Comic-Con 2011: 'Star Wars' deleted scenes revealed

What was left on the cutting room floor from the original Star Wars trilogy?

How about what appears to be Admiral Ackbar starting his career as a 1960s-era airplane stewardess?

Or Lando Calrissian using a galactic iPhone to snap a self-portrait with Chewbacca?

And is that a Wampa treating the Hoth rebel base the way Charlie Sheen treats a hotel room?

The complete Star Wars saga is coming to Blu-Ray in September, and those gathered at the annual Comic-Con screening of fan-made films got a sneak peek at some of the deleted scenes that will be featured in the six-film package.

Forgive us for adding our own context, but it’s a short clip. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for everything that’s happening in these scenes.

Oh, and Luke — stop picking at that thing. You’re only going to make it worse.

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  • kim in kentucky

    oh wow – watching these deleted moments – NOW the story makes sense!!!

    • george lucas stinks

      At least those clips made more sense than the prequels did. And the clip looks more realistic than the prequels

      • Jenn

        Forgive “us”? This hack intern refers to himself in plural?

      • lover

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        —-Haha! My BF and I watched this and he said, “what is going on here?! Is that a yeti chasing R2D2?”

      • Lily

        @Jenn, “forgive us” implies a collective group watching the clip and tossing ideas back and forth about what is going on. One person wrote it, several contributed the humorous ideas.

      • Superstarseven

        Shut your living-in-the-past fanboy mouth.

    • Dava

      Haha! My BF and I watched this and he said, “what is going on here?! Is that a yeti chasing R2D2?”

  • Tygor1

    @Anthony Breznican…”Oh, and Luke — stop picking at that thing. You’re only going to make it worse.” I almost spilled hot coffee when I read this. :p

    • Jenn

      At least you don’t have to worry about spilling that hot coffee on your junk since you were castrated years ago.

  • Alex F

    Hey George, get a new idea.

    • hannibal lecter

      the man gave us darth vader and indiana jones. let him be. i’ll eat your liver.

      • TF

        Yeah, and he keeps recycling them over and over and over. He already ruined the original Star Wars movies by adding “new scenes”. How long before he does the same to Indy?

      • Chris

        Ummm…Nuclear fridge? Aliens? Shia?

      • hannibal lecter

        look, i’m a little busy eating alex f’s liver right now. but if you get in line… lucas dried up, ok? everyone knows that. he died creatively sometime in 1987. and he’s been tinkering around with his genius and peeing on it since. but still. let the man be. he gave us the world. oh, and he gave us ILM. so just sit still while i eat your liver. i’ll be with you in a second.

      • Clarice Starling-Lecter

        I agree with Dr. Lecter. Quit with the prequel, Lucas, Indy Bashing. Its enough already. I am a true Fangirl of Star Wars and Indiana Jones and I know more about both series than any of my male relatives. The Prequels were not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. It has just become ” Cool” to hate them. But its better to be a leader than a follower.

      • Sarlaac Me

        Hey Silence of the Lambs, if you truly enjoy the prequels & Kingdom of the Crystal Turd, then good for you (really). But understand that all those (and we are legion) rip on Lucas because we LOVED Darth Vader & Indiana Jones. This is why we HATE the way these iconic characters have been tarnished. Darth Vader was arguably the greatest villain in cinematic history. Now I can’t look at him without thinking about… “Where’s Padme? NOOOoooooo!!!!” (Although I must say he is now a hilarious piece of comedy)

      • Alex F

        You’ll eat my liver when you pry it out of my cold, dead whiskey bottle, punkazz.

      • Misha Lauenstein

        Chris, there were aliens in ALL of the Indiana Jones movies.

      • hannibal lecter

        livers taste better when you resist.

      • hannibal lecter

        oh, and clarice. fly fly fly. while you know your loyalty is the only thing i will not destroy in this world, the prequels and indy iv are viler than a stradivarius played by an infected monkey. nevertheless. lucas must be left alone.

      • Alex F

        No, you’re thinking of sex with your sister.

      • hannibal lecter

        alex f, brave little hillbilly. i flambe your hidden hermaphroditic ovaries next. but you will leave your lucas dvds alone because jeff foxworthy and full house episodes are available to you always.

      • Alex F

        Guy calling himself Lecter, get a new idea.

      • hannibal lecter

        oh, alex f. i so do wish you’d retort with something a little less pick up truck. i sever your tongue next.

      • Kal

        LOL. Dr. Lecter, I think you accidentally ate Alex F’s sense of humor first. He clearly doesn’t have it any more.

      • hannibal lecter

        young kal, we mustn’t be too hard on our little alex. he wants to transform. our little alex wasn’t born this way; he was made into this tri-syllabic incest-yearner through years of lucas’ abuse… yet. we must leave lucas alone. we must…

      • Alex F

        I know what you can eat, Kal.

  • Adam

    “Own Every Moment” except the moment that defined Han Solo. You know which one.

    • Misha Lauenstein

      When his hand gets caught on his belt loop while he was trying to shoot first?

  • Tonic

    Those were deleted scenes? How about “deleted moments?” Ugh.

