'The Dark Knight Rises': Watch the official teaser here!

The first teaser for next year’s trilogy-capping The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters this weekend ahead of some screenings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, but the short video has now officially arrived online. Last week I theorized relentlessly about the intriguing, mysterious teaser, but watching the video again, I noticed just one thing: Batman and Bane appear to be dripping wet in the eye-popping shot that closes the video. Were they fighting in the rain? Fighting in the water? Did they challenge each other to a swimming contest? Curse your mysteries, Nolan! Watch the video below:

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  • Radzinsky

    Finally. Our theater didn’t show it before “Potter” and I was like… what the hell?

    • Jenckles

      Nolan, a fanboys director who is arguably that most overrated filmmaker working today. Still hasn’t managed to recapture the brilliance of ‘Memento’ (his perfect film), but people hype Batman as the second coming.
      I like the guy, but the praise he gets is overly ridiculous. The man can’t shoot action scenes. Go back and watch Batman Begins and watch how confused you get while trying to figure out who is hitting who. And Inception, repeats the plot and idea 20 times over the course of the movie. Still, Inception is much better than The Dark Knight.

      • ML

        You do have a minority opinion. Viewers and critics alike have generally praised both of those movies.

      • BlakeOnBlake

        Jenckles, while I’ll agree with you about the cluttered staging/editing of action scenes in “Batman Begins,” he got substantially better at doing it for “The Dark Knight.” Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” has set the bar for comic book adaptations to the big screen and no one has been able to top it yet.

      • Loch Ness

        Mark my words: This movie will underperform. Why? Not because it won’t be good. Because expectations will be unrealistic. And then the media will label it a “disappointment.” Just watch.

      • LOL

        EW headline from next summer: The Dark Knight Rises Fails to Knock Potter from Record Books on Opening Weekend.

      • Cat

        Nolan isn’t good at directing action scenes but that dosen’t make him overrated.

      • Adam

        Dear Jenckles… piss off.

      • 4k4k

        The action and editing in Batman Begins was suppose to be confusing. To give the point of view of the victims of Batman while he took them out. To give them the feeling of the mystery of Batman.

      • Nancy

        These fans would go bat*&^* crazy for vintage soiled batman underoos too.

      • Manny

        You should watch Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Inception 20 more times cause YOU obviously don’t get it.

      • Errol Gee

        He doesn’t have to get it!
        It’s entertainment which by it’s very nature is subjective.
        Not sure why he feels it’s necessary to come here and share his dislike but that’s what people do!
        A couple of negative comments won’t spoil my enjoyment and if the film doesn’t live up to the Dark Knight who cares I’ll enjoy it anyway!

      • Bruce Wayne

        On the scale of mental ability an Idiot ranks below a Moron or a Simpleton. technically a person with the lowest measurable intelligence ,and broadly a very Stupid person.

      • Doug

        fanboi > tool

      • harry

        Cat are you serious do you not remember inception? does anyone remember inseption!?

      • Fred

        Finally. All these years and someone with some sense. I could have written that post myself, good sir. My sentiments exactly.

      • Necro

        Jenckles, who can take criticism seriously from a fan of Supernatural. Nolan is one of the top directors today. You hate that. Good!

      • james

        you can see someone standind in the background in the seen with batman and bane. could it be joesph gordon levits character??

      • AT

        ..And what about The Prestige? He is an excellent director who always delivers. So you like Inception more than Dark Knight… Ok… but he can definitely shoot action.

      • Matt

        Memento was good, but sickeningly over-praised for its concept. Inception was all sizzle, no steak, pretentious drivel.. but the Prestige.. that was damn fine.

      • Brad

        My god, if you watch The Dark Knight over again, notice how everything comes into focus when you view the movie in the eyes of the Joker. The whole movie is his plan in motion. He steals mob money to infuriate the mob, The mob puts a hit on him and he uses it to meet the man Bruce Wayne has targeted. The man is arrested and the joker works his ‘unmask Batman’ scheme to get in and kill him. What happens to Rachel and Harvey is side show. All to get a couple of boats in the water and use one to blow up the other. That wasn’t some half thought out plot.

      • Angel

        By saying “brilliance of Memento” do you mean he should write similar story? He could be like Chuck Lorre and just write the same movie over and over again.

