Peter Jackson still seeking justice for West Memphis Three -- EXCLUSIVE


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Entertainment Weekly has learned that director Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh will continue to fund the West Memphis Three investigation, even now that the men have been released from prison — free, but technically still considered guilty in the eyes of the law. “The ongoing work will focus on proving the convicted men’s innocence, as it always has,” says Jackson’s manager, Ken Kamins. He adds that  the investigation will include “evidence testing and further investigation which will hopefully lead to the unmasking of the actual killer.”

The Lord of the Rings director has spent the past several years quietly funding private investigations and forensic experts to help clear the West Memphis Three. Jackson has been a longtime advocate of Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley Jr., and Damien Echols — the trio of men many believe were wrongly convicted in 1994 of murdering three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, Ark., and whose nightmare odyssey in the legal system became the subject of the award-winning 1996 HBO documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills. Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, Natalie Maines, and Henry Rollins were among the others who rallied to support the West Memphis Three.

“When Peter and Fran got involved, they had to decide how to best serve the case,” Kamins says. “Damien, Jason, and Jessie had great public advocates in Eddie, Johnny, Natalie, Henry, Paradise Lost, and everyone else who was raising money and bringing public attention to the case. Peter and Fran, therefore, decided to put their attention into funding and spearheading DNA work, hiring forensic and other experts, plus extensive private investigations into all aspects of the case.”

Image Credit: Danny Johnston/AP Images

Kamins continued: “Because Peter and Fran’s role required a very close relationship with the defense lawyers, in particular Damien’s team, they have always respected and understood that their role had to be of a confidential nature. They have worked very closely with a number of Damien’s attorneys and over the years they have become close friends with Damien and [his wife] Lorri. They have always believed that if they could get Damien free, Jason and Jessie would benefit too.”

Even though the West Memphis Three are now free, Kamins says that Jackson and Walsh’s crusade is far from over. “This work is ongoing,” says Kamins. “Peter and Fran are heavily involved in ongoing investigations, and the release of the guys is far from the end of the story.”

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  • googie

    The stepfather of the of the little boys looks like a VERY likely candidate!

    • JaneR

      You mean Terry Hobbes, whose hair was found at the crime scene wrapped around one of the shoelaces used to tie the boys up? I agree!

      • MarthaWin

        He is the stepfather.. so his hair could have easily got on his step son’s shoe lace somehow.. Let’s not jump so fast and blame.. that’s what happen to damien, Jessie and Jason

      • Donna Fuller

        Yeah but you know that during his Q&A in 2007 with WMPD that person is saying that hair could have been picked up from Cross Transfer – he said because that particular child was often in his house and picked it up while playing there…I knew that was coming!

      • Adele

        If you’ve ever seen the Paradise Lost movies, in the second one (I think) the police had bite marks on the kids that didn’t match any of the three boys that were convicted, but for some strange reason Hobbs had all his teeth removed and got dentures. It seems so obvious he had something to do with it.

      • Elaine

        @Adele it was actually John Mark Byers who had his teeth removed.

      • Rob

        @ Elaine. Actually, Hobbs had his teeth pulled by a dentist too around the same period.

      • elaine

        @Rob–I stand corrected :)
        Sorry Adele!

      • Elaine

        @Rob–thanks for clarifying!
        @Adele-sorry :)

      • Elaine

        oops sorry for the double post.

      • alicia

        Except for his hair was found on the shoelace of one of the boys that was NOT his stepson. and, he swore under oath, several times, that he had not seen any of the boys that day, when in fact at least 3 witnesses gave depositions that he was in fact with all three boys around 630p.m. the night of the murder. hmmmmmm

  • Dicazi

    Sad thing is, even if the real killer(s) stepped up and confessed, some people will still believe that these 3 are guilty.
    And thanks to all the “Hollywood” people that actually do some good with their celebrity.

    • Geni

      I agree, thank you to celebrities that got involved. Some comments about them and about the attention they got have been unkind. People seem to not realize this battle has been ongoing for 18yrs. I praise them for using their celebrity and power to do something so noble for the WM3!!

  • Buffy

    One of the “three” confessed to the murders, implicated the others, and knew info that only the killer could have known. Why would someone do that if they were innocent?

