Box office report: 'Lion King 3D' defends crown with $22.1 mil


Four new movies were no match for the feline phenom The Lion King 3D, which ruled the box office for the second weekend in a row with $22.1 million, according to studio estimates. The 1994 Disney classic dropped only 27 percent — an incredibly impressive hold considering this is the re-release of a 17-year-old film that’s coming out on Blu-ray/DVD in one week. The 3-D version has now grossed $61.7 million, bringing The Lion King‘s cumulative tally to $390.2 million. Disney says it plans to extend what was originally intended to be just a two-week release, although details are still being ironed out.

The weekend’s runner-up was the new Brad Pitt baseball drama Moneyball, which batted a solid $20.6 million. If the estimate holds, that’ll represent the best opening ever for a baseball film, beating 2006’s The Benchwarmers ($19.7 million). Surprisingly for a sports movie, Moneyball drew a crowd that was evenly split between men and women, although it skewed quite older, with 89 percent of the audience at least 25 years old. Both critics and moviegoers were fans — the PG-13 film received some of the strongest reviews of the year and earned an “A” rating from CinemaScore participants.

Moneyball will now try to follow in the box-office footsteps of last year’s The Social Network, which debuted to a similar $22.4 million en route to a domestic total of $97 million. Both movies were released by Sony in the middle of fall and were written by Aaron Sorkin (who co-wrote Moneyball with Steven Zaillian). The two films even cost around the same amount to produce: $50 million for Moneyball and $40 million for Social Network.

Right behind Moneyball was the PG-rated family drama Dolphin Tale with $20.3 million. The Warner Bros. film joined Soul Surfer and The Help to become the year’s third release to score an “A+” from CinemaScore audiences. As a result, Dolphin Tale is expected to hold up particularly well in the next few weeks and should easily earn back its $37 million budget. Showings in 3-D theaters accounted for 50 percent of the film’s opening.

Fourth place went to Lionsgate’s Abduction, starring The Twilight Saga‘s Taylor Lautner is his first solo lead role. The PG-13 action film debuted to a modest $11.2 million — slightly below industry predictions. The $35 million movie received most of its business from young women, with 68 percent of the audience being female and 56 percent under than age of 25. Abduction garnered a lackluster “B-” rating from CinemaScore moviegoers, though women under the age of 18 were more generous with an “A-” grade. And according to CinemaScore, 56 percent of ticket buyers listed Lautner as their main reason for attending the movie. So the 19-year-old actor does have box-office potential, but it’s currently limited to teenage girls.

Finally, in fifth was the R-rated thriller Killer Elite, which snagged a disappointing $9.5 million. The $66 million movie, starring Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro, is the first picture to be released by Open Road Films, a partnership between the AMC and Regal theater chains. But despite its buzz-worthy cast, the film couldn’t match the $11.4 million debut of Statham’s last live-action project, January’s The Mechanic. CinemaScore graders handed Killer Elite a so-so “B” rating.

In limited release, the action biopic Machine Gun Preacher — starring Gerard Butler as real-life biker-turned-defender-of-Sudanese-orphans Sam Childers — underwhelmed with $44,000 at four theaters. And Puncture, featuring Chris Evans as a drug-addicted lawyer, also disappointed, grossing $35,700 from four locations.

1. The Lion King 3D — $22.1 mil
2. Moneyball — $20.6 mil
3. Dolphin Tale — $20.3 mil
4. Abduction — $11.2 mil
5. Killer Elite — $9.5 mil

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  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • jeff

      Really? Lion King is a classic. Moneyball is an Oscar Contender, and Dolphin Tale got pretty good reviews. America does indeed support a lot of crappy movies, but this week doesn’t support your claim.

      • LOL

        A movie being an Oscar contender and being crap are not mutually exclusive.

      • vin

        I saw both The Lion King and Moneyball and I can say both are great! The Lion King is a CLASSIC and will NEVER be crap. Moneyball was really great and I think one of the best movies of the year (even though I think that Drive is the best movie of the year so Moneyball is a close second). Let me guess “LOL” you are either some little Pain in the Butt that has nothing better to do than troll or some stuck up and outdated probably snobish as well individual that thinks their excrement doesn’t stink. Probably has no friend too.

      • LOL

        Vin loves crap.

      • vin

        Here is a better idea for you: if you really do beleive America like crap WHY DON’T YOU JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY?! We don’t need people like you seriously dude pull the stick out of your ass because one day you are going to say the wrong thing and won’t be able to bounce back from it.

      • LOL

        Vin is perturbed.

