'Catching Fire' to spark Thanksgiving 2013

Seven months before The Hunger Games bursts into theaters, Lionsgate has already announced the release date for its sequel. Catching Fire, based on the second book in Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy will debut on Nov. 22, 2013. “The magical thing about the Hunger Games trilogy is that the books have such a vastly broad appeal,” said Joe Drake, co-COO of Lionsgate, in a statement. “The stories truly offer something for everyone, and the period around the Thanksgiving weekend is such an opportunity for families and friends to make an event of going to the movies.”

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  • E

    Can’t wait! I’ve enjoyed the books more than I thought I would

    • Flip

      Damn, I was hoping for summer 2013 so we’d get the third one in 2014.

  • Biden

    I’m not convinced the first is going to do well.

    • Michelle

      Oh ye of little faith! I think this trilogy will do just fine.

    • kate middleton

      What do you mean? Do you think the movie won’t do well at the box office, or that it won’t be a good depiction of the book? Curious.

  • Nathan

    The story’s pretty good, but Collins isn’t much of a writer, how many times can someone write the word torture?

    • Kmb

      I think you have Suzanne Collins confused with Stephanie Meyer.

      • Nathan

        Nope, neither are very good. This is one of those rare cases where the movies have a chance to be and will probably be much better than the books were.

    • m

      Well, she created an interesting story, and that is what I care about. I did feel like parts felt dumbed down – but it is a young adult book; I didn’t go into it expecting a great piece of literature.

      • Nathan

        Extremely dumbed down, a lot of the time it was like a 13 year old trying to write an adventure story for their junior high english class, pretty decent story just not written very well.

      • Rachel

        “Dumbed down” ? Were you reading the same book? Coz I certainly don’t think it was dumbed down at all! Brilliant trilogy, the film missed a few things out like most movies do.. “twilight” But I enjoyed the movie and I for one can’t wait for Catching Fire!

    • DarkPassenger

      You can write “torture” as much as you want if it’s a word your character would use often. First-person writing is unconvincing if a writer goes overboard throwing in every word in a thesaurus, rather than the protagonist describing situations in her own words.

      • Dexter

        Your mama.

      • DarkPassenger

        Using Dexter’s name to express stupidity is unforgivable.

    • Shaking my Dong

      Collins is Shakespeare next to Meyer.

  • Brandi

    Ahhhhhh, this is so exciting!!!! That means it’s time to start campaigning for the new characters!!! Andrew Garfield as Finnick Odair!!!!!!!

    • Rack

      Not good looking enough.

      • Lealem

        that the love triangle shluod be played up. Has he read the books? Of course it gets played up. That rubbed me the wrong way just because I and many of the people on this site are female and I can testify that the love triangle did not sway me to love the story at all. I will not loose interest in the movie because it does not put emphasis on this love triangle. The triangle is there, but if they follow the books, about the only time Peeta and Gale ever talk is when Gale helps them prepare for their *SPOILER* second games. All other times Gale is either incoherent when Peeta watched over him. It’s mostly what one of them says to Katniss.

    • Mocha

      I hate to admit this but when I read the books I pictured Finnick as looking kind of like Zac Efron but blonder. So he’d be my pick if he had, you know, actual acting abilities.

      • Connor

        Blonder? Finnick is a redhead. .

      • Mocha

        He is? Huh, I must have completely missed that hahah. For some reason I always thought he was blonde.

      • melissa

        I thought he had bronze colored hair, I think that’s what the book said… but yeah I pictured him as Alex Pettyfer.

      • Judy

        Zac Efron and Alex Pettyfer would both be great! But I feel like Zefron is trying to break away from anything that would appeal to teens (or appeal to any person for that matter, haha), and Alex Pettyfer is probably about to try the same. Maybe the poor man’s Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, would fit the bill.

      • Kelsa

        Channing Tatum for Finnick?

      • Nathan

        Hopefully not Tatum, I’d like these movie to at least have a chance of not being complete s**t.