    • Ian

      Yeah, his ‘confession’ was full of errors (like what time of day the killings happened), and he recanted and refused to testify against the others. A guy with an IQ of 72 was interrogated for 12 hours, yet only 2 hours of it was recorded and the police said they didn’t remember what was asked the other 10 hours and didn’t take any notes at all during the questioning. Not to mention the evidence they said they LOST, and had no idea what happened to it. The information that supposedly only could be known to the killers was known to half the town before it was ever reported. It was the kind of town where that kind of info could and would get out whether they wanted it to or not. Like I said, those who have actually looked at the evidence and read into this case further than a 3 paragraph news story…..

      • Shellibelli

        not to mention most of the what 11 hour confession interrogation tapes were lost and never found. in other parts the cops can clearly be heard coaxing him into what to say on certain things.

        I think its great what Jackson did, and will continue to do.

      • Linda H

        Let’s not forget that the cops lied to Jessie and told him he had failed a polygraph. What they did to him was criminal, but it seems minors in Arkansas have no protection from police exploitation. (See Mara Leveritt’s great article in the Arkansas Times this morning re: kids, cops and confessions. It will make your stomach turn).

      • Therman

        Just want to say that I have actually witnessed a false confession. It was my brother and my dad hounded him mercilessly for over an hour until he admitted that he had set the living room rug on fire. I knew for a fact that my sister had done it so I had to tell. But not until my dad got him to say he did it.

      • BGB

        Maybe there are old dental records of the stepfathers teeth BEFOREA he got them removed? There must be xrays somewhere??

      • Melanie

        There are many pieces in the case that simply dont match up. The whole knife thing, confuses me. It is also very ironic that both the father and one of the men working on the case, could remember little of anything that happend between the incident and the trial…. then when the trial is over with, the investigator retires after only 20 years? not to mention the missing edvidence and the fathers knife which had blood on it but he said he had never used before.. When it comes down to it, i believe the boys are clearly incapable of commiting such a crime.

    • kbakken

      I was information the police knew and fed to this ‘witness.’ And most of it was inaccurate and did not reflect what happened to the victims.

    • Musica1

      There was really no evidence to ever convict those three. Any “confession” was just to try to make the police happy. I’m happy they’re finally free, but the police need to confess that they made a mistake, apologize to these three for stealing a chunk of their lives, and then try to catch the person who is guilty.

      • PennyBeGood

        The police can’t/won’t apologize for any wrong-doing because it’ll expose the state to liability and the three men are still technically classified as guilty.

        Was the investigation handled badly? Yes. Should the police apologize all over themselves for badly botching things and perhaps making it forever impossible for the victims’ families to ever know, with any certainty, who killed their children? Yes, very much yes. Will it happen…? Doubtful.

    • Musica1

      And Buffy, if you want to know why a kid might “confess” to a murder he didn’t commit, google “Michael Crowe confession.” I’ve seen the actual police tapes of many hours of that kid’s interrogation, and it’s a real eye opener. An interrogation expert who watched those tapes said the police used psychological torture on Michael so that he would have said anything to make it stop.

    • calla

      You need to check your facts. That confession came after HOURS of a 17-year-old boy who had the mentality of a 5-year-old being held without an attorney, or a parent, being mentally brow-beaten by the police until he finally just broken. And he did not get the facts in the case correct. The police knew he got several things wrong, yet they still arrested the three of them and charged them with murder. As for what he got right, you need to realize the one of the step-fathers was on the 6 o’clock news publicizing facts about the discovering of the bodies as soon as it became available (like the fact that they were hogtied with their shoe strings & one of the boys had been mutilated, etc.). The truth is, Jessie might have confessed, but there has never been any physical evidence linking these 3 boys to this case. And ultimately that’s why they’re out of prison now. The State of Arkansas knows it doesn’t have a case anymore and it’s try to cover it’s tail and not get sued for every penny in its treasury.

    • Shane

      And let’s not forget that the young man who confessed (and recanted) is mentally disabled.

      • Elaine

        It’s sickening that the WM police got away with this.
        Bullying and badgering a teenager with a low IQ,questioning him without parental consent and no legal representation. Very scary.

