First look at 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 1' trailer: Are you sufficiently teased?

Most Twilight fans probably know what’s about to go down in part one of Breaking Dawn, but they should nonetheless be excited by this tantalizing 15-second first look at the trailer for the film, the full version of which hits the web next week. For those of you unaware of what’s going down, however, a SPOILER ALERT: The newlywed Bella (Kristen Stewart) is pregnant with a supposedly impossible vampire/human hybrid that is killing her from the inside. Daddy-to-be Edward (Robert Pattinson) is rightfully concerned, but it will all be for naught if she is eaten by the pack of werewolves who are scouring the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest for Bella and her unborn child. Check it out below:

So, are you sufficiently teased?

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  • googie

    Can’t wait!

    • Templar

      Oh how wonderful—another awful Twilight film is about to be released! I hope it’s as good—ahem—as Miss Thing’s new Abduction movie—snicker.

      • jo

        I’m really astounded on how knowledgeble these haters are(really) about the movie, and how patiently they went over the books which in my knowledge were only done by hard core fans. Pardon me, if you hate it so much why try to bother yourselves about this article??!! Why to to read it or even comment on it, if you are so over it?

        To hate Twilight doesn’t mean you’re EQ is on a pike, but it does spell the word IGNORANCE.

      • Yorky

        No we have fun screwing with Twi-hards because their taste in movies/books is sad & pathetic.

      • Alyssa

        You like using the word IGNORANCE dont you ” Jo”. Well let me tell you something about ignorance. Its not listening to others when they have a right to an opinion even if its hating the thing you love. You are a pot calling the kettle black. To tell the truth you ” Twi-hards” have it easy. People have never threatened to sue, burn, ban, the Twilight books. People trying to make a quick buck have sued over the ” witchcraft” that is not in Harry Potter because they heard the word witches & wizards, they have burned them, banned them. So if we want to hate on something we think is poorly written, poorly marketed, and women need to get a life over. WE WILL

      • T

        I think everyone needs a guilty pleasure. Twilight is mine. I understand how it’s easy for some to make fun of(it’s not war and peace), but if you aren’t interested why waste your energy reading articles and posting on message boards? Its an honest question…

      • chanikki

        These books were so poorly written that I returned the last two to the bookstore. This is a ridiculous series and you old lady fans should go find some real men, not a sparkly vampires. Sparkly

      • Mal

        Lol…ignorance does not mean stupidity. It simply means lack of knowledge. I am ignorant about frog biology. That doesn’t make me stupid. So for Jo to say that Twi-haters are ignorant for knowing too much about the series is stupid. For Alyssa saying that ignorance is refusing to accept other opinions is also wrong.

        You are all ignorant about the word ignorant. :-P

      • Twilight Lover lolz

        Personally, Jo, I like to have well-informed hatred. I wouldn’t hate Twilight blindly.I would read the God-awful books first. So I did, and my hatred is thus justified. The whole “if you hate it so much, you wouldn’t comment on it” nonsense if hogwash. How do you think change happens, by ignoring filth? NO, we must speak up and voice our dislike!

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

    • Adwina Lambert

      pure pop trash!!! tee=hee

    • Stella

      All the guy’s hair looks weird…esp Carlisle’s.

    • Brittany

      This is a bit off topic, but is anyone else sick of the pop up videos. I have pretty fast internet, but every time I open up a new page on EW I have to wait a minute for the stupid advertisement to open so that I can close it.

      • KS

        I know I hate those stupid popups I wish EW would ban them.

  • Scott

    I hate to say it but it is kind of nice to see a new conflict in these films… this movie does look a bit more intense than the others. Maybe this series has some hope to go out on a relatively high note

    • Liz

      Nope!! Sorry to disappoint but the ending to these books are horrible. I am still semi- a twilight fan but god I was so disappointed how this series ended. The first half is alright but the last just has point less story with a anti-climatic , lack luster finally. Sorry fans but that’s how I see it.

      • ruby

        Yeah I read all four books and the last one was completely god awful. Talk about dumb plot twists (I HATED Renesme) and anticlimatic pacing. To be honest all of the books were pretty embarrassing though. Im glad I read them to know what the fuss is about, but I still wasted a week or two of my life :/

  • emma

    Yes, I’m very excited.

