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This video is not going to be ignored. As part of our Reunions Issue (on stands this week), we rejoined one of the big screen’s greatest romantic couples — that is, if violent erotomania and boiled household pets are your idea of romantic. Twenty-four years after the release of Fatal Attraction, a.k.a. the movie that saved a million marriages, Glenn Close and Michael Douglas reunited at our photo shoot and discussed their experiences working on the film, including Close’s nervous first days on the set as the obsessive Alex Forrest, the divergent original ending, and that infamous bunny scene.  Check it out below and be sure to pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly for this and even more reunions of your favorite movies and TV shows.

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  • Jason

    The audience knew right away that Close’s chararcter is crazy just from her hair in the movie.
    Can’t trust any woman with big curly hair. lol

    • jack

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    • chort

      she says in interview that she played neurotic, not psychotic.
      She had big issue when in final scene the director put a knife in her hand and made her attack. she thought it totally out of character.
      Don’t you people watch these interview?

      • Kate

        The film was originally meant to end with Alex committing suicide (a la “Madame Butterfly”) and framing Michael Douglas. In the scene where he confronts her at her apartment he touches the knife — his fingerprints are on it. It was a set-up — she planned it. The film was supposed to end with him being arrested for her murder. When test audiences reacted negatively, they switched to the crazy Alex with the knife scene. The whole film was set up for the original ending (“Madame Butterfly,” her earlier attempt at suicide). So crazy knife-wielding Alex was never what was intended.

  • Dee Jones

    Gleen Close was amazing in that role! That was a career defining role. I hope one day she finally wins an Oscar, along with other deserved actresses such as Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Angela Bassett.

    • @Dee

      I couldn’t agree more. I am particularly amazed at the fact that neither Close nor Bassett have won Oscars. In fact, the first time I watched “Dangerous Liaisons” and “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” I assumed those films had turned Close and Bassett into Oscar winners. Man, I remember how “Fatal Attraction” became the most talked-about, dissected, analyzed, and picked-apart film of its time. The film had people arguing the pros-and-cons of infidelity, and it truly became an iconic piece of cinema, even if it wasn’t particularly original or groundbreaking. But nobody can deny that the stars aligned for the movie, and it totally came out at the right time. Heck, the whole “Woman from Hell” quasi-genre that so thoroughly saturated the nineties, is owed to “Fatal Attraction.”

      • Belle

        I have to chime in. I hope Glenn finally gets her well deserved Oscar too. Can not believe Cher/Moonlighting won over Glenn/Alex. But of all her roles Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons was tops. She just blew everyone off screen. She was magnificent. Angela was Tina Turner.

      • James

        FYI, It was “Moonstruck” that Cher won the Oscar for, not “Moonlighting”… “Moonlighting” was the TV series that Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd were on. And yes, I agree, Glenn Close should have won the Oscar.

  • James

    I LOVED Anne Archer in her role as Michael’s wife. Why wasn’t she included in this photo shoot? She is freaking gorgeous.

    • dee

      Ever seen Ghost Whisperer ? Archer ruined her face.

  • Dave

    How come no one but Micheal Douglas does really graphic love scenes? To this day he is the only A List male actor that does nudity.I want to see Brad Pitt and johnny Depp do one.

    • A


    • Garry

      Because Michael Douglas was/is a sex addict, and almost ruined his marriage by getting too graphic with Sharon Stone.

  • Belle

    Fatal Attraction is one of those movies where you can watch over & over especially in October or late at night when you can not sleep. It was wild & sexual. Anytime I tease a friend male coworker I always say ‘don’t let me get a bunny and boil it” Just watching Alex turn psychotic was great. Sitting alone in her loft, flicking the light off & on. While Michael is in another scene laughing having a grand ole time with his wife and best friends. You kind of felt sorry for Alex but you also wanted Michael to kill the b*tch! LOL, no actor can show his @ss better than Michael. Sorry, but the scene in the kitchen sink was HOT! Oh and the elevator ride too.