    • Ann Roberts

      The boy answered the questions all wrong. Then they led him to say what they wanted him to say. He said it happened in the Am but all the murdered boys were in school.. The Beyer man is wired but he lied twce and said he never saw his son when a eye witness saw all three boys with him. Plus he said his teeth were pulled before the boys and it was after. WHY LIE? Not saying he did it but he lied. Also 2 wives died. One murdered and one of drug overdose. He has a diagnosed mental condition.

      • Donna-Dallas

        Anna that’s a bit strong dragging into this JMB’s ex-wifes. My husband died in bed next to me in the middle of the night I’d be horrified if someone said that I murdered him and he was 48 at the time 4 years ago.
        And to everyone else posting about how horrible the WMPD were to Jessie, have you all forgotten the reason that Jessie walked into the police station to make this confession in the first place? Yes they were horrible and treated him like he actually was guilty because they (Gitchell) needed to put a name(s) to this crime and fast. When Jessie walked in to make that confession it couldn’t of been more perfect for the WMPD.
        Keep in mind that Damien & Jason didn’t even know Jessie very well at all in the second place. They all would have heard facts about the crime before they were arrested from News Print to word of mouth. I do feel badly for Jessie, and I have done a few things for his parents since his arrest even though I have never met them, however what twist would this case have taken on if Jessie had never walked in with that confession? Doesn’t anyone ever wonder about that?

    • alicia

      Why would someone “confess” to a murder? Well, he didn’t confess to murder. He said his friends did it. and the info he gave was all wrong, and if you read the interview, the police were feeding him information with leading questions, and it is soooo painfully obvious this is a forced confession, that is quite embarrassing, that the jury and judge did not recognize this. Im pretty sure the jury and judge during that trial, might have had lower IQ’s than poor Jesse.

      • Zaenal

        As if the above is not bad enough. It was revleaed last week that the 3 labour MPs have applied for and have been granted legal aid to fight the case against them, paid for again by you and I the taxpayers!

    • gailgrinnell

      little jessie had no knowledge of the injuries to the little boys until informed of them by the police dept.ok 3 confesions, none of which were the same.Damien was also given details qnd rumors were running up!why would they have been offered an alford plea if not for the state to save face and more importantly money, also political this case….learn the facts! this could have been anyones teenage child!Lets try to prevent this from happenning to someone else!oh, and wheres the competent police that lose samples?for real?how bout getting real!

    • Michele

      That kind of thing happens far more often than it should, Buffy, and with people of all ages…different backgrounds & education. It was easy for the police to trick Jessie & scare him. I recommend going to the Innocence Project website & reading there. There are many cases there that include false confessions & other cases of wrongful convictions. It’s very educational and enlightening. Things you never believe could happen….happen all of the time.

  • Ian

    It’s funny….reading all of the stories since they were finally released, it’s almost unanimous that people who have actually looked into the case and the facts and evidence are convinced that three innocent men were finally freed from prison, and the people who never heard of this case and are just reading Fox News headlines are screaming that 3 child molesters/killers are being allowed to walk free. If only everyone had the drive and desire to have some facts before spouting off an opinion, the world would be a better place. People are too concerned that a handful of liberal celebrities endorsed their release, rather than seeing that a handful of extremely busy people, who happen to be wealthy and well-known, are willing to give their time, money, and voice to something they feel is unjust.

    • Kevin7

      Sounds like someone here has a level head and thinks things through before commenting. How strange. All joking aside I agree with everything you just said.

    • kim in kentucky

      well, what do you expect? It’s Fox News !!

    • Linda H

      “Fox News headlines”? I’m about as conservative as they come, have followed the WM3 case since 1997, donated money, watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC as well as the 3 networks’ morning shows. It’s pretty obvious you don’t care that the men were released. It’s all about using this as an excuse to bash conservatives. How very adult of you. Meanwhile, those of us who don’t make politics of every single thing in life are just rejoicing in the (flawed) release of Damien, Jessie and Jason. Three innocent men can fight for exoneration from the OUTSIDE of prison walls. Who gives a **** if it was Eddie Vedder or Kelsey Grammar or whoever else supporting them? Right or left, progressive or conservative, this is a HUGE victory for the WM3 and for everyone who supports them, regardless of political belief. Grow up, please.

