Brad Pitt saves an extra on the set of 'World War Z' (report)

First Ryan Gosling broke up a street-fight. Then Kate Winslet rescued Richard Branson’s mother. Now, completing this week’s hat trick of celebrity heroism, Brad Pitt has reportedly saved an extra from being trampled on the set of World War Z. According to the Scottish Sun, a group of over 700 extras was filming a scene in Glasgow’s George Square, involving a mad rush to escape a zombie attack. A woman fell on the ground, in danger of being trampled; Pitt, who plays the film’s protagonist, apparently lifted her back to her feet. (Paramount could not be reached for comment.) A source told the Sun, “[Pitt] didn’t have time to speak to her as it was mid-shoot. But she said afterwards how grateful she was, despite having a badly-grazed knee.”

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  • where have i been?

    WHOA! They r making the book into a movie? What?……when? How?……i dont know…….oh dear

    • Jenn

      Best to ignore the title – it sounds verrrry different from the book.

      • James

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    • Solamente Dave

      Yeah, the details about the movie that have been put out so far shows that it’s not going to be the same sort of story at all. I’m keeping my hopes up, but I have my doubts.

    • SpaghettiCats

      the only thing the book and the movie have in common is the title and the zombies.

    • ltchy

      lf he could only have saved the plotline (and the Battle of Yonkers)… Even the first draft l could have lived with!

      • ltchy

        And, no, this ‘Battle of Philadelphia’ is NOT the same..!

    • sash fan

      oh cool. Liked the book, but I don’t know about making a movie…

  • Steven

    A grazed knee? Oh no. I hope she’s ok.

    • Felix

      Depends on whether she was infected. If she shows signs of zombification, Pitt’ll have to shotgun her.

      • Sam

        HA! Imagine if Pitt was an extreme method actor and he suddenly shot her because he was still in character?!

  • Buttmunch

    Hey Felix way to come off like a real BUTTHOLE! this lady was badly hurt and you wanna turn it into a joke? I wipe my butt with crap like you! people like you shouldnt even be walking the streets, you should be floating in a toilet somewhere like the peice of butt dropping you are! i feel sorry for your family and friends (if you have any) to have to put up with such a mean insensitive prick like yourself. brad pitt outta beat you down and take a crap on ur face! maybe one day you will “grow” up and show some maturity you stupid roll of buttwipe! so you can MUNCH MY BUTT! for the comments you left on this page! now on to what really matters i pray that the ladys grazed knee is nothing too serious, may she live a nomal healthy and productive life.

    • Jake

      Someone named buttmunch calling someone else a butthole. Hmm.

      • jp


    • Ronald

      So…you wipe your crap…with crap?

    • JS

      Someone has a feces fixation

    • UH Buttmunch!

      May I offer u a glass of wine? U are taking this WAY too serious!

    • Dan Too

      A graze is a scratch. Even a bad graze is hardly life threatening (except, of course, from the danger of zombie infection). Get over it–I’m sure she did.

  • Extra

    You wipe your butt with people? Who’s really the one who’s insensitive?

  • Liz Lemon

    I love Brad Pitt.

    • Tajah

      Me too.

  • pastafarian

    I read “trampled” and thought they had narrowly dodged a zoo jailbreak. Maybe some rhinos or water buffalo were spooked by costumed zombies and ran amok. And then Pitt swoops in to save the day on his glittery bespeckled unicorn! ! Wait, what? Just some people running about? Drat.

    • abadstroller

      This is soooo NOT news. Nice that he helped her up, but not wildly newsworthy.

  • Will

    pitt trying to save his no existing a%% of an actor! he cant act worth crap! @james stfp dumb bell!

  • Tobias Funke

    All of thing bung hole talk makes me think someone could use the help of a licensed analrapist, that is part analyst and part therapist…

  • Clete

    If the movie turns out to be bad. He might need to be in the theatres helping people who stumble and might be trampled by people trying to get out.

  • viviennewestwood

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  • Cameron J

    Best spam copypasta EVAAAAAAAH!

  • Felix

    Okay…first of all, I’m gay. Secondly, your flirtation methods leave something to be desired.

  • Woot

    I know! This is simply amazing.

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