First Look: Lily Collins as the fairy-tale princess in 'Snow White' -- EXCLUSIVE


Presenting… the fairest of them all! “I keep saying to everyone I feel like I’m walking into a snow globe, a fairy tale, every single day,” says Lily Collins, star of Relativity Media’s as yet untitled Snow White, which co-stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. “It’s so epic. I was part of a costume ball today, so you can only imagine the outfits.”

The movie, out March 16, is directed by Tarsem Singh (The Fall, the upcoming Immortals) and promises a world as surreal as anything dreamed up by the Brothers Grimm. Click through for more details…

Collins (The Blind Side) describes this Snow White as “a joyful person who lights up a room and maintains grace at all times.” With a father played by the recently cast Sean Bean, she’s fine as long as the King is around, but… we all know how that turns out. “She’s a naive innocent young girl who turns into a woman and really finds herself,” Collins says.

Another big-screen adaptation based on the tale — Snow White and the Huntsman — begins filming soon with Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart in the princess role, so all eyes are on how the two films make the character distinctive.Collins says this will not be a passive princess, but it’s not a cynical take on the folktale icon either: “She’s very much that fairy tale princess we’ve all read about in books. She’s been modernized in a way that she becomes a fighter in the end.”

The Social Network’s Armie Hammer plays the prince, who finds himself stuck in a love triangle between Snow and her wicked stepmother, because he can shift the balance of power in their mythical realm. “They’re competing for the prince in separate ways,” says Collins, who is currently shooting in Montreal. “The Queen wants to use him to better herself. I’m seeking his help to gain back my kingdom from the Queen. She has her intentions from the start. I go from seeking his help to falling in love, though obviously there’s something of a spark from the beginning.”

Right now, Collins (daughter of singer Phil) is simply trying to withstand the withering nastiness of Roberts’ Evil Queen, who plays it with a passive-aggressive charm — maintaining a “Who me?” sweet demeanor while repeatedly slashing the young princess down to dwarf size. “You can’t figure out if you are supposed to like her or hate her,” Collins says. “But if you happen to be the victim of it, you really feel it.”

For continued coverage of the Snow White derby,  follow EW’s Anthony Breznican on Twitter: @Breznican.

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  • boom

    looks like a porcelain doll

    • Jane

      I want to be excited for this movie, but I’m not yet. Maybe the trailer will do this a little more justice.

    • Cygnus

      Lookin hawt!

  • Jane

    Wow.Look at those eyebrows. 0_0

    • Cat

      That was the first thing I thought.

      • ann


    • Rach

      Seriously. That’s all I was looking at. Surely not the fairest of them all, unless everyone else in the town is a rodent or something.

      • spiek78

        What? Just because her eyebrows are a little thicker than the normal fashion you make a statement like this? She is still very beautiful. How superficial. People are so mean-spirited.

      • SCS

        Splek78, I totally agree. I think she looks beautiful.

      • *alyssa

        *hahaha goo’ one XD

      • poochypooch

        I think she looks lovely

      • Woot

        I think she looks fine, but the eyebrows are distracting.

    • Kat

      I don’t like to be mean, but they are…very distracting.

    • Kahta

      Agreed. That was the first thing I thought. Distracting and not very feminine.

    • Kari G

      I have to agree with the masses… they are distracting. I can’t help that it’s the first thing I want to comment on.

    • Miranda

      Her eyebrows are super thick. Very Brooke Sheilds-esque. If you look at any red carpet pics of herr you can totally see how thick they are.

      • Soonergirl

        I kind of like the eyebrows. I’m tired of the perfect, tiny ones everyone has.

      • Miranda

        Yeah super thinned out eyebrows look gross.. But so does super thick.. happy mediums

      • kremzeek!

        @ miranda,i dig thick eyebrows on a thing is they did red riding hood and now this…

    • anon

      agreed. also a LOL that sean bean is the father… he dies, so of course he is. also… um. mom and stepdaughter competing for the prince? that sounds icky.

  • Cambot

    Who did her make-up, Frida Kahlo???

    • jen

      I immediately thought of Frida Kahlo as well!

  • Piertotum Locomotor

    Hahaha! I was wondering how Sean Bean would die in this movie…lol

  • Sharlin

    She’s wearing a forest! haha

  • whozit

    Is this a Mexican Snow White? This looks like a dress you’d see at quinceaneras.

  • Ben

    Is that a CG image? She doesn’t look real.

  • jackie


  • Michelle

    That dress is hideous.

    • Liz Lemon

      I think it’s amazing. So excited for this version!!

    • Miranda

      I LOVE the dress!

  • Nerd


  • Winnie50

    She is a very pretty girl, but they have got to do something about those eyebrows, they just distract you from the rest of the picture. Tweezers are a brunette girls best friend!