      • daji

        And Puncture, featuring Chris Evans as a drug-addicted lawyer, also disappointed, grossing $35,700 from four locations.btw,I’m a doctor,33 ,rich but still single.It’s hard to get a girlfriend in my town ,most of them like my money more than like me.I just want to find my true i uploaded my hot photos on wealthybar .c om under the name of hotlove2.u dont have to be a millionaire,but u can meet one there. ..if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one whom i’m looking for!!!

      • Ally

        “LOL” just baited you all and you all took it. This troll posts the same line on every blog here, we all know that Lion King is not crap.

      • Bus Driver

        Don’t fall for the troll.

      • LOL

        Actually America rejected crap this weekend. The top 3 movies were all pretty good, while America rejected Killer Elite and the action film with the alpaca.

    • Sarti

      you really have nothing better to do than write this everywhere?? I feel legitimately bad for you.

      • LOL

        Believe me, I feel bad having to write it. But I am a truth teller, which doesn’t always make you popular. I was hopeful in May when America made Fast Five number one, but it turned out to be nothing more than a fluke. But I have faith in my fellow Americans, they are a good people deep down, they just need my tough love, eventually they will thank me, as one would later thank a strict parent.

      • fnord

        I’m sure AMC’s and Regal’s underpaid staff are really glad their bosses wasted millions on that crappy movie. No raises for you!

      • sarCC

        Fast Five? LOL @LOL

      • Dirk

        Fast Five in 3D!! !!!

      • Max

        Oh funny to see her imitate big hotrber and squat down. And what fun to see the toddling stage. We are all past that now thanks for sharing with us memories dc

    • Crap Loving America

      I guess I do if I gave that smelly piece of crap called Dolphin Tale an A+, and helped it make 20 million at the boxoffice, Warner Bros who released that garbage, also owns this magazine, smells fishy, Cinemascore ratings don’t mean a smash btw, look at Soul Surfer, hardly a boxoffice winner!…yet Contagion with it’s low B- (EW’s Words) did pretty well for itself!

      • America

        Mmmmmm….loving another serving of crap. More please!

      • Jose

        Hardly a boxoffice winner?
        The film had a budget less than $18 million and grossed around $43 million. And it had a no name cast.

        Contagion, has an A list cast and in its 3rd weekend has yet to recuperate its $60 million budget. Its slowing down whereas Soul surfer had staying power. I’d be surprised if contagion does more than 480 million

      • dan

        hmmm the stars of “Soul Surfer” are going to be happy to know that they are No Names, considering that it had Oscar Winner Helen Hunt, vetaran leading man Dennis Quad, and making her much publisized big screen debut American Idol Winner and Million dollar recording artist Carrie Underwood headlining the Cast…for no names they are pretty friggin well known!

      • Dirk

        my kids would throw a fit if I made them see the lion king again.. they have it already.. what were they thinkin?

      • Jose

        Who headlined Soul Surfer? Anna Sophia Robb

        Who headlined Contagion? Matt Damon, Kate winslet, Jude Law, Laurance Fishburne, Marion Cotillard, etc.

    • Matthew

      can you please explain your extreme and kind of creepy love for Fast Five??

      • LOL

        As one of the critics for EW put it in an article about this summer’s movies, Fast Five is a “pitch perfect” film. It is poetry in motion, the direction, the acting were superb on a level not often seen in modern films. Indeed, Fast Five may well the best film of the last 50 years, while that is debatable, it is certainly the best film of this century, that is not debatable. I don’t expect movies to live up to that, but come on, Hollywood has proven they can make a quality film, it’s time we held them to a higher standard than the crap they have pooped out since Fast Five.

      • Woot

        Matthew… really? It’s pretty obvious what “LOL” is doing…

      • pop

        hey LOL bet you would like Vin Diesel to give you Fast Five in and out your booty hole!

      • E.B. Berman

        The funny thing is Fast Five was a really good movie. But “…the direction, the acting were superb…” is not a meaningful explanation or defense of that premise. It serves no purpose to break a thing down into smaller elements and praise them exactly as you do the whole. “This hamburger is delicious because the beef patty and the bun are delicious,” tells the reader nothing about the experience of eating the hamburger. You need to point out WHAT specific directing and acting choices were made, explain WHY these were the correct – or at least interesting – choices, and describe HOW they added up to a coherent and cohesive film statement.

      • dan

        E.B. Berman = LOL

      • LOL

        I don’t like hamburgers.

      • Jango

        LOL – I just wanted to say I admire your commitment and dedication to your craft. I look forward to the next chapter of your ongoing story…

    • StewyFan

      LOL you are my hero.