      • Ian

        Sorry Linda, but I’ve followed this case for the past 17 years and certainly do care very much that they were released, and have donated money to their defense fund several times. I don’t have the money Peter Jackson has, but I’ve done what I could for them. I read a Fox news article the morning they were finally released, and it was painfully obvious that the people there knew nothing about the case, and only read the headline and the fact that three men accused of these killings were set free. The brainiacs making the comments I was referring to used a lovely gay slur to describe the three of them at least a dozen times in the 10 minutes I bothered to read their vile, hateful, and bigoted drivel. I couldn’t care less about what you think of my politics, but did you bother to note the fact that I never stated anything about politics? I merely pointed out where the comments were and how ignorant they were. You can make the assumption that they’re conservatives if you’d like, but I never said they were. I was only operating under the impression that they were morons. Maybe you’re telling me that you assume they were conservative because their comments were ignorant, homophobic, and grossly misinformed. I don’t know, and frankly don’t care what their politics are or what YOU think their politics are. If you can show me where I mentioned anything about politics (other than saying “liberal celebrities”, which is quoted directly from the comments these morons were posting), than I will apologize. Otherwise it is YOU who is bringing up politics, and claiming that I don’t care about them being free, which is patently false.

    • lorilyn

      I have followed this case closely for 18 yrs and I still firmly believe that 3 child murderers went free.

      • Shellibelli

        frankly there is no way those “kids” could have killed those boys. they didnt have the muscle, knowledge, transportation, to get it done as cleanly as they did in such a short time period.

        It happened in a few hours, yet there were at least 3 different crimes scenes (the kdinapping, the dumping of bodies, the dumping of the bikes in another location.

        then to go traipsing thru the mud, and water carryign 3 dead bodies, in the dark, with about a 100 volunteers running around near in the same woods dumping the bodies, getting back to their house with NO blood, mud, mosquito bites weapsons, or anything.

        I dont know any teenager that is that clean, neat, or organized – sorry this was done by grown ups, not boys

      • ChristineLA

        There is absolutely no way the West Memphis 3 committed these murders. I really urge you to spend more time looking at the evidence, as well as Googling how easy it is to extract a false confession from an adult, not to mention a mentally impaired teenager.

      • LeeLee

        I remember the day on the local news when it was announced that three little boys were missing in West Memphis. I do not, and never did, believe that these three did this crime. I personally believe it was Terry Hobbs, but doubt we’ll ever really know. The West Memphis PD, nor the State Attorney General’s Office will ever admit they messed up. I believe that the WMPD “lead” Misskelley to say what they wanted. Nothing he says should be admissible, due to his low IQ. Plus, he got so much of the info wrong and the WMPD helped him with what he’d said. I am thrilled that the WM3 have been released, but let us not forget that three little boys were viciously murdered by someone in 1993. And DNA doesn’t lie.

      • Peter Vee

        Translation: “I’m going to go on a website and claim I have followed this case closely for 18 years, but not offer any detail, because I desperately need to reinforce my provincial worldview and fear of goth kids. Yee haw.”

    • lori

      I have followed a taco truck for a long time myself just to buy 3 tacos.. it was worth it my friend

  • Tina

    For anyone who is still unclear on this case, watch the documentaries. You can even just read the Wikipedia page. Go to and watch the videos. Get informed.

    This is fantastic news. I’ve been following this case since I was 16, more than 10 years ago now. God bless Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. Ditto Eddie Vedder, who was in the front row at court when they were released.

  • John Mark Byers is the murderer

    The guy had priors involving sexual violence against children and he even went as far as to remove his TEETH and lie about the reasons why afterwards when he realized that a bite mark would be traced back to him in future investigations.

    • Kevin7

      Also, don’t forget about Terry Hobbs step-father to one of the boys. His DNA along with the DNA of a friend of his was found at the scene. His ex-wife who is one of the victims mother thinks he was involved. He was the last one to be seen with his step-son a few hrs before the time of the murders but claims he didn’t see him that day. Oh and bye the way he has a full mouth of new teeth.

      • Shellibelli

        he dna was found inside the knot of one of the boys! and if you read the report i think its at trutv or tru crime. com, the criminal profiler did say that he believed that 2 people committed the murders.

