'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' trailer: Tom Hanks will send you on a journey... and make you cry

There are moments in Jonathan Safran Foer’s best-selling 2005 novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that are so unimaginably heartbreaking, it’s hard — despite how good the book is — to not to need to put it down and take a breather (or just have a really good cry). For those unfamiliar with Foer’s novel, about a young, imaginative New York City boy named Oskar (Jeopardy! winner Thomas Horn, making his big screen debut) who loses his father (Tom Hanks) in the Sept. 11 attacks, the trailer might be just as weepy.

The trailer sets up the story (after the tragedy, Oskar embarks upon a journey around the city with a mysterious key that belonged to his father) and its tender moments (all the people Oskar meets during his quest). The U2 song actually pushes the trailer in to dangerous schmaltzy territory, but readers have to have faith in the Oscar-friendly combination of director Stephen Daldry (The Hours), writer Eric Roth (Forrest Gump), and two of the biggest stars on the planet (Hanks, Sandra Bullock). Watch the full clip below:

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  • Jeremy

    Okay I’m in. Here’s my money.

    • Michael

      Seriously, I started crying just watching that trailer. It looks AMAZING!

      • haisu

        If you haven’t read this book, do so before the movie. It is touching and brilliantly written. This is a story of discovery, one you will not want to miss.btw,I’m a doctor,33 ,rich but still single.It’s hard to get a girlfriend in my town ,most of them like my money more than like me.I just want to find my true love.so i uploaded my hot photos on Richfriends.CC under the name of jackchan2.u dont have to be a millionaire,but u can meet one there. ..if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one whom i’m looking for!!!

    • Jenn


      • deedeedragons

        Exactly. Couldn’t of said it better myself Jenn.

      • Mac

        Your reactions of boredom is boring to me. Don’t judge until you see the movie. Apparently you don’t have class to be patient or form a clear opinion until seeing the whole movie. Were you expecting Hulk 4? Have some tact!

      • Melaswen

        Sorry don’t agree Mac. Just because it’s about September 11 doesn’t mean this film should get a free ride. It should be praised and or criticized like any other movie.

      • @Melaswen

        That’s not what Mac was saying at all. Try reading.

  • Caroline W

    wow. two of the best actors in the world representing the events of 9/11 is golden. trailer is even tissue worthy. cannot WAIT to see it!

  • amber

    I picked up this book in the library and I put it back because I thought it looked borning. This trailer made me feel like I was sooooo wrong. Going back to pick it up today.

    • jessica

      no, the book is so good! go back to the library and get it, you won’t regret reading it!

    • Fatima

      No one likes a borning book.

      • Mike


    • aleksa

      Give it another shot. The book is really good.

    • cate

      The book is so clever and heartbreakingly good. I can’t imagine not watching the film after reading the book.

    • chocolateislove

      The book is amazing. You should definitely pick it up again, cuz it’s worth a read.

  • Perla Rihanoff

    Absolutely breathtaking. Oscars for all involved.

    • harry


    • obviously an idiot

      and an Oscar for u and an Oscar for u and oh who are u? I gave mr hanks water! Well here’s ur Oscar!

      • dee123


      • Mac

        To obviously an idiot–you are an idiot! Not funny. And dee, you are an idiot too.

  • Virgil Wong

    Jonathan Safran Foer’s book was perhaps the most poignant and emotionally arresting works of art about 9/11. It’ll be interesting to see if Daldry can find a cinematic equivalent to Foer’s brilliant use of concrete poetry in the text. Perhaps Peter Greenaway’s compositing technique could be used to show Oskar’s overlapping thoughts and multidimensional thinking.

  • Teuta

    I hope to see Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis do another movie together after only having one scene together in Bonfire of the Vanities (1990). They are both incredible actors and it would be amazing to see them bounce off each other in a film again.

    • mark

      i absolutely love comments like this.

  • harry

    damn this looks good!!!

  • Hermione

    Yes please!

