'Breaking Dawn -- Part 1' posters: See Bella and Edward embrace! And Jacob kinda scowl!

The first poster for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 was little more than the title across a gorgeous sunrise sky. But the new posters for the penultimate film in the massive Twilight franchise are decidedly more revealing. The first: Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) embracing amid a lambent tropical sundown. The second: Jacob (sort of) scowling while his wolf pack snarls amid a… lambent Pacific northwest sundown. Both have the same tagline: “Forever is only the beginning.” Check them out below: 

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  • Jessica

    lol. nice posters. but Jacob is not scowling.

    • Shannon

      hehe, yeah. He looks more like he’s pouting. Aww…

      • UGH

        They’re really trying to make Kristen’s small udders appear larger than life.

      • DON DRAPER

        “Forever is just the beginning”

      • mm

        bella got a boob job

      • Peter

        I’m a big fan of side-boob.

      • loveyo

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    • Cynthia

      That poster is horrible. Her breasts look ridiculous, they have both been photoshopped to the point of looking hand-drawn, and what’s going on with her chin? It looks like it’s sticking out past her upper teeth. Is she part bulldog?!

      • Monica

        omg hahahahaha!!!! I had to go back and check out her breasts…they are ridiculous!! and her chin naturally looks like that but I agree they look like they were drawn on a computer or somehting

      • mitzi

        Cynthia, in case you haven’t read the book, she looks like that because she’s pregnant! Pregnant women have bigger boobies. The book is very good, perhaps you should read it.

      • JC

        I agree. Awkwardly posed as well. And her wedding band should be on her left hand not the right.

      • Peter

        Her tits are huge!

      • Lauri

        @JC – That is her engagement ring, not her wedding band. It is on the appropriate finger. Most women switch the engagement ring to the right hand after the wedding, unless it is part of a bridal set.

      • robocopper

        is that why hes wearingit on his left too, rogressive vampire recieves engagement ring from buck tooth stroke victim.

      • Mike Pokynder

        Well Cynthia, Like your not one of those girls who photoshops all your pictures to make yourself look better. For all you know the producer or their managers could have edited the photo. So watch what you say Ms Cynthia. Good Day

    • wendy ervin

      No he’s not scowling….rejected? Sexually frustrated? LOL. Go team Edward!

    • twilover

      i dont even c jacob in the posters

      • Lauri

        Try Poster Number 2.

  • District 12

    Can Kstew ever shut her mouth? The whole open mouth thing she does all the time really gets on my nerves and it’s not flattering on her.

    • DK

      I don’t think she knows any other face expression…

      • ASH

        LMAO i totally I agree

      • UGH

        I think it’s lock-jaw from the casting couch.

      • Peter

        If it wasn’t for the soundtrack I think this whole thing would sink.

    • k

      I honestly can’t understand why it would get on someone’s nerves …don’t watch her maybe?

      • District 12

        Well as a fan of the books I have seen the previous movies in the series and in all of them she leaves her mouth hanging open all the time, it is just odd, combine that with her poor acting skills and the movies are just unwatchable. I won’t be seeing either of the last two in theaters.

      • UGH

        P-Diddy has the same problem with his open yap.

      • Dave

        I know that every new generation has to discover Vampires, but this saga has got to be the least imaginitive ever!

    • KK

      Actually I think she might have a sinus condition that prevents her from breathing through her nose. ;) :)

    • Louisa

      I know. She totally has buck teeth. Some girls can pull it off if they have super pouty lips but really, Come on Kristen.

    • wendy ervin

      No. What is REALLY annoying is KStew trying to be shy or to look like her thoughts are scrambled by Edward’s beauty. She ends up looking like she’s constipated and staring into bright light. That is REALLY annoying. The mouth breathing I can tolerate.

    • twilover

      ur being a gosh dang jerk if u have nothing nice 2 say keep ur gosh damn mouth shut gosh didnt ur mother ever teach u that or any maners keep it 2 ur self cuz nobody else wants 2 here it if its not that nice srry but that is the truth

  • Reek

    Although I’ve never seen the poster to which you referred, I would hazard a guess that since the movie is entitled “Breaking Dawn,” that it pictures a sunrise, not a sunset.

    • dee

      This is Twilight. The number 1 priority is too look pretty.

      • Peter

        it needs more side boob

      • Wynter

        @dee Exactly. Without the pretty, they have to rely on their talent. That’s something they should never do.