      • dante

        jenckles..? no disrespect. memento was sick, so was prstige. the dark knight would not have been as good if he didnt make it… and how can anybody come up with the plot of inception? its a masterpiece. Mr. Nolan deserves all the praise he gets because he knows how to put together a masterpiece of a film. he is not at all overrated.

      • tom

        All I can say is I am more than thrilled to have the opportunity to finally see a series of Batman movies worth remembering.

    • Anya

      Our theater didn’t show it either. Instead we got that (ridiculous and stupid looking) new Hugh Jackman movie “Real Steel” (or what we’ve dubbed “The live version of Rock em Sock em Robots” movie).

      • skida

        That’s exactly what it is, Rock em sock em was the inspiration.

      • Matt

        Everyone says that, but I remember there being another similar concept maybe 20 years ago, with the exception being that the men were IN the robots.

      • Schroedinger

        Robot Jox

      • L

        I actually thought it was a live action movie version of Rock em Sock em Robots. Kind of glad to know Hollywood hasn’t gotten quite that pathetic yet.

    • Amy

      That sucks. It was the only good trailer I saw before Harry Potter. And, having rewatched it, I can say that while good in general, it was just that much more awesome on the big screen.

    • Jake

      Nice way to copy the Star Wars teaser. Lame. Bataman Begins was the best.

    • maxwithpains

      Radzinsky? then, you want it like captain america clear colorings for the good & evil movies? Then your movie will be Sooo childish. Good luck saying things like “NO” to evelrything with out any idea developed. It is easy to say “NO” to feel the power. but then again, what do you really have in your mind, eh? …LOL! YOU HAVE NOTHIN’.

    • Jenks your dumb

      haters gonna hate

    • Angel

      Looked like a fake trailer made by some fanboy or EW. One never before seen shot with Oldman and recycled scenes from the two previous films. That Oldman scene could have come from the cutting room floor.

  • UGH

    Cool. Bats getting his @$$ handed to him there.

  • John


    • ERNIE

      Nice tan there, Gordon. I would think Jim Gordon would have too much to do to enjoy the sun.

    • Ernie your dumb

      Its a teaser… what did you expect. An epic fight scene. You obviously dont know the meaning of teaser

    • Matt

      Well I don’t know if he’s wrong. It’s disappointing that they release snippets of a movie that isn’t coming out for what.. 18 months?

    • Liz Lemon

      I wouldn’t say disappointing, but it’s certain anti-climatic.

  • JKC

    I still have to say that I’m disappointed in having Bane as a villain. Batman has such a wealth of bad guys to choose from. I liken it to Sam Raimi being forced to include Venom in that dismal Spider-Man 3.

    • ERNIE

      Gotta sell toys. The Penguin or The Riddler are a bit lame in that department.

      • Joe

        Bane is really the only villain that can really beat the crap out of batman. The joker, riddler, penguin etc is all mind games and henchman. I’d like to see batman really fight a villain, hence an excellent choice for bane.

      • Lena120

        I agree with Joe. It’s not about who’s the most popular, it’s about what villain can best serve the story. This is the last installment of Nolan’s trilogy and he has to put Batman against a formidable opponent and that’s Bane. Don’t let that horrible Joel Schumacher version fool you, in the comics Bane was the only villain to physically put Batman out of commission. He broke his back and left him paralyzed forcing him to hang up the cape and cowl. And in the end, that’s what the director wants. He wants to end his run with the character.

      • wait…

        don’t tell me you’re that cynical. as much as nolan has done for this franchise, WB has pretty much given him free reign. the toy angle has nothing to do with it.

      • Schroedinger

        The Reaper (from Batman: Year Two) That would have been a perfect Nolan villian and an exquisite story arch for him to embelish.

    • bill lumbergh

      Ummmm, Nolan does want he wants. And he wanted Bane as the villian in this movie. It was nothing like Raimi and Venom.

      • pie thrower

        In the comics, Bane is actually a cunning and extremely intelligent villain.

        “Knightfall” has Bane releasing all of the villains in Arkhum Asylum and thereby exhausts Batman into locking them up again one by one. By the time Batman is finished Bane easily defeats Batman by breaking his back over his knee.

        Sounds like a cool strategy to me, and Nolan is all about having the strategically intelligent villains (Scarecrow, Rhas Al Ghul, Joker, Two Face and now Bane) pitted against Batman.

        I believe in Harvey Dent and I believe in Christopher Nolan.