    • Donna-Dallas

      John Mark Byers is NOT guilty of this crime, and he is NOT the only Parent who lost a child in this Case who had Dentures. Terry Hobbs has “Partials” and there a lot of Teeth that his Partial’s cover. I’ve seen them actually on the Internet at before you go pointing your finger at JMB you owe it to yourself to check out facts. JMB has suffered so much for a very long time with the loss of his Step-Son, his wife Melissa and being accused by everyone (including myself at one time) of being involved. He is not Guilty and that kind of thinking is what caused 3 innocent men to be locked away for 18 years and 3 months. Be mindful who you point your finger at please. If you look into the information that is there for all to review, I think you’d change your way of thinking.

  • Kevin7

    Bravo to Jackson and Walsh for all they have done to help these 3 young men. As happy that I am that the WM3 are free men I’m glad that someone is still willing to fight to make sure their names are eventually cleared for the crimes committed. And hopefully someday the actual person or persons responsible for this will see their day in court and the family’s of the 3 boys who lost their lives will have justice.

  • Like I said, John Mark Byers is the murderer

    John Mark Byers also volunteered his false teeth when presented with the challenge he had bitten the boys’ bodies, although at the time of the murders he had his original teeth, which he later had voluntarily extracted, and later claimed there was a medical reason for the procedure. Echols, Misskelley and Baldwin submitted imprints of their teeth (after their imprisonment) that were compared to bite-marks on Stevie Branch’s forehead, initially overlooked in the original autopsy and trial. No matches were found. According to the film, Byers had his teeth removed in 1997—after the first trial. He has offered apparently contradictory reasons for their removal: in one instance claiming they were knocked out in a fight, in another saying the medication he was taking made them fall out, and in yet another claiming that he had long planned to have them removed so as to obtain dentures. After an expert examined autopsy photos and noted what he thought might be the imprint of a belt buckle on Byers’ corpse, the elder Byers revealed to the police that he had spanked his stepson shortly before the boy disappeared. Wow… HE DID THIS! HE EVEN TURNED OVER A KNIFE TO THE PUBLIC WITH ONE OF THE BOY’S BLOOD ON IT, POSSIBLE MURDER WEAPON!

    • Linda H

      You are going by things that were said in Paradise Lost 2 and aren’t taking into consideration a LOT of new evidence, such as:
      (a) There was NO KNIFE used in the murders. None. 7 separate experts say the bite marks on the bodies were caused by animals, post-mortem. So the fact that Byers had false teeth AND gave a knife to the PL crew is irrelevent. This also negates the knife the cops found in the water behind Jason Baldwin’s house.
      (b) Byers is now a WM3 supporter, has been for a while and was loudly proclaiming his belief in their innocence on Friday.
      (c) There is DNA evidence pointing to another person in the case. There is no DNA evidence against the WM3 or Byers.

      I know Byers is an oddball and there seemed to be circumstantial evidence against him in PL2, but the newest DNA evidence points to someone else entirely.

    • Jen40

      I’m sorry but I don’t think Byers had anything to do with this. He has always wanted to be in the spotlight for some strange reason but I think that is due to mental issues. He has been a huge supporter of the WM3 for several years now and has even said in interviews that he is ashamed of his previous actions. Terry Hobbs is the person to look at…he has lied the entire time, his DNA and that of his friend were found at the crime scene and the guy was a confidential informant….a snitch…for the police who was never investigated at all. Another person that should have to answer for his actions is the original judge in this case…prosecution, judge, and jury misconduct. This was a witch hunt from the beginning and those 3 men should have never even gone to trial much less been convicted.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I agree, I think Byers is just a loon who wanted some kind of fame and put on a big act in front of the camera, though I do believe he had something to do with the death of his wife (one of the boy’s mother). If you watch the documentary, he has a freudian slip where he says his wife was murdered though that was never determined by authorities.

      • Shellibelli

        actually if you read the report from the criminal profiler, the person they suggested to be the killer, well the main killer (the rpofiler thinks that 2 people were involved) they suggest someone just like Byers, very scary how much they describe someone like him..

      • Elaine

        Isn’t it funny how Terry Hobbs and his friends DNA at the scene doesn’t include them in the suspect pool but the lack of DNA from the WM3 doesn’t EXCLUDE them? The police just twist everything in this case to fit what they want.