  • Vicky

    I read the books out of curiosity, and was astounded at how badly written they were. I didn’t even bother with the movies, which I’m sure are atrocious. It’s funny how they are trying to make this look epic, because *SPOILER ALERT* this installment is one big build-up to a battle that never happens. Seriously, one of the worst endings to a book, ever.

    • CY

      True, but I’ve read that the movie version will be darker, with more violence. Not necessarily a SPOILER, but it forshadows the violence that COULD be based on the conflicts outlined in the book.

    • Jose

      Oh I don’t know, some friends of mine read the books out of boredom, hated the first 3, yet loved the 4th for being so weird and out there.

      • charlotte

        I’m with your friend. The 4th book is so over the top, it should be fun to watch in a train wreck kind of way.

    • Jason

      I know right? I read the fourth one not thinking they could get any worse. Then they plan like 50% of the book for a battle, then the end they just don’t have one…like what the heck. But I heard the director is adding a battle sequence unlike the book.

      • annamorphos

        I found the books entertaining, but lacking in substance. If I’m right, Meyer actually did an interview where she stated that she doesn’t like writing fight scenes. This explains why there was no battle scene in Twilight, New Moon, a small on in Eclipse, and none in Breaking Dawn. The director is adding a battle sequence in the form of a vision. Meh. I know the movie’s going to suck, but I’ll still see it.

    • Alyssa

      My friend who is 14 said she hated the BD book. It was so bad-she said. I cant stand Bella Swan as a character. ICK. KStew makes her even worse. AND YES I did try and read the books. AS for part 1 and part 2. Its because Summit is a small movie studio milking every drop out of it. But yes it will be bad. When books average grade was a D-

    • Angel


      • Angel

        i ment fantasize about ect… lol haha mi keys stick & u still blow not ither of the good kinds ither muuahhhahah pCe -A O{3=>=; turn this sideways its a lady 4u cuz u’re a di(k :}

      • Angel

        that comment is 4 *VICKY* >,< :o XD XP

      • Constance

        @Angel – WTF??? Maybe you should stop getting high…

    • kurt

      if they were badly written why u bother reading the 2nd one..u look dumb

  • Lena

    Every time I see a trailer for this movie in the theaters, I roll my eyes repeatedly and make a noise. I have now noticed most other people do this as well, usually accompanied by, “seriously? this is so stupid!”, or most times it is followed by laughter…which is what this book series and movie series deserves.

    • huggin’s betch

      ur ttoatally immichure!!! like, fur real. TEAM JaCBOB <3

      • Templar

        Yes—Team JacBob 4-Ever!

    • Kelsa

      I really hate people who talk during movies (even previews). We don’t care what you think! Shut up in the theater already!

  • AliB

    I feel like the “trailer” or teaser I saw in the movie theaters was a lot more satisfying…. It took me about a month to read Breaking Dawn because it was just so boring and the ending couldn’t have been worse. However, seeing it in movie form will be a lot more interesting…esp sinc RPatzz is involved :-)

  • Barack Palin

    Rumor has it that up until a few days before filming the title was to have been “Breaking Wind”.

  • Amy

    The first three books, while poorly written, were fluffy entertainment. But Breaking Dawn was an absolute literary disaster.

    • daisy

      they were all literary disasters, though I will agree with you that the last one was by far the worst.

      • kurt

        WTF did you read them than..just to complain …go watch your Jersey shore

      • daisy

        First Kurt, this series is worse than jersey shore so that insult is jsut stupid. Next, I read them because as a good and concerned parent I read books that deal with sex and romance before I let my 13 year old. So really, who is pathetic here, a literate mother who knows crap when she reads it or an emo freak who cannot even put together a decent insult. Yeah, go back under your rock loser

      • Liz

        Rude Kurt why can’t people read and like the books but think the writing sucks. Story line good execution bad. And you have to throw in the Jersey Show even worse. doutch!

    • Alyssa

      I agree they were all literary disasters. My BFF semi-enjoyed the first 3 movies. She said they were okay. But she only has them cause she got them for free. She would never read the books or buy the movies.

    • Annie

      I agree with Amy, while not great literature, they were fluffy fun easy reads but that last book was truly awful!!! Stephanie Meyer’s editors should be fired for not making her go back and re-write and edit the book. Jacob imprinting with baby Renesmee was just too creepy.

      • Liz

        haha my friend had told me they all died at the end and when they didn’t I was actually disappointed lol

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I’ll never understand the unbridled hatred Twilight brings to people. If you don’t like it then just ignore it…why the constant need to bash it?