  • Levi

    Batman’s back gets broken… Either at the beginning or dies at the end.

    • Nathan

      It’s near the beginning, then Batman goes through months of recovery only to face Bane again near the end and ultimately wins.

  • Erica

    I hope they drop the horrendous “Batman voice” in this one. If we can suspend belief that nobody can figure out Clark Kent is Superman behind those dumb glasses, then we can do the same with the difference between Bruce Wayne and Batman’s voice.

    • nick


    • TayMads

      I hope they don’t. Even when in the cartoons Bruce Wayne deepened his voice when he was Batman. It may not have been a the kind of voice he uses now but he did change it. They are just being true to the character.

      • Brian

        And that’s what they should’ve done…just had Bale deepen his voice as Batman instead of growling all the time.

      • jbreez

        I’ve gotta agree with Erica, I have no problem with Bale deepening his voice a bit but come on now as an Oscar winning actor there is no reason he couldn’t have made that voice better, it hurts the dialogue.

    • McFly

      Yeah, ol’ Bats definitely needed a lozenge of some kind.

      • MCS

        Just needs to stop smoking 3 packs a day.

    • Koby

      I at first thought the voice was horrible but then I realized that it was perfect for Nolan’s movie. The reason he deepened his voice was because he was trying to make Batman seem like more then a man. he was trying to act like a symbol. If he talked in his Batman Begins voice, its easier for civilians to think that it is just a man dressed up in a bat costume. As Ghoul said, “You got to make yourself more then a man.”

      • Emilio

        The voice thing is in the comics. In Year one batman says he make his voice deeper to mimic a beast roaring… a lion i think.

    • golllum

      well, the whole clark kent/superman disguise is the most reatarded thing ive ever seen in a comic book ever made
      so, thats not really a good example

      • dave

        Not a comic book (or was it) but He-Man was way worse.

  • TW

    Still wish they had used The Riddler, but maybe it will be something good with Catwoman and Bane.

    • jk

      I think after Jim Carrey portraying The Riddler in Batman Forever, that character has been permanently tainted. I blame Joel Schumacher for ruining many good Batman characters and villains for all time. Though Two-Face was in the Dark Knight, he was not as big a character as the Joker.
      Again I’d like to say curse you Joel Schumacher for the Batman movies you made, I still want those hours of my life back.

      • Brian

        They just need to do Riddler like John Glover did on the 90s animated series. Smart, calculating Bond villain type who can counter Batman’s detective skills (which have never been utilized to their fullest in the movies). Seems like it’d be perfect for Nolan since he’s a big Bond fan.

      • JamesLHowlett

        Joel Schumacher doesn’t deserve the blame that everyone heaps on him for Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. He was hired to lighten the tone and make a film that they could sell toys to. That decision came from above so the blame can be put on the doorstep of WB.

      • Brian

        Glover (who played Jason Woodrue in Batman and Robin) has said that before every take, Schumacher would get on a crane with a loudspeaker and shout “Remember everyone, this is a cartoon!” and said that made it difficult to act with that kind of tone.
        So it definitely was Schumacher’s fault…X-Men First Class and the Spider-man movies are lighthearted and not totally absurd like Shucmacher’s films are. Yes he was supposed to lighten them, but he did it in the worst way possible. And at the end of the day, it’s the director’s job to make the movie work with what he’s given.

      • Sarah El

        I think Arkham City will help reclaim The Riddler. And Jim Carrey’s performance of The Riddler didn’t taint him nearly as much as Poison Ivy or Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin. If Bane had had a bigger role in that movie, he so could’ve been ruined. I didn’t even realize it was Bane in that movie until I looked back. Jim Carry’s Riddler was totally ridiculous, but much more endearing than anyone in Batman and Robin. Gosh, that movie is the worst.

      • jbreez

        James while that may be true, but it was indeed Joel who designed the bat suits with the nipples and rubber booty….

  • Ahmad

    Its amazing that after two really good batman movies that nolan has made, people still doubt him.

    • ERNIE

      3 is usually not the charm for franchises.

      • Matt1

        Really???…Ummm… Return of the King…???

      • ERNIE

        I said “”usually”. Reading Comprehension 101.

      • Brian

        I haven’t seen it since the theaters, but doesn’t Return of the King end with a massive Deus Ex Machina where an unkillable army of ghosts saves everyone? Kind of a letdown and easy way out.