    • Roman

      Although “experts” claim that a knife was not used in this murder… they did not perform the autopsy. Although there is significant evidence that some wounds were post mortem, it does not exclude that there were puncture wounds to the genital area of Christopher. Read the autopsy reports. Dumping the bodies into the diversion ditch caused ADDITIONAL wounds. ALSO… there are other injuries that look exactly like HUMAN bite marks… like the wound above Steven’s eye.

  • OPEN YOUR EYES!! John Mark Byers is the murderer!!!

    John Mark Byers, the stepfather of Christopher Byers, is one such suspect. Currently incarcerated on drug charges, he is, in my opinion, one shady character who most certainly had a motive to possibly commit the killings.

    The autopsy performed on Chris Byers shows the markings of a belt, including the metal clasp. When questioned under oath about spanking the boy with a belt, Byers stated that he had given Christopher two or three swats, with his blue jeans on. Wouldn’t one have to strike a child with excessive force to leave belt marks through denim? The autopsy also suggested signs of child abuse, including old bruises and other wounds. A concrete determination of these wounds cannot be made, for what eight year old boy doesn’t like to roughhouse and play?

    John Mark Byers was also a jewelry maker by trade. Such work requires great skill and precision. The wounds to Chris Byers’ genitals would have required painstaking skill, such as that of a professional butcher, surgeon….or perhaps one who patiently cuts stones and gems into certain, precise shapes.

    Also, assuming the boys were conscious and alert when they met with their killer, wouldn’t they have put up a screaming, vicious fight against an attacker? Investigators and authorities themselves have said that the boys most likely knew their killer, which would explain the lack of witnesses hearing screaming or struggling. Also, the injuries inflicted were characteristic of crimes committed by family members or individuals close to them. The wounds were violent, ‘overkill’ type injuries, fueled by a deep seated rage.

    John Mark Byers, I believe, has behaved rather strangely since the murders. (And, by some accounts, before the murders.) He presented a folding-blade knife to the filmmakers of Paradise Lost, which was found to have human blood on it. Even so, John Mark Byers told authorities that he had never used the knife. When questioned further on the stand, he said he could not remember cutting himself with the knife, but may have accidentally sliced himself with it. Even more frightening, the blood type was that of both John Mark Byers and Christopher Byers. Thus, test results were ruled inconclusive.

    In the documentary Paradise Lost, Byers is filmed shooting pumpkins, pretending they are Misskelley, Baldwin, and Echols. He is using a black powder gun, and is clearly heard saying that a black powder firearm leaves no ballistic evidence. In layman’s terms, a bullet fired from such a weapon cannot be identified as being fired from a certain weapon. (When bullets exit the barrel, striations, or grooves, are present in the bullet. Scientists are able to determine the caliber and type of firearm used by studying this and other evidence.) A strange thing to be saying in front of a film crew? A strange thing to be saying while still under police scrutiny? I believe so.

    After the death of Christopher Byers, John and his wife Melissa moved. Melissa Byers, however, died mysteriously. Her death certificate puts the cause of death as ‘undetermined’. John Mark Byers suggests in various interviews that his wife died of a broken heart over the loss of her son, overdosed on drugs, committed suicide, or was murdered.

    Even more damning-and odd-is the removal of Mark Byers’ teeth. Dental impressions were taken from Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin, and Damien Echols. The comparison of the dental impressions and the bite marks found on the victims did not match. Mysteriously, Byers’ teeth were pulled before a dental impression could be taken. His reasons for doing so? A fight, medication, and a gum disease. If it were me, and knew I was innocent and wished to prove that I was, I would have done anything possible to obtain dental impressions and clear my name.

    Another alarming point is that Mark Byers had a wide gap between his bottom front teeth. I advise everyone to look at the bite mark evidence on the West Mepmhis site. Perhaps you will notice what I noticed.

    Were the police so involved in convicting three boys who dressed in black that they overlooked key contradictions in the case, and with John Mark Byers’ answers and statements? Or are they satisfied that they have destroyed three more lives, proud that the rumored ‘Satan worshippers’ are off the street?

    I feel I cannot express my opinion on who committed the murders, for fear of legal reprimand. If you question the West Memphis Three’s guilt, however, look no farther than those closely involved with the case. There may be answers right before your eyes.

    Note: John Mark Byers, after being sentenced to 96 months in prison (Byers violated his parole by selling Xanax to an undercover policeman in Jonesboro, Arkansas,) has been paroled after serving only 15 months.

