Comic-Con 2011: Joss Whedon talks 'The Avengers,' 'Cabin in the Woods' and the new 'Buffy' comic

Joss Whedon has been the guru of Comic-Con for nigh on a decade, but rarely has he arrived in San Diego with more geeky goodness piled onto his plate. Along with writing and directing The Avengers — Marvel Studios’ omnibus über-super-hero flick, due next May — Whedon is also working on the next “season” of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book, and shepherding the long-delayed horror film he co-wrote and produced, The Cabin in the Woods, into theaters next April. But he still found time to swing by the studio at the Hard Rock Hotel, where he and I talked about how making The Avengers is like making a gigantic TV show, why the film skipped Comic-Con this year, and what his plans are for the new Buffy comic series. Check out our chat below: 

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  • Justin P.

    Avenger is going to be the movie of 2012!

    • LOL

      The Justice League movie will be even bigger.

      • Justin

        No it won’t DC sux when it comes to putting their heroes together. Marvel is king.

      • N

        As if DC can even organize good interpretations of its heroes. We have Batman, where’s the rest?

      • RMS

        DC will never be able to have the stars of its individual movies gather together in one movie. It will have to be a seperate interpretation.

      • Summer

        Because DC’s been SO AMAZING with any property that hasn’t been Batman lately, right? I’m mostly a DC girl myself, but even I do have any hopes for a good Justice League movie. DC’s never had the cohesiveness that Marvel’s had.

      • Mikos

        It’s going to be a Justice League of Superman with an english accent, Wonder Woman who can’t even get on NBC and 5 Batmans.

        I smell a hit.

      • Ramzee

        The prob is that DC’s heroes are staunchy 2D Icons from the Golden Age and Marvel’s big innovation was REALISM. Real locations and rounded characters with personal problems. That’s why they’re easier to translating into movies.

  • Paul

    He is SO hot with a beard.

  • boob

    that nerd interviewer never shut up.

    • thin

      His introduction went on a bit too long, but other than that he was fine.

  • Jessica

    I’m pretty sure I could not love Joss Whedon more. But I also dare him to prove me wrong :)

    I could listen to him speak for hours-nay!-DAYS on end. He’s incredible.

  • Thanks for the spoiler warning. :|

  • Arnold

    Looks like all this work has made him lose a lot of weight. Lokking good, Joss.

  • jk

    Cesar of the geeks has arrived! Joss Weldon is so damn cool!

  • Kris

    No word on Dr Horrible? Felicia Day’s picture from Comic-Con showed her with a Captain Hammer sticker on her shirt, so spill the beans!

  • Sean

    Rarely have I wanted a movie to succeed this much, and it doesn’t really have much to do with the comics for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked Iron Man, Thor and some other Marvel properties…but I think someone like Whedon has earned the right to be involved with a bonafied hit. Not just a critical hit (which most of his works are), but a commercial hit, as well. I think once he’s hit the jackpot in both categories, he’ll get more of the opportunities he should’ve been given a long time ago.

    • MK


    • eyeheartnyc


      • Elnaz

        The Honor Teaser TrailerBreathe Teaser Trailer #1Black Sun: first teaser trliearThe Avengers (2012) watch the Official Teaser Trailer .a575_box {font-size: 14px !important;font-style: normal !important;font-weight: normal

  • Michael

    As cool as these is Its going to come back to hurt Marvel in the end they should do what DC does and do more Cartoons movies instead of live actions

    • Ray Anselmo

      Yeah, like not …

  • WillFerrellStinks

    With the exception of TDK Marvel puts together better live action movies and DC does much better animated features . Tried watching the fairly recent Hulk animated movie and it was unwatchable . By contrast the DC animated movies Crisis on Two Earths , Superman /Batman Public Enemies , and Green Lantern First Flight were all very good .

    • jets

      “Wolverine and the X-Men” was one of the best cartoon series ever made. It just didn’t get the attention because it was tossed off out in cable outer space (cartoon Nick XD whooze-woo or something)but last time I was in Best Buy they had the complete series for 15 dollars, which is an insanely good price for what you get.

      • kremzeek!

        nah.wolverine and the x-men sucks.the avengers cartoon is much better.the way wolverine is overhyped,you’d think people own stock in adamantium.

  • Michael

    I don’t know the last 10 Hulk movie were bad so was Iron man 2 and Thor I heard was so bad they paid people to watch it

    • WillFerrellStinks

      Thor rated 77% positive on the Rotten Tomatoes the critics website while Green Lantern was only 26% positive . Last Hulk movie was 66% positive and Iron Man 2 was 74% positive . I liked Green Lantern though and it’s too bad it didn’t do well since they set up Sinestro as the villain for the next movie in the closing credits scene . I also liked the DC tv series Human Target and Birds of Prey short lived as they were .

      • kremzeek!

        that new human target show was garbage.there was another human target show back in the day starring rick springfield where he actually assumed the target’s identities with disguises.that show was cool.

  • Roisin

    I full on adore this man! He’s a genius!! & I hope the avengers is a huge success for him because he deserves it.

  • daryl stovall

    Joss Whedon is the MAN! Nuff said.

  • Michael

    let remember what he did to spiderman

    • Wiggling my Finger


    • Leyland

      Apparently, the world has forgotten what Joss did to Spider-Man, so perhaps you could remind us, Michael.

    • Alex

      As far as I know he wasn’t involved with Spider-man at all. Ofcourse if that OMD/UNmasking crap was his idea he should be banned from writing comics. That’s the worst stuff I’ll ever see in comics and I’m not exagerrating.

      It’s so embarrasing for Marvel Comics to have actually put that out on the stands.

      I’m pretty sure Whedon had nothing do with that.

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