      • @Brian

        Was that in the book?

      • muhahaha

        Not usually – but at this point, what reason do we have to doubt Christopher Nolan? I am not going to pass judgement on an entire movie based on the first teaser trailer.

      • Brian

        I have no idea, never read them.

      • Ashley

        @Brian–so you’ve never read the LOTR books then? The best critique of RotK is that the multiple endings (see the book) don’t make for good movie making. Jackson attempted to make the movies as close to the books as possible, hence Aragorn’s ghostly army–not a deus ex machina in either the movie or the books.

      • Brian

        Yes it is. Just because it was in the books doesn’t make it any less of an easy way out.
        But I’m not a fan of those movies, so to each their own.

      • Matt1

        Hey Brian, so you don’t like Lord of the Rings AND you’re a comic book nerd… Isn’t that oxymoron? Go whack off to Harry Potter and leave the grown up stuff to people who’ve already gone through puberty, ok kid??

      • Woot

        Wow Matt1 you’re cool!

      • jc

        That crap happens all through LOTR…look at the end of the battle of helms deep, for instance. same thing….

      • getbyrne

        Police Academy 3.

      • Gupta

        Matt1 is cool AND funny! (Actually a loser)

      • sh_something

        Ghost army is not in the books in that way. Aragorn uses the ghost army to stop the men of the south from joining the fight. Having the ghost army save the day totaly takes away from the sacrafice that was made that day.

    • k

      Great comment. Nolan hasn’t made a bad film yet in his career and yet people quesiton his choices and storytelling.

      • Insomnia

        Hey now! Don’t forget about me! Trust me, I’m terrible. Chris did what he could with me and I was his first studio project, but lets not pretend like I don’t exist. I suck. I know it.

    • Mo

      I would say it’s exactly because of the greatly heightened expectations. I had fun watching his two Batman movies but, since I’m not a huge Batman fan, and I didn’t consider them the be all and end all of all superhero movies, either, I’m just looking forward to the new one without being on pins and needles and biting my nails about whether it will be a GREAT one or just a disappointingly good one, or if I will be horribly let down.

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      I like his style- equal parts cerebral and visceral with a little sidedish of just really cool sh*t that makes you say Oooo. I’m in.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Nikki

      America hates you.

    • LMFAO

      Crap loves LOL

    • Rolo Tomasi

      America loves to complain

    • Chris

      God hates gays so we’re even

      • LFMAO

        LOL loves gays. God hates Chris.

    • Tom

      LOL eats crap and LOVES EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

  • Brian

    Meh. Everyone’s dialogue sounds garbled, so I hope that’s not the case in the final film.
    Even though I ended up not liking Ledger’s Joker (great psychopath but that wasn’t the Joker), Joker’s appearance had a bigger sense of impending doom than Bane’s does.
    And if Batman needs to “come back” and Bruce doesn’t know if he can, does that mean that Batman’s been in hiding since TDK and isn’t even the watchful guardian he said he’d be? He’s just been letting Gotham go to Hell since TDK? Some hero…

    • Justin P.

      What in the hell are you talking about? Ledger wasn’t the Joker? Who made you an expert?

      • Brian

        Ledger did not play the iconic Joker in my opinion. He had no sense of theatrical style or humor and there’s nothing clever about a knife or a bomb. There are a few moments where Ledger had it, like when he laughs at his thug for getting electrocuted, but on the whole I didn’t feel like he was the Joker. Nicholson and especially Hamill nailed the character, Ledger just played a good psychopath. And he was the least chaotic “agent of chaos” ever. Would’ve been scarier if he used darts and a map of Gotham to randomly strike various places instead of going for the obvious power centers in a clearly structured plan. He would’ve been truly unpredictable.
        But just that’s my opinion. I’m not a fan of Nolan’s ultra realism or TDK in general…Batman is a superhero, but he doesn’t even feel like a hero most of the time in Nolan’s movies. Your opinion may differ.

      • Justin P.

        I’m glad he didn’t play the iconic Joker. Ledger was phenomenal.

      • Brian

        If you’re not going to get the core of a character right, why do it at all? I don’t care if they change the adventures these characters are in…comics do that all the time, but they need to be getting the characters right IMO. Otherwise there’s little point in adapting at all.

      • Brian

        But again, that’s just my opinion. If you preferred Ledger’s, that’s cool too.

