Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse': See the new poster -- EXCLUSIVE

As Steven Spielberg puts the finishing touches on War Horse for its Dec. 25 debut, EW presents a first-look at the poster for the World War I drama. A new trailer will debut next week in front of DreamWorks’ Real Steel.

Spielberg decided the make the film after his longtime producer and friend Kathleen Kennedy saw a production of the critically beloved play in London, which utilized surprisingly soulful wood-and-leather puppets as the lead animals. But before the director jumped on a plane to see it for himself, she gave him the book that inspired it, a 1981 young adult novel by Michael Morpurgo. At that point, he says he was already sold.

Interestingly then, the poster for the PG-13 film seems to specifically echo the imagery from the book’s cover. The stage play took the first-person (or first-horse) perspective of the book a step further by broadening the story of Albert (Jeremy Irvine), the British farmboy who sees his beloved pal Joey sold to the war effort, only to find himself sent to the front a short time later. Albert longs to somehow find his friend again, a perhaps naive wish that slowly falls away amid the horror of war.

So in War Horse‘s one-sheet, we see the addition of the boy to the frame. They aren’t together in the core of the film, though you could argue they’re never far apart in other ways. Click through to see the full image:

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  • Summer

    This will tank. It’s a war movie with nothing to do with America, who wants to see that?

    • dee123

      Your idiotic, small minded, insular & jingoistic view gives all Americans a bad name. I hope most people don’t think like you.

      • daji

        The ignorance on here! OMG, I saw the play twice. It’s a beautiful story. Sheesh, people, open your minds.

      • THIS

        awww, I like the way the spam-people add a little introduction now.

      • Agree with Summer

        It doesn’t matter if the comment is jingoistic—it’s accurate. I just wonder what tacked-on upbeat ending he’ll manage to come up with this time. Spielberg is his own worst enemy when it comes to wrapping up a story—although to his credit he didn’t do it with “Munich,” which was a fantastic movie. “Ryan” and “Schindler?” Hated the endings. Completely unnecessary.

      • The spam people

        pick up someone else’s post and place it as their own. Personally I wish EW would have a programmer worth his (yes, HIS—because programming is a MAN’S job, unless you’re a lesbian) salt, who could filter out comments that use special characters like: ó, But no.

    • swthompson

      If that’s the best you can do, Mr. Troll…

    • Angelo Barovier

      Obvious satirical wit fires completely over the head of the masses. Subtlety, thy name is not internet.

  • txtdocc

    Great fforumm! Thanx guys!

  • JPX

    I love Spielberg but I couldn’t be less interested in this film. It looks like a lavish movie-of-the-week about a topic no one cares about. Oh boy, a heroic horse – YAWN. This will bomb.

    • You know the horse will die

      but the world will be a better place for it having lived. Cue tears down cheek… and scene. Credits roll.

    • FUJPX

      JPX, you’re a moron – horses were a significant part of war in those days and they helped build our country, literally – you should show respect and appreciation to those animals, they’re braver and have more heart than you will ever have I am sure. God forbid we make a movie about something factual and under appreciated. Dumb $h|t.

      • TG


  • emily

    I like horse films, so I’ll definitely be seeing this one.

    • No you won’t, Emily…

      (did you like the subtle and unexpected way I put the spam comment in there, plus a shout-out to Emily’s obvious Afrocentric heritage?) Huzzah! (don’t b!tch, at least I could be like LOL and say something boring and stupid like “America loves crap” eight gazillion times).

  • shane

    I hope this is as successful and critically acclaimed as the play.

  • Simple Jack

    I ch ch ch choose you as the be be best movie of year.

    • Rex Reed

      will stand up and cheer for more. Which is a ridiculous thing to say: because 1) no one wants to hear some tired old queen in a theatre cheering “more!” and 2) it’s not like the movie makers are going to be there saying: “they’re cheering for MORE! Put on the bonus third reel!”

  • District 12

    I saw the trailer for this a while ago, seems like it will be a good movie, plus who doesn’t want a feel good movie to go see during the holidays, I think it will do well.

    • We’ve already agreed

      it will tank. $55M max.

  • jrs

    The ignorance on here! OMG, I saw the play twice. It’s a beautiful story. Sheesh, people, open your minds.

    • Barry

      I also saw the play twice. I can’t wait to see the movie; hopefully it will adhere more to the book than the play did.

  • Vespa

    All I can think of when I see this poster is Neil Patrick Harris riding a unicorn.

    • Barry

      Get your head out of your a$$.

  • Beebop

    Well certainly the low minded ‘We have to blow up at least ten buildings or I won’t pay $15′ crowd will stay away but hopefully some people will see it – probably won’t do well in the US but in Canada and internationally should play ok – I read the book (yes some people do still read) and it was beautiful and moving – a nice change from the crap that is the movies these days.

  • Ian

    No mention of the fact that War Horse won the Tony for best play this past year? I think that fact alone would lead some people to seeing the movie..

    • tonyshello

      Right, cause that’s such a crowded field. It was the best of the, like, three plays on Broadway last year. That’s like Chaz winning Best Transgendered TV Dancer.

      • Barry

        True, it’s not like the Emmy Awards where “classy” shows like AI, Survivor & The Great Race compete for awards. Or like the Teen Awards show where Twilight wins every year. You actually have to be good to win a Tony Award.

  • Marianne

    My sister who does not like war movies, commented on how good this film looks. Maybe it’s because there’s a horse in it…but maybe theres more to it then it just being about a horse…

    • Oh well then

      We’ll all just have to rush to see it. I guess it doesn’t matter that your sister is schizophrenic and has an IQ of 37 and thinks horses are made of rainbows and chocolate kisses.

  • JLC

    A PG-13 film about WWI? How many of the “horrors of war” can they show? I will say, they better not kill the horse. I’m not into animal abuse to elicit cheap sentiment.

    • Barry

      Don’t worry…Joey the horse survives.

      • Kristen

        I didn’t want to be the one to say it, so I’ve been telling friends, “Don’t worry, it does *not* have a Marley & Me ending.” They are relieved and don’t even accuse me of ruining the ending :)

  • nodnarb

    I think this is going to be a Best Picture nominee… I highly doubt it’s going to tank.

    • cough

      Best picture nominee…cause those never suck.

      • And they make

        so much money. Like “Hurt Locker” made an extra $23 after it won.

  • dahmer

    Yes, kill all the people you want for cheap sentiment. But killing animals just crosses a line.

    • babe

      That’s right!

    • Alex

      Exactly. Some people just do my head in with their petty crap!

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