  • buddymoore

    Everybody commenting here seems to think the movie looks like it will be good, but I have to disagree. I absolutely loved the book and was very excited at the prospect of a movie; however, I feel like they’re trying to make this movie a huge blockbuster with its cast and budget and thats not how I envisioned this movie should be made at all.

    • Jeff

      so if a movie has a large budget and big names it can’t be good? there is a long list of movies, many based on novels, that would go against that thinking.

    • Darrell

      Then don’t go see it…if U think U can do a better job at making the book into a movie, then shut your yap and DO IT!!!

      • Buddymoore

        Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying. You’re awesome.

    • Liz

      Really because Tom Hanks is not the reason I would go see this movie. It looks like a good 9/11 story done right for once. Plus Sandra Bullock comes out for like 2 seconds

    • sabda

      I completely agree with you, Buddymoore. And btw, where’s the grandmother? The family’s history makes the whole thing even more poignant and relevant.

  • Jay

    If you haven’t read this book, do so before the movie. It is touching and brilliantly written. This is a story of discovery, one you will not want to miss.

    • Jenn


      A book of “discovery”???


    • Peebles

      Why the hate, Jenn? It is a story of discovery–a heartbreaking look at a kid trying to understand the world around him. Hope the movie will live up to the book–it’s hard to disconnec the vision I had of the characters and story after reading the book from the movie.

  • Ron Hanforth

    what?!? It’s not a remake?!? Hollywood finally growing some balls!!

    • Wha’ever

      Yeah, well, it’s still based upon a well known novel so it’s not actually original. Your comment would have made more sense on an article about another movie.

    • Liz

      No his comment is appropriate. Remakes are easy…adaptations are harder. They have to bring something that is already in a persons head and bring it to life. Without changing to much and trying to fit everyone’s interpertation

  • Elizabeth

    You can’t kill Tom Hanks and have Sandra Bullock crying… its not fair! *crying in her cubicle*

  • wichitahusker

    “The U2 song actually pushes the trailer in to dangerous schmaltzy territory” — you obviously know nothing about music. To call “Where the Streets Have No Name” schmaltzy is probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever read on this website (excluding virtually every opinion Ken Tucker has ever had). Go back to listening to Katy Perry & Ke$ha on your iPod.

    • PW

      The article doesn’t call the song schmaltzy, it says that in the context of this trailer the song has the potential to create schmaltz.

      • Captain

        And it does. As soon as that song started playing I rolled my eyes. BTW wichitahusker, that passive-agressive “If you don’t like what I like your taste must suck,” stuff only makes you look immature and incapable of accepting opposing views.

  • dg

    I understand many people will feel differently than me, but my personal opinion is using 9/11 to help sell your book, movie, whatever is garbage.

    • Jeff

      how so? do you think the same thing about movies based around WWII or any event in history?

    • Maggie

      Come on. It’s garbage if people use 9/11 cynically in order to sell products, but are you saying that writers and filmmakers should just pretend 9/11 never happened? Artists have a right to deal with real-world events in their work.

    • lefty

      The book was written after 9/11…but it’s not entirely based around it. It uses other tragedies like Dresden as well. It’s how tragedies like those affect people close to them throughout the rest of their lives and future generations.

    • Fatima

      Why don’t we talk about the nature of art for a second. Art is a reflection of human lives and a way for us to understand the context of our lives. To think that there wouldn’t be anything influenced by one of the most important days in American history is beyond silly. This is not a cash grab. This is an original story with the events of 9/11 as a background, where the story looks at the nature of grief and loss from the perception of a small child. To say that no work of literature or film can be influenced by 9/11 without coming off as crass is a completely illegitimate argument.

    • @dg

      Hey DG – I’m not trying to be a d-bag, but you should read the book before jumping to conclusions. It makes you look ignorant.

      • Jade

        Agreed, read the book before criticizing. Jonathan Safran Foer weaves several layers of story together to create something beautifully multi-dimensional. I don’t know why you would think it’s just to make money. It’s definitely more a story of personal loss than some generic 9/11 story.

  • John T.

    Looks excellent!

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