    • Eyebrow police

      Too-thin brows making your nose look bigger and your face look older.

      • Kal

        Definitely true…but these eyebrows dominate her face a little too much for my taste. I love a woman with strong eyebrows, but the rest of her face is so petite and delicate….it’s very unusual. Interesting. But it takes some getting used to, I think.

  • good grief

    Her eyebrows are fine. I’m sure women back then didn’t pluck their eyebrows into drag queen thin arches. She doesn’t have a unibrow and she’s very pretty. I guess some people have to find something to pick on.

    • Oooookay

      This is a forum for people to voice their opinion. And to many of us, the girl’s eyebrows are distracting. Just a fact.

      • The Devil

        I believe good grief was also voicing his/her opinions.

      • spiek78

        Right on The Devil!

      • Lauren

        This is a forum to voice opinions and just bc someone thinks different from you it does not mean you have to tear down others to make a point. you can be confident in the fact that her eyebrows look nice( i agree) but you do not need to tear down alternative styles. That is the weakest point of attack and makes you know different from the others saying her brows are too big. Pot meet kettle

      • m

        It is hardly a fact, just your opinion.

    • marcus_em

      LOL that is HILARIOUS!drag queen arches! I agree her eyebrows are fine ! lol I mean I can see why people would comment on them but the fact that 90% of the comments on this article about an upcomin movie are about her eyebrows .. i say calm it down lol they are not ur eye brows..

    • Maria

      “Back then”? Lol, this is a fairytale. But anyways, the real argument is that if you just look at a fashion mag, thicker eyebrows have become more popular for several years now, especially with younger, higher-end models/actresses.

    • steph

      I agree. I totally dig the thick eyebrows!

    • kate middleton

      I think she looks lovely. I wouldn’t picture Snow White having thin brows, and her brows don’t dominate it for me.

  • Lunna

    Looks kinda stupid.

  • Missy

    I think this looks great and if you look at the old Disney stories, Snow White had very thick eyebrows.

    The only thing I am unsure of is the color of the dress.

    This is Tarsem though so I know this will look amazing and I really want to see what the evil queen will be wearing. I spoke to someone who said that Julia’s outfits are out of this world.

    • Elle

      I honestly CANNOT wait to see this Snow White! It’ll be a feast for the eyes. And about the eyebrows, my goodness they look gorgeous on her and without the thickness of it she wouldn’t have a balanced face. Imagine Keira Knightley with thin eyebrows. Not a good look at all. Lily has a very sweet and innocent face similar to the structure of Knightley’s, Connelly’s, and Portman’s. ALL which wouldn’t look that beautiful with thin eyebrows. It’s probably also dramatized here to pull off the wide-eyed and naive look.

      Tarsem is an imagery genius when it comes to the movies also. Take a look at “The Fall” trailer on I also think having “Snow White” as a comedy is best since the story is such a widely known childrens fairy-tale so much so you can’t really take it seriously. That’s why I think the other Snow White with Kristen Stewart would be a little harder to pull off since it’s not more light-hearted and fun. It will be more serious and dark and with photos released of the cast in full costume, it’s a little too pensive and humorless for me to albeit, take it “seriously”. It seems like every other fantasy film released after the LOTR Triology has been less than stellar in comparison. Just my take. Let the feedback begin.

      • Henry

        The “widely known” Snow White fairy tale is barely like the original by Grimm. It was never a light-hearted or fun fairy tale. Dopey, Happy, Sneezy and gang are all Disney creations, and it’s this movie version that people think is the real story. Snow White gets her name because her mother likes the look of her blood on the snow. After stating he remarries a year after Snow White’s mother dies during childbirth, the father is never mentioned again – Disney added the bit about him being dead. The Evil Queen actually cooks and eats the lung and liver – not a heart – the Huntsman brings her (from a young bear) because she thinks it belongs to Snow White. The dwarfs mine copper and gold, not gems, and their names are never mentioned. The queen tries to kill Snow White three times, not one. Snow White doesn’t wake up from “true love’s kiss” but when her glass coffin is dropped by the knight’s servants taking it back to his castle as the dwarfs gave it to him because he wanted to be able to look at her any time he wanted. When the coffin is dropped, the piece of poison apple dislodges from Snow White’s throat and then she wakes up. The queen is killed not by being run off a cliff, but by dancing to death after iron shoes right out of the fire are put on her feet. Not quite sure how this translates as light and fluffy or comedic as you think the story should be…

    • Elle

      Missy, I apologize, my previous post was suppose to be a general comment. Not just to yours. Anyway, I am absolutely thrilled to see Julia’s costumes!!!! Do you know any further into on them?

  • Halpy

    I can see all the Halloween stores scrambling to get slutty costumes that look like this ready for this season.

    • Maureen

      LOL!! XD

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