'New Year's Eve' trailer: Five fearless predictions

A trailer for New Year’s Eve has hit the Web. Here are five random guesses about what happens in the film based upon the trailer alone:

• Michelle Pfeiffer’s character is a workaholic divorcée who’s dying. (Or, she’s just a workaholic divorcée who’s brunette.)

• Ashton Kutcher’s character’s relationship with his best friend (Lea Michele) turns romantic by movie’s end. (Just like it did with Jennifer Garner in Valentine’s Day.)

• Seth Meyers and Jessica Biel’s characters will compete with another couple to have the first baby born in New York in the New Year — and lose. But he loves her anyway.

• Josh Duhamel’s character is a friend or relative to Meyers or Biel and will come to the hospital for the birth but miss it. He will, however, realize the mystery woman he met last year was the doctor (Halle Berry) who delivered their baby. (Who else is he going to get with? Katherine Heigl? Feels like her character will get with Jon Bon Jovi’s, who apparently broke her heart years ago. Perhaps Sarah Jessica Parker’s character. She needs a place to wear that dress, and Duhamel is in a tux.)

• Robert De Niro looks to be on a roof and talks poetically… so I’ll say he’s dying, too. He’s someone’s father. Probably Parker’s character’s. (That’s how Duhamel’s character could end up running into her at the hospital.)

Watch the trailer below. Your predictions? 

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  • crispy

    Nauseating song by Pink on the soundtrack, the director of Pretty Woman, that horrible woman from Grey’s Anatomy… it’s like they don’t want me to see this movie.

    • crispy

      Wait, was that Sofia Vergara?

    • Katie

      Seriously. I got sick of this song when it was in the trailer to like three other movies. Whyyeeeee??????

    • Captain

      Katherine Heigl aka “that girl you’ve never met” is horrible because…you don’t like her. Yes, that’s logical.

      • crispy

        We had lunch. She sent her food back and totally stiffed the waiter on a tip.

  • Joni

    I thought nothing could be as painfully awful as Valentine’s day…but I might be wrong.

    • jane

      I predict this movie will be lame.

    • Mariana

      OnlythruStruggle on July 10, 2008 What? Hey,I’m I’m scott hall..hey hey..I’m scott hall, the swaggering cuban hey hey you bteter have that sale for me, chicolmao

  • Larry


  • John

    My prediction- This movie will suck like Valentine’s Day.

  • allie

    I LOVE Valentine’s Day and I am super-excited about this movie too! I kind of wish as long as they were going to have a couple of the same actors (Ashton, Jessica, Hector Elizando) that they would have had one of the couples be a carry over from V Day. Also I do not love Ashton with that nasty beard.

  • Brit

    I’m so confused, so Kutcher and Biel are suppose to be different characters in this movie? When should we anticipate a Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, etc. movie?

    • Vicky

      Beat me to it. I was totally going to make a every holiday movie joke. “Next Labor Day…this group of people…will flirt and make out…Labor Day, the movie.” Starring everyone with a SAG card!

      • Vicky

        a* an

    • alan of montreal

      What about New Year’s Day, which would be the sequel, based on U2’s song New Year’s Day, about the world coming to an end because of nuclear war.

  • Fill

    Love Actually will never be matched. This movie looks like complete cheese.

    • True

      Be fair. Love Actually was British. America makes crap love story films.

  • ken

    It literally looks like VD in NYC on NYE. What confuses me, is that some of the same actors have come over for this. I don’t get that. I don’t like Lea paired up with Ashton, personally.

    • Kevin

      “literally” has become the new “like,” used incorrectly and too often

      • Laura

        THANK YOU!!

    • Marco

      I got VD in NYC on NYE once.

      • Emjay


      • jj

        someone had to say it! LOL

      • Sparky

        Best reply EVER – you win!

    • Nat

      I agree. Lea and Ashton look like a very odd couple, they don’t look right together. Also this movie looks like crap. I saw valentines day and it was awful. Nothing won’t compare to Love Actually.

  • Brandi

    I somehow missed the fact entirely that Zac Efron is in this movie until I saw this trailer. Is he romancing Michelle Pfieffer?

    • jessica

      I don’t think they are all romantic roles, like in Valentine’s Day when Julia Roberts was trying to get home to see her son. I think Zac is just helping her. For some reason.

  • Kevin

    I can’t be the only one who loves Heigl, she is sorely underrated and misunderstood.

    • Brit

      I like her in movies, not so much in real life.

    • e

      …i love her too..

    • whatevs

      I don’t get why people hate her either. Oh well, people always need someone to bully.

      • mu

        Wow, what a complete leap. If someone doesn’t like someone else, it’s because they feel the need to bully someone? Geez, I’m glad I didn’t grow up in your neighbourhood.

      • Nat

        People don’t like her because she bashed Knocked Up and Judd Apatow which by the way if she didn’t do that movie she wouldn’t have all these movie roles. She would only have been for being on grey’s anatomy.

    • jj

      i’ve never been fond of her. and I loved Roswell. I don’t like any of the characters she has played. Does that mean that she always chooses unlikable roles or is just that something about her just seems unlikable? I think it’s the latter… I don’t hate her bc I don’t know her and it’s ridiculous to have such strong feelings for someone you don’t even know. But man does she annoy me as an actor. And some of the comments she has made in interviews lead me to believe that if I DID meet her, we would not be BFFs.

    • bob

      i love her! her movies are like candy, for sure (and not even good candy, most times), but i think she’s an enjoyable presence. plus, i think down the line she’s going to get more serious about the roles she starts picking and really impress a lot of people. she reminds me of sandra bullock maybe ten years ago, when everyone seemed to think she was “doing the same things” and “choosing poor scripts.” now, it seems like everyone loves sandra bullock and they’re back on the love train (rightfully so!). i see a similar career trajectory for katherine heigl.

  • ben

    My recommendation would be for Crazy, Stupid, Love. At least there is a good cast that makes sense. And I like a lot of people in this movie, but it looks ridiculous. Robert De Niro, just make another Scorsese flick, please?! Most of the people in this movie haven’t made a decent film in like half a decade!

  • Sara

    I’m sorry, is Ludacris paired with Hilary Swank? I may see this movie just for that.

    • Amanda

      I love Ludacris. He’s always enjoyable to watch.

      • amber

        He’s a pretty good actor. I’m going to see it just for him.

  • Captain

    I will see this for Lea Michele and Lea Michele alone.

    • Hermione

      Damn straight.

    • crispy

      Bwahhahahahaha! So using your same logic… you apparently adore Lea Michele aka “that girl you’ve never met.” You win at irony.

  • Chaddogg

    My prediction? We’ve seen roughly 30% of all the screentime DeNiro will see in this picture in that preview.

  • nwtlf

    I think Robert De Niro plays himself, sort of a New York cameo thing

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