'The Hunger Games': Watch the first trailer here!

MTV wrapped up the Video Music Awards with the long-promised first teaser of next year’s adaptation of The Hunger Games. First impression: Trees! Second impression: Uh-oh, fire! Third impression: Wait, was that it? Yes, the clip is short, but it’s interesting to see the look of the film (lush green). Also fun: Hearing Gale (Liam Hemsworth) narrate a pump-up speech. Watch the trailer now:

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  • Emily

    liam hemsworth*

    • SNIKT!

      TEASER trailers are supposed to be just that: teases. Brief glmpses. Sometimes scenes that are not even in the movie.

      That said, this WAS really lame though. A girl running through the forest. A girl dodging a flaming tree. A girl (fake dramatically) pulling back on her bow and firing an arrow into the title credits. Um….yawn. Tease, yes. But at least do so in an interesting manner.

      • bill

        It looks retarted and boring

      • demonichalo

        hahaha so true… but you have to admit it would be fun to be the one running through that forest, besides it’s a trailer, aren’t they useally bad…

    • Mikey

      FUnny how this person rips-off BATTLE ROYALE and becomes a millionaire by passing off THE HUNGER GAMES as an original idea.

      • charlotte

        F*** off Mikey, you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Henry Plantagenet

        You yobbos have been screeching about Battle Royale ever since Hunger Games appeared, and it’s still garbage. Collins based Hunger Games on reality TV shows without ever seeing Battle Royale. Hollering “plagiarism” over and over doesn’t make it true. It just makes you…boring.

      • lola

        I’ve read both Battle Royale and the Hunger Games, and yes, there are similarities, but the idea of forcing people to battle to the death for control and the masses isn’t exactly new either. You could argue that both novels are plagiarizing The Running Man or Death Race 2000, or like I felt with The Hunger Games, modeling off of Roman gladiatorial battles.

      • daisy

        yes, because Battle Royal was the first time EVER anyone was forced to fight to the death. EVER.

        Ok moron you can go away now

      • charlotte

        @lola – or her real inspiration, Thesus and the Minotaur.

      • shakes

        Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale, Harry Potter ripped off Lord of the Rings, Fast and the Furious ripped off Point Break, Star wars ripped off everything before it, Mac and Me ripped off E.T., Pirahna ripped off Jaws. Does it really matter? Artists find inspiration from all over. Who cares!

      • crispy

        Everything ever written ripped off Homer.

    • LOL

      America is going to love itself some crap when this arrives in theaters.

      • Jason C.

        Ah yes, and it won’t make millions in other international territories because only America loves crap….

    • dee


      • alicia

        you know what? ur gay!

  • Kari

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT! Wish it could have been a longer trailer!!

    • bruno

      so rad. can’t wait.

    • Katyo

      Thirded! I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a looooong time. I freakin adored the books. If the movies are even half as good I will be satisfied.

  • charlotte

    Too short and I’m not sure if it would draw in people who haven’t read it before.

    • Aiden

      It’s likely that it’s just for the loyal fans. It’s just a teaser after all, and they’re still in the middle of filming. The full-length trailer is what will need to draw people in. I think MTV’s hype and promotion was what went over the top and caused expectations to be too high.

      • Nikk

        OH god I agree that the hype wuz wayyyy too much! When the full length trailer comes out, thts when we start the crazy hype! This TEASER was ok. I give it a solid B. But the movie should be good.

    • Viv

      I would love just once for a movie to stick to the books and not pander to people who were too lazy to crack open a 300 page book.

      • charlotte

        And I would love for all three books to be filmed. That entirely depends on whether the first one finds a wide audience that will see it.

      • Katyo

        Same here, Viv. And Charlotte, books like this that get made into films do so for a reason. It’s precisely BECAUSE they have received such fame and attention in book form that they are made into movies. So it stands to reason that one can translate these pages into interesting films without losing half of the story and most of the integrity. Please see the Game of Thrones series on HBO for a prime example (although acknowledging that a series does give more time to flesh out a book’s details) and Harry Potter 6, where they deleted crucial scenes and added at least one long, pointless one that isn’t in the book for no apparent reason. If the writers and directors can’t take good writing and storytelling and translate it into film, it means they’re hiring the wrong writers and directors.

