Third 'Bridget Jones' movie is finally a go -- EXCLUSIVE


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It’s finally time to re-open the diary: Bridget Jones is returning to the big screen.

EW has confirmed exclusively that Working Title Films, the production company responsible for the first movie released in 2001 and the second one dubbed The Edge of Reason in 2004, is moving ahead with a third installment. Based at Universal, Working Title has been mulling a sequel since 2009.

No other details were available, but last year, Bridget costar Colin Firth, who plays lovable Mark Darcy, told EW’s Dave Karger some details about a possible plot. “I can tell you that Bridget and Mark can’t have children, I think that’s the way it goes on,” Firth told Karger, who was reporting for Access Hollywood. “So then she makes the usual mistake of going back to Daniel Cleaver [Hugh Grant’s character] for long enough to get pregnant. And I think he dumps her, and she’s left stranded, and guess who comes back to rescue her?”

The movies are based on Helen Fielding’s novel of the same name and starred Renee Zellweger as Bridget. The first film was an international hit, taking in a reported $281 million. The second was crucified by the critics but still raked in $262 million worldwide.

Earlier this year, the London Evening Standard reported that Fielding had begun writing the third installment of the best-selling books. At the time, she said there had been discussions about the next film. “I will be working on both the book and the film but I don’t know if they are the same thing yet. It’s not been decided.”

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  • Elle

    I am so excited!

    • What a pretty face

      Oh, this should do really well—seeing how the momentum of the franchise is still going and Renee Zellweger is still a huge star. Not.

      • Rita

        Clearly, some of you haven’t seen the other two movies.

      • Tootz

        The first one was so wonderful ( love it, it’s makes me cry) but the sequel was totally dire. With Renee refusing to gain weight again and this supposed dreadful plot leak (why on God’s green earth would Bridget go back to Daniel yet again after everything he’s done to her?!!) I have no desire to be disappointed AGAIN. Chances are it’ll just be big maternity pants jokes and Renee pouting and gurning gormlessly again. I agree with Mori they’re probably doing it to capitalise on Firth’s Oscar win.

    • Deborah

      Dear Lord…why????

      • Nicole

        I’ll give you my best guess. Producers like a guaranteed return on their money. And they don’t invest in anything they can’t understand, which isn’t very much. Scriptwriters cost too much, and most of them wouldn’t associate with these talentless hacks today. Nepotism has destroyed creativity in Hollywood forever. That’s the bottom line. There are great writers, and stories, and actors, but they will never make it to screen.

      • Mori

        They’re probably also trying to capitalize on Colin Firth’s recent Oscar win. Colin is probably under contract to do another sequel. If I were Renee, I would not want to go through that weight gain & loss again.

    • bat1645

      Check out Hudak on Hollywood-best reviewer ever!

    • PETER

      at least this will give Renee a reason to eat again.

  • LM

    OMG, if the plot that Firth described is actually the plot of this film, all I can say is, NOOOOOOOOO!!! As if Edge of Reason wasn’t bad enough, this plot sounds even more horrible and recycled. Seriously, how many times can they repeat the weirdly abusive cycle of Bridget dumping Mark and going back to Daniel, only to be dumped by Daniel and rescued by Mark again??? Mark is supposed to be smart, but what guy in his right mind would keep taking back an idiotic woman like that???

    • Aly

      I agree. They need a better storyline than that.. I think it would be cool if they tackled what it was like for a couple not to be able to have children- and then they could have Bridget attempting to be involved with kids, etc. and finding she’s still 100% enough for Mark, etc.

      • Heather

        That would be better!

    • Heather

      Totally agree. Ugh

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      I’m pretty sure he’s joking. That’s the plot for Edge of Reason with a few interesting alterations. ;-)

    • Summer

      The tragic thing is that, compared to the movie, the sequel of the book wasn’t half-bad.

      • hanna

        Agreed. The book didn’t glamorize Bridget’s time in the pokey. She was mizzerable and sick as a dog. B’s always been a black comedy on paper — but movie factories don’t argue with $250m worth of units sold!!
        Chubby, infantalised, pantied cherubs make for good business.

    • Lori R

      I took it as Colin was saying that as a joke. They should have stopped at the first one as Edge of Reason was TERRIBLE.

      • Joni

        I took Colin’a statement as a joke too. I mean really, they just now starting to talk about making the 3rd film.
        Let’s give it a chance before trashing it.

      • Diana

        Not so much a joke as based on Fielding’s columns, which returned a few years ago and did in fact have Bridget getting pregnant by Cleaver.

      • Rita

        I thought it was just as good as the first. The story continued, as it will in the third.

    • Liz

      I think he was joking.

    • Courtney

      Not liking the plot I’ve heard so far either. I think it would be funny if they decided to use a sperm donor, got pregnant and then found out that the donor was Daniel.