      • @dee

        Dee, your # 1 priority should be learning to spell the word “to.”

  • Angela

    Her engagement ring is on the wrong hand. He has very girlish hands. Her mouth breathing is annoying.

    • Diane

      I think that’s because they’re already married. A lot of women wear their engagement rings on their right hand and the wedding band on their left after the wedding.

      and Edward’s wearing his ring, so you know it’s actually after the wedding.

      • District 12

        I don’t know anyone who wears their engagement ring on the other hand. Is this a trend somewhere?

      • B

        Yeah, I’m not aware of that either. I know a lot of women wear their engagement ring on their right hand during the ceremony so the wedding band is placed on the left hand. Then, after the ceremony, they put the engagement ring in front of the band. Kate Middleton did so, and I think that’s what most women do who wear marital rings at all.

      • Angela

        Yeah, can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard of a married woman wearing her engagement ring on her right hand after getting married (during the ceremony, sure, but back on the left hand after). Honestly, it’s just a lame marketing choice to showcase that super ugly ass ring.

      • really ?

        Yes it is or was the way in Europe . 39 years ago when I got engaged I wore my ring on my left ring-finger then 2 years later at the wedding it was put on my right ring-finger.

      • mitzi

        I wear my engagement ring on my left hand. For me it is just to uncomfortable to wear both on the same hand.

      • JC

        I agree, Diane. If Edward is wearing his wedding band, then they are officially married and Bella’s ring should now be on the left hand. The engagement is over!

      • Lauri

        If the engagement ring and wedding band are not part of a bridal set, as it would appear hers are not since the engagement ring is supposed to be an antique, then she would not wear them both on the left hand. It is not the more common way of wearing engagement ring/wedding band, but I wasn’t aware of there being rules for that sort of thing. A bit nitpicky, don’t you think?

    • SCBR

      I thought the same thing. It’s really annoying – but not as annoying as the mouth breathing.
      I dont know of anyone who wears their engagement ring on their right hand and their wedding band on their left.

      • Stan

        I do wear my engagement ring on my right hand only because I don’t wear i tall the time. Its easier plus my wedding band doesn’t match the other one, so it would look seriously fugly, if I wore them together. just sayin’ that there are people who actually do that.

    • kitti

      Ang – I was thinking the same thing!! I think Zooey Deschanel would have made a perfect Bella – cant stand Kstew :)

    • j

      I was gonna say, nice manicure, rpattz!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I love the Bella and Edward poster, very pretty.

  • Gigi


    • Shannon

      It is pretty bad, yeah. “Forever is just the beginning”?
      Er… Well, this tagline goes nowhere.
      Sounds like some sort of vampiric diamond ad.

      • Jeff The Vomit Guy

        I liked what Don Draper said about it above. lol

    • twilover

      its not that bad gosh ur bing a verry annoying person

  • whatevs

    All that photoshop and they couldn’t make her look less butch?

    • District 12

      seriously right! she looks terrible

  • NA

    That first poster is one horrible photoshop disaster. His face looks like it was pasted on top of her picture and what is up with the floating hand?

  • Rashy

    So gay. I cant believe how popular this garbage is..

    • ICK

      You answered your own question there.

  • Ick


  • anti

    I wish they make artsy than this stupid same old photoshopped thing, summit is crap

  • R

    CAN’T HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reek

      …is a better movie than any Twilight movie.

      • ICK


      • Maureen

        Reek FTW!! ;)

  • Hay

    Excuse me while I go throw up.

    • Tess

      Wait for me…I’m coming too. :O

    • Woot

      Room for one more?

      • Jeff The Vomit Guy

        Can I watch?

  • Mike

    Haha, her ring looks like it came out of one of those 50 cent machines outside of convenient stores… Girl you need to dump him and find you a man who can get you some REAL bling! lol

    • kandace

      true that:P

  • Erin

    I could have photoshopped a better poster for this movie. I’m embarrassed for everyone involved.

    • tipsy

      Did they Photoshopped Scar-Jo`s boobs on K-Stew? They are way too big, lol.

      Anyway, funny how Bella looks like she`s about to bite Edward`s neck, not the other way around. Lol.

    • Amelia

      I agree – the Photoshopping is terrible. It looks like she stuffed her bra with balloons. They’re coming out at such an odd angle…

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