      • Katyo

        To clarify: Game of Thrones is how it SHOULD be done.

        Harry Potter 6 is how it usually IS done.

      • Henry Plantagenet

        The Potter movies were very faithful to the books. Your objections are silly. And Potter 6 was one of the best in the series.

      • charlotte

        @Katyo – the visual translation of books is never going to match exactly what happens in the books. I love Game of Thrones, and think the production team has done a great job translating it. Still, there are so called book “purists” who are bitching about casting two black men in roles that people interpreted as white. I think that most people who worry that not everything is translated exactly as it happens in the books need to chill out because a lot of the times changes are necessary when translating works to screen. Still, my basic problem with the trailer is that I don’t think it helps people understand what the story is about who haven’t read it before. And I want more people to read it and to see it onscreen. I want it to be successful.

      • Jason C.

        You do realize that coming up with a 100% faithful adaptation of a book is almost completely impossible. For one thing books typically deal with the inner workings of a characters mind, because they are capable of taking you there. A film can’t base itself completely on the psychology of a character because it is a visual meaning. Things often have to be changed in an effort to represent the psychology of the character through physical manifestation. Take Chasing Fire: because the book deals mainly with Katniss’s inner thoughts, the filmmakers will have to come up with some way to visually depict her inner torment. Film adaptations of books aren’t simply trying to pander to audiences who didn’t read the books (one should also note that movies sometimes choose to read the books after seeing the movie), and what I speak of here is just one consideration the filmmakers have to take in mind when adapting a book.

    • Miranda

      It bothers me that people are complaining it was “too short” and all that whining. Why can’t we be happy we got something at ALL?! There is a reason it’s so short. It’s a TEASER. The point is to leave you wanting more-WHICH IT DOES! It honestly it is amazing. Gale’s voice is so powerful it gave me chills. I don’t see Jennifer Lawrence either, I see KATNISS. We are so lucky to have this girl as our leading lady.The look in her eyes says Katniss. & Rue’s 4 note whistle is so eerie i love it!

      • ki

        but it doesn’t make much sense to other people who didn’t read the books. if yoour want catching fire and mockingjay to become movies, you have to have a better audience. the teaser wouldn’t have brought anybody to watch it if you didn’t read the books

      • Dirge


        Early teaser trailers are often meant to whet the appetites of the fan-base, not reach out in very explicit and straightforward ways to non-fans. This is typically the kind of move you see very, very early in a in a multi-step marketing campaign as baby step in generating buzz. Advertising geared towards bringing those unfamiliar with the product come up significantly later, something which is aided by both that previously mentioned step and the fact that principal shooting, as well as a good deal of editing, has been taken care of (something which isn’t the case at this point).

        Also, a strategy when it comes to teaser trailers is to leave things very vague, unformed and ambiguous. This gets people talking about how the strategically-created blanks are going to be filled, a type of conversation which is sustainable until the next step in the advertising rolls out. This effective means of advertising is also relatively easy-to-produce as, again, the movie isn’t anywhere near the tail end of post-production at this point.

    • Sri

      Definitely read the books. The “Song of Ice and Fire” sreeis is pretty much the best fantasy sreeis out there. I read tons of fantasy but this sreeis completely blows away every other sreeis I’ve ever come across. (I actually like it a bit more than I like LOTR.) One of the things I like best about it is that it isn’t a typical black-and-white good-versus-evil story. It’s much more realistic than most fantasy novels in that regard. The characters are so well-developed and have so much depth. Martin has created such a rich, multi-layered story. There’s a reason why this sreeis always ends up at the top of the list every time sites like Reddit ask users to name their favorite fantasy novels. It really is that good.

  • Kira

    Sometimes I feel trailers show way to much so this was nice. I got just enough to get me excited ^__^

  • Buffy

    That was it??!! We sat through that awful awards show for 30 seconds on trees and running? Argh!

    • M

      Agreed, Buffy. So whi am i still so excited???!!!

    • Heather P

      Good thing I don’t have cable. I can wait until they debut it here and maybe have to sit through a 15 second commercial. I can handle that. VMAs no.

