention?

  • e

    God no. I must have seen a different movie than the majority, because to me, this movie was the worst of the lot. It featured cringe-worthy acting across the board (which sucks, because I felt like the acting in Part 1 was finally excellent across the board), an atrocious score, & disappointing storytelling. HBP & Part 1 were far superior, which makes this film sucking much worse, because I wasn’t expecting it. :( Also, “Ralph Fiennes” & “impressive as always” cannot be used in the same sentence in reference to the HP movies.

    • CCCP

      Yeah, I don’t know what you were watching. While I agree that HBP was (and to some degree is) the best one, Part 1 was okay; PoA was the worst in my opinion. And to say the acting was the worst is kind of idiotic. You’re practically saying that all the young actors were better with their 10-12 year old “expertise” than now…

      And people need to get their John Williams bias out of their heads! While his themes endured throughout (and FYI, Desplat used them throught the score of 1 and 2) Hooper and Desplat were not atrocious. But my reasoning isn’t going to move the people who, in terms of “Potter”, hold Williams on this 50 ft high pedestal and degrade any one else who comes after him…what a travesty.

  • Robert

    It’s the most acclaimed movie of the year so far. Of course it’s going to get a nomination.

    • Woot

      Oh of course. Because “The Reader” was one of the five most acclaimed movies of 2008… Oh that’s right! Wall-e and The Dark Knight got way more acclaim. Never make the assumption that most critical praise/acclaim = win or nomination.

      • adam

        And I actually really liked The Reader. But I still don’t think it should have gotten a nomination over Wall-E or The Dark Knight.

  • Amy

    Helena Bonham Carter deserves consideration just for her Hermione as Bellatrix alone. That was brilliant and hilarious!

    • D

      Hear Hear!

  • Alex

    I would love to see it nominated. It deserves it. The best film ive seen so far this year. Also, Rickman deserves a nom, and at this point, a win. He was perfection, and it would be great if he was finally nominated. I hope Warner Brothers pushes the film, it certainly deserves it, and in my opinion, a much better series that Lord of the Rings.

  • Heidi-Michelle

    Indeed, for Alan Rickman, the flashbacks: especially when Snape comes upon the Potter house, too late. I had trouble breathing through the whole sequence; such a beautiful recap of the entire series from a different viewpoint. Snape’s final words to Harry, as well, are equally powerful because it’s the only time we see him without the baggage between them, almost tender.

    I can’t get behind Fiennes, however, due to the fact that they left out so much of the banter between Harry and Voldemort during their last moments together. Not that Fiennes didn’t do well with his other scenes, but the banter really could have been great.

    They needed twenty more minutes, at least, to guide the pacing a bit better…this installment, regardless of its emotional beauty, felt too rushed and it robbed some of the secondary characters (outside of the Trio) the conclusion given inside the pages of the novel.

    However, as the second part of a pairing, the entire package works; but only as a whole package.

    Just a thought!!

  • Cygnus

    Are you kidding? Despite maybe being the best movie in the series, it’s still far from award winning. The flawed source material, the campy performances, annoying characters and actors, and unneeded 3D crippled this movie’s chances from the beginning. The story just doesnt have any complexity or depth to warrant any Best Picture thoughts. And for those who think Fiennes or Rickman deserve Oscar nods, their performances are shtick and cliche, especially in this one above the other movies.

    • Jayne

      Dear Diary, Today my sister was crazy and I was pompous.

      • erin


    • empo

      Flawed source material? No book is completely perfect, but J.K. Rowling’s last book of the series comes close, wrapping up a dense, imaginative, emotionally rich story that took ten years and thousands of pages to tell. While I agree there are some plot points in a few of the books (S.P.E.W., Grawp, etc) that were extraneous to the main story (Harry vs. Voldemort aka Good vs. Evil), I cannot call the source material completely flawed because it gave us more insight into characters, environment, backstory, and motive, which are just as important. If you didn’t enjoy the books and wanted everything to be tied up perfectly, I’m not sure why you took the time to see the film or even finish the book series.

    • liz

      I don’t even think its the best part of the series- I think what makes this the most satisfying of all the HP movies is the emotional connection to the series as a whole. While there were certainly beautiful, moving and well done parts of the movie, I don’t think it is enough to merit an oscar.

  • as

    Agree with everyone about Alan Rickman. His scenes were hear wrenching. Go and rent Truly, Madly, Deeply…beautiful film with the sensitive Snape!

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