Third 'Bridget Jones' movie is finally a go -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s finally time to re-open the diary: Bridget Jones is returning to the big screen. Read the full post.

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  • Mary

    I think it would be a huge mistake for Bridget to ever go back to Daniel. I really hope this time that she is written as a strong woman who knows Mark is the one for her and will fight to keep him. Not sure if I would go see this newest one. I still watch the first 2 over and over. I hope Fielding will make Bridget a strong woman. I will wait and see.

    • Lizzie

      Yes, you are right, but this is a movie after all, and you have to have a good guy and bad guy, and Hugh Grant and Colin Firth play the best bad guy/good guy ever….I can not wait for the movie….I love these characters….so much emotion in all the characters…they both love her, but only one can really have her…..wait and see what happens. A winning combination with Renee.

    • Amber

      Bridget and Mark are married and have kids. Daniel married that girl that Mark was engaged to and they have kids and they keep running into each other and the boys end up fighting again over something the mean Cleaver kid does to the Darcy kid. I just want them to fight again.

  • sara

    NO, DAMMIT, NO. Give it a rest. Bridget is no longer relevant. Stop recycling and remaking movies, you lazy Hollywood bums!

    • Lizzie

      Shut up.

      • frank

        Lizzie: Your wit… astounds me.

      • Jake

        rotfl – hilarious & concise: stay gold, lizzie-girl!

      • Nicole

        Well they want to make sure they make money more than they want to make great films. They could be original, but that means hiring people that know how to do that, which is apparently not what these hacks are good at anymore.

    • Lpis

      How can you be so ignorant. You watch tv shows week,after weekt year after year. Bridget has not reached fame,which I predict willl lasrt for many years/
      So many love this series because of it’s reality,and yes “She will always be just a little fat”. BRAVO!

    • LOL

      Is Rene going to get fat again?

  • googie

    make a movie! yea!

  • Sam

    I absolutely LOVED the first Bridget Jones movie, I think it is highly entertaining. Unfortunately I hated “Edge of Reason,” thought it was a terrible plot. I sincerely hope a third installment would be more creative, being that Colin Firth is so appealing as Darcy and Renee is fabulous as Bridget. No more tired plots with Bridget being torn in her relationship with Mark. How about a funny plot that involves them as a couple … perhaps they move to NYC for a while? Expats out and about with Bridget stirring something up?

  • Jenn

    That plot sounds completely and totally horrible. Yuck!

  • Lynne

    As a huge fan, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS COLIN.

  • Liz

    It’s hard to think of the wonderfully selfish, neurotic Ms. Jones even thinking of getting pregnant. Her self-aggrandising , low self-esteem, inability-to-have-an-opinion-without-running-it-through-her-social-class make a desire for pregnancy seem totally out of character. Really having to watch her weight, her alcoholism and other self-destructive habits? I’m certain there are crack-addict slappers who would make worse mothers. Probably. Or do you think Bridget would get so self-involved that there would be a real possibility the tyke could be eaten by Alsatians?

  • Jen

    In the past week, I have watched both movies and I literally have Edge of Reason sitting next to me, waiting to finish up the last few pages. I am ecstatic to hear both a third book and movie are forth coming. This news is v.g. :)

  • anne

    Sounds awful. I hope Colin was teasing If this is the plot count me out.

  • Mae

    Jane Austen would be appalled! The other films were enough of a stretch without completely overdoing it. This would be a nightmare!!!!

  • Lily

    Would be great to see Bridget Jones again after all these years…

  • Lisa

    I love the character of Bridget, but I hope they really think through this 3rd movie; leave Hugh Grant out of it, have a less insecure Bridget than in EOR, have Renee gain some weight, and get Sharon Maguire back to direct this one!

    • Templar

      Maybe Daniel could run off with Darcy, leaving Bridget out of options. Now, that’s a plot.

  • amelia in portland

    Why does hollywood continue to make medicore movies with medicore actors. Who really watches this stuff….even when it’s released on DVD, I will wait until I can see it for free or on my Netflix. 90% of these movies are crap.

  • a

    not to intrude, but….in the telegraph, helen fielding wrote “part three” awhile back….. bridget does in fact get pregnant…with cleaver’s baby…as it turns out darcy only wanted bridget to get back at cleaver…at first daniel isn’t happy, but it ends with our heroine moving in with Daniel and having the baby 9he watches the world cup right after she gives birth…) seriously, google it if you don’t believe me…..

    • Skye

      Thank you! I was thinking about that as I was skimming the comments. I can’t say I love the storyline, but it’s straight from the columns! Not just Hollywood desperately trying to scrape up a plot. Anyway, as long as the movie is better than the mess that was EOR, I’ll be happy.

  • Luke

    The Bridget of the first movie was silly but she was sensible and knows a bad situation once she realizes it. The Bridget of the 2nd movie was just dumb. I suppose the Bridget of the 3rd movie will probably be mentally challenged. Talk about ruining a good relatable character.

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