'Man of Steel' flies to 2013

2012: The Year of the Superhero Movie just lost one of its biggest stars. Long assumed to be targeted for late 2012, Warner Bros. announced today that its new Superman film, Man of Steel will instead bow on June 14, 2013. The shift benefits ginormous December tentpoles, such as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Lone Ranger, but sets Man of Steel up in a more appropriate summer-movie slot. The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-man, and The Dark Knight Rises will battle for summer 2012 supremacy, while Superman will now likely compete with Iron Man and Thor sequels in 2013.

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  • Twist


    • Ken

      DC Comics movies suck. Only Batman has been handled properly. And Richard Donner’s work on Superman in the 1970s.

      • J

        your a dumb a$%. what about WatchMen ? Superman Returns was good aside from no fighting it was good. like marvel has been any better? first IronMan sucked! Thor sucked! Xmen was midly ok. Spiderman 1 and 3 sucked! the first Hulk movie from 2003 SUCKED! so now tell me how are Marvel movies any better

      • J

        Fantastic Four was a disaster (sucked) LOL Xmen origins Wolverine Sucked! Daredevil sucked! the first 3 Xmen movies sucked! besides X2. lol i could go on and on. So basically Marvel has just been putting out more movies, that suck LOL. DC hasnt really put out much movies so you cant say their movies suck because that has yet to be seen lol. I can tell you DC’s comics are FAR superior to Marvels comic books and sales LOL

  • jk

    This does seem more appropriate for Man of Steel. Christmas release near The Hobbit looked like too much of a thing too close together.

  • Safely Anonymous

    Surprised Warners didn’t go for the magic mid-July release date…

    • reel_deal

      Or the more marketable 4th of July weekend

  • WillFerrellStinks

    Actually it is a reboot of a reboot since Superman Returns tanked . What do you call that a re-reboot ?

    • jason8

      it did not tank….Only Kate Bosworth made that movie bad,,,Spacey , Posey and Langella were great and Routh killed at the role..391 million total box office bomb. All but Superman Returns got a sequel.

      • bb

        compare 391 million worldwide to the 800 million to 1 billion that each of the spiderman and dark knights movies have pulled in. Superman Returns tanked.

      • Sith Lord J

        Don’t forget Making Superman a deadbeat Dad

      • jor el

        @jason8: let it go. it tanked. it made money, but it didn’t meet financial expectations of a huge global brand like superman. more importantly, it didn’t generate the excitement to justify a sequel. me, thus, it tanked.

      • WillFerrellStinks

        With the movie theaters getting half of the gross a movie must make double it’s production budget before it turns a net profit . Superman Returns made 391 million worldwide far short of double 270 (it’s production budget) million which is 540 million . It did not turn a net profit so it failed . Why else do you think there were no more Brandon Routh Superman movies made ?

      • hannibal lecter

        you’re leaving out DVD and TV sales, foreign and domestic, and merchandising (toys, McMeals, etc) and product placement, off the top of my head; but yes, the theaters take a boat load… i don’t think it’s half though, but i might be wrong…

      • WillFerrellStinks

        It all depends on the deal the production company makes with the theaters . During the first week it’s usually a 90/10 split with the movie company getting the 90% . Second week may be a 70/30 split and so on until the theater is taking a bigger cut of the profts than the movie company . I read that during an 8 week run in a multiplex it usually works out to a 50% split between the theater and the movie production company . And if the run is shorter obviously no one is paying anymore to see the movie and neither make any money on it . So 150 million is a hell of a lot to make up on dvd sales and toys before a profit is made ! If Superman Returns was profitable there would have been a sequel with the same cast , not a reboot .

      • brainiac

        IMO Kate Bosworth was very good in SR. Her’s was a very different Lois Lane and that upset people but it was the character the writers and director created. I preferred KB’s Lois to a silly, ditzy Lois.

      • hannibal lecter

        @will ferrel stinks: ah, i see. yes, the tiered structure is what i recall. didn’ realize it worked out to ~50/50 in the end. i think you’re underestimating how much in toys they sell, but anyway. and if it was slightly profitable, they might abandon it if they feel like they couldn’t repeat/grow. like charlie’s angel’s 2 was profitable, but it was clear people were disappointed and wouldn’t show up for a 3rd. they have to evaluate momentum before investing another $200-300 million.

      • JohnnyP

        I agree that Superman Returns was not bad at all. In fact, it was a re-introduction of Superman. I agree also that it could have had more action, probably less romance. I didn’t like Kate Bosworth either. Terri Hatcher was the best Lois Lane ever! I am 100% confident that the new Superman will finally put the hero where he rightfully deserves to be, on top! Wait for it!!!!!