      • michelle

        Finnick is blond

      • kate middleton

        Alex Pettyfer would probably love to be Finnick, since he hasn’t been in any movie that’s been an actual hit, and his stock is falling FAST. He auditioned for Peeta, but thankfully wasn’t cast. I think Alex would be a decent Finnick, although I picture Ian Somerhalder (not sure he’d have the time though).

      • Mocha

        Ooh, I adore Ian Somerhalder and he’s fantastic as Damon, so we know he can be badass. I bet he’d make a great Finnick, though I can’t really picture him as a blond, lol. And I can see Alex Pettyfer as Finnick–he’d be pretty good. But we never really know, they might just end up going with an unknown.

      • Joe

        I know he’s too old… but I always pictured Neil Patrick Harris as finnick

      • ree

        He may be a tad to old, but I kept imagining Ryan Kwanten as Finnick.

    • Mandy

      Finnick has to be much more buff than Andrew Garfield would be capable of getting. And he should be older than Andrew Garfield.
      I was thinking Ryan Reynolds, if he were interested.

      • muhahaha

        Andrew Garfield is 27 or 28.

      • Brett

        Actually Finnick was 14 when he won his hunger games so he would actually be only 24-25ish in catching fire.

    • Judy

      LET’S CAMPAIGN. I’m going to nominate Michael Fassbender for Boggs (I guess he’s only in Mockingjay, but still).

      • Ruby

        I’m fine with Fassbender in ANY role, so long as he’s in at least one of the films. Love that man!

      • Mocha

        Oh my gosh, YES. He’d be so great, and he deserves so much more exposure than he gets.

    • Heather

      Not buff enough.

    • Crystal

      Ugh, please no. Just no. Finnick is hot. Andrew Garfield is not.

    • kate middleton

      I picture Ian Somerhalder as Finnick.

      And they describe him as having bronze hair. Bronze does not equal red.

      • ree

        Oh no – not Somerhalder. I love him as Damon, but that’s about as far as my confidence in him goes. I think his eyebrows and that dumb smirk would drive me crazy – and not in a good way.

    • Emma

      Heck yes! i agree!

  • Jenna

    YES! I am about 170 pages in to the book right now and pining that I can’t be reading it at work.

  • AV23

    I think its a little too early to tell, even though catching fire would make the best film of the trilogy. I hope they cast johanna mason right. She was one of my favorite characters in part 2. I keep picturing annalyne mccord for some reason.

    • ch

      i don’t know why, but i think annalyne mccord would be a decent choice.

    • M.Papes

      she’s probably too old for the part, but for some reason I pictured a girl who looked like Mila Kunis for johanna

      • elcamino

        To old and expensive. Most likely Stephanie Hunt. She will be 24 in 2013.

    • Heather

      I’m pretty sure Johanna was already cast in Hunger games movie and its Kristen Bell.

      • Mocha

        I know she expressed interest in the role but I don’t think she’s been cast already. Though she wasn’t at all who I’d pictured for Johanna, I’d be interested to see how Kristen would portray her.

      • kate middleton

        No, she was not cast yet. Kristin has been campaigning (she’s a big Hunger Games fan). I don’t see it though.

  • JRockMovie

    With the book written in 1st person and some scenes happening while the main character is asleep…I wonder how good of a job they’ll do.

    I still hope its a hit, I’m looking forward to ti!

  • kate

    the books are all awesome and the movie, in my opinion will be a hit. im hopeing as much as the harry potter movies were!

    • Nathan

      Good luck with that.

  • PaulH

    Kristen Bell as Johanna Mason. Accept no substitutes.

    • elcamino

      Johanna will most likely be of mixed ethnic that far from now. Stephanie Hunt. She will be only 24 in 2013, and is half Puerto Rician.

      • We Killed Wonder Woman

        No; we don’t need a casting decision that will kowtow to the gay community, we need a quality actress to play Johanna, and KB is the only logical choice.

      • muhahaha


  • JCM

    No judgement on the movie itself, but it leads me to wonder if The Subtle Knife had a release date before The Golden Compass was released in theaters. A planned release date doesn’t actually mean too much.