      • Hasan

        ok.. i’m back from the no webernet black hole..this is prttey cool man.. i would have liked it more if you synthed the vocal line over the top or something.. would maybe keep it closer to a cover than just using the same intervals but subbed for synths.. dont get me wrong.. i like it.. some great sounds in there.. but i wouldnt class it as a “cover”.. a little too ambiguous for that title.. all in all though.. it got me diggin around the sofa for a possible long lost red mitsubishi.. so i must have liked it!

    • ????

      one question LOL why just america, The whole world loves CRAP, the brits love Benny Hill, Mr. Bean, and Harry Potter, the French love Jerry Lewis and Gerard Depardieu, the Japanese love Godzilla, and so on…all CRAP, don’t limit it to just America!

      • LOL

        I am an American, so I hold my own country to a higher standard. Frankly, I am unconcerned with what people in other countries watch or don’t watch.

      • pop

        so you are a Racist F*ck along with being annoying!

      • LOL

        Once I convince my fellow Americans to reject crap, perhaps I will focus my tough love on another country. Until then, I leave them to their own devices. I have my hands full with my own country.

      • dan

        I rejected Crap by walking out of the steaming pile of poop called “Fast Five”

      • Thank You LOL

        I know it must be a lonely job but one day America will thank you. Know that some of us appreciate you telling truth to power.

      • Tom

        Now that you put it that way, they all like crap. I see what you are getting at.

      • lisa

        I beg your pardon but harry Potter does NOT suck!

      • @????

        SHUT UP, B**CH! You’re right EVERYONE loves crap, but Americans are the primary reason films like Transformers 2 and 3 do so well. It’s American bullsh*t. We have sh*t like Jersey Shore (although I watch it) and the Kardashians and allow films like Bucky Larson and Abduction to actually get produced. AMERICA LOVES CRAP!! I wish we were to blame for Harry Potter and LOTR, but NO we’ve got TWILIGHT!!!!!!

      • Hank

        Have any of you even sat through an entire Cannes film festival runnerup before? Pop some ADHD medication baby because its going to be a long ride.

      • LOL

        And for the record I am not racist against other countries, I have nothing against them at all. I simply live in America, and want to start by fixing my problems here at home before I go out and try to change the entire world. You need a foundation before you can build a house.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Gurl, you better NAWT~

    • Jordan Walter

      LOL, with a REASON:

      Lion King is knock off of Hamlet recast in Africa. It would then appear that LOL is simply a racist Obama hater.

      They should have done THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME!!!!

      At least they should do a proper broadway musical Hunchback.

      Here is the YouTube Link!

      • Rawr

        Ok, so how the heck is the Lion King a rip off of Hamlet? There are very few similarities…

    • @LOL

      I would say that most of America enjoys crappy movies as escapism (Lion King, Dolphin Tale and Money Ball are excluded as crap) but LOL likes to wallow in crappy movies such as Fast Five.

    • LOL

      I stupid. I nuts. Please keep responding to my dumb comments so I can reply back. I have nothing better to do. I have no life.

    • Tod

      I say it’s appropriate that “LOL” rhymes with “troll”

  • Chaos

    LOL speaks the truth once again.

    • dan

      hey Chaos take your head out of LOL’s crotch!

      • Tom

        I’m going to go see Lion King for the millionth time.

      • Tom

        Only if it is in 3D and its that same cookie I had 10 years ago.

      • David

        And only if it’s made of crap.

  • Stacey Cavallari

    Killer Elite was absolutely breathtaking!
    Oh, God, the only thing that’s going through my head to describe that movie, it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it! Whereas the other new releases this weekend were like you have sex but you never get the orgasm. A lot of stopping and starting but… oh, I wish I hadn’t said that.

    • DRG

      Yet another studio shill trying to breath life into a flop of a movie — just like they were trying to do with Warrior a couple of weeks ago. Give it a rest.

    • Justin

      I loved it too!

      • Tin

        I guess we’d take the colors for grentad if they were year-round, but I’d like to give it a try. I did take the beautiful weather in California for grentad, but that process took many years.

  • rocknmovies

    EW must be crying at the poor performance of Abjection… ooops I mean Abs-duction because they love Taylor Lautner so much and big him up all the time.

    • DRG

      Exactly. Note how in the article they try to spin things as not being so bad for the movie.

    • @rocknmovies

      They love all things twilight. Any other “star’s” movie tanked that badly and EW would have written like 10 articles about it. None about this travesty though.

    • Rawr

      Aren’t women under the age of 18 are actually called girls?

  • The Chew!

    Dolphin Tale made me cry.

    • C

      me too, because I spent 9 dollars seeing that piece of crap movie!