    • steph

      it looks like they filmed it in 5 minutes. oy.

    • Katie

      They are still filming the movie. What did you expect? I thought JL looked pretty awesome handing that bow & arrow!

  • E

    How much more thrilling would it have been if they’d used something closer to Gale’s actual words? “You know how to hunt. How different can it be, really?”

    • p

      i totally agree! it would have been so much better with his actual words!

    • char

      I agree, it’s disconcerting they are dumbing down the dialog that badly

  • crispy

    That trailer sucked. If you didn’t know the story from the books, you’d think it was about hunting.

    • Robert

      I hope you’re being ironic… What with the first two books being almost entirely about hunting…

      • jared4ever

        and I hope you`re not really that thick. I knew what he meant.

  • DarkPassenger

    I loved the quiet, opening shots of the arena, but most of all, that, aside from the voice over, the teaser featured Katniss only. I’m excited about seeing the other characters (Haymitch pictures, please), but Katniss, and her struggle for survival, is the heart of the story.

  • Gracie

    In reality nothing much happened, certainly not enough to encourage me to watch the movie. It’s such a long time until the movie is released I guess the studio didn’t have much material to show. Perhaps they should have given the VMAs a miss. This teaser could prove counter-productive.

    • Michie

      Exactly. Why bother to show anything? It was so lame and LOL @ the people defending it by saying it’s supposed to only “tease” you. Tease you with what? Bad cinematography? MTV just wants to jump on board what they think they might be the next Harry Potter and Twilight. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  • PaulH

    Kristen Bell >>>>>>> Jennifer Lawrence. Bell better get the Johanna Mason consolation prize in the sequels.

    • Kay

      Kristen Bell is amazing. But she is definitely too old to play Katniss. Jennifer is almost too old herself, but looks-wise can pull it off, at least.

    • Maureen

      I agree with Kay — Kristen Bell can no longer believably play a teenager. Even in “Veronica Mars,” she was pushing it.

    • Trey

      Unfortunately I have to agree with them that Kristen wouldn’t have made a believable teenager. I’d love to see her as Johanna, though I’d love to see Naya Rivera as Johanna even more.

  • Justin

    If nothing else, the trailer was worth it simply to hear the four node melody Rue whistles at the end. Goosebumps…

    • charlotte

      That was pretty cool.

  • MWeyer

    The movie is still shooting, they dont’ have enough completed footage for a full trailer yet (see the Dark Knight Rises teaser) and they wanted to get the early feel of the hunt going. Plenty of time for more footage to come.

    • charissa

      Yeah, but The Dark Knight Rises teaser was a completely different experience. That teaser gave chills and intensity, and made me pissed that it wasn’t 2012 yet. That’s what a teaser is supposed to do. This teaser just made me pissed off (but that’s partly because I sat through the whole VMAs to watch it and was sorely disappointed).

  • Jessica Smith

    i agree with the comments that if i did not read the books i would not be interested in the movie. i understand that they are still shooting the movie and so i can not wait for the finished product. Also how can ew not have interns or an editor or someone who does spell check and checks for the correct names of people. A simple imdb search could have fixed the liam* thing. It is really annoying that this site does this all the time now.

    • Issa

      What’s the big deal? These blogs are put up quickly and aren’t meant to be letter perfect as a regular magazine article would be. No one will die because someone called Liam Josh, trust me. If you want to be “annoyed,” get a real life and stop letting minor crap like this get you down.

      • Marcy Runkle

        No, I agree – that was a stupid mistake. These SHOULD be letter-perfect. This is a leading magazine and website.

  • Kelson

    The only thing I don’t like about the trailer is that it really tells anyone who hasn’t read the book(s) even a hint of what the story might be about.

  • Rebekah

    Wow people, ever heard of a TEASER trailer? That wasn’t the full-length theatrical trailer. It was just a small glimpse to give you an idea of the style or feel of the film. There will be an actual trailer later. Calm down.

    • Alexis

      EXACTLY! Thank you. It teases people to want to see more. So now you want to see a full-length trailer and then that will make you even more excited for the movie.

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