    • elcamino

      From reading the studios are allready grabbing dates. A thanksgiving weekend is really wanted. Others allready have.Iron Man3 is May3rd,and Thor 2 is July 26,2013

    • Erin

      Subtle Knife didn’t have a release date before Golden Compass was released. They were going to base whether they should make Subtle Knife on how well Golden Compass did. Which is why they ended the movie before the book did to leave a cliff hanger, which wasn’t necessary because the ending of the book is a bigger cliff hanger than the one at the end of the movie. Either way, Subtle Knife never had a release date.

  • nunnya

    Hunter Parrish would be a fantastic Finnick.

    • kate middleton

      Agreed that he would be great. Finnick has to be someone AMAZINGLY gorgeous. I think Hunter (or my pic Ian Somerhalder) fit the bill.

  • Kyndal

    I don’t see how you guys can think the twilight books are better then the Hunger Games. Hunger Games are amazing and doesn’t have any childish fairy tale creatures like vampires and werewolves. AND Suzanne Collins is a GREAT writer, her books, Gregor the Overlander are pretty cool too. I can’t wait for The Hunger Games movie, it’s gonna be way better then Twilight.

    • Cassie

      Who was comparing them to Twilight?

  • Erin

    For me it’s not a question of when they’re releasing Catching Fire, it’s if they’re going to split it into two movies. I feel that with the last Harry Potter movie and the last Twilight movie being split, they’ll want to do that for Hunger Games as well. But I don’t think Mockingjay should be split. If any of them, it should be Catching Fire. It would be interesting if they did do that just because I can’t think of a book/movie franchise that has split the middle book into two parts.

    • Mocha

      With Harry Potter, I felt like the last book was just so long that they needed to break it into two to do it justice. Since each Hunger Games book is probably concise enough to only require one movie per novel, I honestly don’t think any of the movies should be split, since I feel that it would be unnecessary and mostly just a cash grab (cough Breaking Dawn cough).

    • kate middleton

      They are supposedly splitting Mockingjay. Makes a lot of sense actually. Mockingjay is SO rushed when you’re reading it, and there’s so much action that takes place. It will take a lot of time do the battles in the Capitol justice, and the ending as well. So Mockingjay will likely be 2 movies – I am betting the first will end either when Peeta returns, or when they leave 13 to go to the Capitol (that would be my choice for the ending of the first movie).

    • Jose

      They are planning on making this into a series of four films so eventually we’ll find out which novel will get the 2 movie treatment, although if Mockinjay is a rushed as you say Kate I’m sure that extending the film’s runtime or slowing down the pacing a bit will help in not having it feeling rushed, and that way it won’t be split in 2,

      • kate middleton

        So you think Catching Fire will be split into two? Doubtful. Much more happens in Mockingjay than in Catching Fire.

      • Edgardo

        i agree on the american mveois i love the trilogy but any of the presents mveois sucked. on the fence with the hunger games looks like several mveois i’ve already seen, mayhaps i’ll read the books 1st. i wanna see john carter since i read the book as a child and of course in may dark shadows!

  • Leslie

    Anyone else wondering what a co-COO is? lol

    • Jackie

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I believe co-COO stands for “co-Chief Operating Officer”.

      • Leslie

        Oh, thanks! Was wondering if it was a typo!

  • gabbs

    Now that I think about it I can totally picture Ian Somerhalder as Finnick. He has all the characteristics, well except for the hair and body, but that can be change. Also those beautiful gorgeous sexy eyes of his is what makes him the perfect Finnick XD

    • kate middleton

      Woohoo! Glad you’re on my Ian as Finnick train!

      As I said above, I’m not even sure he’d have the time to commit to 2-3 movies (considering Mockingjay will likely be split) with The Vampire Diaries.

      But I think he would be PERFECT physically (they can easily change his hair color, not that it’s important). And I think he could play the role really well – it’s similar to Damon in that he’s a badass with unclear intentions at first and then ends up being a total softie.

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