  • Jiji Moran

    The three murderers got out of prison, so what more do these celebrities want?

    Don’t waste your money seeking someone else to blame.

    I, for one, would like to hear the story from each of the three men’s mouth, not a rehashed story told by someone else.

    Let them retell the story, without their lawyers.

    My opinion only.

    • calla

      What else do I want? To know who actually did it. For the WM3 to actually be declared INNOCENT. For the state of AK to be sued and have to pay for what they did to them. The shody police work/prosecution ruined 3 young lives, not to mention the families of those 3 innocent boys who were killed that day.

      • Erin

        AK is Alaska
        AR is Arkansas

    • Shane

      If you watch the documentary instead of voicing fake outrage on an EW website (!) you would hear their story.
      Its quite clear that alot of people who post here or read this site have never heard of three letters: D- N- A.
      Its the ending of the story. They didn’t do it.

    • Peter Vee

      what more do they want? How about finding the person or persons who actually murdered the three boys?

    • alicia

      I’m pretty sure that no DNA at the crime scene from any of the boys is not a “story” made up by celebrities. Nor is Terry Hobbs hair on one of the child’s (not his step son) shoelace that was used to strangle him, or the DNA from his friend on a tree nearby. These are not “stories” These are hard cold facts. It’s people that continue to say “oh, they did it, because they look weird, or act weird, or whatever”, that make innocent people suffer.

  • jenn

    Step daddy’s new dentures wouldn’t have matched anyways he has a full set of teeth, what shape were the old teeth in? Missing rotted, chiPped? So his dentures would not have matched anyways. I believe HE is guilty and AK cut this deal to for go trial that would have cleared these now men and saved themselves a whole pile of money they’d have had to dole out for court costs and compensation to the WM3…. THAT is why they cut the deals with the fellas… Money! NOT justice. … So glad they are free!!!!!!

  • Moses

    What are these Hollywood idiots going to do when they find the real killers? Say they are sorry for getting them off!

    • Shane

      Are you daft? When the person who committed the crime is found, the three young men whose lives have been wrecked will be vindicated and the killer will hopefully be prosecuted.

      • Moses

        Not daft I’m just someone that isn’t stupid enough to watch a show that has been made for the soul purpose to cloud the issue and present these three killers as poor oppressed souls. How many times will you fools fall for this clap trap…. OJ, The Huricane, the central park rapists………. Hope you never have to put up with idiots like yourself after someone rapes your child and cuts their throat. Gesh I think Ann Coulters book Demonic has all you jokers pegged!

      • Seriously

        The so-called “Central Park rapists” were vindicated after spending decades in prison. You really should look at facts befire making inane comments.

    • Ian

      “What are these Hollywood idiots going to do when they find the real killers?” — You’re implying that they haven’t yet found the real killers, which means the Hollywood idiots were right. You’re contradicting yourself, Einstein. Seeing as how the parents of 2 of the victims believe the WM3 are INNOCENT, it ruins the other part of your incoherent rant. Also, SOLE and SOUL are two different words, and that documentary’s SOLE purpose was to show all of the evidence (including the evidence used against the WM3), to show that at the very least, anyone with a brain would see plenty of reasonable doubt.

  • Tina Musgrove

    I am so happy to learn that Jackson and his partner will remain involved. They have, after all, been instrumental in helping s reach this point – freedom for the West Memphis Three – but this case is far from closed (no matter what Ellington says to the public) and I have so much faith in the defense legal team to see Justice for all SIX VICTIMS who have so long been denied it. Christopher, Michael and Stevie will not be forgotten and those of us who stand with Damien, Jason and Jessie in their quest for JUSTICE will go on fighting too!!

  • Liana

    I saw the documentary several years ago in high school and I remember thinking even then how ludicrous it was that these three men were imprisoned on such flimsy evidence. It was obvious that the community was very religious and thought that the boys were some sort of ‘satanists’ due to the way they dressed and all that. It’s just one leap further for them to have wrongly assumed they were killers, too. The whole thing was handled incredibly poorly and I’ll be glad when the truth finally comes to light.

  • 411

    Good job Peter. A spotlight must be put on the horrible corrupt prosecution/police relationship in the US. To those bozos, its only a number game where they play with peoples’ lives.

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