      • Tom

        9 dollars that would feed a family of 12 Indonesian kids for a week and they eat dolphins.

  • Michael

    The Lion King is NOT crap. You are crap, LOL, with your ridiculous mantra.

    • LOL

      Speaking truth doesn’t always make you popular. I will bear the slings and arrows if it helps my fellow Americans. They will rise up and thank me one day, until then, I will continue my regimen of tough love, it’s the only way people will learn.

      • El Mexicano

        It’s not the truth, it’s an opinion you moron!!

      • El Mexicano

        Burrito was good, but still a opinion.

      • Tom

        Opinons are like Burritos. They all come out the same way.

      • David

        Yes, one day American will stand up and say “thanks LOL for all your crap”. Get a life

  • Breckinridge

    The climactic fight between Jason Statham and Clive Owen in ‘Killer Elite’ knocked everyone on their ass and was so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world were left breathless.
    HERE I AM!
    HERE I AM!
    HERE I AM!
    HERE I AM!

    • Warner Brothers Intern #1427

      don’t listen to that obvious plant from Screengems about Killer Elite, go see Dolphin Tale instead, it will change your life, and no I was not paid to say that (I work for free)

      • Menbi

        да, проголосовал за git и bugzilla, естесснохотя на работе пользуемся crpforee, cvs и bugzilla.но я необъективен – не пробовал mercurial и bazaar, а из bugtracking только bugzilla и trac юзал.

    • DRG

      It did not knock anyone on their asses because the movie tanked. I don’t know how much Open Road Films is paying you to shill for this flop of a movie but it is time to let it go.

      • Tom

        mute a mexcian wrestling match and dub it with def leppard for the same effect

  • m1


  • tomm

    Sarah J Parker’s movie tanked badly, #10 and only 8 mil in 2 weekends! She isn’t 35 anymore and can’t be ‘Carrie’ bedhopping for Mr Right forever.

    “I dont know how she…’ was meant to be a Lifetime movie with Tori Spelling, not theaters.

    • dan

      she is a horse faced slag!

      • Jordan Walter

        This hate of Sarah J Parker must stop. It is sublimated anti-semitism.

        While I fully support standing up to racist policies promulgated by the Jews of influence, this is just hateful and of bad taste.

        In all truth, hating on Jews only makes them more powerful.

  • Liz Lemon

    I saw The Lion King and Drive this weekend.
    Moneyball will get my money next weekend. :)

  • RBBrittain

    The sad part is that 2011 cinema is so bad, it can’t even beat–for two whole weeks–a 3D upconvert of a 17-year-old traditionally-animated film that’s only hitting theaters to promote its upcoming Blu-ray release. The Lion King certainly isn’t crap; the crap is what it’s beating.

  • weetiger3

    “In limited release, the action biopic Machine Gun Preacher — starring Gerard Butler as real-life biker-turned-defender-of-Sudanese-orphans Sam Childers — underwhelmed with $44,000 at four theaters.” How exactly is $11,000 per screen UNDERwhelming. What would, in your estimation, constitute a successful weekend on four screens? Pfffft.

    • Crap Loving America

      @weetiger3 get over it, the movie is a bomb

      • DRG

        You know a movie has flopped with its studio and its shills start talking about its per screen average.

      • Nina

        Posted on Dee, I want your dog so badly I am tempted to sneak in and do sneothimg felonious. What IS he? Where can I GET one? I want one JUST LIKE THAT ONE, crap and all. And that’s love, my friend.

    • Jose

      Triple that amount at least.

    • Jeff C.

      It’s considered a flop because limited release indie films like that typically need to make A LOT more per screen to be considered a success. They need that opening momentum so that they can expand and gain word of mouth. This one, unfortunately, is going to be a flop. Period.

  • Adam

    Am i the only one annoyed that i see Kim Kardashian on the corner of my page?

    • LOL

      Probably, because remember America loves crap.

      • sarCC

        Like Fast Five?

  • outside agitator

    coming to CBS in the Fall of 2014…NCIS: Des Moine starring Gerard Butler with the pilot directed by John Singleton.

    • dan

      with Sarah Jessics Parker playing the drug sniffing Basset Hound!

  • Jeremy

    Brad Pitt got beaten by a cartoon that’s 17 years old!

    • Liz Lemon

      It’s a damn good cartoon though and let’s not forget it’s in 3D only. I paid $12 to see that movie, whereas tickets for Brad’s film were probably about $8.

      • Jose

        Not really, its being played in 2D in some theaters. Mine did.

      • Tom

        17 years X 100 times watching it in the SUV with the kids in the backseat. I think I can recite the damn good cartoon by heart now. 3D is just going to give me nightmares.

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