    • Alyssa

      I can give reasons:

      1. Its seen as the total girlie series of the late 2000’s-NOT
      2. For those of us that like gothic/scary vampires-sparkly vampires take that all away? Thank GOD Johnny Depp of all people will star in Dark Shadows next year.
      3. About that- Vampires and Werewolves are not the only mythological creatures but for the past 4-5 years thats all we hear is VAMPIRES ARE HOT!
      4. I and many do not find Rob or Taylor cute, but you all speak as if they are the only two young men on the planet.
      5. Bella Swan is a sorry excuse for a role model in book or movie world when you have IDK- Hermione, Princess Leia, Dorothy Gale, Alice, Katniss, Disney Princesses – Pick something.
      6. The media tried to replace a beloved franchise with this tripe. ” The boy who lived”
      7. Even outside the movies- all we ever hear of is Rob/Kristen- Taylor and ???
      8. MTV movie awards are so bad, they are the Twilight Awards. No other movies stand a chance

      Im too tired to think of 9 and 10

      • Aiden

        I think you’re just proving Nerwen’s point.
        Admittedly, the Twilight mania has reached ridiculous heights even though the books aren’t brilliant literary works, it still doesn’t deserve the STRONG hate it’s getting everywhere.
        Many works are so crappy, people just ignore it. Why the need to be so vocal about Twilight, a franchise already agreed upon as bad quality cinema or literature?
        Here’s the thing: people seem to take personal offense whenever anything Twilight is in front of them. And the hate is unfair. So, STOP. It’s a bit disrespectful for the folks who actually put serious work into it and those who enjoy it. Despite what you feel, your attacks are pointless and unnecessary. Hate the media and the mania, but don’t step on people’s toes.

      • jo

        IGNORANCE MUST BE YOUR MIDDLE NAME! OH, please, do think more!! You did not do that at all for that 1-8 monologue of yours…

      • @Aiden and Nerwen

        Thanks for giving these hate-filled trolls an intelligent perspective to ponder. I only wish they were capable of broader thought. They end up looking far more ridiculous and obsessive than the most extreme Twihard.

      • Kelsa

        I think Aiden and Nerwen make a great point. And Alyssa…I’m sorry, but Twilight IS the ‘girlie’ series of the late 200s. And why do sparkly vampires impair your ability to enjoy scary/gothic vampires? And I think you’re exaggerating the amount of coverage the stars of this film get. Yes they get a lot, but I see just as much attention given to Beiber, the Jonas brothers, Zac Efron…etc. And I’m really sorry but the media didn’t try to replace HP with Twilight. They simply gave people what they thought would sell (and they were right).

      • mark

        @alyssa. Twilight isn’t great nor is Bella a good model, however you suggesting a Disney Princess as a better choice is just moronic.

      • Alyssa

        Really Mark? I can name a few Disney Princesses who have more independence than Bella Swann. Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana. So yeah I guess that is sad. But Disney is for anyone. Or are you someone who labels ” animation for kids”.

        And NO Kelsa. I was not exaggerating. Every teen magazine/magazine for last 5 yrs. has had nothing but Twilight. And It impairs REAL VAMPIRE-LORE because all Vampire related stuff now say ” forget real men, I want a clod dead one”. ” I like my men cold, dead and Sparkly”

  • j

    When will this be over?

    • me too

      November 2012…thank goodness!!

  • where have i been?

    The only reason i laugh after i watch anything bout twilite isnbecause there is ALWAYS!! An awkward silence. ?….sigh….

  • anti

    team Edward 4 eternity!

  • kiki

    more twilight hate. what a shocker. either way the movie will make a butt-load and only make the stars richer.

    • daisy

      hey genius, the stars don’t get richer when the movie makes a lot of money, the studio does.

  • Anna

    Why is there two parts to this one horrible book?

    • District 12

      one word: MONEY, lots of girls and women will come out in droves to see this garbage

      • Constance

        @District 12, yes you are right. We invested in the books, then the first three movies — WE ARE NOT QUITTERS! ;)

  • Elin Jensen

    Woooo! Breaking Dawn is going to be huge! I’ll be going on opening night with all the girls! Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls) OH YEAH BABY!!! :)
    Treated myself to a Thai massage today that felt sooo good and afterwards, people kept stopping me on the street to say, ‘Oh my God, you’re glowing.’

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