      • Grass

        Perso, j’ai pas kiffe9 les dessins de ciocms Joker , du coup, cette nouvelle ne m’enflamme pas plus que e7a, disons que j’attendrais de voir ce que e7a va donner, puis attendrai la VF si les dessins sont bons Et Lyricis..personne ne se prends pour Batman e0 part moi..car JE suis Batman :p Merci en tout cas pour cette news pour un ciocms, c’est vrai qu’on a rarement l’occasion d’en parler, mais tant mieux, e7a change un peu P.S. : Sinon, suis de9g qu’il y ai de superbe ressortis de ciocms Batman..moi j’ai The Killing joke en VF en version de poche quand je vois la nouvelle belle couv’ et grand format pareil pour l’excellent Year One (de9peache toi de t’y mettre elblondo )

    • Matt1

      @Brian- You’ve just proved that you’re 14 yrs old. You’ve obviously been raised on post MTV, Michael Bay inspired pop-culture. How in the f@#k do you compare a performance in a feature film to something you just got a 3-second, teasing glimpse of!? Go watch yourself a marathon of Harry Potter and Twilight try not to get bullied so much in high school kid.

      • Brian

        If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. But at this moment with the limited footage we have, it SEEMS like Batman has gone into hiding, which is not consistent with the hero he’s supposed to be.
        Simply comparing the teasers, TDK’s felt like something big was happening. This doesn’t IMO.

      • @Brian

        What are you talking about? At one point in the the comic books Batman DOES go into hiding. He goes into hiding because he is a fugitive. I think there is even a series of graphic novels called Bruce Wayne: Fugitive in which he goes into hiding not only as Bruce Wayne but as Batman as well. I am not entirely sure though.

      • Brian

        A quick Wikipedia search shows that in “Bruce Wayne: Fugitive,” Batman disappears because Bruce is imprisoned, not in hiding. And once he gets out he resolves to be Batman, not Bruce anymore, and investigates how he was framed.

      • also@brian

        Have you never read The Dark Knight Returns?

      • Brian

        Yes I have, but just because it happened in an Elseworlds/potential future comic doesn’t mean I agree with the character choice.

      • Big Walt

        Brian, don’t let them get you down. I respect your opinion even if I disagree with it. It’s just nice to see someone who’s not a DBag that freaks out about everything.

      • Gupta

        Matt1 is so cool that he was able to sneak curse words past EW by using symbols for key letters!!!

    • SquarePeg

      I agree with you there. I was somewhat disappointed in the second Batman movie and didn’t really like Ledger’s Joker. I’ll just catch the third when it’s out on blu-ray.

      • kevinr42

        Actually if you read the death in the family limited series Joker is a psychopath. They redesigned him after Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Yes he is comical at times but he is a definite psychopath

    • Old School

      Would you have preferred a Joker like the one played by Cesar Romero?

      • jc

        lol…come on, he was awesome

      • Benjammmmmin

        Cesar Romero was campy and stupid. Just like I thought Nicholson was too campy. Ledger’s Joker was more creepy. That’s why I enjoyed it. To each their own as Brian said.

  • Kevin

    One year away from DARK KNIGHT RISES come July 20,2012. Hopefully I’ll see it in IMAX.

  • Michael

    Let also remember Nolan Batman movie are basic in the real world so many of Batman Bad guys are not possible

  • DR.DG

    Wonder who the guy is standing in the background at the end of the trailer while Bane walks towards Batman.

    • Delly

      Appriecatoin for this information is over 9000-thank you!

  • TJ

    Am I the only one that noticed what looks like a person with a rifle overwatching the fight between Bane and Batman in the background?

    • Big Walt

      Just looked like a random bad guy/henchman to me.

  • Amelia

    I haven’t read the comics so I might be wrong about this but it seams to me that Bane is a more (don’t get me wrong now) frightening and “serious” villan than The Joker. And I did LOVE The Joker and I’m not saying that he wasn’t frightening, but he did bring some kind of brilliantly insane comic relief to The Dark Knight. All I’m saying is that it seams to me that this movie seams to be taking things to an even darker place (without as much comic relief) then the previous movies and for that I really think that Bane is a good choice of villan instead of someone like The Riddler for example.
    I trust Nolan completely and I have no doubt in my mind that The Dark Knight Rises will be yet another masterpiece.

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