  • idviceroy

    OMG! I peed my pants! I have been waiting since I was 8 years old to see the Wampa in the rebel base! I feel like I’m 8 years old again

    • Jenn

      You are 8 years old. Still.

  • Sean

    I think all these deleted scenes do is further expose how much the CGI-riddled *added* scenes sucked in the Special Editions of Eps IV, V and IV. They’ve aged atrociously (you know its bad when the effects used in 1977 looks far more realistic than the ones used in 1999). But the scenes shown above look real…they look earthy. They aren’t slick or computer generated. THESE are the scenes that should’ve been in the not-so-special editions of the original trilogy, not that awful, awful CG joke that was Jabba the Hut.

    • lettergirl

      agreed…the original are wonderful and he mucked them up with all the CGI fancy stuff. they look way more organic in the original print.

  • JLC

    Is it true you have to buy the whole 6 movie set to get these deleted scenes? Funny how they’re all from the original trilogy.

    • GregR

      If I get these, I’ll have the original original trilogy on laserdisc w/THX, the special edition on laserdisc, the boxed DVD set of all six movies and then the blu-ray versions. How many more times does George Lucas expect me to buy these films?

      • Dava

        Considering you’ve bought them that many times already I think he probably believes he’s safe in rereleasing every few years because suckers like you just keep lapping it up.

  • Trigg Palin

    Great, now Lucas has something (new?!) he can sell to the public in three different versions. Of course there was no way he could have included these as extras when the original DVDs first came out. Obviously you can only see them in blu-ray. What a j.o.

    • Misha Lauenstein

      Or, you know, on this website.

    • Pro-lif3

      You realize that you DON’T have to buy them. I loved the OT minus ROTJ, I own SW and TESB on dvd, I’m good.

  • dmac2498

    Listen, let’s all stop the posturing and b*tchin and admit a few things. 1) Star Wars is Sci-fi ‘crack’ 2) We are all addicts and 3) George is our dealer and we will be at Walmarts, Targets, Best Buys etc, with our $70-80 bucks in one hand and scratching our arms with the other waiting for the next ‘fix’.

    George you have taken millions from us while giving us very little in return, but I still love those movies and I thank you for the next ‘fix’.

    • Pro-lif3

      You are an addict, I’m not. I saw all the prequels on opening night. I saw TPM twice. Never gone back. Never will. Deleted scenes were deleted for a reason. I’m sure you’ll pony up another $100 when he discovers more deleted scenes in a decade.

  • Dinosaur1972

    I remember my old scholastic story book from Empire mentioning Wampa’s in the Hoth rebel base … and I always wondered about that. I bet the storybook was written before some of that stuff was cut from the film.

  • Eric

    I have been a Die Hard fan of Star Wars since I was a little kid. I love the prquels as well – I honestly feel sorry for everyone who can’t enjoy them. They’re not perfect but neither are the originals.

    • Sue1

      Well said, Eric. There is no way the prequels would have satisfied everyone, no matter how they were made, so I choose to enjoy them for what they are. Also, while I may not agree with some of the changes Lucas made (of course Han shot first), I also recognize that this is his story, and he can do whatever he wants with it.

    • Pro-lif3

      It’s not that they weren’t perfect, it’s that they weren’t good.

    • Darth Vader

      But the prequels fu**ing sucked.

  • MR. Williams

    Two ways that G. Lucas redeems himself: 1) THE FORCE UNLEASHED Screen Adaptation – YES, based on the video game. 2) Star Wars / Star Trek Cinematic Crossover. Spock befriends a Vulcan Female Jedi Knight – whom Vader wants to assassinate. Mr. Spock with a light Saber in his hands. . . PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

    • Jenn

      Shut your hole, geeksquad.

  • MWeyer

    Are the Biggs scenes included? Always wanted to see those. I’ve been resistant to Blu-Ray (don’t feel the need to see every single nuance of the picture perfectly) but for this, I’m finally giving in to see all six in thier glory.

  • MWeyer

    I see we already get the prequal bashers out here, which annoys me. Look, you don’t like the prequals, that’s fine. But what annoys the hell out of me is that there’s this feeling of fans, that if you like the prequels, you can’t be a “real” Star Wars fan. That bugs me more as I love the entire saga, yet get dismissed as a lesser fan because of that.

    • Russian Spy #2

      People who misspell “prequel” annoy me.

      • The Truth

        I think he meant prequal as short for prequality since the prequels obviously did not go through any quality standards or checks. Anyone who likes movies that turn Darth Vader into a whiny brat with mommy issues can not be called a fan, let alone a lesser fan.

    • JBL

      The prequels are good but subject matter is the issue. Most “true Star Wars fans” fail to realize that if not for the lark and happenstance that finds gullible Jar Jar Binks as a substitute representative who gets conned into moving for emergency powers for the chancellor, thus Emperor. And if Anakin were not such a whinning littlebitch then he never would have turned to the dark side and we never would have had episodes IV-VI. The things that people complain about in the prequels are essential to the story. Wake up or get over it. By the way does anyone know how many civillian contractors were blown up when the second Death Star bit the dust? Clerks joke!

    • RealFan

      If you like the originals there is no way you like the prequels. Therefore, you aren’t really a fan.

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