  • Doug

    I would love it if Michael Douglas appeared with Glenn Close on “Damanges”. This time he could play the villian.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Mischa

      LOL you’re moron. Now get outta here, you’re extremely annoying

  • Tom

    Loved the scene of Dan driving in the rental car listening to Alex’s crazy tape. ” I scare you, Dan. That’s it, you’re scared! I’ll bet you don’t even like girls … fa ggot .. LOL

  • Dana

    I want to see how the little girl who played Ellen turned out as a woman! She also played cousins Eddie’s daughter in X mas Vactaion a couple years after this movie.

    • Rhea

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  • harlow

    Glenn Close is the epitome of a real actress, she’s so versatile and brave… It really is wrong that she has not yet won an Oscar

    • Andy

      I agree. I know The Stepford Wives was a flop, but Close’s monologue at the end exemplifies multiple emotions in one scene. The same goes for House of the Spirits. She’s just deep, edgy, and able to connect to to her characters so strongly – more than any other actor.

  • Diane

    Fatal Attraction remains one of my favorite films of all time. I agree with Glenn Close about the original ending. It showed how disturbed and mentally unstable Alex was to herself and her relationships, but she was never supposed to be a knife wielding killer. The ending sold out, but it made millions. What can you do? It’s still a classic film.

  • PNK

    They look great together – then and now.

  • PNK

    Remind me again – WHY OH WHY has she not won an Oscar?

  • aquarius1271

    Her still not winning an Oscar (along with the one that Julianne Moore still does not possess, but that’s the topic of another discussion) when Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron and Hilary Swank are proud owners of one each (wait, for Swank it’s two of them.. WTF?) is one of the greatest travesties the Academy has ever created. Glenn Close 100 % deserved that award with Fatal Attraction and the next year again with Dangerous Liasions. I find these two double whammy performances as iconic as they come, actually up there with the ones delivered by the likes of Garbo, Davis and Hepburn in the classic era. I was absolutely mesmerised by them back then in the 80s and stll get enormous satisfaction from them after all my countless viewings. She is simply brilliant in each of them. In my opinion Glenn Close is one of the most accomplished performers to grace the silver screen. She’s on the same league with Meryl Streep. They are around the same age, actually Close is two years older, they have similar facial characteristics, both of them residing just on the other side of conventional beauty and with enough distinctive features to stand out among all those pretty faces and they both were highly accomplished New York based actresses before making the leap to the screen. The reason Close was not showered with the same amount of awards is that Streep got her start at the movies a bit earlier in 1977 and had the advantage of being the first of her kind whereas Close continued a little longer at the stage before making her movie debut in 1982. They are pretty close friends actually and Close’s failure of never having been able to won even one of the visual medium awards that Streep has won countless times over the years seemed to have become a running gag between them, to the extent that when Close finally won an important award in the form of a Golden Globe for The Lion in Winter as late as in 2005 for Best Actress in a TV movie, her first sentence in her acceptance speech was directed to Streep who was also in the audience that year due to another one of her countless nominations, exclaiming “Meryl, Look at me, I won this, can you believe that?”. So I find it extremely interesting that this year it has come to a face-off between these two fantastic actresses, with Streep expecting her third overdue Oscar for “Iron Lady” (even though not a single soul has seen that said performance yet, that’s how esteemed she has become at this point in her career) and Close having serious Oscar buzz for her long overdue first Oscar for her reportedly fantastic performance in “Albert Nobbs”. I hold my breath..

    • Lola

      Well said!!

  • mike

    Glenn Close one of the best actress of our time. Even in less ‘in your face’ encredible performances she is awesome. I remember watching her in every scene from The BIg Chill, not really knowing who she was but realized her repressed performance was so intense you couldn’t watch anyone else in the scenes. The meltdown in the shower was a tour de force. GIVE this woman an Oscar.

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