    • C

      Helen Fielding wrote more Bridget Jones columns for The Independent a few years ago. In them, Bridget does get pregnant by Daniel.

  • K

    No, just no. Bridget has her faults, but she is just not this stupid.

    • Humorme

      I agree…bridget makes mistakes but she’s not stupid. She’s shown us that she struggles with pressures imposed by society but she never settles. She’s no one’s dormat, and we like her to remain that way. For her to go back to cleaver and get pregnant by him is doing great injustice to Bridget’s character. It would mean that bridget has not learned anything from her past and she’s just a dunce, always impulsive and immature. It’s time to just give this thing a rest and leave it on a high note.

  • Anne

    You know, I did love Bridget Jones, but after all these years it sort of feels like her moment has passed.

    • Kaiulani

      Totally agree.

      • Nicole

        It would be like making Clerks Part 8. Just stop while you are ahead.

      • Ashley

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  • RW

    Sounds to me like Colin Firth was having a bit of fun with that reporter. Can’t wait to see what the story really is all about!

  • RealMcCoy

    I really hope Colin Firth is smart enough to have absolutely nothing to do with this if it goes ahead. Sounds like a real stinker.

  • revjakey34

    As if we needed more proof that people stopped caring about Renee Zellweger…next thing we know, there’s going to be another Nutty Professor movie.

  • sherilee

    NO!!!!! now come on , there has to be a better plot than the one colin firth has descrbed. I LOVE BRIDGET JONES!!! the first was the best ofcourse, but i am a fan, so i even liked the second, but this third? there is time still, fielding is a great writer…..use your talents!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    That plot stinks. I’d rather see Bridget and Mark married with kids. Mark works a lot, so Bridget is going crazy at home and needs a break. Enter friends for a vacation. Run into Daniel, have dinner, then show him lots of pics of the kids and turn him down flat. Go home to Mark and have a happy ending montage. That’s much better!!!

    • Aly

      yes, much better! Like it!

    • Mark

      That just sounds like a combination of Carrie and charlotte’s plot lines in the sex and the city 2 movie.

  • Crystal

    Although I love Hugh Grant he shouldn’t be in the 3rd movie. Would be lovely if Bridget and Mark were together but the movie focused on the relationships Bridget has with her friends. There was some really funny stuff that never made the 2nd movie.

    • Liz

      I personally think the slap fights between Mark and Daniel are the best moments of Bridget Jones movies. If Daniel weren’t in the third movie there wouldn’t be a slap fight.

      • AzTmblweed

        You are absolutely right, the fight scenes are hilarious!! In the sequel, that was the one truly funny part of the movie!!

      • Rita

        I don’t know, the scene when she was in a Thailand jail and ended up giving all her bras to the girls… was great.

    • debs

      agree . mark and Bridget have kids and bring the friends in.

  • Kim Thomas-Campanile

    Oh, thank God. I don’t think I could have stood much more of my life without Bridget! All of her cock-ups make me feel pretty good about me!

  • Kim

    The Plot sounds horrible! I loved the first Bridget Jones but the second one was not too good. Bridget is not that stupid and in the second one they made her seem stupid. The first one was more realistic all of the scenes but the second one was too out there. I think they should do a more realistic scenes and tackle real problems facing couples today! And please no more Daniel Cleaver except maybe Bridgett befriends the new woman in Daniel’s life etc. Mark and Daniel shake hands and then you have 2 couples having fun and growing through the growing pains of life. That is what made the first movie so good. Everyone could relate to Bridgett, Mark and Daniel. No one could relate to them in the second movie.

  • JC

    So is Renee going to start packing on the pounds? Or is Bridget joining a gym part of the new plot too?

  • Lia

    If what the adorable Firth said is true, that’s a HORRIBLE plot for a third movie and I won’t go see it. How many times can she go back to the same loser and be saved by the nice fuddy duddy? I don’t care how many mallomars Renee has to eat for this, I won’t watch it. Find a better plot!

  • Lia

    Here is hoping Colin was just mocking what next stupid plot they could do and that’s not the real thing!

    • chris129

      Colin wasn’t mocking anything. That’s the exact plot line of a series of newspaper columns written by Helen Fielding that will be the basis for the third Bridget Jones movie. Bridget is older, but no wiser.

      • Humorme

        After reading the diaries of bridget jones (1&2), i felt that Bridget is not one of those ppl that cracks under the pressures of society. Sure she’s bothered but she shows that she doesn’t settle for less, which is what we expect from a grown 30-something woman. Honestly, if they are going to portray her as an idiot, i wouldn’t watch the movie. Doesn’t sound good at all…actually, sounds pathetic that a grown woman would behave that way.

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