Alleged 'Breaking Dawn' hacker identified


Image Credit: Andrew Cooper

Last spring the filmmakers of  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pleaded with fans not to “view or pass on” images that had leaked onto the internet from the unfinished film (which included highly anticipated scenes, such as Bella and Edward in bed), and described themselves as “extremely heartbroken.”

But maybe now they can take comfort in legal action? Summit Entertainment put out a press release today that identifies the alleged “principle hacker”: “Civil actions in the United States and Argentina name Daiana Santia, along with others, as being involved in stealing photographs, unfinished images and video from both parts of the yet to be released The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn which first appeared on the internet of March 31 of this year,” the release states, going on to say that criminal action in Argentina has also been filed. 

“While we very much appreciate the legions of committed fans of the franchise and encourage them to create community online, we cannot ignore that property was stolen,” says David C. Friedman, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Summit Entertainment. “It is not fair to the majority of fans that want to see the final chapter of The Twilight Saga film franchise fully realized the filmmaker and dedicated cast and crew to have these images out and available on the internet.”

Breaking Dawn — Part 1 will arrive in theaters Nov. 18.

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  • Dava


    • wsugar

      What leaks? The whole story is already published in the Books. So who cares.

      • downwithdumb

        Robtards are biting the dust. Nonsten shutdown now this.

      • Cheryl

        Someone stole something from the production of Twilight movies.. Pity. It’s not like they ever stole any intellectual property in the making of their films. What goes around comes around.

      • ltchy

        They forgot to mention that the hacker is 6 years old. Ah, kids!

  • buffylover

    cannot wait for this garbage too be over.

    • sandra

      cannot wait for people like you to stop being so damn annoying & commenting on things they don’t even like

      • VampGirl

        Seriously! If you hate Twilight so much then why did you 1. click on the article from the site. 2. Read the article in it’s entirety and 3. take time out to comment about how garbage it is. Honestly to me that is garbage!

      • Shelby Coman

        You know, just perhaps some people comment on things they don’t like in order to let the folks at EW know that there are some people who are sick to death of hearing about the same things over and over and over and over and over…

      • thin

        Shelby nails it.

      • Tom

        Right on Shelby.

      • m1

        Then, Shelby, that person should send an e-mail/Tweet/Facebook message to EW instead.

    • cj

      am i the only one that wishes that Blade would just come in and kick some cheesy “vampire” butt??

    • Renee

      If those of you on here don’t like the movies or the books then why does it bother you so much that things were leaked and to the point where you feel the need to comment??Lonely lives?No friends?Computer you only friend??What is it??

  • kevin

    These “film makers” are a bunch of idiots. It’s just pictures. Get over it.

    • Nathan

      No kidding, it’s not like this movie will make any less money at the B/O because of this, pretty retarded studio that Summit is.

  • Sarah

    Thank God. Now I can sleep at night.

  • P

    I can understand for some people this is a trivial matter , but I believe something needed to be done and the production company handled it . It has nothing to do with the type of movie that it is , it’s all about right and wrong and theft . It really doesn’t affect my life either way , but at least the next hacker or thief or whatever they call themselves may think twice about ruining someone movie going experience . For people that think this “garbage ” should be over , they should at least appreciate the fact that it may help stop hackers from ruining a movie they may actually care about .It’s all about respecting people property !!!

  • Shaz

    Just pictures? Let’s see how you feel after you’ve poured alot of effort into something and it gets stolen before you’ve even finished it.

    • Robert

      Are any of those pictures going to prevent people from going to see the movie? No. If we were talking about an unfinished cut of the actual film, I would agree with you.

      • Shaz

        The film was technically unfinished at the time. Not to mention editing wasn’t complete even on the first part. The film WAS unfinished.

        You are right though, it won’t stop the fans from to see it. But leaving them speculating would also bring in higher numbers come release.

    • Leeanne

      I totally agree with you!!!

    • Jason

      This film will be crap like all the previous films in its saga. Nobody gives a crap about pictures.

      • Jane

        Then why are you commenting? I can’t stand people who say this sucks or I hate this saga blah blah. Um but you are lame enough to comment? Get a life!

    • Renee

      You go Shaz!!!I don’t get why they even get on here and comment?My guess?Losers!

  • Robert

    So in an age where every movie is ruined by all-too-revealing trailers, they are taking the time to sue someone for pictures? I get it, but at the same time, this is pretty pathetic. If it were almost any movie outside of Twilight, this would not happen and/or we would not hear about it.

  • Leeanne

    Now, if this was any other movie other than Twilight I believe their production company would do the same. This is theft, pure and simple. These actors spent 7 months filming this movie only to have their unfinished work stolen and released for the world to see. That is wrong on so many levels. Will these pictures stop people from seeing the movie, I highly doubt it, it probably only makes the people want to see it more, but it’s the thought of someone ‘stealing’ their property. THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST THEFT IN EVERY COUNTRY, REGARDLESS OF WHAT TYPE OF PROPERTY!! You people need to get over the fact that this has to do with it being Twilight, good God.

    • Cameron J

      If this was any other movie than a Twilight film, these same ‘shut up and deal with it’ commenters would be up in arms. But since this is Twilight, their discrimination kicks in and they act on it. Same people who’d cheer at Rebecca Black’s death, really. -_-

    • Barbie


  • hi

    Who the hell would want to hack this piece of crap.
    The movie suck and their actors are horrible it’s not even funny………well kinda :P.

  • buffylover

    I am entitled to my own opinion. just because I don’t swoon over some badly written garbage. that is no reason to attack someone.

    • Renee

      You’re right!You ARE entitled to your own opinion BUT,that said,why do you bother to comment on the article?If you don’t even care about the franchise why do you choose to comment on it?I really feel,and this is MY opinion,you have nohting better to do than to sit at the computer all day looking for things to comment on in a way that just makes YOU look like a lonely loser!Whay don’t you,instead,find an article about something you like and comment on that??Wouldn’t that be more fun and fullfilling or do you just get joy in ripping on things that others like?Get a life!

      • dee

        Cause’ it fun to stir up pathetic people like you who would know a good book/film if you tripped over it.

  • simply meh

    seriously if youre on here reading the article nd taking your time to read nd click on it then u must not think its garbage its actually something worth keeping nd reading…if the tables were turned around on you u would b upset someone is stealing from u..seriously if u dont care bout it then dont read it and really dont comment on it..# haters will be haters

  • wildchef

    I agree with buffylover. I too will be glad when this twilight crap will be over. it is badly written garbage.

  • Amanda

    Did the press release use the wrong form of principal?

  • adam

    wow people get bit**y cough renee cough over someone you dont even know talk about not having a life.they are the ones that dont have one or hate the one they have.

  • DMR

    Oh noes! Now I know the movie will be crap before i can verify the movie is crap. This is the worst franchise in the history of time… perhaps if the vampires played more baseball I’d be interested.

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