    • meme

      urm superman returns WAS NOT a f@@@in reboot, it’s a replacement for 3+4, stayin true to 1+2. The point where the franchise went from good to bad. Lex’s woman in Returns is the same character in SM3. It is quite obv.

      • WillFerrellStinks

        Completely different cast with a kid Lois had fathered by Clark Kent . Maybe my memory is failing but I don’t recall them having sex in Superman II .

  • rebecca

    NOOOOOO!!!! now I won’t have a super awesome year with both Superman and Batman. Now I will just have an awesome year in 2012

    • George

      Or perhaps you’ll be dead by then………

      • DGH

        perhaps you will have herpes by then…….

      • hannibal lecter

        yet perhaps i will have eaten your liver by then…

  • Jose

    I’m not surprised, especially with the news that the script was getting another re-write.

    I agree with Safely Anonymous though, why not mud July since Warnet Bros. usually dominates those weekends, Do they have some other movie planned?

  • Andrea

    Spider-Man has already claimed the July 4th spot next year. And while I’m sure Superman would be worthy competition, considering how disappointingly the previous installment performed, they probably aren’t looking for a box office death-match.

    • Andrea

      And YES, I’m an idiot. Of course we’re talking 2013, not 2012. Nevermind. Who HAS claimed that July 4th weekend in 2013?

    • Diane

      Spiderman has 2012. Superman could claim 2013

  • jason8

    Good I hope this piece of crap never sees the light of day..Superman Returns made 350 million worldwide and no follow up with Brandon Routh ? The idiot who is gonna direct this future flop slams American actors for being to femine and soft….Really english directors keep hiring tough guys like Jude Law to play parts that have some toughness in the role. Loved Tom Hardy in Star Trek Nemisis but Mad MAx ? Even if they did not Routh back dont ya think taking Smallville to be big screen would of made more sense ? Did you notice how the last scene had the immortal John L Williams Superman theme…I hear that this film will not have it.Once again I hope this thing dies and common sense prevails.

    • bill

      I loved Superman I and II and Returns, but I have absolutely no interest in seeing a Smallville movie. That show was awful. This movie might be great, or it might be crap, but I’m glad it’s not Smallville.

      • be logical

        Nobody has any interest in Snyder’s latest movies either. They should have used Smallville as the spring board. At that movie would have made money. Something Snyder hasn’t been able to say in years.

      • be logical

        Nobody has any interest in Snyder’s latest movies either! They should have used Smallville as the spring board. At that movie would have made money. Something Snyder hasn’t been able to say in years.

    • bb

      350 million world wide for a superhero movie is pathetic. The spider man movie, and the dark knight movies pulled in 800 million to 1 billion worldwide.

      • JaySin420

        TDK grossed 1 billion but Batman Begins was under 400mil.

        It actually made a bit less than Superman Returns, but SR had like twice the budget.

  • osie

    i’ve just read about the new superman movie reboot release being moved to summer 2013. which is a good thing considering that 3 other superhero movie are already in a fight for summer 2012 supremacy. and also the people working on man of steel sometime to work on a new script and other stuff to make this work out in 2013.

  • Joey

    Any idea if this change in release date and rewrites have ANYTHING to do with the new version/history of Superman coming from DC Comics in September 2011??

    • bill

      I think Nolan’s smarter than that. I don’t think the DCnU Superman is so radically different that it would require a rewrite on a film. Plus, Nolan has about 1000x more clout than DC Comics people could ever dream of having. No way they could dictate what he’s doing on the film.

      • fancypants

        Nolan is directing Man of Steel?!

      • Wha’ever

        No, he’s writing the script. Actually, his brother is writing the script (as I’m pretty sure you were refering to Christopher Nolan).

  • yo

    that is not a good sign

  • juice

    When are they releasing Supergay starring Shia Labeouf?

    • boo diddly

      I’m on the toilet now with horrible shiarreah

    • dee

      When he stops punching people in bats who call him that, cause’ he’s a self hater.

  • Mikey M

    Please, not another origin story. Please.

    • rebecca

      I agree We’ve seen the origin story and the 3 villains seen in Supermans I and II already. I will NOT be seeing this. Nolan and Snyder are going to screw up Superman.

  • MJ

    Chicken S**t!!! LMAO

  • MJ

    Superman just chicken out ladies and gents…

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